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Third part: the rules of existence


The preparation

(1) The beings were all created having the capacities to remain. As explained, the first men occupied the caves only occasionally and not permanently, because they knew how to go about building themselves their house, feed, dress, and look after themselves, bathe and found their family. Their initial intelligence allowed them obviously to associate and to provide for their needs, as always it is obvious for the bird to feed, to fly, to bathe, to smooth its feathers, and to choose its food and to make its nest to raise its small ones. Because nothing could change in these domains, it is in the order of things like primitive tribes, the tribes of the kingdom likewise offer in the same manner to their members the means to subsist safely. This gives the meaning of the new Jerusalem built around the law.

The force of the chosen ones

(2) So for the holy city to be built, lives and never disappears, you who receive the Earth in inheritance, you will have to tear away from the kingdom all those who will raise themselves against the Holy Spirit, as the law commands it with a lot of firmness. Some people will say while I am inflexible and intolerant to those who harm the world. It is true however that the tolerance which softens men until they can no longer stand up, isn't a part of my attitudes. Did you think that God would send a herdsman who tolerates the impostors and the destroyers, and that he would lead them of good grace in the kingdom with His chosen ones? How then would this inequitable world change? Don't even think of that! You couldn't recognize me nor understand why God said that he would make men as rare as pure gold.

(3) I am telling you, the one who is chosen by God to separate goats and sheep doesn't tolerate that they live together. Don't thus call me: the tolerant! Because I accept or I refuse, I forgive or do not forgive, but I don't tolerate what can only be bad. We don't tolerate the good, but only what is evil. Consequently, the tolerance is the voluntary acceptance of evil. Now, the Father doesn't send his messengers to accept the evil, but to overcome it. That is why the tolerance isn't the garment of the prophets, but only to the chilly.

(4) Everything being given to me, I practice this word of David, my father:

Whoever secretly slanders his neighbor, I will destroy him;
He that has haughty looks and a swollen heart,
I won't put up with it.
I will have my eyes on the faithful of the country,
So that they may stay beside me;
He that walks in a righteous way shall be my servant.
He that deals in fraud shall not dwell in my house;
He that tells lies shall not subsist in my presence.

Certainly, the haughty, the liars and the deceitful can't remain because, although they rule, they are already crushed by the truth.

(5) So that the good triumphs, the bad practices are enumerated and fought by the law of the kingdom. That is why above all, the righteous cannot allow any more to be abused. And it is better to be on their side I tell you, especially as the knowledge of their identity now gives them strength similar to the slender-horned bulls which raise their head to look at the straw bales taken away by the wind. Such is the assurance of those who raise their head and such is the weakness of the sons of darkness who, taken by the breath of their lies, are like these straw balls.

(6) So, you who were put asleep by the tolerance preached relentlessly by the oppressors of peoples, you are going to wake up and engender an unknown storm that nothing can stop. Then, you will witness a strange phenomenon occurring only once in a world, because those who possess everything and who exploit men will tremble with fear, whereas those whom were stripped down and who are in the servitude will laugh at what happen with the coming of the Messenger. Everything will fall over and under suddenly, nothing more will be like before.

(7) You thus the lambs who wake up under the spraying of the fresh water, henceforth gathered in a single force which will make for you act in the same direction, you will throw the dismay on the Earth and become the terror of nations; because nothing can henceforth interrupt your walking or reduce your determination. On the day of the revelation, the fear changes suddenly camp, because it is the miserable which are annihilated. The psalms report this:

If the wicked grow like the grass,
If all those who do evil flourish,
It's to be destroyed forever.

On them I fall, so that they disappear for ever and never fill again the world with enemies.

Warnings to the chosen ones

(8) You know now that the end of the world isn't the end of all life, and that it isn't a sudden and unpredictable phenomenon, but that it is the conclusion of a long process, the outcome forced by the works of the men who preferred the darkness to the light. So, nothing can prevent or postpone his coming because, taking themselves for God, men have to give themselves an unforgettable lesson which send them back to their limits. Afterwards, they will make the difference between the Creator and the creature...

