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Third part: the rules of existence


The just world

(1) Led today in all the truth by the Son and the prophets, you know that you must take care to keep your soul alive, conformed to existence, so that it may know the magnificent worlds to come on the long path of life, at the beginning of which we find ourselves. Therefore, everyone will practice the law and circumcise his heart, because we live to love and not to destroy, to enjoy existence and not to suffer.

(2) To ensure this, it is essential that the conditions of life are natural and balanced, as they were at the origins, so that newborns always find a pure and intact Earth and such as it was created. Consequently, it is necessary to educate children about the works of the Eternal, so that they can no longer do what they shouldn’t do, such as promoting the use of machines that take possession of your lives and the whole Earth, causing everything to perish; or also deviate from morality.

On the essential needs

(3) A man is shaped by the education that he receives in the environment in which he evolves. This is why, being born and evolving in the traditions and customs of the fathers suppresses the capacity to question them. Indeed, the beings always find normal what surrounds them and is part of the elements with which they’re made. Thus, the child who is born and grows up in the city will not notice that he evolves in a very harmful environment. Whereas the child of the countryside, who grows up in the midst of animals and all nature, will never be able to deviate from the truth with which he was formed, and his judgments will remain good during his existence. He, will always show common sense, and will have an exact vision of the world and of the original order established by the Creator.

(4) To live peacefully on the high peaks, in the manner of the angels of the Wheel, man needs his natural environment certainly, but also needs to be educated in this environment. He also needs his relatives, his people, his entire freedom, and to be able to rely on his creator. This being the essence of the members of a family, it’s the same for all the families of the Earth. Consequently, the reunion of the families of the kingdom, which will take place around the law of this new Alliance, will not change the needs of everyone. I explain that what is necessary for one person and his family, is equally necessary for other persons and their families, and that the fact that there are several associated families shouldn’t change the needs of everyone.

(5) Surely, what is said here was by no means the case in cities and in the hierarchical world, because the members of the ruling class and of the wealthy class, firmly believing themselves to be superior to others, lived off others and not off the earth to which they were strangers. Also, the requirements of some weren’t those of others, and what ensued from this was outrageous.

(6) On his new Earth that he is going to create, God announces through Scripture that nobody will work for the benefit of another, and that everyone will enjoy the works of his hands. Therefore you must come to terms with the fact that he who will work a field for himself will not have to work a multitude of others to satisfy the needs and demands of the inhabitants of the big cities, especially since these cities will no longer exist. No, being forced to work for strangers is infamy in the eyes of the Father, because it necessarily leads half of the world to live off the other half which is held in slavery.

(7) No, He who created all things has not given men to be food for other men, nor peoples to be food for other peoples. In that simple word of Jesus:

Whoever wants to be first amongst you, may he be the slave of everyone.

don’t we find what should be the thought, the behavior and the way that we should look at others? Don’t we read about what love, deference, respect for others and brotherhood is? Were theses the feelings and attitudes of the leaders of these arrogant nations who prided themselves on being superior to others? Damn them! May they disappear forever!

On the proportions of the world

(8) Soon becoming understanding, humble and very rare, you will not cease to practice the law of the kingdom. Then new relationship between men and the peoples will be established, this time based on feelings. A new order will be born naturally in the world, by God’s will and in accordance with what must be so that it will no longer hinder the march of life.

(9) Thus banish any idea of having to organize the world yourselves, like those who substituted themselves for the Creator did, by thinking that they were above Him. For it was because of them that wars were born and that we witnessed the unbridled multiplication of the conquerors and the peoples they enslaved, because the latter postponed their salvation to the great number of their children. Thus men became far too numerous on Earth. And the Earth became exhausted, disfigured and suffered from it.

(10) To avoid this, how can we know what must be the right proportions of humanity, as well as of animals and plants? Can they be estimated? I answer that it is easy to imagine that the plant world must exist in greater quantity and over a greater area than the animal world, and the latter in a greater number than the human world, so that order and balance may remain between all.

The world
61 - The world

Here then is what the aspect of the world in the kingdom will be, when the species have returned to their original number and balance, as well as to their true value in the eyes of humans.

