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Third part: the rules of existence



On this day of my announced visit, I the Eternal, your Creator, I address you all by the one that I called on the evening of the first world, to enlighten you and let you know my will in all ages. Through my only son, I bring you light and rules of life, so that freedom, justice, peace and order are for ever the holy union of peoples under the Sun.
Your existence will be accompanied from now on with my precepts and my ordinances which will maintain you away from evil, and keep you honest and free for the rest of your days. So, in your countries, there will be no government or power over the holy city, which will be the highest authority after me, your God. The city of my kingdom, in which you will live, is the holy city which will exercise its sovereignty over itself, according to the rules that I taught you to keep your soul alive and to put you sheltered from any danger.
To remain saint of mind and responsible of his actions, everyone will be judge through my law. He will then make sure that no one tries again to sit on my throne to impose his will, because I gave to no one the right and faculties to reign on other men.

The twelve judges

(1) The foundations of the city and the treatment of its business will rest on a committee, which will also be a court which will bring justice each month. This public organization will permanently be composed of twelve judges. These men will be volunteers, married, family men, and free from serious illness. All will be more than fifty years old. They will distinguish themselves by their wisdom and their morality. They will not have any privilege, and will not have other rights and authority as my law gives to each of you. Irreprehensible, they will be my faithful servants. To enforce their decisions of justice, which will be irrevocable, they will request assistance to the inhabitants of the city. Every month, they will hold meeting together with their wives at their side, but will only be twelve voices. There will be no unique judge. Such is my will.

(2) You therefore who will decide, you shall take my name. And you shall judge through me in my name, and not through you on behalf of the people. In my temple, you are the defender of the Earth and of all living things. Angel of God, you must never fail in your judgments; because it is with my spirit that you will rule to honor my name and carry out my will.

(3) The truth can't withstand sharing. That is why any judgment will have to be unanimous from the twelve judges. If it can't be so after three successive sessions, the judgment will be annulled.

The culpability and the sanctions

(4) When his culpability will be flagrant and indisputable, the accused will be arrested and brought before his judges who will decide his punishment according to his age and to the seriousness of his fault. But no one should be pointed the finger, accused, held, judged or convicted solely on presumptions or mere convictions. If however the one who committed an irremissible fault escapes the judgment of his brothers, he will be chastised at double through I, the Eternal.

(5) Only me, your God, who created you in my image, I decide of the punishments that the court of the city will inflict to the sinner. Here: according to the seriousness of his crime, the wrongdoer will be thrown out of the city for a while or for ever or publicly humiliated, or austerely corrected without being mutilated, or yet sentence to death. There will be no other punishments. Each court will decide on ways to apply these sanctions. But the one who is condemned to death, will have to leave the world out of sight and outside the territory of the community.

(6) The imprisonment shall in no case be part of the punishments inflicted on sinner because, deprived of his freedom, this one gradually loses his faculties and the possibility of his redemption. The detention should only help retain the proven guilty, to judge him and chastise him. And when it will be essential, the accused will be hindered and forcibly restrained at his home or elsewhere in his family.

The morals

(7) Here are the instructions of the Eternal, your God, concerning your usual behaviours:

You shall not have other God before my face, or other law than my law.
You shall not make figures, figurines, sculptures or statues representing characters
in which you confide and before whom you worship; For I, the Eternal, thy God, am a jealous God.
You shall not take the name of the Eternal, your God, in vain; because the Eternal won't leave unpunished the one who will take his name in vain.
You shall grant to man and to the woman the same rights.
You shall not establish hierarchy.
Thou will honor your father and your mother, so that your days be long in the country which the Eternal, your God, gives you
You shall not kill.
You shall not commit adultery.
You shall not desire what belongs to others.
You shall not steal.
You shall not oppress your fellowmen.
You shall not be slanderous.
You shall not carry a perjury against your fellow man.
You shall not refrain from saying the truth in any circumstances.
You shall not work in the shadow, shielded from glances.
You shall make sure to not put anybody in danger.
You shall intervene with anything being in trouble.
You shall live at the solar hour, and you will begin the new year in the winter solstice.
Put into practice my former commandments and those whom I prescribe to my son today so that he sits in my kingdom. For, from that day and for ever, I alone the Eternal, your God, who reigns over the Earth as I reign in the sky.

