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Third part: the rules of existence


The reign of the Holy Spirit

(1) When the Almighty called me at the top of his mountain, I didn't know that I would come back from this high place with the knowledge which made my face shine. God spoke to me face to face, as he did with Moses. And after he initiated me to his mysteries, he dictated me the law with which he would govern the Earth. Then, everything became dark and silent around me. I could only see my hand writing his new precepts and commandments. Only his glory lit me, and his finger was my finger by which He spoke. Then, when it was over, my mind returned to me, and I could again see my surrounding.

(2) Certainly, my opponents will claim that the way God guided me first in the exploration of his universe, then to reveal himself to me and giving me His law on which I would build the book of life, is only confabulation. However, what I say is entirely true, nothing is feigned or supposed. And all that is written about me and on the people who are with me is accomplishing. That's why this book isn't a reverie, but the sprinkling of the fresh water which resuscitates and animates you with a new spirit, conform to reality.

On the force of the law

(3) Those unable leave the terrestrial spirit, to acquire the celestial spirit, will not understand that the law can be promulgated only by the one who is enlighten by the seven lamps of the lampstand. Could they then see the salvation of the souls in the precepts and ordinances? They will see instead hindrances to live and a danger for all. How shall we do, they will say, if we cannot provide ourselves any more with all we need to live? This law which defends only the Earth, the plant, the animal, the human being, the justice and the children, can it be practised by all peoples? No one is yet ready to make it his reason for living, and nothing will change in the coming days! they will conclude.

(4) Somewhere I said that breaking the convictions of man is the equivalent of breaking a vase on his head... But you who understand that buying or selling aren't the purpose of life, you know by not admitting money or power over each other, God puts an end to all ills of the Earth. Considering what will be the world without those who dominate and without the golden calf, we see effectively that there is no more destruction and wars, no more ransoms, levies, oppressions, famines, or all these horrifying diseases that commit ravages.

(5) We cannot know the way how one should live, knowing what one should not do. It is therefore the purpose of the law. In the new century, the activities will take place in the respect of life this time, not to acquire possessions or any supremacy. For the happiness of being in the world of the living comes from the feelings of the heart and not what flouts them.

(6) And this is why the Scripture says, by Paul:

Make no mistake: neither the fornicators, nor the idolaters, nor the adulterers, nor the effeminate, nor the infamous, nor the thieves, nor the greedy, nor the drunkards, nor the abusers, nor the kidnappers, shall inherit the kingdom of God.

It is good, Paul said exactly what was needed to exclude from the kingdom those who were ashamed to humanity. The law will ensure that they never reappear.

(7) Everyone can agree that we cannot only be, robust and sane of mind only if we live in harmony with nature, as the law recommends. For this to be and that fraternity is established and remain between men, and that the kingdom of God's takes place in quietude, it will be necessary to practise the entire law, to never:

To accept leaders at your heads, because the hypocrisy must stop for ever;
Establish regulations, because the celestial Spirit administers and governs all creation;
Confide in man, because man is only a creature;
Lose his personality, because each is an integral part of the living world;
Create powers, because life perpetuates itself;
Establish frontiers and isolate, for God created free men;
Modify living organisms, because no one is superior to the Creator;
Rework landscape and territories, because they are naturally arranged for all beings;
Use of coins, because money is a source of injustices and devastation;
Mechanize the world, because the works of the Eternal aren't to be destroyed;
To raise above his fellowmen, for there is Zion to grow;
To do ceremonies, because it is enough to practise the law;
Build temples, because God is himself the temple in the sky and in man.
Refrain from these despicable things of the human mind, because in all the worlds of the universe and in our Galaxy, such behaviour is no way part of the desires and feelings.

(8) I tell you, later when your descendants will look back and see what was the first world, they will not understand how men were able to devote their intelligence at the service of the golden calf which brought destruction and infamy. You will explain to them certainly, but they won't grasp how this was possible, and why a group of men swollen with vanity could rule over peoples instead of the Creator.

(9) The first world was thus that of the everlasting shame which will never disappear from memories. Today, God no longer tolerate either man or woman having any authority; because, above man, there is no other man, nor some group, there is only his creator.