(11) Eras have shown that the mineral produces the conditions of life for the plant, that the mineral and the plant produce the conditions of life for the animal, and that the mineral, the plant and the animal ultimately produce the conditions of life for the humans. If thus the first and constitutive elements of human were to disappear for lack of space, it is certain that humanity would disappear with them. This will not happen however, because not everything is destroyed in the world of Noah...

(12) We also understand that throughout the eras, there was at the same moment a progression in the quality of the beings produced in their time and a decrease in their number; this, because what is more elaborated is necessarily rarer. This is why, last-born and the greatest of all the beings that God created, man must be the rarest. His needs being superior to those of the animals, he can only remain if the number of individuals that compose humanity remains limited. Otherwise, he is obliged to plunder everything to last a little longer before disappearing. This is why man must never again go outside the rules that nature imposes and that the law of the Holy Spirit clearly defines.

(13) If thus today there were not this natural selection which takes place through the separation of the saint men from those who aren’t, overpopulation itself could only lead to the entire disappearance of humanity. And if it is distressing to notice this excess which is causing such devastation, it is nevertheless reassuring to know that the terrestrial garden (Eden) will return again to what it was before, as soon as those who trample on it and disturb the waters have disappeared. Noah and the prophets join me in pointing to it. And do believe that it will be so.

(14) When you, God’s chosen ones, will have already been in the sanctuary for more than a decade, how will you know if the species of the creation have restored their right number that will allow the world to be balanced once again?
On this point, know that, even when you have become enlightened angels, you will have to be content to observe the natural development of what exists independently of your will. This new development of the species will take place freely, and you must not interfere with it, in any way. Then you will find that the original order that your fathers had shaken and the balance between the species which they had put in danger will be restored by itself.

(15) This is why I keep saying that, men or angels, you must not touch anything on this Earth that you didn’t create. The world was not begun by God for you to finish it in your own way, because it is a finished work which you must not touch.

On the discernment of values

(16) To comfort your new spirit, draw from this world of darkness that you are leaving what will be the world of light where you are going. Because, far from preserving the nourishing Earth with all that it contains, your fathers, deprived of the Holy Spirit, knew only how to destroy it. It is thus incumbent, to you the chosen ones, to explain later to your children how they modified nature, destroyed the forests, soiled the land and the sea, plundered the soils, destroyed the fertile plains which they buried under cement, asphalt and iron, they ransacked and contaminated the sites, caused a strong deterioration of the climate with their activities, and seriously affected their health. You will patiently show them that they were destroying themselves in this way, and that they corrupted all their ways due to lack of respect, going so far as to burn their children in the fire of their lies in honor of their gods!

(17) By perpetuating infamy and disaster, your fathers were not worried however about the anguishing disappearance of species, diseases and the replacement of the natural by the artificial. No, because they didn’t realize that they were rapidly making the Earth unlivable. This is why, despite the large number of victims they had to rescue, they gave themselves a clear conscience, by constantly proclaiming that they were in search of the best quality of life... We are making progress! they said. Poor men, poor men, even the beasts cursed them, because they crushed them.

(18) Besides, and as the law obliges, the world of the sanctuary shall not know the exploitation of man by man, nor the supremacy of one race, a nation or people over other peoples or over the entire humanity. And in this magnificent garden of the Wheel, where we can no longer conceive of an urban world on the one hand and a rural world on the other, there will only be small cities integrated into nature and built by families respectful of the law. That is why my children, the Earth will keep the radiance of its beauty, and order will remain in all countries.

(19) When the book of life will have made the word scientific and the word religious fly out of your thoughts, you will be relieved of what made you interpret everything upside-down. Then the works of the Eternal will appear to you in clearness, and you will no longer confuse them with human works. Then you will know that your relationship with the Creator must be that of children with their fathers, without ceremonies and playacting. The light will be in you and will enable you to discern perfectly the values of existence. Therefore don’t regret having spent a long time in darkness before being born again from the spirit, because the duration of darkness is also a time of preparation for the resurrection.

(20) During their stay in darkness, your predecessors could not discern anything. They ignored that the universe is eternal and alive, and that because of this we are alive and without limit of life. They didn’t recognize the celestial spirit, and the firmly believed that the God of their thoughts created good and evil, and that each one contained within him a man of good and a man of evil.