Prohibited practices

(8) Now, you know your fate and that of the world. So, you will quickly expel from your city whoever will venture to predict the future, or pretend to communicate with the dead.

(9) My Earth ought to stay my sanctuary and the one of my beloved children; you will also expel those who will devote to rites, ceremonies, pilgrimages, processions, commemorative celebrations, incantations, and collective prayers.

(10) In my kingdom, you will reject all those who will try to rule over you, if need be you will exterminate them. You will act likewise with those who will have the boldness to establish a chain of subordinations, or who will try to form a sect, an army, domination, or a caste.

(11) For you to live in peace and that the world doesn't know the horror any more, I, the Creator of Heaven and the Earth, I ask you to abolish forever any value in money or and not to use any type of currency.

Social behaviours

(12) Whether men or animals, all beings must remain in their absolute freedom, without any precondition coming from you.

(13) Having only to conquer the knowledge of truth, you will only be sovereign in your country, which is the original country of people from whom you descend.

(14) Your race, your age or your abilities does not make you superior to other human beings. If you consider yourself above them, I shall punish you for your excessive pride. You will put your skill and your knowledge at the service of your fellowmen, without asking anything in return. Then, I shall gratify you to double of what you have given.

(15) Delivering justice, rescue, heal, help, teach and to participate in the community activities, are honorary acts which cannot be paid.

(16) You shall live fraternally with your fellowmen, making sure not to hinder someone. It is there your line of conduct of which you will never deviate. Before making a consequent work, meditate on my rules, and consults your brothers to ask them for advice or consent.

Protection of the persons

(17) Whatever his age or health status, any individual who shall be guilty of death of one or several innocent human beings, or who attempt to kill them, or who participate in a murder, will be sentence to death by the court.

(18) Whoever will injure or will kill a criminal committing theft or other crime will be considered by no means as culprit. But if somebody commits an involuntary manslaughter on an innocent due to lack of precaution, he will have to abandon his goods and leave his city for ever.

(19) Those who will command, produce, own weapons or other machines of war, or will use them, will be condemned for the capital punishment and executed immediately. Because to kill a man or get ready to kill him, is to raise hand against me, the Eternal, your God.

(20) Will be similarly eliminated those who will voluntarily make innocent people suffer, by holding them prisoners, forcing them to do what they don't want to do, depriving them of water and food, subjecting them to tortures, insults or abuse, modifying their mind, terrorizing them or forcibly separate them from their family. This judgment shall never be abolished in time.

(21) Any person who will mistreat their spouse, children, relatives or an animal must be punished. If we can't succeed in returning him to reason, the court will punish him severely.

(22) For your children to keep a human face and do not become the shame of the sky, you will deprive of their possessions and expel vigorously from your cities the homosexuals and all those who copulate in group. And you will punish of death any person who fornicates with animals, as well as the pedophiles, the incestuous and the rapists.

(23) Even teenager, the thief or the destructor will restore to double the value of what he will have stolen or destroyed. If after this sanction, he persists in committing misdeeds, he will be extracted from the world. So, you will prevent the development of evil which must be constantly maintained buried under your feet.

(24) Any damage caused to others must be repaired by his author. But if it turns out that the damage is committed by will to damage, the author of the offence will be deprived of his possessions and expelled definitively from the city, as well as any person having possibly contributed to the misdeed. This penalty will also apply to those who will persist in creating consciously some nuisance.

(25) The voluntary arsonist of people property or forests is despicable in my sanctuary. He will be sentence to death punishment.

Protection of life

(26) I, the Eternal, your Creator, I formally forbid you to practise organs transplant or other body parts that are subject to rejection. Preserve the integrity of all living things.

(27) Some transformation of the nature by man distorts the original order and the life of all. You will refrain formally from modifying the nature of the living bodies; otherwise you will be punished by death and executed.

(28) Any creature must be conceived and come into the world according to the rules of the nature. You can however interrupt the life of a being at its birth, if he suffers from serious handicaps.

(29) Whoever having difficulties to earn a living will be helped by his family or by the city, because nobody has to suffer from beggary and from poverty. But, not to diminish him, you will not assist preventively a valid person.

