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Third part: the rules of existence


The judgment of the nations

(1) When I was born, God put a scale in my hands so that I could weigh things afterwards and estimate their value. After weighing the men of the four generations for a long time, I have found no difference in weight between them. And I was satisfied, because it corresponded to the thoughts of the prophets and not to what was told by those who have no respect for the people from whom they stole their country.

The infamous colonization

(2) Men must live only in the countries from which they originate, because the order of the peoples is understood first of all by the fact that each one lives in his own country and not in that of another – The country and the man whom it gave birth to are one – This is why no one must appropriate the country of another in order to establish himself there.

(3) It is good to visit foreign peoples and share knowledge with them, because it is about brotherhood. But to steal a country, by decimating or exterminating its people, as the conquerors did, is to commit the greatest infamy before God who created all men with the same love. This is why He will mercilessly eliminate those who have done so.

(4) If someone killed a man and his family to take possessions of his goods and lands, would you have the heart to go and live with him? You wouldn’t have it, nor would you do anything with it. That is why those who went(or still go) to live in the countries conquered by the power of weapons, necessarily approve of the sacrileges committed by their predecessors and will disappear with them. This is the powerful justice of heaven, because one doesn’t establish his house on the blood of innocent souls who cry out from the earth and whose cries ascend to the Eternal.

(5) Know then that these merciless nations of the evening of the world will not remain, for they mock the Father and Jesus who said:

You shall love the Lord, your God, with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind. This is the first and greatest commandment. And this is the second, which is similar to it: You shall love your neighbor as yourself. On these two commandments depend all the law and the prophets.

(6) To love God and one’s neighbor, is to practice the commandments of His law and to fraternize with all men, it is not to spit in his face while sitting on the souls of His children who are killed. Yet, this is what certain arrogant nations did when they took over several countries in the four corners of the world and gave birth to their infamies. Indeed, after binding or exterminating the innocent peoples of the countries they stole by force, these nations gave birth to monstrous daughters, to nations similar to themselves, who have even more contempt for others.

(7) Among these cruel nations, there is one that became a giant. And it developed itself so fast that all the brigands of the entire world did not cease to come there for five centuries, with their priests, to strengthen it and multiply. Then, having made excessiveness its coat and arrogance its torch, it dominated all the nations of the world to which it imposed its rules. But the world has become too small in its eyes to exercise its authority. So it turns to the celestial bodies that it hopes to colonize soon...

(8) To establish their supremacy, the leaders of this arrogant and contemptuous nation, which is hated by the rest of the world, now want to appear moral and exemplary, deeply advising, with threats if necessary, all nations to follow their ways. They think that in this way they will be able to reign over the entire world eternally because, from Rome and its infamies, this nation was born. However, in the kingdom that is coming, there is no trace of it, it has disappeared from the world.

(9) Similarly to the immigrants, the descendants of the conquerors cannot be legitimate in the countries that their fathers formerly stole, because the centuries don’t make legitimate the infamies committed by ancient transgressions of the law. On the contrary, they only increase them; because the ancient lie cannot become truth by changing its face in time.

(10) Think then that in order to enter the kingdom that is coming, you who, for one reason or another, live in a country that isn’t the country of your roots, must turn to your people and flee to your country of origin before the end. If you do not do this, you will perish; for you will not be able to enter the Assembly. Will remain alive on this earth only the people that I shall gather from all countries, and no foreigner will be able to enter among them. Hear what I say, for the nations guilty of the disaster will pay double the price for the blood they have shed. God doesn’t forget them. And their remuneration will be given to them measure for measure, and double the measure of what they have done.

The great disorder

(11) The nations that have great powers of destruction are often the cause of wars and instability in the world. They are also the ones who have provoked the movement of men from the countries they impoverish to their nations covered with money. I’m talking about immigration that generates all kinds of mixtures of populations and interbreeding to the point of not knowing who is who, and to whom the country to which the foreigners are arriving in droves belongs. This increases the confusion and gives rise to vain discussions about races and the integrity of peoples.

(12) Whoever doesn’t live in his original country is doubly guilty, on the one hand because he impoverishes his people by his absence, and on the other hand because he becomes a considerable embarrassment in the foreign country where he has established his home. This always increases the discomfort and the disaster created by overpopulation.

(13) For all these reasons, God says that he will make man rarer than fine gold, rarer than the gold of Ophir. Think then that the number of men left will be a very small number. Indeed for this great day of vengeance, it is written:

Behold, the day of the Eternal is coming,
Cruel day, day of anger and fierce fury,
Which will reduce the earth to solitude,
And will exterminate the sinners.
For the stars of the heavens and their stars
Will no longer shine their light,
The Sun will darken as soon as it rises,
And the Moon will no longer shine its brightness.
I will punish the world for its malice,
And the wicked for their iniquity;
I will make the pride of the proud to cease,
And I will bring down the arrogance of tyrants.
I will make men rarer than fine gold,
I will make them rarer than the gold of Ophir.
That is why I will shake the heavens
And the earth will be shaken at its base,
By the wrath of the Eternal of armies
On the day of his fierce fury.
Therefore, like a frightened gazelle,
Like a herd without a shepherd,
All those who are found will be pierced,
And all those who are seized will fall by the sword.
Their children will be crushed before their eyes,
Their homes will be looted, and their women raped.