On the change of behaviour

(10) You will then lose the habit of being controlled by men, especially by giving them powers you discharge yourself of all responsibility, thereby losing your dignity. You will learn to live and to consider things otherwise, much more oriented by your feelings. Then you will make the difference between the past world which was attached only to materiel goods and to the appearance of what is not.

(11) And don't be in a constant fear of the unknown, because you will not change immediately your way of life. Besides, two thirds of which existed will remain, because not everything will be destroyed. You will still have then access at many things which will allow you to change gradually your way of life. You will quickly leave the corrupt world, but much less fast your habits. However, it is better not to look behind, but to think only of the essentials of what you need immediately.

(12) Others will probably say that God is bad, because he condemns with his law those who behave like animals. And me I tell them that, if such is their way of thinking, they're making a lot of confusion, because these are such men who condemn themselves by their acts. Thus pay attention not to invert the judgment, particularly that justice isn't the law in itself, but the correctness of its application. This law isn't for you circumcised who carry it naturally in your hearts, but for those who aren't; because its purpose isn't to dissuade whoever to commit misdeeds, but to remove the evil from the Earth for ever.

(13) You all, listen to me! When separating the wheat from the chaff, we don't seed this last one all over the field that we cultivate to keep the germ we burn it to get rid of it. This is to this that you should compare the capital punishment. Because its purpose is to maintain the evil buried, and to make sound spirits accountable for the world, and to sit their reign in all countries. That can only be done with simple morale rule, grasped by all peoples, and what is merciless to the sons of the abyss. But the truth is, since the time of Moses that harmful people are sentenced to capital punishment by law. And those who had the boldness to abolish the death penalty did so to protect themselves from the anger of the people they abused. However, this is about the worst injustice, because to let live in prison or at the head of the peoples those who kill or make kill, is to grant more value to their person than those of their victims.

(14) Not to be repressive, the law of the angels world of the Wheel is primarily educational, counselor and redeemer, as it allows you to judge yourself and not to be judged by others. For that purpose, you only need to know how to read, and have common sense. And, all have. But as it is so, I know that you will have to wait to be in the kingdom to grasp fully the meaning of the ordinances of the Almighty. You indeed need the whole fulfilment of the prophecy as proof that the world is doomed to disappear by not seeking the truth, nor its rules of life which are carefully expressed by the law.

(15) To be free, it is a must to know the truth, as well as the law which is already all written on the walls of the heart of a saint man, because he is a child of this truth. This is for that reason and because it goes without saying that everyone believes to know it since ever. Nevertheless, after more consideration and better examined, it will appear to you that it was not put into practice neither by one man nor by all men, because all acted inversely. That is why the Earth screams today.

(16) The law of the Holy Spirit isn't a binding law for you the righteous. Does it prevent you from making works, games, holidays, from going and from coming? Is it bad for the Earth, plants, animals and the landscapes? Does it stand against the freedom of creatures, justice, division, inheritance, morality, integrity, care, family, tribe, peoples, the world and posterity? How could it affect you, since it is only setting up barrier to what is bad?

(17) Can there be and exist a better law for peoples, since it is answering all the questions that you asked yourself on what we should do or not do? In few words, it identifies everything it protects all that needs to be, it indicates the way, and fixes the limits. It outlines the contours and gives the centre of the city of the kingdom. It gives the measures through its commandments which is the very foundations.

(18) That is why the Scriptures say, in the apocalypse, that when the Son of man rises, he puts his right foot on the sea and his left foot on the Earth, like a celestial giant, holding a little book opened in his hand (this book), and swore by him who lives forever and ever that there is no more time, because the mystery of God is fulfilled as He has declared to his servants, the prophets. That day all that is said and practiced in nations attracts those who are circumcised of heart around him because, this time, they know he is their salvation and they have none else.

(19) Whether one is a believer or not, what says the true prophet is fulfilled, because his voice is the voice of the Eternal. I measured the effects of this force which is continuously exerted on me and, I tell you, I speak accordingly. In this sense, know that, in the deuteronomy, God warns of what will happen to the false prophet. He says:

The prophet who will have the audacity to say in my name a word that I have not commanded him to say, or who will speak in the name of other gods, that prophet will be punished by death.

Being afraid of God, I would indeed be careful not to have the boldness to pronounce words coming from me. That is why, my children, believe.

