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Third part: the rules of existence


The spirit and the rules

(1) So that man no longer destroys the Earth in the indifference to what will be the future of the children, you must listen attentively to the Son of man in all circumstances. On this, Jesus said:

If you love me, keep my commandments. And I, I will pray to the Father, and he will give you another comforter, that he may remain with you for ever, the Spirit of truth whom the world cannot receive, because it does not see him and does not know him; but you, you know him, for he dwells with you, and will be in you.

I give you the spirit of truth which is in me and which you shall keep in you; because, whatever are your conversations, they will always concern The Lamb’s book of life, this bread of heaven which was promised to you to live eternally.

(2) Our progression in the real world has been done like that of sailors who, after having sailed for a long time at dead reckoning, now orient themselves with the compass and can even know their exact position on the expanse of water. Likewise, today we can situate our solar family on the great spiral of the path of life.

(3) After having thus progressed within knowledge, you are no longer allowed to turn back, because the world is comparable to a vessel irreversibly heading towards a destination that is no longer unknown. But in this world there is still confusion and the distress, because there are almost as many pilots as there are leaders of nations! Can we conceive of a ship with multitudes of rudders pointing in all directions? Where could it go, if not on the reefs? Such is this world however, that the heads of nations want to steer each in their own way, a world without purpose and disorientated, subject to all dangers.

The perception of the real

(4) To finally end this wandering and the anguish it causes, you must first of all realize that there must be on Earth only rules that are common to all, subject to a single law for all peoples, and only one director: Christ. Is this not what Jesus says and what Moses explains? From now on, everyone sees that it cannot be otherwise, because the continuity of the world could only be assured by the Holy Spirit. This new spirit is forged with knowledge and makes everyone responsible for their actions. That is why you had to be born again so that the world would once again become conformed to the reasons why it was created.

(5) The intelligence of a being is its ability, its know-how which results from the understanding of what surrounds it and of its capacities to act. But if his mind is filled with forms of intelligence having a destructive character, such as the uncircumcised, it can only destroy works of God and not protect them. And it is this very thing that loses the world in which those who are not saints of mind reign, because the entire Earth is devasteted and in peril because of them.

(6) The spirit, which emanates from oneself, is like a great light formed by a multitude of small grouped lights, because it is the sum of intelligence of each of the cells that composes the person. And it is this spirit that allows us to embrace the whole universe. Whereas intelligence, which is none other than the discernment of contrary things (such as yes and no), only orders gestures according to what needs to be done. The spirit thus, which is thought and conscience, endows man with the word. But only the mind distinguishes man from the animal and not the intelligence, because we know that every creature subsists by its intelligence. The latter, which develops through acquired experience, is thus enough to live. Until now man has lived with his intelligence but has not used his mind to know the universe and the place it occupies in it. He could thus only lose himself and condemn his posterity.

(7) The understanding, which results from a good perception of reality, doesn’t thus concern the intelligence but the holiness of the person. This is so, because intelligence, which is proper to every living organism, only allows one to provide for its sustenance and to face adversity. This is what animals of all species do, as well as men of all nations... And humanity has lived in this way until today, that is to say in an animal way. But the time has come for man to rise up by the spirit, to come out of its inadequacies and enter the spiritual world of the angels, otherwise he will disappear forever. That is why I’m leading you into the whole truth.

(8) We also know that touch, taste, hearing, smell, sight and other sensations allow the organism to perceive external things. This allows us to feel reality with the whole body; and the brain, in turn, coordinates behaviour as a consequence. If we can’t change anything of what we are, we can nevertheless circumcise ourselves to sharpen our faculties of observations and deduction from which light shines. I say that the one who drives away his evil thoughts, acquires a new consciousness that will enable him to understand celestial and terrestrial things, because he will be able to probe the depths of God and grasp the values of existence.

(9) I explained that the breath of life descends from above on the soul of each person, and that the resulting spirit is based on everything we have experienced since birth. So if thus what we have acquired since childhood is in accordance whith the rules that God has placed in man by creating him, that is good. And the spirit emanating from the soul is a good spirit, corresponding to Nature. But if what we have learned and lived doesn’t conform to the rules of existence written in the flesh, the spirit that comes up from the soul is evil, like it has been shown.

(10) It turns out that it is what is lived which determines the good or the bad spirit of a person. However, whether it is good or bad, the spirit doesn’t affect intelligence which is rather hereditary. This is most noticeable with eloquent leaders of peoples, as well as with excellent scientists and high-ranking military chiefs who are using a considerable amount of intelligence to bring and manipulate the powerful machines of war and other nuclear weapons that will end the world and their own existence... Thus see, through their faculties, that the intelligence of a man doesn’t necessarily make that man saint of mind.

