Understand and see where the world goes

[Extract of chapter 51]

(1) The Scriptures explain that men would reject God to make a name and establish their own rules, and they would die for this excessive vanity. But no one heard him. Therefore, on this day, nations find that they are all in the wrong, they worked to their ruin, because the perilous situation in which they are, cannot be restored.

(2) From now on, all doors are closing, and those who work are rejected. The desolation increases in all countries. It affects the children and raises anxiety, because it appears to all that this world leaves no hope for future generations. It would thus be useless to retrace meticulously the past of humanity to understand where we are, especially with the mere evolution of weapons, we know what has been the history of nations and their irreversible movement which leads them since always to the end.

If thus it appears to you that the world is ending, and if you’re worried about your children, see Chapter 14 below, which already partly answers the question that now arises: where goes the world?

Alteration of the world

(1) In Moses time it couldn’t be the day to eat the passover, because, unlike animals, men are obliged to bring evil at its highest in order to draw a lesson. Otherwise although we show them that this is good or bad for oneself or for others, they can’t see it. Man is like that, because as he sees that he can change everything, he is mistaken about his intelligence which makes him believe that he has the right to do whatever that pleases him, with complete impunity. That is why it takes a time during which God lets men do whatever they desire, until they give themselves a bitter lesson that the survivors are not ready to forget. So this time, whoever are their people, they will perfectly know how to discern the good and the evil, and estimate their consequences.

Warning of Jesus

(2) According to clouds and wind, you know what the weather will be tomorrow. But when you look up on the scandals and the disasters which put the world in danger today, you don’t perceive the messianic times on the evening of the world. What is it that strikes you with such blindness? Don’t the messianic times define by themselves the times when arrives the one that the prophets call the Messiah? It is about the Son of man. Now, although these times are obvious today, nobody expects him! Yet, Jesus asks you several times to be ready for the day of his coming, notably this way:

Beware of yourselves, for fear that your hearts may be heavy with the excesses of eating and drinking, and with the worries of life, and that this day may come unexpectedly; for it will come as a net upon all who dwell on the face of the entire earth. Be watchful therefore and pray at all times, that you may have the strength to escape all these things that shall come, and to be standing before the Son of man.

(3) Those who have faith in God, believe in his writings and in Jesus who is the spirit of the Scriptures. They are then obliged to believe in me, because who does it announce? The difficult times of this day testify, they too, that the Father sends me to remove anything in the world which harms the Earth and its inhabitants. Will they say then: blessed is the one who comes in the name of God to save the world? By not expecting me, will you not rather be inclined to place obstacles on my road as we did in front of Jesus, or to say: this man has a demon! He is not sitting in his common sense, let’s not listen to him! These are two possible attitudes, but only one salvation.

Youth and corruption of mankind

(4) It will be demonstrated that the Sun is a very young star which shines since a short time only, and when it became illuminated the Earth began its comings and goings near it, which determined the eras. These are the six days of the creation followed by the seventh day: the rest of God. But men were able to appear only in the quaternary (the sixth day) which is the time in which the Earth stabilized itself in front of the Sun. Not exceeding ten thousand years of age, the human world is thus very young. And it is because of this youth that it is corrupted; because, such as children who know everything, men were unwilling to practise Moses’ law. They can’t discern anymore the good and the evil, nor see what kind of world they built.

(5) Know that good and evil have always been part of life, and that it isn’t a creation of God but a choice of man! God creates man. Then He makes His law known to him, by warning him of the choices he will make in what is bad or good for him or for others, and what will be the consequences. But today, by shamelessly trangressing this law, if only the ten commandments, you are so weakened that your ears only hear my voice faintly. It will then be necessary for you to make considerable efforts to follow me and be saved.

