(1) God’s domain, the universe is eternal. Without beginning nor end possible, it always exists. The galaxies which it contains are wheels consisted of celestial bodies in movement which are continually renewed. We are inside one of them, because all are inhabited by as many living worlds as there are stars. Within them and as beings, stars are born, pass and disappear alternately, by having each an ancestry and descendants. As the Sun has celestial bodies to which it is connected, stars have their own celestial bodies and shine thanks to them, to illuminate and to keep alive each their own world at the top of which man is always created.

(2) Born of another star, the Sun was in ancient times smaller than we see it now. It still did not give light. In development with its planets, it was in these times similar to Jupiter surrounded by its satellites. Then, as soon as its growth and that of its celestial bodies were completed, it suddenly brightened. Jupiter will do the same when the time comes, as well as Saturn, Uranus and Neptune which are also stars in preparation.

(3) So the day came, not that long ago, where the atmosphere of the Sun exploded and illuminated it. During this event, all its planets were more or less jostled by its breath, more particularly the Earth which went away and got closer to it twice. And it is with the water vapor of its atmosphere which was thrown into space, that the Sun fertilized the Earth by covering it with an ocean at the beginning of this upheaval. So covered with water and moved several times in regions of the sky where the solar temperature is different, the Earth lived different moments. They are the eras that made it one of the uncountable gardens of the sky which give birth to living worlds.

The creation

(4) At first the formation of our celestial bodies which continued until the illumination of the Sun, then the successive eras that the Earth knew, are the six days of God's creation expressed by Moses in Genesis. These days are not days of men, but epochs. So, after the right solar family was formed, the Sun gave light in the FIRST DAY. Whereupon, the Earth evolved in the solar nebulae and saw the reign of water appearing on its ground in the SECOND DAY (the precambrian). Then, following the emergence of the firsts continents, it was the reign of vegetables in the THIRD DAY (the primary). It was followed by the reign of the reptiles which died out suddenly when the Earth adopted its younger sister, the Moon, which came to preside the night in the FOURTH DAY (the secondary). Then came the reign of mammals and birds in the FIFTH DAY (the tertiary), which succeeded the reign of men in the SIXTH DAY (the quaternary) which is the day in the course of which the Earth stabilized its orbit around the Sun, which is the one that we know about.

(5) Thus, since the short time that the Sun shines, the Earth gave birth to successive worlds up to the human world which grew and multiplied to become what it is. The six days of the creation ends to leave place to the SEVENTH DAY, which is a day of light, justice and peace in which we enter with this new century. God will then rest from all the work he has done. Because the seventh day is the sanctuary, the resting place of the Eternal and his kingdom which he comes to take possession of, with all those that he chooses.

(6) But, until now, by not being conscious of the fact that these were the days of the creation and the eras which relates to it, men lived in darkness without being able to read the prophecy and predict what was going to happen to them. And to be enlightened, they still collide, always waging war on each other and destroying everything. But the world is going to change; because it has arrived on the evening, in the messianic times when the one who had to arise would come to teach the universe, as well as the six days and the seventh day, to free men of their ignorance and the suffering which he causes among the peoples. Also, because the Scripture announces this man relentlessly, nobody can be surprised of his coming today which is natural and predicted since the creation of the world. Your bewilderment will be big however, because by not seeing in which times you are, you still hope for many things except the coming of the Son of man for these times. This book I am writing will show you that I am this man. I salute you.

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