(9) Certainly, the intelligent will say that I am not in my right sense, and that the end of the world announced by the prophets and particularly by Jesus will never happen. Do not be fooled however. It isn't those who lead who will be able to prevent it because, whatever they can say or do henceforth, they will inevitably lead you to it. They believed to be the masters of the world and will eternally decide of the future for the peoples, but suddenly here comes the only son of God to whom the entire Earth is given! They will then act as God wants it to be not disavowed.

(10) The turning back isn't possible, have I already explained, because the defense of the interests, which is the only concern of men, doesn't allow it. Don't think then that nations could disarm to avoid reaching the end; because I showed many time and for awhile that leaders love their terrible machines of war with which they rule over the world. We disarm all the way down to the knife or not at all, because a partial disarmament can only strengthen the fear and increase the danger of war. It is for these reasons that nations cannot disarm themselves any more, it's too late! And you're no longer concerned by their extreme arrogance! Then they can complete their work! Afterwards, you will understand even better the benefactions of the law, and why it is written in Isaiah:

From their swords they will forge hoes,
And from their spears pruning hooks;
One nation will no longer draw sword against another,
And we will not learn war anymore.

(11) I showed the Wheel and its worlds, the formation and the meaning of the existence. And I explained patiently that the uncountable worlds of the heaven pass by this fearful day of the last judgment and the purgatory, so that stay only the saints of mind to whom their earth was promised. To teach God and his works, I gave you the bread of heaven. And you came out of the darkness, after I sacrificed my life and lived the difficult days to make clear and understandable what was dark and vague. And it is with a strong hand that I led you to the sources of the waters of life, because I did everything possible to enlighten you and to save you. But if you continue to have doubt about me and about what I put in evidence, then it will be necessary for you to consult a doctor and see with him what is wrong with you. That, because I show the truth a child can see.

The eye is the lamp of your body, says Jesus. If your eye is in good condition, your whole body will be enlightened; but if your eye is in bad condition, your whole body will be in darkness. If therefore the light that is in you is darkness, how great will be this darkness!

The significance of this is, one must sanctify himself to observe the reality. That's when the darkness that we have inside us dissipates and then we see clearly.

(12) But, to consolidate in their irresponsibility and not move from their place, many seek to contradict the Son of man, and even pretend, in the style of the scientists, how men will eventually adapt to the misdeed and to all which isn't natural. Don't believe them, because the increase of evil cannot be done continuously without putting an end to life. Besides, if we could adapt to anything which is against nature, that is to say everything which is against life, this means that we could drink without any problems the putrefied water from the streams, resist to contamination and all which causes diseases... Is it so, fragile men? Better than anything else, the end of the world announced will show that man cannot adapt to the nuisance that he creates, nor to all these hideous diseases which are resulting from it.

(13) Try to see what lasts and what can't last. For it is with this consciousness that you will withdraw from the world for a moment and take refuge on the heights of your countries, the time it is necessary for this world to crash down and for the sanctuary to come. For the moment, hear once again that you must not look behind but only in front of you. Otherwise, like Lot's wife who looks behind as she's leaving to take shelter, you would be annihilated, because God will execute what he said. And Jesus repeatedly informed you about what will happen when the Son of man appear.

(14) Moses, my predecessor, who wrote on the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. And it's me Emmanuel, his successor like him, who gives you the reasons. Moses and I, we give you the same warnings, because we are indeed on the evening of the world, and it's on the evening that the cities, the large corrupted cities are destroyed. And Lot is a man who, although he lives in the city, still has ears to hear both angels (Moses and Emmanuel) arriving on the evening to warn the inhabitants of Sodom and Gomorrah of the imminent destruction of their city. Following this warning in which he believes, with his wife, Lot comes out of Sodom and goes to take shelter in a village in the heights to escape the disaster. And this is what you will have to do. But it's when she's leaving that his wife looks back and is changed into a statue of salt. This means that she wants to return to city, but she's devastated, petrified because of the deluge of fire which struck Sodom.