(6) Although intelligent, you haven’t yet grasped that God is this great spirit which creates and governs all thing in the universe. It cannot thus appear to you that you are just like the image of the universe of which you are made of, and that if you transgress the commandments you become like beasts, even though you are destined to become angels. But you aren’t accomplished angels yet, you the circumcised; however, you will become angels by listening to me. That is why, when you will enter the kingdom which I announce for the next century, you will enter in the world of angels who populate the Galaxy and who carry naturally in their heart these commandments of God:

You shall not kill.
You shall not give false testimonies.
You shall not covet what belongs to others.
You shall not steal.
You shall not commit adultery.
You shall honor your father and your mother.
You shall not oppress your neighbor, and you shall not bereave anything through violence.
You shall not take the name of the Eternal in vain.
You shall not make statues for yourself (carved images) to worship them.
You shall work six days and you shall rest on the seventh day.

And Jesus added:

You shall love God with all your heart, with all your thoughts, with all your strenght; and you shall love your neighbor as yourself.

(7) Now, on the evening of the world, you are transgressing all these commandments. You who read, can you go through one day without telling a lie? If you spend the day without making a single false testimony, can you do the same thing for a week, a month, one year, your whole life? What I say to everyone, is that my fingers would be enough to count those who don’t lie; while we know that lying is the father of horrors and of abominations! There is never a good reasons to lie; because, lying, is misleading others, it is to lead him in falseness. But men do more than lie. For many oppress their neighbours and steal possessions through violence, up to the countries of others. They don’t honor their father and their mother. They prostrate themselves before statues and other idols that they worship. They commit adultery. They plunder and destroy everything. They make war, abduct human beings and kill. They have no more considerations or respect for their neighbours. They laugh at the future of their offspring which they condemn in advance to death. They have eyes only for themselves!

(8) So that it is not so, God said, in the old testament:

I will bear the iniquity of the fathers upon the children.

This, so that the fathers are responsible for their acts. If thus the law was being practised, there would be no children who would make use of lies and violence, nor would be in despair at not seeing a future for them. So, I tell you, if you are a liar don’t expect to follow me in the sanctuary and save your life, insofar as I don’t come looking for corrupted people to lead them in my father’s kingdom. That’s why the politicians, the traffickers, the conquerors, the rich, the scientists, the military and the religious are virtually all thrown out the door, where there will be wailing and gnashing of teeth. The history of this world where they reign, shows that in their eyes those poor people whom they oppress don’t have much more value than locusts. Are they then of those who love their neighbor as themselves? Do not believe that these people have the wedding garment to marry the truth, because it is Satan’s clothes that they wear! The kingdom is closed to them.

(9) The spirit which animated Moses is also the spirit that animates me. Our thoughts are the same, we don't differ in anything. And it isn’t luck that sent him in his time and which sends me today in accordance with what is written. Consequently, the one who preaches the Scripture and doesn’t announce the Son of man, because he says that he has passed and speaks in his name, or the one who teaches the universe by asserting that it has a beginning and an end, and that it’s luck that created everything, that one thus pronounces lies which condemns him today, as they condemn all those who believe him. Did you think you could live indefinitely under the guise of such lies which lead humanity into rivers of blood? Cities have become Sodom and Gomorrah because, when one has no more dignity, there is nothing more than corruption ahead.

(10) Against this decay, God says in the law:

On the transvestism:

A woman shall not wear a man's clothing, and a man shall not put on a woman's clothing; for whoever does these things is an abomination to the Eternal, your God.

On the homosexuality:

If a man sleeps with a man as one sleeps with a woman, they have both done an abominable thing; they will be punished with death: their blood will fall on them.

Now, these men who have a passionate desire for other men with whom they sleep, do they care about God’s law which punishes them with death? Don’t the homosexuals today see their impure blood falling on them, as it was promised to them? They have however the audacity to say that they are so by the will of God. Many of them are priests, others say they are Christians... And, after infecting the whole world with their diseases, they henceforth want to impose to all their perversions and their laws; because they are rich and occupy higher positions from which they address the peoples to lead the children in their ways.

(11) Then again, don’t imagine that these disgusting beings will enter in the kingdom, which is the sanctuary, because God inhabits only saint men. We are not born homosexual, but that we can become one through the environment in which we evolve or by the education which we receive. It’s a spiritual infirmity, a disorder resulting from the iniquity of the fathers which are transmitted to children; because these denatured men are the victims of the infamous roman civilization in which the entire world is. Didn’t Paul show it many times? About them, he also says:

God has led them into impurity according to the lusts of their hearts; so that they themselves dishonor their own bodies; they who have changed the truth of God into a lie, and who have worshipped and served the creature instead of the Creator, who is blessed eternally. That is why God led them into infamous passions; because their women have changed the natural use into that which is unnatural; and likewise for men, abandoning the natural use of women, have become inflamed in their desires for one another, commiting man with man such infamous things, and receiving in themselves the wages which their misguidance deserved.