(30) When you will proceed for treatment, you will also eliminate the cause of the disease which is often due to the ignorance and to human activities. Lived in accordance with nature according to the rules of justice that I inculcate you, and your descendants will become gradually invulnerable to diseases.

(31) Of your own initiative, you won't interrupt the life of a condemned person who dies slowly, except when it's me, your God, who's asking you in your heart and urges you to do it.

(32) The old people or the handicapped child will be taken care by his family, and shall not be placed in other hands or other places.

(33) Thou shalt not abort the woman who refuses to do and who isn't a victim of a rape or incest. You will conform to her desires of giving birth.

(34) All beings of my creation are useful. Therefore, you shalt not do anything that could eliminate from the Earth any species.

The protection of peoples and races

(35) In my kingdom where you will be free, I do not want nations or artificial boundaries. There will only be sovereign peoples, speaking their own language, and separated from each other by natural boundaries.

(36) The union of the peoples will be acquired through knowledge. Therefore, for the order to remain and to maintain fraternity between all men, each of them will live only in the country of his origin.

(37) Any individual who will abandon his family and his people, and to established himself in a country where the inhabitants are of different race than his own, he will be considered a coward. He will be repressed by all communities of the kingdom.

(38) To keep its integrity, your city will be by no means made up of men and women of different races. Everyone is an integral and intimate part of his people that he must not abandon.

(39) In another country which is not the origin of your people, you will always be a foreigner, a visitor who can stay for a short time, but without establishing your dwelling and procreate.

(40) Thou shalt not take your spouse in a color other than your own, because the half-blood uniforms and weakens humanity. Your real spouse is among those who resemble you, just ask me and I shall give it to you.

(41) Elsewhere other than in your own country, everyone is a foreigner who needs assistance. Be thus charitable and hind to the stranger who will honor you of his presence.

(42) The desire to know the world will always urge you to visit other countries. However, do not attempt to travel constantly, because travelling is a reward which must preserve its value.

(43) Each will speak his own language and will not make use of speaking the language of others, because the language of people is the spirit of these people who must not be disturbed by a foreign spirit.

Protection of the garden

(44) Thou shalt not change the relief, the banks and the sites of the Earth. And you will let flow waters freely. Even if they flood, you shall not change their course nor won't stop them. You shall use water for your own needs, but without depriving those who live downstream, nor to dry up places where they are.

(45) So everything remains pure and your health is not affected, you will use only natural products to treat your cultures or enrich your fields. You will be then in abundance, because the disease will go away far from you.

(46) The forest must remain wild and grow freely. Therefore you will not cultivate it, trim it, reduce it, nor enlarge it. However, you can collect from it what you will need.

(47) Thou shalt not occupy the whole surface of your countries, so that animals, forests and wet places remain through all ages. Each city must be remote as much as possible from another city.

(48) For your needs, you can take what is on the surface or under the surface of the earth, while ensuring however to extract only what quickly degrades without causing pollution. Be careful of your works, which in no way could change the natural living conditions of beings.

(49) Here, in my sanctuary, each house will destroy its own waste and bury its dirty waters. But you will not collect the garbage of the city to dump them on a same site, or dirty waters to dump them in clean water running or sleeping.

(50) Wherever it is, there should be no trash and no pollution, because the child must always be born in a pure garden, so that man remains pure in all the ages. Whoever will pollute the land, the water and the air will be strongly chastised. If he persists in damaging, he will be executed.

(51) Each region is precious and must retain its originality. Then you shall not build roads of bitumen, cement or iron which disfigure sites, prevent drainage of waters, dismember and devastate countryside. You shall not because, to modify nature, is to affect all living.

(52) You will surround your fields by a hedge. And not to profane the earth, you will cultivate it using the power of animal or of your arms. You shalt use therefore only natural forces which are more than sufficient for your needs. (53) Animals and sites will have to remain wild, such as they were at the beginnings. Thus, the terrestrial garden will remain eternally and your descendants will be healthy and happy.

(53) Animals and sites will have to remain wild, such as they were at the beginnings. Thus, the terrestrial garden will remain eternally and your descendants will be healthy and happy.

The protection of animals

(54) Hear me, my people! You will raise animals without changing their gender and nature. You will not force them to eat. And you will abstain from doing medical experiences on them, or from raising them by holding them constantly in captivity.