(11) Life is spirit and consciousness. In this, language is the expression of the spirit of a people and the country that gave birth to that people. Language is the word. Word is the spirit. And the spirit creates the world. God is spirit. And God’s word is heard throughout the universe. That is why, to know God, his works and intentions, is sufficient for consciousness, because we must limit oneself in understanding. For example, would it be useful to know how atoms associate and react with each others to form a fruit? No, it isn’t necessary and don’t worry about it; especially since if you had an exact representation of the atoms that give shape, color, flavor and smell to fruits, you would not enjoy picking it; and your knowledge wouldn’t be enriched.

(12) When we are creatures, we have to be content with being called to the Earth and understanding what we find there, in order to enjoy existence. You must not want to change everything; otherwise you will lose your soul, for having wanted to compete with God. Man isn’t a creator, he is created. He isn’t a builder, he is built. Because man didn’t make himself, he is made. He has not make himself come to earth, he has been called onto it. Thus show humility in your comments and do not touch anything, because you are passing through a world that is to remain and which you didn’t create.

Human nature

(13) Being made of everything, man carries within him all the elements of nature that give shape to his genes. This is why he can do everything that animals do. While animals, them, can’t do everything that man does. However the animal can have sensitivities close to those of man, because every being made out of flesh reacts with a more or less diffuse consciousness of affective elements. But, because the essence of the universe allows to exist only with a body of flesh, you shouldn’t deduct, such as the scientists, that man is an animal like the others. Man is certainly a being of flesh, but in a greatness which is similar to the Divinity, just as we have justified it.

(14) Beings are an integral part of the celestial bodies on which they depend. Therefore, created in response to the elements of life provided by the Earth and the Sun, all living beings are endowed with senses that inform them about the external world in which they evolve. They are thus more or less aware of their existence and have the means to subsist. But animals don’t know what they are, because they lack reasoning. However, they recognize their congeners by affinity and join them. There is only man with reason who can imagine what he doesn’t see. He is also the only one who is aware of birth and death, unlike the animals which, for their part, don’t know that they are like him passing through the earth. Aware of the danger however, animals are wary of their predators. But when one of them is caught, it ignores that it dies, because it doesn’t know what death is. For this reason, and contrary to what many affirm, the animal world is by no means a cruel world.

Rules and freedom of beings

(15) To know human greatness, one must constantly keep in mind that in unlimited space there are countless galaxies that are perpetually renewing themselves, and that they are constituted of stellar families whose purpose is to make a world live, always having man at its summit. For, in this way, we see that matter and spirit together are the body and the spirit of God with which plants, then animals, then men exist on Earth. We thus understand that we are the whole and not part of the whole as are the species, and that the rules of existence of animals are also those of man who contains them all in himself. For there are not several kinds of life in the universe, but only one life common to all.

(16) Because life is the same for all beings, the rules of life of a species are necessarily contained in all the individuals who belong to it – There cannot thus be particular and external rules of life for an individual or a group of individuals isolated from their fellow fellow men – It’s the same for a man and a woman who don’t carry within them particular and individual rules, but those of humanity. Man must then abandon all kinds of constitutions and laws established by those who reign in the nations. Because these external laws and foreign to his existence place him into conflict with himself and his fellow men. They disorient him and oblige him to destroy everything, until the end comes.

(17) But whatever the beings are, their rules of existence are innate; because by creating them, God also gave them the means to subsist. For example, we know that ants naturally carry within them the rules of life of the whole anthill. They have, therefore no need to be controlled by others. Equally, mice carry in each of their cells the rules of life of their multitude. Lions have similarly within them the rules of life of lions, and horned beasts those of their own kind. Fishes have aptitudes and dispositions that belongs to their kind. Birds also have their own rules for finding their food, building their nest, laying their eggs, brooding them and raising their young ones until they take their flight and perpetuate their species. All these things are perfectly known to you. Nevertheless, you are still unaware that men have in their flesh the same rules of life for humanity! How could you then see that these rules are all erased by the laws of those who govern them? Isn’t this incomprehension an enigma, a mystery, for a being endowed with reason?

(18) Why then does man easily perceives the rules of life of plants and animals, as well as the indispensable original freedom in which they can be practiced, and not perceive his own and what this same freedom is? This comes from the vanity with which only men are equipped with. Indeed, it is by seeing that he is the thinking creature, the greatest and most intelligent of all, to the point of producing nuclear weapons that could destroy the whole world in an instant, that he has always believed he could establish his own rules without damage. And he made laws for himself, which are necessarily against nature, as we can see.

