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Third part: the rules of existence


The last days

(1) Now awakened and warned of what is soon going to happen, you have to accept the fulfilment of the prediction, even if only to protect you from the great fury of God. Console yourselves by thinking that all the worlds of heaven pass through this fearsome time, because there is no other way to return man to his creator. Thus accept what happens.

Wishes and fears of the Son

(2) The suffering of the soul is the best guide of man because, beyond wounds and pains of war, it will always pull him towards light and peace. That is why from disasters to pain and from injustices to despair, you will come to me without the need to push you. Everyone knows that I do not wish the loss of anyone, but that the sinner comes out of his blindness and lives! Now will you only listen to me, you who groan in this world? It isn't against you that the fury of God is directed, but against those who hurt you:

Here are the people on whom I will lay my eyes, says the Eternal,
On the one who suffers and who has a crushed spirit,
On him who fears my word.

The one who is afraid of His word is also the one who listens to His messengers, the prophets. I advise you then to be attentive and watchful, because if you persist to shrug shoulders when we explain to you that being away from the light you have sunk into darkness, and if you continue to pull the tongue when we show you that it is your thoughts and your works which bring the end, then you cannot see in what time you are and what is going to happen.

(3) However, many will raise the voice to fight me. They will say: he who talks to the world today with his book is not the Son of man! because Jesus announces him for the last day, when there will be all signs of the end! Certainly, this world doesn't always bring me into sadness... If thus the one who holds the seven stars in his hand enlighten you and resuscitates you, separates you from the godless and brings you shelter after having conquered the world, is this not sufficient to see in him the Son of David? How else could he be recognized: at his feet, his hands, by his hair, or his beard? Blind people, rather pray so it is him who recognizes you among the goats!

(4) And if others around you proclaim: the Son of man isn't announced for the day when the iron reigns over the Earth! You will answer them, you who have read what the dream of Daniel the prophet is: if he doesn't rise during the reign of iron which gives the impression of strength, as he makes the world comparable to a large statue with feet of clay, and while money and gold lose the world, then, when can he stand? If you persist in believing that the coming of the Son of man took place two thousand years ago and not today, you are going to perish. By Jesus, John presented you his image, his character and his works two thousand years before his coming, so in his sudden arrival everyone knows who he is. This is why Jesus answers those who interrogate him about his presence:

Go and tell John what you have seen and heard: the blind see, the lame walk, the lepers are purified, the deaf hear, the dead are resurrected, the good news is preached to the poor. Blessed is he who does not see me as an occasion to fall!

(5) I ask you however to respect the will of each and do not force anyone to follow me. Also do not share your meals with my enemies who will deliberately sentence me to death. I speak of those who make up the seven heads of the dragon who is the devil, that is about the seven categories of men already stated, who reign believing that they possess the Earth and its inhabitants. Being more cunning than foxes, they fed on your flesh until now, and you consented by the fascination they exerted on you. As a precaution, keep away from them in these last days, because you know where they take the world.

(6) After having read the Scriptures, particularly the apocalypse that John explains under veil, why would you still hold onto your customs, your conceptions of the world and your projects, because it is written that you will end up as the origin where men were rarer than fine gold? Think that large cities will be left, and those which will not be destroyed, will only have brambles, rats and bats for inhabitants. So, instead of being attached to the traditions and customs which have brought the end, rather put your hand in my side, like Thomas who leads by example.

(7) In these difficult times of the end, man is facing many uncertainties. But he also has certainties, like days and nights which invariably succeed, or as the amplification of the evil which brings necessarily the end of the world built on lying. There is thus what one cannot deny and what is undeniable. And the devastation of the Earth is an irreversible movement toward the end which cannot be denied excepted by those who have lost their lucidity.

(8) The Scripture announces again, by Paul:

Know that, in the last days, there will be difficult times. For men will be selfish, friends of money, boastful, haughty, blasphemers, rebellious to their parents, ungrateful, insensitive, disloyal, irreligious, slanderers, intemperate, cruel, enemies of the good people, traitors, hot-tempered, swollen with pride, loving pleasure more than God, having the appearance of piety, but denying what makes it strong. Get away from such men.

Because we are in these famous last days evoked by Paul, men are indeed such as they are qualified. I quote this passage of the Scripture to show what you became in your cities on the evening of the world because, after me, no one else will make you rise.

(9) If an old man would see that a city was going to be engulfed by a landslide, he would tell his son: my son, haste to go explain to the people of the city that they are going to be buried if they don't leave that city. Then this son would hurry to go to warn the people. He would fear however that after having made evacuated quickly all its inhabitants, the landslide would be delayed and that people call him a liar. This fear (which is that of Jonah) is mine, because I am announcing the imminent destruction of the cities without knowing the exact moment, only God knows. But the introduction of the truth in the world announced by the Son, means that there is no more time for this fulfilment.

