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Third part: the rules of existence


The withdrawal

(1) Although what happens is entirely the object of the prophecy, and demonstrated today by the Son of man, many nations still think they can hide behind their religion to escape to the disaster. This is so, because each religious sect which has printed its mark on the peoples is convinced to have a God on their own, a prophet on their own, and a salvation which is appropriate to it. Although to not perish, stay away. For introducing the truth in a mountain of lies, it is like introducing the fire into a stack of hay. That is why you will assist to the conflagration of the world as it was never seen, even on the day of the interception of the Moon...

(2) The Scripture doesn't speak about this event as it might happen eventually, but which will happen. Now, because all the arrogant and bloodthirsty nations are concerned by this end of the world which they themselves provoked, we cannot know in advance which one of them is going provoke the beginning of the apocalypse. However, by keeping an eye opened on everything that will be happening in countries beginning from this new century, you will know how it will come, nobody will be mistaking. But that day, you should already have taken shelter in the mountains; because, if you have to run away hastily during winter, it would be much more painful. Jesus has also warned you.

The restoring of the order

(3) Thus try to evacuate cities as soon as you will be able to, because they will quickly disappear. But, for some, it will be difficult to walk away from their possessions and, for the others, to leave members of their family who, unbelieving, won't see what comes. However is it better to save his life and to know the kingdom, or to die with the godless in the lake of fire? It is good and sweet to be with those whom we resemble, particularly in the difficult days. And it is your first force, because you are all circumcised by heart and evoke the name of the Eternal. Nobody will then dispute my initiatives, because you know that a successful transition from this world to the sanctuary depends on the formation of the assemblies and on the confidence which we grant to the One who sends his son to save us.

(4) The assemblies whose we speak are reunions of persons or of families who know each other, and who believe the Son of man. If thus you are one of those who see coming the fulfilment of the prophecy, your movement towards your salvation consists at first to return to your country of origin if you are foreign or children of foreigners, and then gather with your close relations and your fellowmen in the mountains of your country. We can't, indeed, restore the original order to which belongs the order of peoples and to change world, if the world in which all men are mixed stay as is. That is why, that you are from east or from west, from north or south, your assemblies must be established only by people the native of your countries.

(5) If sedentary immigrants or nomads refuse to go back to their country of origin and then regroups on your mountains, you will have to chase them away by any means. We have sufficiently demonstrated the rationale for all races of humanity to be and how precious they are, and the respect that we have for others begins with the fact that everyone lives in his own country and not of anyone else. But there are many other reasons why that is so, reasons that the law shows with evidence. Don't thus transgress this commandment to not jeopardize your own people.

(6) To turn your back at the Son, it is to disobey the Father who gives you back today the whole Earth over which the order of the peoples must prevail. And you have no good reason to argue and to not carry out what God commands me to tell you. Then reject vigorously those who will challenge me, they have no wedding garment to conform the truth. They must be kick out! None of them should enter your assembly, otherwise it would be completely destroyed by the anger of the Eternal.

The formation of the assemblies

(7) The Scripture says, in Isaiah:

Go on my people, go into your room,
And close the door behind you;
Hide for a few moments
Until the anger is over.
For behold, the Eternal comes out of his house,
To punish the crimes of the inhabitants of the earth;
And the earth will bare blood,
It will no longer cover murders.

Small chosen people, this indicates you that the end of the world isn't the end of all life, but occurs for your own salvation. See also the purgatory in this word of the Book, as well as the sanctuary extended all over the Earth, of which you're coming out soon. Therefore, calm your worries. The anger of the Eternal will pass without reaching you if you do what I ask and which is to hide and shelter.

(8) These redeeming assemblies will be in place on the heights as more people arrive. Have first the awareness that, taken from the human sea, you are the waters of Noah who cover the entire mountain from one side to the other. In front of you, you have a little time to install you suitably, without however looking for the highest tops; because it isn't of height in itself that it is question, but about shelters from the torrent of fire, about water and strong hail, that only mountains can offer. The mountains will also give shelter against important radiation, and from military attacks that your leaders will lauch against you. Don't thus intend to run away somewhere else, since, to stay alive, you have to assemble somewhere and not to disperse. Alone and secluded, you would perish.

(9) How to conceive the assemblies? Imagine first a large net covering the whole mountain. Every stitch is a group of about hundred brave men, resolute and armed, families that are well protected. Together, these groups compose the Great Assembly. That is why all must correspond to each other for the defense, as well as for the distribution of food and goods. You are the armies of God. And each group is a part of the people of God, who must not be isolated from others.