(19) This attitude is a confusion, stemming both from his intelligence and his rejection of God. Although he knows that he is a thought creature, man tries by all means to believe that he is the fruit of chance, being able to allow himself to do anything, to the point of changing nature and knowingly condemning the generations to come. He thus acts, so as not to feel under judgment, because it is certain that chance cannot judge anyone. Great is his vanity, thick is his darkness and terrible will be his punishment.

(20) All the creatures of the Earth are as free as the air, except men who impose rules on themselves that are foreign to their existence. To hear what I’m saying, think that if you were, with your spouse and children, the only human family on Earth, everything you would do would be dictated by your needs and common sense. It would be so, because you would only be able to practice your internal rules which consist in living in original freedom. Try then to understand that there are no kinds of freedom, but only the original freedom. Either we are free to do whatever we want or we are not. If we are not, we are necessarily under constraint and yoke. Now, by having a golden calf for God, and by obeying goats who impose laws on you that are opposed to everything that makes you men, you are slaves! You can thus practice the rules of humanity only in the holy city of the kingdom, built by the spirit of truth.

(21) Is it not in the profound nature of man saint of mind to show evidence of love on every occasion; as well as wisdom, righteousness, mercy, humility, compassion and charity? It is the effects of the circumcision of the heart that determine human values and the actions of each one, and it is from them that the law of the kingdom is derived. Now, those who hurt the Earth, plants, animals and people to whom they lie aren’t circumcised. All could have been circumcised however by burying their vanity. Then nobody would question justice today, because the one who is saint of mind behaves like a worthy man, and lives in harmony with the whole creation without harming anyone. And nobody would wonder about peace, because everyone would be free to do what pleases him, when he would like it, and without the need to account for his actions to anyone, or to pay tribute to whomsoever.

(22) You will live like this in the next century, because this justice, this freedom and this peace which all the angels in heaven breathe, will be protected by the law of the kingdom. This law will prevent the reappearance of men swollen with pride who have been taking from the peoples since antiquity. The angel submits only to God and not to man, his brother. The angel is his own law.

The factors of the disorder

(23) Skill is developed through observations and experiences. But it can be annihilated by lies and loss of freedom that forces man to do what isn’t right for him. And this is what happened in many peoples because of those who reigned. We see, in fact, that there are only a few men left who know how to cultivate the land and produce what they need. The know-how went away, because under the ceaseless pressures of lies, subordination and reprisals, common sense has vanished. It is then disaster in many countries, which pushes their inhabitants to leave.

(24) But, although they are similar, men are different for the reasons we have mentioned and in particular to be able to live under all latitudes. Consequently, they should not for any reason abandon their family, their people and their country to establish themselves definitively elsewhere, especially since this doesn’t cover them with dignity. If they do so, they are forced to lose the qualities of their race in foreign countries that cannot offer them what they need.

(25) What is said is very well illustrated by the conquerors, those small and cowardly men who once robbed by violence the countries of others that they colonized and deformed without measuring the consequences. Wisdom being by no means part of their values, the site, the plant, the animal, and the aboriginal person disappear wherever they settle down. And they take pleasure in destroying, to show a kind of supremacy over the world... Fallen into mindlessness, their madness can’t appear to them, because it isn’t given to madmen to know that they are mad. All the Earth suffers from their infamies, but the end of its pains has arrived, as in Noah. The law of Moses judges them, and their punishment will be commensurate with what they have done.

(26) Practicing human laws, or abandoning one’s people and country to settle in a foreign country, or leaving nature to squeeze into cities, are the main factors in the deregulation of man and the outrageous proliferation of humanity.

(27) During the darkness, only original freedom could have kept man honest and in the right numbers. But, unwilling to listen to the prophets or to practice the law of Moses, men followed Cain and his sons who brought them out of nature to pile up like locusts in cities where nothing appears to them anymore, not even the stars! Yet it is undeniable that in a city of several million inhabitants, which takes seven days to go walk around, we are even further away from the original environment than if we were living on the Moon! We are then foreign to our own country and to everything that it contains. This cannot last forever, because it isn’t these noisy and smoky cities that can be the constant becoming of men, but only the holy city with its three parts.

(28) Only God can enlighten people and gather them around his name to keep them free and at peace. Nobody or anything else in the world can perform this wonder, which begins with the resurrection of the dead. So don’t look back any more on what was, it happened in darkness and will not come back again. Jesus recommends it, he says:

Whoever puts his hand to the plough, and looks back, is not fit for the kingdom of God.

If you help the Son to overcome the world and establish the kingdom of God, you are putting your hand to the plough. Then, you must look ahead only, because you will no longer be able to live as you did by not knowing the truth.

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