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Third part: the rules of existence


The new Earth

(1) The great day of your redemption has finally arrived. Don't hit yourselves on the chest saying: Ah! Father, come to our rescue! For he comes to your rescue, and tells you: My child, eat first the bread from heaven that my son is giving you; and then have the attitude that he asks you to have in this difficult wait. Then I shall spread my hand on your head to protect you from the terrible punishment which I am going to impose onto the world. Don't act differently and don't do anything else than what he ordered you, because it is to save you that I sent him among you. I gave him my trust and I placed my words in his mouth. Go, and don't look back.

The happiness of the chosen ones of God

(2) Through knowledge, you are henceforth enlightened and raised on the high peaks. The new city, in which you are going to live, appears as if we were contemplating it from the summit of a mountain at whose feet it would have formed. Let's then observe these fruits of the knowledge on Earth where the human sea has disappeared, and where everything became pure again and similar to the origin of the world.

(3) First we see that this is a first class city which blends into nature and in which people are happy to live. Being free, nothing frightens them if it isn't for the sound of the violent thunderstorms, nothing causes confusions nor dirty their tunics, nothing degrades the faces and thoughts. The mothers don't bear children in fear to see their children dying before their eyes. The fathers found the heart of their child, and the children the heart of their father. The youth or the old age people are no more categories of people who compete. And no one fears to grow old and die.

(4) Here, in this peaceful world, no one is overworked. Serious illness doesn't exist, because it doesn't have its sources anymore and no more fields where it could spread, no place to sustain it. Famine, servitude and detention are ignored in the kingdom where the angels recognize no other authority other than the Almighty. There aren't wars anymore, because each is free like the bird and does what he likes. He obeys only at the One who henceforth governs the world, because here we are in the reign of God.

(5) The holy city is a jewel, a brilliant star lying on the ground, from which emanates the glory of the Almighty. We admire it from above, understanding that the Father didn't reserve eternal darkness to his chosen ones, but the pleasure to live free, that he concealed for those who deserve it and access ones his law through elevation of the spirit. No one complains, because the life of the sanctuary is the unfolding of peaceful days. It is as well the clean and pure air that we breathe with the smells, the soft light that we put out when going through the night quietly in the middle of our people, with a lot of other things which write the word peace on the eyelids of those resting and on the door of their house.

(6) Beyond the streak of separation of the world of darkness and the world of light, the leaders of nations, the conquerors, the traffickers, the military, the rich, the scientists and the religious who lost the world aren't any more, because the hypocrisy and the vanity disappeared for ever. But we talk about what was their reign, however, to try to keep the memory of their pretences which made the Earth a place of dismay, a place of terror and the abominable conditions of survival for all; and we try hard to imagine what has been their dominance. But we have forgotten their faces, we don't know any more their name or their nation. There are no more traces of them or those who walked in their ways. Already the recollection of what they were becomes blurred and, without the book of life, we wouldn't remember that they existed.

(7) The ancients tell that when those chosen ones came out of their shelters from the mountains where the Son had assembled them all, they hurried to represent on the ground three parts of the holy City, here below, looking like the Sun,

Conception of the city of the kingdom
64 - Conception of the city of the kingdom

and said: here is what the Son of the Almighty showed us tirelessly! Here is how we shall live henceforth so the horror doesn't manifest itself any more! And, this time, all heard.

(8) But we are still on this side my children. However, what will be in the kingdom, which comes with its lights, enjoyments, purity, transparency and great freedom for all, is very real. Read the apocalypse where John explains the new Jerusalem, that he presents square and built with large walls to show that it is well structured and well defended. This city of angels is really there, at hand, for the new century. And you are not dreaming.

(9) The knowledge of the truth leads necessarily in this new world and to this new city. And it is so that it arrives at the appointed time, that God announced:

I will destroy the wisdom of the wise,
And I will destroy the intelligence of the intelligent.
And his only son answered him:
I praise you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, that you have hidden these things (of the kingdom) from the wise and intelligent, and have revealed them to children. Yes, Father, I praise you that you have willed it this way.

(10) I have often explained that only those who have kept the heart and the spirit of their youth can grasp the Son and see the kingdom. That is why these words of God and Jesus show that the intelligent who wanted to govern their people and the world, can’t be admitted.

(11) Only the manipulated and tied man withdraws into oneself. But when Adam and Eve are free like the air can be, they open to God and submit themselves to him willingly. Nobody forces them to act like so, because with their thoughts freed of lies, they know that no being is superior to them.

The activities

(12) Will we still use all the techniques of this end of the century? Will we continue to communicate with people around the world? To this, I answer that nothing prevents us from doing what is not in disagreement with the law; because if we could no longer practice the industry, chemistry for example, we could no longer make broth with vegetables from the garden... and if the implementation of raw materials could no longer be carried out, even the tools for working the fields would disappear. On the ground, there are henceforth enough metals and other materials to serve you until the Earth passes. Therefore don't be afraid, to change world, you can do what you want and use whatever have been spared.

(13) However, beware of this kind of technological frenzy which struck you in this end of century, because it leads invariably to disaster, as you can see it. I have already explained that we live to love and not to produce, to protect and not to destroy, because science is what makes man and not what man makes. That is why, to not return to the mistakes of the past, you will have to be vigilant with regard to your works and projects.

(14) In the sanctuary, you will skillfully mix the good old things acquired in six thousand years and the new good things. You shall ensure not to act like your fathers who had abandoned the useful and quiet things of the past to dedicate themselves only to the madnesses of the modernity which made them lose the bases of know-how. But the return to serenity will allow you to make use again of the horses and of all other animals which work, as well as the electromagnetic force, this universal force which descend from above without affecting the Earth and the living things.