(10) To be more mobile in case of necessity, and to meet more easily the needs of all, you will divide each community of a hundred men with their family, in two sections of fifty men with their family. You will so get organized according to the newcomers. And you will establish permanent contacts with the other communities which will have formed somewhere else and farther. For that purpose, you will designate responsible within all groups. All this will allow you to understand why Jesus made his disciples sit on the green grass, in rows of fifty and one hundred.

(11) Noah, Lot and Jesus show what must be done to escape the disaster. And everything I explained and ask to do is giving you the reasons; for it is obvious that while leaving the cities and nations to separate you from the uncircumcised, it is more than enough to interrupt definitively this world, without whether the need to use weapons that you know.

(12) To get out of the cities and nations, is to come out of Sodom and Egypt, the very place where I have been crucified. And like me, you will come out of the corrupted city and of the destructive nation, and likewise bear your cross. To resist this, then it is indispensable to regroup and to form your assembly in which no more individual shall be able to enter as soon as you have considered it complete and definitively closed. The newcomers will have to find shelter somewhere else where there is yet some place, and create a new group. The obvious reason for these formations is both to give you every possibility to resist while maintaining a certain order amongst you; and also to defend yourselves and prevent the infiltration of the uncircumcised. You will then have to sound out one another to know who you are dealing with and to bring out the haughty, hypocrites, liars, violent, rulers, impertinent religious, destructors, and all those whom the law condemns.

(13) When this world which is ending has fallen, you will be a small number. And there shall not be any organizations or interdependence of nations. This is what you need to think in order to be able to prepare and cope for. Each one will certainly do what he can, and no one will blame him. However, remember that only the communities will allow you to resist till the end, even if by only comforting one another. They will also allow you to know that he who wander here and there after the flood, and unable to prove his belonging to one of the group, is an uncircumcised who has escape the flood. Therefore he cannot live in the kingdom, he must be abandoned by all, as he would be a seed of evil that would fill again the world of enemies. You inherit the Earth that you were promised by the Eternal, on which you only must prevail. So the ungodly, who laughs at the instructions of the Son of man, believing that he is not concerned, must not have any possibility of ending his days in the sanctuary.

(14) The doors of the kingdom, which is also open through the assemblies, will close behind you as soon as you're together. Nobody can open them except God. That is the biggest trap which may exist against the evildoers because, by withdrawing all together, you set them all aside. This trap keeps on growing by your assemblies in which those who don't have the wedding garment can't enter. Consequently, even if an uncircumcised survives, the kingdom is closed to him. Because, not being able to demonstrate his belonging to one of the assemblies of the people of God who is withdrawing, he will be rejected by all survivors and will disappear. That's what it costs to speak of God with a double heart by not acting according to His will. You are going to a world where the enlighten man has only God for master, and his son for counselor. That is why the time to know who is from God and who is not, finally came. Be thus faithful, and do as I ask, and you will be set.

Duties toward his fellowmen

(15) It isn't a reverie neither a book without consequence for the world, because you know I am the one who had to come and pick you up and give you what belongs to you. From now on, the whole mountain belongs to you with what is there. But no one should take ownership of anything for himself, because everything belongs to the people of God. To be fair, think that the christian spirit is that of the community life where the strong help the weak and where all the goods are equally shared. You are brothers and sisters who understand, agree and respect one another, and not enemies who oppose as do those who will be pursuing you and try to live of you. Your withdrawal is ringing their disappearance. But if you don't do it according to my commandment and while there is time, it will be your end. Ô Eternal, come to my rescue!

(16) Not knowing the day of the execution of the decree, and not knowing exactly what situation you will encounter, you must foresee and amass all that you will consider necessary to live in an autonomous way, because it is about war, the last war that the Earth will experience. Thus use without fear all the means that you have to take original seeds, food and medicines in large quantities; warm clothes, tents and other type of shelters; as well as tools to work the fields, livestock, and everything that we usually use. What you will leave behind must be considered as lost, and what you will take must allow you to resist and to take a new start. Save the gold and the precious stones if you want, to make jewels or other ornaments. And if you have a purse, use it; at first, to multiply the book of life and to make it known to the largest number of peoples, then to provide you with all which you will need, especially to defend yourself.

(17) CULTIVATORS, I bring back your children who had gone in cities. Receive them in your villages, by providing spaces and unoccupied houses. Get along with them, especially since you also need what they bring to face what is coming. Shelter them in your houses as much as possible. The situation is serious, it is solemn and mustn't be soiled by mediocrity. Have all a good heart, good spirit, and share your possessions so that each is strong and resistant. This is a commandment from God for this great day which takes place only once. The life of the new Jerusalem is the one that you hoped for, and the law which relates to it already lives in you. So, you will help me by in doing what I ask for everyone's salvation. Afterwards, when all the plagues are over, you will reconstitute your families and you will begin to build the new Jerusalem according to the instructions of the law.