(15) Women, listen to me! If, like Lot's wife you follow your husband in the hills to escape the disaster make sure not to look back with languishing eyes at the cities which had a lot of appeal to you and that you will leave. Abandon them to their fate! Because, now arrived at the end of the history of this world, and having been taught, there is only darkness and nothingness remaining behind you, and not this light and this life which are in front of you. Thus be attentive to what we say to you, and you will remain alive.

The return of the foreigners

(16) Being the greatest wealth of the world, the gender diversity requires that we keep the four colored generations of the humanity. And the original order established between all things, requires that we take care of it to preserve stability. So, for the diversity and the indispensable original order subsist forever, ensuring the continuation of the world, we must first and while there is still time, each foreigner must return to his country and to his people where he is lacking. This being the first movement which leads to the sanctuary, each will act in this sense, no one should oppose to it.

(17) You therefore who is not in your place on this earth, regardless of the number of years since your family no longer lives in your original country, and whatever the reason, you must imperatively return to your people where you are missed. You have to do it in order to participate to the restoration of the original order, and to make your people benefit of the knowledge that you acquired in other countries. You will then be south and appreciated by all. But if you don't want to find yours and your roots, claiming that you are worth more than them, or no longer one of them, know that by going against God's will, you will be punished by death. However, what I want is, you to live! But you won't live if you disobey to the commandments that I give you.

(18) So whether, you are an immigrant or descendant of immigrant parents, returns without waiting to yours, in your original country. Don't betray God, nor his son, or your people. Otherwise, can you claim to be a part of the number of the chosen ones? If however your country of origin is bordered by the country where you live, you can stay where you are, because you are no different from this people. To remain stable, it is better that you live among yours. However, if you are mixed, that is to say from relatives of different races, you can choose to stay in the country of your father or of your mother. You shall not be rejected by the people or by God. Well, now you know what you need to do to be worthy before the Father, of your own people, and to stay alive.

Ultimate warning

(19) From another point of view, know that industrialized peoples are the most remote from the truth and those whom will have the most difficulties to be penetrated by it; whereas tribes who still live as in the beginnings, that is to say, in harmony with nature, are the closest. Because of this, even though these tribes would not learn the truth until later, it would be no bad consequences for them; because, living according to the rules of nature, they will suffer less of what is going to happen than the industrialized nations which, they are the cause of the disaster and anger of the Eternal.

(20) Then, you who hear the voice of the Son of man and who see the prophecy coming true, you constantly must be capable to flee to higher ground. During this time and during your withdrawal from the world, you will have to have in your eyesight those who live off of you, because they will see in your movement their inevitable end. It will make them mad, and this kind of madness will oblige them to hold you back by any means. They will at first try to stop the Son of man. They will then make him wear a crown of thorns and will put pitfalls on his path. Many will spit at him on his face, will throw stones, and many will rise up to bear false witness against him, because it is necessary that Scriptures be fulfilled also in this respect. But be not afraid of them. Without God, without director, without light, aimless, disrupted and deprived of you who they were feeding from you all, they will be powerless and cannot do nothing against you.

(21) So, because of the Son and the prophets who deprive them everything up to the mastery of their thoughts, most of the leaders of peoples, the traffickers, rich, conquerors, religious, scientists and military who believed they would dominate the world eternally will be disorientated and will not have anyone to follow them! So, their corrupt world will fall into the certainty, since it is already in agony. But, by withdrawing on the heights, you will control its end which will end with a huge crash when you will be in your shelters. This is perfect because, by only leaving the cities, it will be all over! It is written that God doesn't save using weapon. Now it appears to you with clarity.

Reminder of the Scripture

(22) This world is understandably confused and distorted only if we know what it is going to be destroyed according to what the Scripture announces, and this fulfilment can occur only the day of the coming of God's messenger. However, you know that men have been afraid that the end of the world comes suddenly upon them, particularly a thousand years after Jesus. Thus, because it is written (in the apocalypse) that Satan would be bound for thousand years, then would be set free for some time, to accomplish his work. Indeed, during the first millennium which followed the day when he was known, Jesus reigned in the hearts and nations. Then, gradually because of the slanders committed by the kings, emperors and religious, he went away from spirits. Satan then took his place. Since then, it is he who reigns and prepares the end of the world, as one can see through what is practiced in all countries.

