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Third part: the rules of existence


The simple life of the sanctuary

(1) We cannot deliver men only by showing them that they are the race of God and that, throughout the universe, there can be no greater creatures. And what is explained in this book relates to it, because it isn't the slave who delivers but the free man, free as is the Lamb who opens the doors of the kingdom to those today who are chosen by God.

On the celestial kingdom

(2) You don't ignore anymore that the kingdom of heaven is the kingdom of God whom is establishing around each star, that is established this day upon the Earth. For this reason, we must hear: the kingdom of God in heaven: in the whole universe. If I persist in saying it, it's because you thought that when a person died, he raised in the kingdom of God, that others call paradise. If it was so, the dead would rise to worlds belonging to others... Rather cease to be being infants and think instead of what we have already said, that is to say that if you take part to the resurrection which takes place today, your soul will stay on Earth in the unconsciousness of the time which passes and that it will find a body of flesh as many times as there are a solar changes. You will so stay in the kingdom of heaven, which is the kingdom of angels existing throughout the great spiral of life. The holy spirit is given to you, so that you impress upon you.

(3) Since God has given you the honor to call everyone in the world of the living, among the beauties and perfections that he created, you will praise him and express your gratitude in all circumstances. When you contemplate stars, the Moon, the Earth and the sea, every one will say in his heart to serve him:

All these wonders around me are the works of your hands, ô God of heaven, and are my life that you animate of your breath!
I understand that I am one of your homes and the guardian of your garden which must preserve the order that your have established.
Also, not to destroy your creation, righteous Father, I vow to keep the precious nourishing Earth as my mother:
I shan't change its face; I shan't pollute it; I shall touch neither its sites, nor its banks, nor its relief, nor its forests, nor its waters, nor any other elements which will stay such as you created them.
I shan't modify the nature of the beings nor their numbers, because everything is perfect.
I make you the promise to attribute to myself, only the works of my hands according to your new law with which you make an everlasting alliance with men.
And, according to your will, I shall live only in the country of my people.
Every moment of my life, I shall practice your law to remain responsible for my acts and to save my soul.
And I shall stand strong against those who will break your ordinances and your rules, leaving all my strength if necessary and my life if needed.
I shall lead my children on your paths, fair Father, and shall teach them your rules for as long as you will give me the breath of life.

(4) If thus your desire is to walk with God and to not confide in man, nor to hold any power on your brothers and sisters as the law commands, and if you undertake to inhabit only in the country of your people, know that you are freed for ever from powers of the evil and that the number of your days will be great. You will go into the kingdom where the blessings of the Father will never be removed from you, and your home will be fertile and prosperous. The enjoyments of your happiness will not dry up, for God loves those who serve him; he gives them strength and doesn't reward them in measurement. The Scripture mentions:

It is the God of eternity, the Eternal,
Who creates the ends of the Earth;
He does not get tired, he does not grow weary;
His intelligence cannot be fathomed.
He gives strength to the weary one,
And he increases the vigor of the one who fails.
Teenagers get tired and weary,
And the young men stagger;
But those who trust in the Eternal One renew their strength.
They take flight like eagles;
They run, and do not grow weary,
They walk, and do not get tired.

(5) Consecrate yourselves then to the Almighty, so that your existence shines a new light. But to ally to the God of eternity, by doing a solemn vow to obey only to his law does not mean the deprivation of something good and favorable to the life festivities. This means, on the contrary, to harmonizing with nature to draw pleasure of everything offered by the land of the living. For these reasons, and because He gives a body of flesh so that we look, touch and takes all the good things that exist, the Father rejects personal sacrifices and offerings made to him, and abominates those who flagellate, beat themselves and tear their flesh to attract his attention; for, it is not for such dementias that He creates men, but to satiate their soul with joy.

On the marriage of Adam and Eve

(6) When we commit to serve the Father, we should not do so to the detriment of the union of a man and woman who were created to marry and live together, and not to remain separated. Therefore, and as shown in the Scripture, and more exactly in the canticle of canticles, or in Salomon's proverbs, God blesses above all the love that unites his sons and daughters, because it is this divine love that brings them closer to him. But, because of the religious who have inferiorized and repelled the woman, some people wonder if the act of flesh is a sin... In this respect, I say openly and clearly that the physical attraction between men and women, is due to the pleasure and satisfaction which they derive from their physical relationship. Otherwise, it is certain that there would be no possible continuation of the world, because they would not do anything to procreate. If it was like so on Earth, it would be the same for every worlds of the Wheel. Then the stars and their celestial bodies wouldn't exist, because their purpose for being is precisely to make live worlds... Then see, again, how everything is bound and perfect in the universe.