(15) As for daily communication with the world, why would persist in Babel? These things could only happen at the end of the world, essentially by boredom and by fear of solitude and of nothingness. But, now filled with knowledge, you will not have such fears driving you constantly to be in contact with men, good or bad, from around world. This was, besides, making you take roots without being able to move no more... No, the means of transmission of speech and images existed, on the evening of the world, only to make known the advent of the Son of man. Isn't it written that the coming of the Son of man would be as fast as lightning all around the world? It is through these means that he can be, and in accordance to what Jesus has announced.

(16) By asking yourselves what are your essential needs, you will also know that what is useless is necessarily destructive. Then you will forge yourselves a new spirit; and you all shall become kings, doctors, prophets and capable in all domains of existence. You will exchange your expertise and will not hide anything, as the law asks you to. So, you shall no longer try to benefit from your fellowmen, but will make sure that they are taking advantage of you because, for the angel, the most important is others. That is why, you will not do anything of consequence without having consulted the law beforehand, being afraid that the entire Earth is, this time, struck under interdiction to live there.

The fulfilment of the prediction

(17) But be not afraid, the Father has already saved the world through his son. So the one who will build his house will live in it, and nobody will cultivate a field for others to take advantage of the harvest. Your children will stay near you and will accompany you throughout your whole existence, which will be long henceforth, because of its original purity recovered. Fearing of God and loving him with all your heart and all your thoughts, you will keep the spirit of your youth; once old, you will always be young! Ah! my people, how beautiful they are your new heavens!

(18) I remember this word of God, expressed by Isaiah, who requires all of your attention:

For I will create new skies
And a new earth;
We won't remember the things that happened in the past,
They won't come to mind anymore.
You should rather rejoice and be forever in happiness,
Because of what I'm going to create;
For I am going to create Jerusalem for happiness,
And its people for joy.
I will make Jerusalem my happiness,
And of my people my joy;
We will hear no more
The sound of crying and the sound of screaming.
There will be no more children or old people
Who do not fulfill their days;
For he who dies at a hundred years shall be young,
And the hundred year old sinner will be cursed.
They shall build houses and inhabit them;
They shall plant vineyards and eat the fruit thereof.
They shall not build houses for another to inhabit them,
They will not plant vines for another to eat the fruit;
For the days of my people shall be as the days of the trees,
And my chosen ones will enjoy the works of their hands.
They will not work in vain,
And they will not have children to see them perish;
For they shall be a race blessed of the Eternal,
And their children will be with them.
Before they invoke me, I will answer;
Before they stop speaking, I will grant.
The wolf and the lamb will feed together,
The lion, like the ox, will eat straw,
And the snake will have dust for food.
There will be no harm or damage done there.
On all my holy mountain,
Says the Eternal.

(19) In this word of the Almighty we see the whole law, we notice the liberation and longevity. We find here the joy of living and the happiness of the Eternal who, here, has no more repentance to have created man but, on the contrary, is happy that he created him.

The book of life

(20) The Lord of the heaven and the Earth has made me his interpreter filled of knowledge and his servant, because He gave me for mission to enlighten you and found this new Earth and these new skies. So, after me, no one else will be sent; because the book of prophets and The Lamb's book of life are the same message in which, is found the essential of what man must know to live in peace without destroying himself. Thus don't wait any longer for someone else. I was the last of the prophets to come to be the first-born of Zion and a fierce defender of his brothers.

(21) I made you go through water and fire (the cold and the warmth) to awaken you, so it appears to you that all roads are leading to the three parts of the holy city of the kingdom. I have thus showed the whole truth without worrying about those it hurts. I only did what God ordered me. I told you everything, I did not hide anything. However, I give you this advice I suggest that you read again the book, to better grasp what is explained. And do it as often as you can to not miss anything which the bread of heaven, you shall never eat too much of it; because every time you will eat it, you will always grow ever more, until becoming giants.

(22) Therefore, as soon as the book reaches you, be opened to new things which are written and long predicted. Being the fulfilment of the word of God proclaimed, I ask you to not add anything to it, to not subtract anything from it, to not fraction and to respect the sense of the original words as you translate it. To avoid being struck by the anger of the Eternal, you should not, under any circumstances, modify texts, figures, and their order.

(23) And then know that if I wrote this book by my own will, as someone will affirm it, then you will easily ignore it and bury it. But if it is written with the finger of God, you will never be able to do it. Thus interrogate the things of heaven, the Earth, Scriptures and human activities; they will tell you if I am or if I am not the one who is announced for the end of the centuries.

(24) In the Scripture, a sign is given to me so I know when it's time to put the ark in the sea:

And behold, on behalf of the Eternal, the sign that you will know that the Eternal will fulfill the word that he has spoken: I will cause the shadow of the degrees that came down on the degrees of Ahaz to go back ten degrees with the Sun. And the shadow moved back ten degrees from the degrees where it had once descended.

These degrees are days. It is therefore necessary to set back ten days from the end of the year to place it at the winter solstice. And everything falls into place: the day of the birth of the Son, as well as the beginning of the year of the new century. This means that I must remit the book to the world on the fifteenth day of the last month of the last year of this century, which is the day of my birth and that of my advent. And it shall be done.

(25) Here, I taught you that the kingdom of heaven, which is without authority, without power, without domination and with the sole law of God for all peoples under the Sun, welcomes henceforth the world of the Earth. We stay together whatever happens, and if some of those chosen ones dies it shall be because they have not listened to me.

(26) We have defeated Satan and death for ever. Often think of the path of life which is henceforth drawn before you and beneath your feet, and to your soul which will travel it if you practice the entire law.

(27) Knowledge being given to you now only remains happiness. A new day is dawning and, for you; the sun of justice will never go down. May the grace of the Almighty Lord be always with you all.


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