(23) It is clear however that nothing could happen at the end of the first millennium in the reign of Jesus, because he is the image of the lamb who fights the world at the end of the centuries, in the messianic times. Don't commit the imprudence to believe that, as a thousand years ago, nothing will happen; because the light which enlightens you today is just preceding the coming of the kingdom of God. You are indeed in the messianic times, and what is said will come true, don't doubt it. Because, being in these times, that is to say just before the apocalypse, you are necessarily along the sides of the lamb, who is both Jesus (the figure of the lamb in the Scripture) and the Son of man (the person of this lamb in the world).

(24) My patience being to you unlimited, here is thus for the last time, for your salvation, the most essential of what you have to remember about the fulfilment of the Scripture on the day of the renewal of all things:

  • THE NATIVITY is the coming of the lamb in the world at the appointed time. Messenger of God, he comes to enlighten the nations and save those that were lost.
  • THE CRUCIFIXION is the representation of the suffering that we experience in front of the infamy committed on earth, and lead the saints of the last day to die spiritually for this world to which they become strangers.
  • THE ASCENTION is the progressive elevation of man that he experiences until reaching the summit of the mountain of the Eternal, which is built on the crest of the mountains, from where nothing can remain hidden in his eyes.
  • THE PASSOVER consists in eating the lamb of God (the bread of heaven), to acquire the Holy Spirit who makes you pass from the world of darkness into the world of light.
  • THE PENTECOST is the day when the chosen ones receive the Holy Spirit and the law which urge them to regroup in the mountains of their country, to escape the end of the world they know imminent.
  • THE PURGATORY is the work of the last judgment. This is the purging of men and of the entire Earth at the appointed time: men who free their skull from lies that make them commit sins, and the Earth that liberates herself of big cities and the gnawing of everything that threatens the posterity.
  • THE APOCALYPSE is the end of the world which arises in the messianic times, in the day when the Earth is visited and where the truth is revealed. It is the moment when the Lamb fights the world of the beast and the false prophet, and terminates all authority, all power, and all domination. His victory over the nations is followed by the fall of the cities and by the coming of the new Jerusalem.
  • THE RESURRECTION is the metamorphosis of man into an angel. It is the second birth which gives him a new momentum. This is due from the spirit of knowledge that opens the eyes on what is making us blind and that we can't see.
  • THE ANGEL is the saint of mind who, on the evening of the world, is lit by the heaven sent. He can then, as this latter, glance through everything out of time.
  • THE HOLY CITY is the new Jerusalem formed by the chosen ones of God. This is the true church of Christ that Peter builds, and the model of all cities of the God's kingdom.
  • THE KINGDOM is the reign of God on the entire Earth which found the beauty and the purity of the beginnings, as well as the right number of living beings. Few, the angels live discreetly in harmony with nature. Everyone does what he pleases freely, as they are henceforth similar to God who created everything for their coming. They reign with Him, forever.

(25) To grasp the meaning of this change of the world, I brought you up very high in the sky, with Jacob's ladder, so that it appears to you that you are integral part of the universe. There is indeed, no separation between men and the Earth, between the Earth and solar family, between solar family and the other worlds of the Galaxy, and between our Galaxy and those of the whole universe. This clearly shows that men and the universe are one, and the Eternal in itself. Why then the discourse of those who don't understand that God is alive, and that's because of this that we have the being and the movement?


(26) My children, I'm telling you again and for the last time that once you get rid of all the lies on Earth, the knowledge which is given to you will dissolve in only a few days all the powers that some are holding over others. Those who are directing you will become silent shadows, and all those who are covered with money will hide under the stones, because their arrogance and their reign is now over! For, they don't possess the Earth and the living beings. They believed they were only because God allowed them to do it until this day when He reclaimed the blood of innocents that they killed in order to reign. But their world stops here, and you shall not perish in its destruction; for it is to keep you alive that God truly sent me before you. Each day God will add chosen ones to his people, until you all are took shelter. Then shall the end come.

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