(21) Unable to grasp that there is only one universe and a unique God who inhabits it, how could they then have known that God creates everything in opposites, so that man can discern, interpret and rise? Not knowing either that children aren’t born sinners, but become sinners by transgression of the law, your predecessors saw good and evil as being a creation of God and not the choice of man. That is why in this darkness that is coming to an end, it was evil that prevailed, the evil with which everything is destroyed, right down to the hearts of the newborn.

(22) Good favors existence and makes it beautiful, while evil affects it and makes it difficult. Anyone can hear it. For this reason it is certain that he who abuses somebody by ruse or by force, or who lies to make himself look good, or who kills or destroys to show his supremacy, or yet who steals something, voluntarily changes evil into good. It is indeed good for him to act this way, otherwise he wouldn’t do so. And all the uncircumcised act in this way! Because, in their eyes, they don’t commit any misdeed in their crimes, and don’t feel guilty in any way. This indicates that good and evil are personal notions, values particular to each one according to whether he is circumcised of heart or not. Hence the prophets, the trinity and the law with which we know where we are going.

On the culture

(23) The education of the child in the right way, will be first that which allows him to circumcise his heart. After that, he will learn only reading, writing, as well as elementary things. And anything else he will want to know, he will discover in the prophets and in The Lamb’s book of life, as well as in the days of his existence; because life in itself is a daily study to be done naturally and freely in the garden until the end of his old age.

(24) Studying to nourish our spirit, is the same as eating to nourish our body. Consequently, we must be vigilant, because learning everything in childhood removes the desire to live. This was noticeable with the children who desperately came out of the schools where they were locked up, because they were taught at twelve years old what they should have known at fifty years old.

(25) But in truth what was this kind of education that kings and religious established and made mandatory? Was it not to give the children a precise form of thought, so that they would then walk in the ways they had chosen for them? I tell you, to enclose the children from an early age to teach them to surrender themselves to others, as well as the best methods of living by scorning creation and the entire Earth, by depriving them in addition of their youth which they should have spent freely in the garden, was enough to justify the great punishment.

(26) A human being should never be imprisoned by force. Woe to those who don’t hear it! Because there are other ways of educating, and other ways of correcting than to take away his freedom. That is why, imprisoning little children as soon as they know how to walk, to teach them by force what leads to disaster, or yet imprisoning sinners to straighten them up and then put them back on the right path, it was said, could only draw the wrath of the lamb; because such practices which have nothing to do with the culture of a being are unworthy of God and men! Condemn the confinement and imprisonment of every living being, man or animal! In order to be in favor to the eyes of the Father and to save your soul, you must no longer perpetrate the horrors of your predecessors.

(27) We have seen that there are no boundaries between mineral, plant, animal and human. Man is thus not an isolated being from the rest of the world. Being on the contrary the fruit of everything, placed at the top of the creation, he is endowed with the spirit that other beings cannot have. But this spirit is given to him to cultivate and elevate himself, and not to populate the Earth with cripples, disabled, ill, poor, slaves, prisoners, starving men and desperate persons, as it was in the world of darkness that is coming to an end. That is why, abandon the habit of thinking in term of money, profit, power and supremacy. Because these things are the causes of the iniquities that are not conceivable in the sanctuary where you are going.

(28) The spirit, which comes from the writings of the soul, can only be perfect if it is forever freed from the constraints imposed by ignorance. Indeed, how could reasoning be right if the spirit is disrupted by false beliefs? If we don’t know the celestial bodies of the solar family, can we know what the Earth is and the world it sustains? Can we only imagine that the world is contiguous and that man, for whom everything exists, has done exactly what he should never do again? What makes it possible to see it: eyes closed by ignorance or eyes open by knowledge? If you know how to answer, then consider that you are chosen for the kingdom and for eternal life.

(29) But, when I admire the beauty of the Earth and the sky, and contemplate the harmony of the works of the Creator, I don’t understand what human culture is that man boasts of. I don’t understand its meaning, nor do I know what it was used for. However, it goes without saying that the Earth is a magnificent garden that we must not leave to go and live on other celestial bodies where there are only stones and dusts. So what is the value of this human culture that you were clinging to, and what was it destined for? The enrichment of the spirit must lead to living ideally on earth with all the elements of nature. Yet, this cannot be achieved without circumcising one’s heart. Circumcision is consequently essential for living, because it is the whole world that depends on it.

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