(10) Regarding Jonah in the Scripture, what did you believe? Know that Jonah in a big fish, means the Son of man in the character of Christ, who is this big fish, and not what you read in the sense of the letter. Everything that lives Jonah, who is going to tell the inhabitants of Nineveh that the end of their city is near, is also what I live in telling you what is coming soon to the big city. Believe it, because you will have no other sign of the fulfilment of the prophecy than what was given to you by Jonah, in whose cabin I am standing. This is also what Jesus responds to those who ask him for a sign clearly showing them what is going to happen. He says to them:

You will have no other signs than Jonah.

(11) To understand the Scripture, I say again that when the Eternal made me know what will happen to cities, like Jonah, I tried to run away far from His face. But I saw that an impetuous wind had risen, threatening to destroy the world, as I explained it at the beginning. And, as Jonah and Jesus do, I slept soundly. This lasted until someone woke me up to calm the storm and to save what was not to perish.

(12) This is to explain what you read of Jonah, in the ancient testament, and which is also expressed this way in the new testament:

And behold, there arose on the sea such a great storm that the boat was covered by the waves. And he (Jesus), he was asleep. The disciples who were approaching him woke him up and said: Lord, save us, we are perishing!

As Jesus wakes up, Jonah wakes up and eventually throws himself into the sea. Let's say rather that he is thrown into it to calm the winds and the waves. This means that without my predecessors who urged me to throw myself into the sea to calm the storm and to save the world, I wouldn't have done it by myself. Because the magnitude of this task seemed too big to me and to difficult to realize in this world, where people no longer distinguish anything. But after being thrown in the water like Jonah or like Peter, I quickly found myself in the character of the Shiloh, in this big fish which brought me back to Earth to lighten the nations and warn people of the big cities of what would happen to them.

(13) You have read, in Jonah, that it takes three days to walk through Nineveh. Now, these three days represents a hundred kilometers in extent. This means that Nineveh or other big cities as shown in the Scriptures aren't real cities, but only representations of what the huge cities are today; especially in the ancient times, cities so much spread out couldn't exist. Understand then what you are told patiently.

(14) Knowing the evolution of the worlds of the sky, I know that the end will come as soon as the good news of the kingdom has been preached in the entire world. But before coming to sit in front of you, I purified my spirit, as does Jonah with the ricin that God grew on his head. Because, to bring light into the world and to save those who are about to disappear, can only be done with a purified spirit. What you can also glimpse in this quotation from the Scripture:

The people of the region near the sea,
From the country beyond the Jordan River,
And the Galilee of the Gentiles,
This people, sitting in darkness,
Saw a great light;
And upon those who sat in the region and the shadow of death,
The light has risen.

The light is the queen of the south who rises to condemn the world, and of whom Jesus speaks furthermore. But this word of the Scripture above fills me with hope as for your understanding, because it indicates that you are able today of being enlightened and saved.

(15) Knowing God's kindness and his mercy, Jonah is afraid that the big city for which the destruction has been announced might be delayed. Seeing it God answers him:

You have pity on the castor oil plant which cost you no pain and which you did not grow, which was born in one night and died in one night. And I, I would not have pity on Nineveh, the great city, in which there are more than one hundred and twenty thousand men who do not know how to distinguish their right from their left, and animals in great numbers!

(16) In truth, it isn't of Nineveh itself whose it is question of, but about the big city. I tell you, before long, you will know if God had mercy or not for these big cities composed of men who no longer distinguish anything! But, whatever He does, I suggest you to leave the big cities of the plains, as those which shall not be destroyed will be necessarily abandoned. What do you have to gain to stay there any longer?

(17) What do we see in cities if not, as we said, busy people who come and go to pile up one on another, and movements of steel machines which occupy all the place, which kill, disturb, pollute, full of smoke, irritate, deafen, tear and corrupt the inhabitants? There are no visible stars nor seasons, but only asphalt, concrete, harmful vapors, smokes, garbage and rats.

(18) While in the countryside, the seasons mark the landscape of their print and dictate the works; the spring awakens what had fallen asleep during winter, colors and smells change. Animals frolics; trees gradually discover their flowers and fruits; the air is clear, celestial bodies take pride in the sky. We proceed with spring labour, sowing, the harvests, haymaking, crops and the picking which are so many rewards and occasions of enjoyment. The boredom and the despair aren't words that are pronounced.

Passover time

(19) The good news of God's kingdom will be preached throughout the world as a testimony to all nations. Then the end shall come. And when this word of Jesus will be fulfilled in all countries, you will know that this is a clear sign indicating that it is time to withdraw on the heights. But I am going to show you something else to convince those who still resist stubbornly. Remember that regarding the passover, Moses says: When you shall eat it (the lamb), you shall have your loins girded, your shoes on your feet, and your staff in your hand (ready to go); and you shall eat it in haste. This is the passover of the Eternal. The explanation of this is given today when you eat the lamb of God hastily, because time is running. As we have already explained it, it is the passover which consists in passing from the world of darkness into the world of light.

(20) Jesus also says: You know that the passover is in two days (which means two thousand years) and that the Son of man will be turned over to be crucified.. Why two days are the equivalent of two thousand years? Because in the fourth book of psalms, Moses, addressing God, says: a thousand years are, in your eyes, like the day of yesterday when it is gone, and like the eve of the night. And when, moreover, Isaiah scolds the careless women, he announces to them: in a year and a few days you will tremble! This means after the publication of the book.