(12) Don’t thus impute to God what you must blame on perverse people, otherwise you would be rejected; because you live in Sodom and Gomorrah without seeing it. No, it doesn’t appear to you because, even though you are circumcised of heart, you acquit and follow those who transgress the law. Then pay attention to my judgments and to your own judgments, because if it is allowed for you to blaspheme against the Son of man, it will not be allowed for you to blaspheme against the Holy Spirit. I say that if you blaspheme against me, it will be forgiven, but if you blaspheme against the Holy Spirit that I communicate to you, you will be guilty of an eternal sin: you will die. Thus watch your thoughts, because the life of the kingdom can’t be troubled by those who corrupt humanity - The joy of living is found in the purity and not in the defilement, in the saint mind of man and not in the corrupt mind – sanctifying onself, is at first to circumcise our heart in order to practise the law: these human rules of existence which God placed in the heart of man when he created him.

The darkening of the world

(13) It is unmistakable that by following goats (men of a very unpleasant smell), you went out of the rules of existence and of Nature in itself. You then entered into a world of artifice and chimeras, in an immoral world which do not corresponds at all to the reasons for which you are created. This is what the philosophers call the cultural evolution and the scientific progress... Without seeing however that it is about Babel and about the progression towards the end.

(14) To prevent ourselves from this decline, coming from those who impose their rules, it was necessary to stay attached to the law of Moses which defined the true values of existence. But, by transgressing this law, men lost their conformity to the original order and any sense of judgment. They then proliferated in an outrageous way in these last centuries. So the world grew excessively and darkened along the way, although it was necessary so that the chaff grows, blooms, prospers, and be torn away for ever.

The world of the beginning at its end
1- The human world

(15) This is the representation of the world such as it was from the beginning, and what it became by the growing iniquity caused by the laws of those who reigned since then. We see that in the course of the centuries the world gradually became covered by darkness, because men have always moved farther away from the face of God. Which has necessarily brought them closer to hell that they will now have to cross while remaining alive. Hell comes from inferior thoughts which brings the technology required for armament and for the mechanization of the world, until it is destroyed.

(16) We also see the well of truth on this figure, because the truth exists and was kept hidden there since the beginnings. This is the well of the science that we dig in the real elements in order to find the living water that quenches the thirst. This well, started by Abraham, was continued by Jacob. And it is also on the edge of this famous well that Jesus, tired from his long journey (the one that I did), is sitting when the Samaritan woman approaches him, like this woman from the city who came to meet me and of whom I have already spoken.

Malefic mechanization

(17) Now everyone can see with all their eyes what was the continual growth of evil, if only by the stone tips of the arrows of the past which gradually became iron, then to this atomic day and capable to devastate the entire world in an instant. This is how wars always became stronger, bigger, deadlier, by increasing every time the destructive capacities of weapons which became those of the end of the world. And it is this arms race which brought the mechanization which kills everything. But it's only now that you realize that the implementation of raw materials, needed for large industries and for the power of nuclear, leaves behind them mountains of toxic and contaminated waste which will take several centuries and millenniums for them to be eliminated. In this expectation, the world will suffer until death.

(18) There is the Earth and, on its ground, the men it has given birth to. And between the Earth and men, the latter placed henceforth iron machines which alienate and replace them. But why is this so? Because without the knowledge man is darkness, and as long as he is darkness, he is senseless. That’s why men have said: let’s make machines to replace our gestures, and we shall rest! They then made machines to replace their gestures and the strength of the cattle which God created to serve them. This is how we saw appearing the first machines to scrape and to dig the earth, to transport dirt and minerals which we extract from it; and machines for working iron and wood. After which men made machines to plough, sow, harvest, and those to refine the grain, to bag it and grind it. Then we heard them say to horses: out! We don't need you anymore! And men shot down horses which God had given them.