(7) All must know that the act of flesh is a transfer of force necessary for the welfare and equilibrium of a man and a woman, who can trigger creative process without knowing it. Here we find, emission - reception, or intake - consumption which is the origin and the continuity of any body and of any beings of the universe. As the planet spends the force that it receives from the Sun, the woman spends the force she receives from the man. Because of this, there can be no sins in the act of flesh. What is a sin, is lust, indecency, debauchery, rape, pedophilia, incest, homosexuality and other forms of similar perversions that disfigure human beings. Also, all those that dirty the love of Adam and Eve by all sorts of vices and unhealthy acts, are cursed forever!

(8) You have learned that celestial bodies and beings have an identical birth process. Therefore, in the conception and the creation of the male and female, both sides of the creative current show that the male is always formed first and the female after in the same movement, similarly to the Sun which appears before the planet and the small satellite to which it is bound. This is the order of the creative current from which descends the order of families. Therefore, Adam and Eve will always desire to live attached to one another by the bonds of love. So, they will establish their family, which means when the child appears; for, when man and woman unite, they are a family in preparation which is fulfilled only when the grandparents give hand to their grandchildren.

(9) If thus you have in mind the two complementary parts of the creative current (that we see through the image of the generator and the resistance) you know that as these two parts will exist in the universe, male and female will remain. This means that, even during rebirths which are happening throughout the path of the life, Adam and Eve will always be man and woman. Then cease believing that angels are asexual beings; for, taking part today at the resurrection of the dead, you are already angels of God! During these physical rebirthing made from meritorious souls, perhaps there will be no more procreation, God knows it. But there will always be contacts between Adam and Eve who will remain as they are in their kind; because, everyone, knows that their relation are the greatest pleasures of life, and a rewards in itself.

(10) Because of these immutable realities and wanted by the Creator, no one can any longer believe that children born of sin, like the priests of Satan asserted it. No, children are born of parental love that God blesses, because it is the essence of existence which quenches the hearts of an assured happiness with which children approach Him. Indeed, it is only when a son and a daughter of God get married that they together become aware of the beauty of the world, as it passes unnoticed to the eyes of those who are alone. For that reason, those who love each other don't destroy, but rather protect all that is subject of their happiness.

(11) But, the world of money in which you lived hadn't taught you to love. It, on the contrary it taught you to destroy, because being built on lies, it made you opposed husband and wife, until tearing apart your unions from its middle. And if in the last days many feared to found a family, this was due to your pastors who destroyed what was its force. Because, by practicing their precepts, the hands of some would build whereas those of others would demolish. And the separation of men and women that resulted was a great misfortune, because their differences nullified the sources of happiness and increased the number of the orphans.

(12) And know that to live for one self has neither sense nor reason. We don't exist for oneself but for of other half of us, who is Eve when you are a man and Adam when you are a woman. And when we bring love, great care must be taken daily through kindness in regards to our spouse. It is certain however that if couples can live together all their life, some others cannot, for the reason that the evolution of the spouses evolve differently. In that case, it is better to divorce that to commit adultery, because if the violation of fidelity destroys the spouses, it also destroys the heart of the children who fear then to found a family in turn. That is why God represses strongly adultery and that he hates repudiation, especially since we must not cause suffering to innocent beings without impunity.

(13) Certainly, if love between man and woman were easy, it wouldn't be worth living. But for the marriage to be happy and durable, it's better to marry the woman of his youth; because by evolving in the same direction, although still malleable, we comprehend better than if we marry one another being older and immutable. Furthermore, the union of Adam and Eve should be done freely so there is fidelity that follows. Therefore, in the kingdom, it is no more the kind of wedding like the traditional wedding that we use to know in the world of darkness, but unfeigned ties which bind a man and a woman, by making of them a single flesh.

(14) Only God unites and brings his children closer. Consequently, you will have to abandon your old traditions about marriage, because those who married young people, by making this usage a source of profit, only do simulacra to sell them God... and the right to live with the person of their choice. Thus, your birth, which was to them a source of profit, until your marriage and to your death, who were others, they never set you free! They decided everything for you, and if it were possible they would even decide the number of children you would have. You belong to God and not to those who were taking advantage of men. It is for these reasons, and because it is difficult to found a family in such a world where everything is opposing to it, that Jesus said that at the resurrection, men will not take women or women a husband. This means that from now on there will be no more marriage such as those that you practiced, but only free unions done before the Eternal and according to His law.