On God's throne

(20) You now have a clear vision of the new Jerusalem which comes down from the sky. Its three parts which compose it and about which we have already spoken of for a long time, are the SPIRIT of the law, the meeting of families around it forming the BODY of the church, and the nourishing ENVIRONMENT in which it will sustain itself. This new Jerusalem is the wife of the lamb, as well as the model of all cities to come on Earth. Nothing soiled will enter, nor will anybody engaged in abomination and lying, says the Scriptures. Only those who are written in The Lamb's book of life will enter, it is all those who recognize themselves in me and approve my explanations on the things of life.

(21) All that was considered hidden is henceforth revealed. You are then forever angels of God who will never stop practicing the law. This, because a law which protects the Earth, vegetables, animals, men, prosperity, and allows to rise to the sky, is complete, universal, steadfast and unchanging. It is understood by the circumcised of heart of the whole world, who reign for the eternity, like the angels of heaven reign. Thus see in it your liberation, as well as the triumph of good over evil, for eternity.

(22) The study of the works of the Eternal leads to knowledge and to liberation. Men fraternize, become united; and the whole city activity is made easier. Patient care is above all preventive attitude, consisting in keeping away all danger of diseases. So, what is harmful is overcome, even death. There is no crowd movement, because each respects the thought of others, and nobody has the boldness to modify nature. This is why, and just like it was in the beginning, the Earth, beautiful again, will never again be called desolation, but my pleasure in it, the delight of my soul!

(23) These will be your expressions, because the science of the Almighty which brings your existence, will also become your religion, the air that you will breathe, and your projects' inspiration. There is no other religion than this religion, because in allowing to identify with the Father and to comply with the elements of existence, God's science rests the soul and becomes the source of all enjoyments.

(24) That is why lying, indecency, theft, murder, destruction, corruption, hypocrisy, injustice, and powers which provoke misfortune and fear are no more! All this is henceforth repelled from the city by the fire of the law. No more authority given to someone imposing his will to people! No more money to alienate people and destroy the natural conditions of life! No more traffic, destroying species, and no more scientists' denaturizing! No more rich impoverishing, no more weapons or machines of war; and no more instruments that get rid of beings! Finished the ritual practices which shuts down the spirits of men of the edge of the Wheel. And it's over with edge of the Wheel! Because the Sun and his celestial bodies comes out of it, and with you're formed and enlighten spirits you come out of it with them.

On the sources of waters of the life

(25) From now on, to serve the Son and the Father who sent him, you must only speak about the teaching of the sources of the fresh water of life, as well as the fulfilment of the prophecy. Do not however force whoever to listen to you. But don't spare your efforts to enlighten all your acquaintances who ardently wish to know the truth. So that the grain rises, it is necessary to sow it first. Thus sow it without waiting so each can eat the product of the fallen grain, because nothing but the truth can save.

(26) Me, I invited you to my supper, and I made you eat from all the dishes after having washed your feet. After reading the entire book, you must act similarly, by washing each other's feet, and by becoming aware of what you can or cannot teach those who wish to listen to you.

(27) And so having taken away the truth from the hands of God, I passed it onto you so that you make it known in turn to all those who will keep on living; because great is the harvest of the Earth, while you are very few to really hear me. So, being afraid that you can't fix your glances to the essential, or that you don't know how to speak with clarity, here is, in this single image, the succession of the Eternal's works:

From heaven to Earth
62 - From heaven to Earth

(28) We see here the twelve steps of the universe which go down to the name that you wear, which we carry. Always remember this remembrance of me, because you hadn't yet experience the twelve degrees, which gradually lead your existence on the edge of the living world, in which you enter at birth.

(29) In all these works, we see only the component of things and beings; for it is God who created the Earth by his power and established the world by his wisdom, and who extended heavens by his intelligence. So, when we look at the works of the Almighty, every man seems stupid with his science.

(30) We see indeed, that the child is always the fruit of what precedes him from the distant universe and when coming into the world he finds God's law before him. Say not then: where do we come from? Who are we? Where do we go? How should we live? Because, being the greatest creatures of the universe, you are gods necessarily! Where do you go and how you have to live? The instruction and the law, which you carry in you, show it clearly, and the long road of life which is henceforth visible under your feet.

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