(19) They were very satisfied with their choices, and said this time: now let’s make machines which will replace man in its entirety! We then saw the arrival of machines to replace the things that we do in the house; others to make manufactured goods at high speed; and still others to build and to demolish; others to count, write; and some much bigger to come and go on the ground, on water, under water, in the air and space; others to bring down forests and crush trees; others to flatten hills, to drill mountains, and to open up roads and others railroads that are still insufficient in the countryside and in the middle of farmlands. Then came those who produce machines by themselves, small and big, others to repair them, maintain them and put them back in circulation; and also those to transport them from one country to the other around the Earth. Thus, in only a few decades, we saw appearing machines for locomotion, mobility, and those who replace the gestures of men or men completely. Iron reigns all over the globe!

(20) Seeing their intelligence burst through these machines, officials from industrialized countries were very satisfied, but somewhat worried, because their technology aroused envies and jealousies. So they developed their industry even more to make for themselves a fearsome warfare arsenal! This is how this time they made machines which can memorise, predict, calculate for men; others which transmit information all around the world; as well as the horrifying atomic, chemical and biologic weapons. Then came lastly the indispensable satellites to spy on peoples over the clouds, and to coordinate and conduct the last spectacle which the world will give to the stars...

(21) Without seeing however that they are its actors, the braggarts at the head of industrialized countries eating and drinking together, then singing and dancing while holding hands, exalted by these last machines and by the power which they gave them. They then turned to the other peoples of the world who hadn’t followed the ways of the industry shown by the romans, and said to them: our glory bursts in the face of the world today! Follow us in our progress, until happiness lies down at the door of men of all countries! We will help you, because time for globalization has come!

(22) They obviously didn't grasp what Babel is... For behold this time it's the whole world who digs the earth, who drills and upsets it to plunder or to cover it with cement, asphalt, and other iron machines and instruments of death... All this is done in a big tumult and countless harmful vapors, as well as with a lot of smokes and dusts rising from all countries. We can hear the breath of Satan in every country... Forests burn or are brought down, and the few animals remaining suffer. Screams and groans are heard, but those who reign don’t hear them. The entire Earth is in suffering. Because not only iron machines damage everything, destroy everything, contaminate everything, but yet again they are everywhere! We find them in houses, and in gardens, in cities and in the countrysides; on mountains, on waters and under waters; in the airs and off the air; they occupy all the space! When we leave our home, we run into them! We must constantly avoid them not to be crushed...

(23) To this whole destructive mechanization, is added the frantic race for care and profits which makes men proliferate to the detriment of all the creation. So those who are still a little bit lucid scream today: men proliferate, they arrive from everywhere! With our machines, will we be able to deal with it? Because we see that, the more there is men arriving, the less it takes to produce what is needed! What do we do now with all these extra people that should be excluded from our society and which find themselves on pebbles? Those who still have roof and salary, are they going to continue to assist them during centuries or will they eventually throw them out in abandoned wells? We are heading for disaster! They finally say, without believing however that it will happen; because, they add: we trust in man... he will come out of there!

(24) Surely man, you are going to come out of there; but only as I tell you. Don’t you see that the reign of iron and of the golden calf is the end of the reign of man, as Daniel, the prophet, had warned you? Aren’t you anxious in front of all this mechanization who disfigures the Earth, which produces hundred times more than necessary, and which soils, breaks and throws overboard everything that breathes? Nevertheless, I see that even those who reign at the head of nations are themselves in distress today, because having shouted at the multitude: let’s produce, let’s produce! It doesn’t matter what we produce, as long as it allows us to fatten our golden calf, our mighty god who makes us live! They shout now: eat, eat! consume, consume! Otherwise there won’t be work anymore for our machines and those who operate them, and we shall be heading for disaster! And having produced without proper judgment and without restraint, men of industrialized countries eat and consume until exhaustion, take and throw while burying themselves under their waste... It is desolation.