(15) My children, in the new world, you will be in the original freedom and you will be married in this freedom. Know however that the test of betrothal is excellent, because it allows boys and girls whether they can agree to found a family. But when we are free, we are free for everything, from birth to death. Hear this word which will lead you in the sanctuary and make alliance with God. Your lives will be beautiful and your days will be happy.

On the education of parents

(16) It is also suitable to know Adam and Eve do not grant life, nor to their children nor to their works. When Adam does fecund Eve and that she becomes pregnant, it's because of the Father and not to them that a small child is born. Would they be God to give life? We note however that within the creation, the more a being is complex, the more he needs assistance after his birth. He indeed takes time to develop his faculties and to open up on all the things with which he will be confronted. Therefore, man, who is the most complex of all beings that God created, needs the greatest and longest assistance a father and a mother can give. Moreover, in need of affection from an early age, a child must not be brought up without is parents being in love with one another, because the love that unites them will be drawn onto him. Born of this love, he makes it the food of his heart and his refuge.

(17) Then know that the parental affection is the origin of the mental strength of a child and, if he is deprived of it, he will be unbalanced, with all associated risks to his health. Thus be sure to be united before giving birth to a child in the world. Don't act like those disappointed women who want to raise their children alone, because they don't understand that a child needs the eyes and affection of his father and his mother to discern what is right from wrong, and to remain balanced. Only animals can be kept outside the notions of the masculine and feminine, because they have different faculties and abilities to develop, and don't have the same risks of being lost as they grow. Even if only be for these reasons, Adam and Eve need to be circumcised, educated, united and entirely free to set an example and transmit the best of themselves to their children who, in turn, will pass it onto their children. If it were not so, there would be inevitably regression and degeneracy; because ascendancy, love, environment, education and freedom, are the essential factors to the good development of all living being.

(18) What you explain to us seems to be obvious, and makes the kingdom within reach, will you tell me. But is it necessary to have children to deserve an eternal life, should we establish ourselves their numbers? Does God allow or doesn't he allow the contraception? I answer to this, that the law fixes guidelines, even in these domains! I explained that the proximity of a couple do not only aim at procreating. But, to facilitate these proximities, we don't have to decide how many children we have to have! Because a child isn't an object that we fabricate when we want it, or a being that we possess at our discretion, or that we decide to have that many children or to not have any. No, only God brings him in the world, because only He knows if he has to or not to exist. This is why He doesn't ask you to have a definite number of children, nor doesn't oblige you to procreate to deserve an eternal life.

(19) Abstain then forcing nature one way or another, that is to say to render sterile a fertile woman or to render fertile woman sterile. However, you can make use of contraceptive methods simple and temporary that will not affect in any ways the health; like, for example, temporary abstinence... The circumcision of your heart will always tell you what should be your behaviour towards life. Be careful not to make of the act of flesh the main reason of your existence; if not, by becoming slaves of your desires, you would lose your soul.

On children's education

(20) Knowing that the formation of celestial bodies and that of beings are similar, we cannot ignore any longer that the masculine and feminine flow from the same principle of existence. This allows seeing that man is intake, and the woman is consumption; or that man is the spirit which fecundates, and that woman is life who gives birth. For the matter, we can also compare man to the seed and the woman to the garden. However, as we know that a good seed and a good garden will together give birth to a good plant, we know that this will inevitably be true for childbirth.

(21) As the plant is the reflection of the seed and the garden, the child is the reflection of his parents, and thereby the education that they received. Why do I say this? Because by always evolving according to the education that we received in our childhood, we can be strong or weak depending if it was good or bad. It is therefore evident that education goes into the composition of the supports of heredity, like the environment or the freedom in which we live. Education isn't directly hereditary. However, it happens to be the origin of good or bad predisposition of an individual. And this is to highlight the responsibility of everyone that God says, in the Scripture, that he will make the fathers bear the iniquity upon the children.

(22) The education one receives from his childhood, and which consolidates throughout life by lived experiences, is thus fundamental. It is then necessary to educate the child with the spirit of God and to lead him on His paths, and by teaching the child that way, it's also to safeguard the world. Consequently, his education must be directed at first to the circumcision of the heart, before teaching him how to reach personal objectives. For, to live is to first understand and to love the works of the Eternal. Now, we cannot understand them and love them without having a duly circumcised heart. Humanity then cannot be completed but only on the evening of the world, that day when it reaches the knowledge and understand the importance of the circumcision of the heart. Only then remains on Earth those who can educate their children; because, in the kingdom, an uneducated child will not in any ways survive at all. He will succumb to the law.