(21) For all these reasons, and because Jesus is the representation of the Son of man on the day of his advent (which is today), know that you will really change era only when the Sun will get up for the first time on the kingdom of God. Until then, you will still be in the ancient world, the world of Noah, vowed to go away.

(22) And, yet regarding to the last days, another formal sign is sent to me, which confirms the previous explanations. Here, it is written:

Let this be a sign to you: We have eaten ONE YEAR the product of the fallen grain (the word of truth), and A SECOND YEAR that which grows by itself; but IN THE THIRD YEAR, you shall sow, you shall reap, you shall plant vineyards, and you shall eat the fruit thereof. That which is saved from the house of Judah, that which is left over will still grow roots underneath, and bear fruit on top. For out of Jerusalem shall come forth the remnant, and out of the mountain of Zion those who have escaped. This is what the zeal of the Eternal of the armies will do.

You do not need explanations to understand that this is about the last two years of the world which will be followed by the kingdom of God on the entire Earth. Be attentive, because I still say that neither the Son nor anyone else knows the day and time of the end, only God knows. But the advent of the Son sounds the moment to get out of your cities and to withdraw for some days in the villages and on the heights of your countries where you will be protected and safe. That is why Jesus said to his followers that they will have no other sign than his advent, shown by Jonah.

(23) You will thus have ahead of you one year of favor from the Eternal to eat the book (the product of the fallen grain) and to decide to follow me. You aren't caught by surprise. But the following year, will not end without all that is in the Scripture arrives and that your works announce. And the third year, you will finally be in the kingdom, delivered from darkness and evil forever.

(24) Persevere then until the end, because it is enough to see the state of the world today to understand that it is at the end, according to what is predicted. Thus know, about this, that the book of prophets is like a book of scenes from which the actors can't turn away. I have experienced it, I tell you, and those who are part of my entourage. You would be silly not to believe what we say to you. But this concerns you, because the selection of men has to be made before the mighty powers of heaven are shaken.

(25) If God not urged me to warn you, I would not say anything, because I would not have to explain more than you know. But to announce the coming of the kingdom, I have to lead you in all the truth and show you the end of the reign of Satan's sons, God living only in clean places and temples of pure gold. The Scriptures bear witness, the teaching of celestial bodies leads to it. And everything is ready on Earth for this ultimate fulfilment of the prophecy. But if I cannot convince you, inhabitants of the big cities, you will not be enlightened by anyone else, and you will perish in your sins. Do as you wish, the warning is given to you with many explanations. You are free of your thoughts and judge of your attitudes.

The Son and the law

(26) I know how it is difficult to convince you. However if I walked in your streets shouting: I am the Christ, follow me! I would have already an entire people behind me, as it happen with those who form sects from lies and intrigues. However, I don't act like so, because the Son can be recognized only through the bread of heaven he brings, and because he asks you to assemble without raising hand on anyone. To make perish the wicked and their priests, then just walk away and let them dry on their feet, like plants which have no more water. In that, there is no violence, or injustice, or fraud. And it is so because this is how we recognize the Veritable sent from heaven, the one who arrives unexpectedly when nobody expect him.

(27) But many will fear that peoples can't abandon their religion to follow the Son of man. To reassure them, you must preach the world that the tunic of the Son of man is of all colors: of the color black, brown, yellow and white; for they are the first people who began his blood that the last ones ended. The Son of man isn't the son of a people but of all peoples, will you say, and his blood is the blood of all. That's why, to his eyes, whatever is the color of a man, this man is worth any other of a different color. If it's a circumcised, he is a child of Abraham chosen for the kingdom. So, peoples of the Earth, knowing that the saviour is the only saviour, will make the difference between their baneful religion which brings misfortune, and the power of truth which sits God's kingdom in all countries.

(28) As for those who don't know how to read, or who cannot rise alone on the heights where God lives, explain them patiently the celestial bodies of the sky and the Earth with the drawn figures, then make them know the benefits of the law that the angels use respectfully. Then they will know most of what a man must know, and will be saved.

(29) It cannot exists indeed nothing better than the knowledge and the ordinances of the Creator practised by all angels, for you to decide to leave this unfair world and to live safely in the sanctuary. The law of the Almighty doesn't fall onto your head as do those of men, because each reaches it by rising as you did it in this ascent. Already written in you, you will have no problems to accept it; because, by reading God's words, you will say: finally! This, because it rests on one principle: live free, without harming anyone or anything.

(30) You thus are going to read now this famous law of liberation, with which the Earth will never be struck again. And I ask you not to whisper by going through it for the first time, because it isn't me you will have facing you, but the one who sent me. Then you will notice that my voice is tiny next to his reaching you to the marrow of your bones. This time, you will understand better why I was quite trembling when the Eternal spoke to me, and when he wrote his ordinances with my finger. And this is also what my brother Moses experienced in his time that you did not understand nor believed. Now you believe, because you tremble.

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