The trinity takes place with the Lamb’s Book

Nobody in the world can understand the Scriptures (the bible) without having read beforehand the Lamb's Book of Life which tears the veil which cover them, because it is their fulfilment.

The Scriptures aren’t the Book of Life. And it doesn’t exist in the bible or in the world another authentic Book of Life that this manuscript of the Lamb which is part of the Trinity.

The three manuscripts of the Trinity

Evoked by the bible, the messianic times are the difficult times of the evening of the world where the Man did never been so far from the truth. We are in these times where the world is going to pass with din. But nobody has conscience of it or sees that Adam called by God on the evening is the image of the Lamb arriving in these days. After having recognized himself in the Scriptures, the Lamb tears the veil which covers them. One can then see that they are composed of three manuscripts forming the trinity, whose purpose is to enlighten the saints of mind for saving them of the disaster announced which, already, appears clearly on the horizon:

The first manuscript: The Book of Moses

The first book is the old testament which making know the Father. It’s a matter of the scriptures of Moses, of all the prophecy which brings the monotheism in the conscience of men: the spirit of the Father unique and creator. Under veil, Moses explains the genesis and what would be the times coming, until comes the Shiloh who would reveal all the truth and that peoples obey to him.

The second manuscript: The Book of John

The second book is the new testament showing the Son, the Lamb. This manuscript veiled is the work of John who prepares the way of this man of God. He explains that he will come in the last days enlighten nations and divide the righteous from the unrighteous before renewal. Adam that God calls on the evening (the evening of the world) and Jesus who espouses the truth on the evening, are his image. It is question of the lamb wedding in the Scripture.

The third manuscript: The Lamb’s Book

The third book brings the Holy Spirit. It's a matter of the Lamb's Book of Life which is the greatest of the three manuscripts of the trinity, because the Lamb conducts those who have the heart pure in all the truth on the Universe, God, the Man, the World and the life in the sanctuary. It communicates the holy spirit to those who recognize themselves in it and brings them out of darkness which end for take them in the spiritual world (the sanctuary) going to succeed it.

The Lamb’s Book is named in the apocalypse of John

First it is necessary to understand and admit that the Lamb of God can only speak to the world with a book. After what, one sees that his written is an approach from the spirit, a continual ascent of the reader yet unknown on earth. It is so essential to skim through it quiet and to care to judge it only after a patient and complete read.

No one can feign to be the Lamb. And although the veracity of his book is proved, rare are those who perceive that it is the third manuscript of the trinity, all the more since nobody at the world knows what is the sense of the trinity... however we can say that all those who read it open the eyes on what they could not suspect. And we add that for grasp what is written in all simplicity and not do confusion, it’s necessary to be careful about our capacity to understand, and not of the science of the Lamb.

The Lamb put an end to religions, scientism, powers, currencies, great powers, dominations, exploitations of Man, destructions.

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