(18) DOCTORS, and all who produce medicinal drug, you will have to care as in during the wars of which you must learn a lesson to be effective. Henceforth, your organizations will be helpless. Also and before anyone else, you must prepare to face adversity to accomplish your mission which consists in saving. Amass of course a large number of medicines for the circumstances, also plan to meet all the needs of those who are under medical dependency. I say that children, women and men whose life depends on medicines should not disappear due to a lack of products. You thus, who are responsible for the health of people, make arrangements to continue to produce medicines. Make sure not to be guilty of the death of those whom you would have been able to save. What would be your consciousness if you act contrary to what God is asking to his chosen ones? The most important is others. And your duty, as the salvation of your soul, is to save people despite the difficulties and the duration. To you, it isn't necessary to say that you are the chosen ones, repairers of breaches! You have been right from the day God has chosen you to heal. Watch not to condemn yourself through omission. This world ends, and you know henceforth why it is ending. Then put your skills at the service of God. Follow me whole heartedly and with humility because, with the people from the country, you are the last ramparts of the innocents.

(19) Because the leaders of nations now seem to agree, as they only trying to delay the last inevitable war, do not think that the fulfilment of the prophecy will not take place; it will happen. Then make sure not to compromise the purpose of the assemblies, by all kinds of vain and useless discussions. I organize their formation in agreement with Moses, because there are no other ways to unite you, to protect you, to save you and to close the door to the hypocrites, to the thieves, the murderers, the violent, the fornicators, to the dogs, idolaters and to all those who tell lies! Because they marched against the Jerusalem in which I take you, I received the order to dress against them, until their name is erased from the Earth. It is therefore necessary that you distrust these people, and no further consider the meetings of the leaders of peoples as the assurance of peaceful days. Conversely be more vigilant than ever. Take care not to establish a pact, an armistice or a kind of peace with the leader and all those who dominate, because you are dealing with those responsible for the misfortune disguised as sheep, who don't hesitate to kill men in great quantities in the name of their gods, to consolidate their supremacy. Leave them! And when you will be on the heights, wait patiently for the fulfilment of the prediction, it will come when all the chosen ones will be sheltered.

The duties towards animals

(20) What happens in Noah, will happen likewise with the advent of the Son of man, says Jesus. You actually live today what has lived the corrupt world of Noah. Then consider that each assembly on the heights is a cell of the ark. This ark is first of all spiritual through the book which goes into the human sea to pick you up, and then it becomes physical by the formation of assemblies. Upon completion of this work, it is no longer the time to explain any further that when God told Noah that never again he would destroy the world like he did it before, it's at the Son of man himself that it is addressed. Since this destruction (the apocalypse) hasn't happen yet, it is indeed to him that this promise is made: do you understand? It is therefore no longer necessary to explain that the Noah's ark isn't a wooden vessel with which he saves the world. Because, and as you have already understood, this vessel could not even contain the specimens of each species of the small birds which exist in the world...

(21) However, there are more than the small birds to be saved when, in his fury, the Eternal destroys the world he created. I speak of men certainly, but also of the small and large animals which need you to remain alive; because fish and other wild animals do not need to, and all will not perish. The animals you need to shelter are those which have become dependent of men. Then make sure to take males and females of each kind, because without them the world could not remain. Think that a horse, a donkey, animal for labour, a cow, a hen, a pigeon, a small bird even is worth more than an uncircumcised; because the animal must remain and the uncircumcised disappear for ever. I say that animals are as important as you in this rescue.

(22) Among the species remaining, take as many as you can with their respective food. You will bring God's blessing over your whole assembly. Also save the grain, with what one needs to sow, harvest, and grind, and all that you will consider proper. Observe what Noah is doing while preparing and you will know what you will have to do to come out of the world and sit in the sanctuary. The Almighty thus appeals to your intelligence and to your heart so that you will become finally responsible men of the Creation. That is why He places the salvation of the animals between your hands, and also so that you stopped destroying them and make them suffers. The angel is not man, he doesn't act like him; because, to his eyes, the value of a living being exceeds all the values that we give to things.

Ultimate recommendations

(23) What could still hold you? Only your incredulity can and be aware, for all I know, as expressed by Moses, the manna melts easily under the Sun... It means that by reading the book you will be with me in the temple but, from the moment when you will go under the Sun, you will go out of the temple and won't be any more with me nor with the One who sends me: your thoughts being somewhere else. Make sure this phenomenon will not take you away from the truth during summer, and to step out of the path of light which leads you towards your salvation. Whoever loves his life in this world will lose it, but whoever hates it will preserve it. This is a word of Jesus, believe it.