(55) Plants and animals whose you will feed on will also exist in a wild state. If one of their species can't persist in nature and tends to disappear, you will not keep specimens to cultivate or raise them; for it would be degenerating beings that could seriously affect your health.

(56) So, for the equilibrium of the world, you will let animals of all kinds multiply freely, even if their number seems to you high. You will not get involved in their life, and you will not reduce their number.

(57) All animal creatures are indispensable to the world and have, like you, the right to live on Earth. So, to rebalance nature, you will reintroduce in your country the animals' species which were there originally and which remain in the world. So, I shall make you live in the shadow of my hand.

(58) Not to fill you with darkness but to be just, you will readily admit that a small portion of what you cultivate will be eaten by beast of the field.

(59) When the animals will have found their multitude, you could hunt and fish with moderation to feed your family. And you will make sure not to kill those that the law of Moses protects.

(60) You will eat only the animal that you or a member of your family will have killed, because the Eternal does not allow this sacrifice but by the grief suffered by depriving it of life. You shall redeem the life of an innocent being through your pain. Otherwise do not eat it, for fear that I, your God, would curse you.

(61) Thou shalt not capture animals using traps that can keep them in suffering. And, to hunt them, only weapons used by human force are admitted by me, the Eternal. Any weapon of any other nature will be banished from my kingdom where it can't be tolerated.

(62) Thou shalt not defy animals with play games. And thou shalt not make them fight each other, or will not dress them to attack people.

The city and its activities

(63) The holy city of the kingdom is your church within which there will be no further instructions than those given by my law. You will then see that there will be no hierarchies, rules, domination, obedience, subordinations, dependences, or obligatory contribution.

(64) Any family of the tribe will have a piece of land that they cultivate to meet their needs. Thus be kind and fair with your fellowmen in the distribution of lands and spaces.

(65) So that there are no calamities, you shall build your city far from dangerous places, as are the surroundings of volcanoes, places that are flooded or bury themselves, as well as regions where the ground trembles or can slide.

(66) Your city, that you shalt build in no dry places, will also have to mingle discreetly with nature. And so that it stays within human measures, its size should always allow you to walk out of it walking shortly.

(67) The number of inhabitants of the holy city should never exceed the resources of the foster territory within which it will be built. When and after it is built and made viable being independent, no more houses or buildings will be built.

(68) You will not imagine or realize any eternal work. And so that your children remain in contact with other children, you will not build your house isolated from the city, you shalt build it with those of others.

(69) Thou shalt not build house over house to live family over family. You will live side by side only, and with houses surrounded by land and sufficiently spaced from each other. Each will build his house according to his personal conception and dwell, nobody will build a house for others to live in it.

(70) Thou shalt not build palaces, temples, places of worship, symbolic buildings, or anything grandiose; because it is the works of those who are deficient in spirit and swollen of vanity.

(71) Animated by the Holy Spirit, your city will be a community of independent families, fraternal and solidarity. Therefore, to ensure the welfare of all, you will be constantly attentive to the inhabitants.

(72) To protect yourself against serious illnesses, you will feed exclusively on your products or on those of your city. And free of charge for all things, which leaves free recourse to the abundance, you will never miss anything.

(73) As for the plants, animals and men so they're not disturbed; you will not illuminate your city at night as if in broad daylight. And you shall not din, during day and night time, otherwise you will be expelled.

(74) For that living things are always serene and protected, I the Eternal, your God, ask you to never use the atom, or any other explosive or toxic material. Whoever turns away from this command will be sentence to death by the court.

(75) Any implementation of raw materials, which may cause some nuisance or other hazards, must obligatory be carried out of the city territory.

(76) You shall not build vehicles or other equipment using combustion to move, because you would be forced to sacrifice the whole Earth for their usages. Nevertheless, you can practise any industry which has no bad consequences or bad effects on living beings.

(77) Your greatest enemy being the useless, you will produce only what is indispensable to your life and to your close relations. Whatever you do, you can't increase the number of your days, but only reduce them if you disobey me; for I the Eternal, your God, who makes you live by my breath.

(78) In order that each thing varies from one another and enriches the diversity, you shall not create any fashion, neither will fabricate houses, clothes, objects or anything that is uniform. Man or woman, each will dress as he sees fit in my kingdom, and will do what he pleases that is according to the law.