The effects of corruption

(25) Three things lead invariably to the end: the TRANSGRESSION OF THE LAW, which has the effect of making lose respect for all which exists; THE BUSINESS which is the race for profit; and THE WAR which is the search for supremacy. These are the causes of the mechanization of the world that could only amplify the disaster. But this growth isn’t what makes you step back or question your own convictions, because I see you filled with anxiety when it isn’t important enough. Even the large quantity of daily injuries and deaths doesn't make anyone shiver. Still animals are crushed in very large number; people are overworked, bruised, mutilated, anguished, tormented, often depressive and desperate; the climate is impaired; all that is natural goes away and leaves room for virulent diseases committing devastation among populations. But nobody rises to fight these abominations because, all of you, you admit them!

(26) The mechanization also has the effect of breaking families, and of making cities grow excessively. Also, how can men, who have lost all dignity and any common sense, could see that the cities which develop like tumors by eating away the nearby neighborhood are the principal disease of the Earth? But the Earth is soon going to let out a loud sigh of relief, when the plagues of the end will erase them. Nobody is aware of it however, because each of you says: I have faith in man! He will know how to rectify the situation...

(27) However it is easy to see the doctrine of man: money - power - profit is a doctrine of death. Because it also means: profitability, which make one lose the meaning of existence, as well as by: defense of interests, which invariably brings war in all its forms. That’s why this world of races is a world of madnesses which leaves behind it a considerable quantity of children who can’t follow; as well as a lot of out of breath people adding up to the large number of the excluded who are dying on stones. However, this world could only be like those who build it. And who are those who built it, if it isn’t the kings, religious, rich, traffickers, conquerors, scientists and the military? What kind of world could be built by such individuals? It is a corrupt world, a world of wars, domination, injustices, destruction, blood, pains and despair. Because, animated by their insatiable vanity, the highly ranked men fertilize the lie which engenders distress.

(28) I place you in front of your sacrileges, insensitive man, because by leaning on those who lead and hurt you, you don’t see them. Does it only appear to you that by not being able to understand the universe and the life which it contains, the scientists are largely annoyed by their ignorance? So they knowingly alter plants and living beings, create the means of the extermination of the greater number, destroy the natural conditions of life, contaminate sites and beings, disrupt the Earth, develop killing machines, and hammer their lies to introduce them in the mind of all. Following this, they easily persuade that men exist by chance and that life is a scandal, because they can’t refrain from being scandalous themselves. Nevertheless thinking of being of a superior species, these sons of Satan didn’t count on the sudden coming of the one that the Scripture announces, of the one who is going to be their dismay. Their surprise will be great.

(29) You, the man of the end of the centuries, no longer seek for your glory; it is in front of you, radiant: it’s about the destruction of the Earth and of its inhabitants! And because you didn’t want to listen to the warnings which were given to you by the Scripture, by the Scripture you are going to die. To whom then are you going to turn to: towards your priests? They are the dead who bury the dead. Towards your scholars? They are the pretentious who lead the world into disaster. Towards your leaders? They are deceitful, cunning and vain, who think only of being worshipped. Who do you then turn to so you can remain alive? You are only left with the Son of man! Then listen me, because in the kingdom where I take those who still have eyes to see and ears to hear, there won't be senseless development of material works, nor transgression of the law which makes man unworthy to live on Earth: this jewel of the sky which God created.


(30) Although weakened by those who lead you, you can nevertheless grasp that God didn’t create this magnificent Earth and the men on this Earth so that machines throw men overboard, as well as animals, the forests, the plants and all of which that brings the joy of living. It will thus be necessary to change your conceptions of life and of the world, and establish a new relationship with the Almighty. For the moment, think of Noah and the world in which he lives. Then you will know what is happening and will hear everything I say.

Now we know where the world goes!

Because the only presence of the Lamb indicates already where the world goes

Indeed, the Lamb shows clearly that the world is ending and that it will be followed of another world, perfect this time. But it is imperative to understand all the Lamb’s Book to be ready and make the passage of this world in the other world where it is God who will reign with His law. For the moment, we live the difficult times of last days of the world, which are the messianic times announcing the Son of God who is here, and the world change which is going to follow.

A mere reading of this evocative chapter, now we know where the world is going, and why it arrived in the last days.

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