(24) What else may I say to you? When you will be filled with life by the book you've just eaten, and when you will get ready with your preparations, close yourself to those who will try to dissuade you from following me, because you would have to deal with your own enemies. Besides, to acquire the true religious sentiment that I give you with the knowledge, you have to abandon your old beliefs and constantly think of the celestial bodies, their formations, the worlds of the sky, and particularly of the six days (the eras) of the creation, followed by the seventh day in which you will see God. For, it is only by knowing where we come from, that we can know who we are and where we go. And that's when we believe in the Eternal, in this Greatness above all that is great. This is why I ask you to abandon all religious practices, and to throw out of your assemblies those who will put forward their own religion. Chase away these people, because they should in no way disturb the waters of the sanctuary with their feet. Free the Earth of them!

(25) Beware also of those who call themselves partisans of God, but who love death, because they are only the partisans of cruel and demonic religious leaders, who they had not existed in the world yet - One must not die in the name of the Father, but must do everything to live in his name - God has in abomination the sacrifices from your part, and you would want him to ask you to die in his name? Do what ever it takes to stay alive, and then you will attract His favors! The Son does not die for the Father, but dies spiritually for the world in which he can't do a thing anymore. However, he remains alive to serve God; because how can one serve him when you're dead? Thus do as I do: follow my example and never give yourself death in the name of God, because you couldn't do him worst offense. If it would please God that his children sacrifice themselves and die for him, would he send his son looking for you and give you shelter on the heights? Since He saves you and gives you the law, it isn't to make you die, but to make you live!

(26) Preach His word loudly and clear as I preach it, wherever it will be possible to do it, and do it with great determination. There is no power above the power of the Holy Spirit in man. So don't put yourselves in position of weakness when it is you who are elevated. The powerful of this world drew in yourselves their own force and acted on you as it pleased them. But what happen to their power and their hope of salvation? They no longer exist. It is not the same for you who hear my voice and see the kingdom with your eyes.

(27) Then, do not manifest my coming by shouting, but through thanksgiving which will make you worthy before me. Among these acts, the greatest that you could accomplish consist in saving a large number of those chosen ones, preaching the words of life such as I taught you. Be aware however to debate with those who are against the Holy Spirit that I blow across the world, because they are stronger than you with words. Avoid them instead, leave them with their fate. But as you received from me, give to others, without asking anything in return. Do not look at the exertion of your person, because you will receive a hundredfold what you will give. And take advantage of all the channels that you have dug into nations to make go by the ark, without complaining about those who will set obstacles. Indeed, when one refuses to hear the truth, regarding the world, it shows that we are unworthy to it and that we don't believe in God or his prophets that He sends. It cannot, for that, be worse. Then let the nations with their own destiny, those who will not want to listen to the lamb of God, they have at the head of their own organizations the leaders they deserve.

(28) And don't constantly ask, by the way, why God called me on the evening of the world in this nation from which I write you, because He couldn't bring his son in a country where one sacrifice himself to idols or in another where one is muffled. Only one country offered the birth conditions to the Son of man, and from this country I come. Because of what, chosen nation, you who see today a great light rising on you, will you try to shut it down, while from which depends the salvation of the world? This does not look like you! Thus carry this light to all peoples without regards to your efforts, to not increase the weight of your punishment.

The victory of the lamb

(29) The Almighty sent me to restore your condition of man, and to offer you today (on the evening of the world) the opportunity to enter in the temple to save your life, your soul, the world and posterity. It took me twenty years to realize these works. For these twenty years, there was war in the sky, because I needed all this time to fight Satan and to precipitate him on the Earth. Certainly, he is only pierced, but the wounds that I have inflicted to him won't allow him to recover. And those who will throw water to refresh and revive him will only accelerate his collapse. The beast is dead. Be careful however with the violent gesticulation that it will have during its agony, and to the breath of its mouth, because it knows that it does not have much time to live.

(30) So, you angels of God who were at my sides during this battle don't take pity today for those who give shape to the beast. For they, themselves had no pity for the innocent blood which they made flow for many centuries, nor for the mother of men they were devastating. Because they lived from you by threatening you, answer them now by moving away from them to form your assemblies. Then you will stay alive, whereas they will die in the lake of fire, in this pond which is the fruit of their thoughts, the conclusion of their works.

(31) Henceforth, and such as sailors standing proud in front of the storm, be constantly active to prevent the fear from growing inside you, because the action deletes anxiety. Not everything new Jerusalem will be destroyed, will be only what I said. And when you will come out, you will find here and there all that you will need to build the new world. Go with this spirit and do whatever I command you for your salvation and posterity. This coming century which arrives will make you enter in an era of justice and peace. Fear not, you will stay alive. God is with you all.

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