(79) When you measure each other through games, you will be careful as to not to leave your soul because, when we are victorious, we aren't necessarily glorious.

The family

(80) The union of man and woman will be free. And I shall bless it when Eve will manifestly lose her virginity; and that being the only solemn act by which you will be married before me, the Eternal, your God.

(81) The family is the strength of man. Therefore, you will leave children at age to start a family, free to choose their own spouse, without opposing to their project. You will only make sure that they will not take for husband or wife someone of their kinship, or a person with a serious incurable disease and transmissible.

(82) Adam and Eve, I created you shape and imprint so that you can marry and have children born of your love. But your sense of mutual attraction cannot withstand the storms raised by infidelity. Be thus faithful as the Sun and the Earth are towards each other, because I shall punish the adultery by solitude and days without enjoyment, which could draw death on the sinner.

(83) Adam, you will show the right way to the members of your family, so that everyone knows where the limits are and that they cannot exceed.

(84) Eve, your menstrual periods are to cleanse your womb for the purposes of child birthing, and your virginity is your honor. Remain virgin until you found a family, otherwise you shall alter your reputation and your days will be unhappy.

(85) To found a family or for other reasons, you can live in the city of your choice. And because of this, any newcomer will in no way be considered a foreigner.

(86) In a case of divorce, you will ensure that your children or your spouse are not innocent victims; otherwise I shan't support it.

(87) You won't walk away from your father or your mother when they are older, for fear that I, your God, I reject you. And you will leave your children in their hands, because they are the lived memory and the foundations of your tribe. And when the doors of their senses will close, you will understand their deficiencies you shall show great indulgence towards them. Tenderness, affection and care you will provide them, it will never be too much.

The education

(88) You will ensure that there is always someone among you who rises very high, up to my altar, to teach the truth to those who don't understand it themselves. For thus, that acted with regards the prophets of the world, and to whom you owe your salvation.

(89) Whatever the appearance, age, attitude or the reputation of the person with whom you will converse, you will address to him as you would do with your brother or sister. And you will address me, your God, likewise, as a child speaks to his own father.

(90) You will circumcise the heart of your child as soon as he will be in age to discern the good from evil. You will pay attention however not to force him to understand what is not yet within his reach.

(91) The children will learn all the rules of proper use of spoken and written language. Which after, can pursue their own ascent and choose their path before me, the Eternal.

(92) To protect the values of life, you will also teach respect, politeness and good manners to your children. You will then care to keep them away from profanity which shocks the consciousnesses and the indecency, the rudeness and obscenity which offend decency.

(93) For each to keep his integrity and to not go away from common sense, you will not form people of head on one side and people of hands on the other side. You will on the contrary make sure to develop all the faculties of a child.

Enjoyment of the property and freedom

(94) The Earth is the mother of the living and we ought to not monopolize nor sell. Because of this, any parcel of land will belong to the one who will work it or will live on it. You can so pursue the work of your predecessors. But you will only own what you cultivate, grow, or build with your hands.

(95) The family home, crops and livestock, are the natural inheritance of the children. But whoever will leave the city to relocate somewhere else will lose this inheritance. And the uninhabited house and the uncultivated field will be given to those who will need it.

(96) I the Eternal, your God, I don't want nor approve any sacrifice on your part towards me, because I have this in aversion. You will refrain then to deprive yourself of good things, isolate you, bruise you, or to sacrifice yourself to attract my attention, or to kill beings and offering them to me, otherwise I would curse you.

(97) You will live peacefully, without worrying about the distant days. You will benefit instead of the day in which you will be, because for I, your Creator, who foresees in your tomorrows according to my science in which you don't have to intervene.

The reward

(98) In my sanctuary, your dead shall not be dead, because I shall keep their soul for the eternal life. So, you will accompany discreetly their body to their final resting home, without making a spectacle or ceremony.

(99) Man, my beloved creature, the greatest commandment I give you, is to circumcise your heart, so that you can keep the spirit of your youth and love my works as I have created them. For the love that you will express me and by the saint writing of your soul, I swear by myself to make you live and live again as long as you will merit it; because, for in raising and approaching me, you become eternal my child.

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