(23) For these reasons, God doesn't address to the world which has no head, but addresses to His only son whom He places at the head of the world to be heard by men and women of all peoples. Indeed, the world is to be understood by the mean of Adam and Eve, then by their family, then by an association of families forming a tribe, then by tribes of people, then by the peoples of a generation, and finally by the four colored generations of the world. So, those who no more conceive Adam and Eve united, with family and responsible for everything, are to be banned from among you; because man who rejects the woman or the woman who rejects man sow confusion and disarray amongst the populations. They can't then enter in the kingdom of God whose family is the foundation, especially that to deny the works of the Father (man and woman), is to deny his son and to turn the back on the salvation that he brings.

On the healthy conception of the existence

(24) Besides, and to have a robust constitution, the newborn infants must be breast fed with maternal milk and not with the milk of animals, because they are not animals! They will so be protected from certain diseases and their mother as well. Furthermore, so that a very large number of other diseases disappear from your environment, you all must agree that by eliminating from your every day life sugar, alcohol, tobacco and other toxic plants, as well as domestic pig and all its derived products, you will eliminate the larger part of these diseases who strike you! With your doctors, enumerate the disorder, diseases and deaths having these products for origin. And you will be stunned by their number and the disaster that it causes among the peoples. So, to lose the taste and to no more be tempted to consume it, I strongly advise you to stop extracting sugar and the alcohol from vegetables, and to no longer cultivate plants that are smoked and those from whom we extract toxic products; because the best way to heal is primarily to prevent the coming of what provokes diseases. Therefore, you will abstain from raising pigs, because their flesh is probably the unhealthiest one that we can find. Like we can't feed from all kinds of vegetables, we can't feed on all kinds of animals. This is why Moses enumerates in the deuteronomy the animals that we can eat or should not eat.

(25) And know that if less fat eaten and animal flesh, the more we augment the number of our days. On the other hand, we have to feed only on animals which we kill ourselves, otherwise we don't have respect for their life, for their numbers, and for their race. And you will be careful not to kill those who assist you daily, as well as all pets, because it is also a question of heart and dignity.

(26) Do you understand, also, that animals which are raised degenerate over the years? Deprived of their freedom, of the nature, their original food and their predators which maintain them healthy, they can only decrease. Because of it, farm animals, which seem beautiful because of the continual selections which men operated on them so that they are always of a better value, are indeed animals which have long lost their qualities, notably the nutrients. This is why God commands you today to return in the wild all animals that you raised. Whether small or large animals, or about farmyard animals, all must return to the countryside, meadows, moors, forests and wet places to find their freedom and their natural state. That's when you can hunt them to feed you; ensuring, once again, to eat only those you have yourself slaughtered.

(27) Being only at the beginning of the path of the life, we can't continue to breed species which have already lost the qualities of their race, because of abusive exploitation that was made. It is the whole of what we eat which has to return to the wild state in order to serve as an eternal reserves, the animals certainly, but also all the cereal, vegetables, tubers, vegetables, fruits and other plant species. After what, we can collect specimens to raise and cultivate them, before changing again.

(28) We cannot effectively select to infinity specimens of each species based on the criteria that we establish ourselves, because there is no better way to distort what we eat – Genes are the reflections of the state of the world – This is why only the interdependence of the elements of the creation is able to keep what should be, and remove what ought not to exist. Forge yourselves a new spirit closer to the reality, because everything God creates is perfect. Because of this, you will not allow to let live those who will attempt to modify organism through manipulations of chromosome elements, because they are not the creators of the creatures to modify their nature and that of the whole world.

(29) From now on, in the sanctuary, you will need to use more natural methods than those that you used on this hurried world. To feed you and avoid the disease which was taking you away, you will always look for the simplest food, and the most easily digestible. In this sense, you will avoid dishes richly cooked, and you will refrain from consuming the blood of animals. Furthermore, you should eat only fresh food or products that you will keep yourselves to a natural state in your city. On this point, know that freezing food to keep them infinitely is a useless constraint and a disaster for the quality, as it is also for those which are preserved artificially with chemicals. These ways of conserving and distributing food, belong only to the world of insanity that is ending. But by no ways, you will reproduce them in the sanctuary where you will devote all of your time to prepare yourselves what you will consume.

(30) You will return to simple methods. For example, you will keep the wine in barrels, the cereal and the oil in jars, other food in enameled earthen pots or in glass containers devoid of air and duly sealed, because there isn't better ways to preserve their qualities. With the same spirit, you will make your clothes with natural materials which you will dye to the natural colors of nature; and your houses will be built the same way with local materials. So, with this natural and simple life, you will keep a peaceful sleep of your childhood. Then you will be healthy, and happy to evolve on Earth with which you will perfectly confound.

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