(14) All of you, factitious nations, made up of brigands who have come from all horizons to exploit the countries you have stolen; yes, you who are only imitations of the veritable and rootless nations, you have come to take note of your punishment. You won’t escape because, whether you are from the west or the east, from the north or the south, what is thus written is written and will be fulfilled, even if you don’t want it.

(15) Today those who reign in these dominating nations will need to rely on the rocks to remain standing before the wrath of God, especially since they are nothing but spineless cowards who seek the power of weapons to make up for their spiritual weakness.

(16) Therefore, these few insolent nations, who make a show of their supremacy, are an aversion to the Eternal who hates what is elevated. They are also the malaise and the shame of humanity; for they harangue the little peoples to make themselves heard , oppress them in order to reign better, increase their armament to make them tremble, and often organize slaughters on them, which they call wars, to establish their supremacy. Should these cruel nations then remain on this planet that is dying from that? No, because those who kill men and then boast of their villainous deeds which they justify with their courage, are in truth individuals without human worth, who will see the kingdom coming without being able to go there.

(17) Only refugees are acceptable for a time during which they regain their strength to raise their people in peril. But if they abandon their own people, under the pretext that it is now difficult to live in their country which the brigands have put their hands on by force, they aren’t glorious, they don’t have the face of heroes. If they also don’t return home before the end, but remain in the country that opened its doors to them to rescue them, then they will catch the face of the conquerors and suffer their punishment, the worst that can be given.

(18) The principle of formations has shown that the vegetal, animal or human creature is necessarily the right response of the original environment from which it emerges. Consequently, any immigration or transplantation can only be a desecration of the places, by introducing foreign bodies in these places. A forest is legitimate and sovereign where it has been since the beginnings, and nothing else can or should reign in its place. It’s the same for the peoples of the entire world, whom nothing or nobody must disturb.

(19) Because of this, we see that the conquerors shouldn’t live in a country that isn’t the one of their origins, especially since they necessarily have the face of traitors and murderers. Traitors, because they abandoned their families and their people, and murderers, because they sometimes killed men and animals to take possession of the countries they coveted.

(20) When one acts in this way, can one be worthy of God and love one’s neighbor as oneself? Do we have the right to proclaim our love for the works of the Eternal throughout the world? I say to you that one can only disregard people and God by being the worst kind! That is why the destruction of the conquerors and colonizers that God is going to carry out, as well as that of the nations from which these extremely lowly beings came out, is only justice and execution of the decree.

(21) It is never the people of one nation who rise against other nations to wage war, it is those who reign over them who do so by obliging them to kill each other. But the end of such scandals has come, because the living water dissolves all human powers and exposes those who possessed them. Thus stripped, your leaders will no longer be able to govern you, but rather to amuse you in their distress, especially since it is written about them:

God gives growth to the nations and destroys them;
He extends them far and wide, and brings them within their limits.
He takes away intelligence from the leaders of the peoples,
He makes them wander in deserts without a path;
They grope in darkness, and see not clearly;
He makes them wander like drunken men.

When you look at the world, the wandering of the leaders of the people cannot escape you because, in addition to their disorientation, they are guilty of wars, disarray and the devastation of countries. To deny this, is to condemn oneself.

The rights of everyone

(22) But those who are rooted in the fields of lies will say to me: since the beginning, you have been telling us that the greater part of humanity will perish to make room for the children of Abraham to whom the Earth was promised. And you have shown in this sense the word of God announcing that he would make man as rare as the gold of Ophir. If this is so, it means that the human rights defined by our fathers are worthless! Should we abandon them forever?

(23) To this I reply that Jesus was right to fear that I would find you asleep on my sudden arrival! For I keep telling you that the men of today no longer have the same rights. Indeed, those who transgress the commandments and grant themselves powers over others; those who destroy forests, sites, seas, plant and animal species for money; those who corrupt and make humanity suffer; those who annihilate moral values; and all those who touch nature one way or another, or declare war, have lost the right to remain on the Earth which can no longer support them. God wants it to be so, so that the saints of mind to whom He gives the Earth may eternally retain the right to do what they please.

(24) Did you believed that human rights could be defined by a few sepulchral inhabitants? Do your machines determine their own rules of operation, or is it you who give them the rules by creating them? Since it isn’t they who can establish their own rules, don’t you dare to establish your own rules which only your Creator can give them to you. Your fathers believed they could do so, and they annihilated the law of Moses. So they then built an unstable world, a world that wavers and staggers, ready to collapse.

(25) Moses showed humanity how it should behave. But from time immemorial men have rejected his law and his advice in order to confide in the great ones. Now each one must assume it, because it is also written in the psalms:

The Eternal is my helper,
And I rejoice at the sight of my enemies.
Better to seek refuge in the Eternal
Than to confide in man;
It is better to seek refuge in the Eternal
Than to confide in the greats.

(26) Moreover, in order to protect themselves and to cover the criminals who support them, the leaders of the nations and their ministers in whom you confide, had to abolish the death penalty instituted by Moses. And you the circumcised, who walk in their ways, abandon your responsibility in this matter. Because, since they occupy high positions, you let them live peacefully; while they oppress, destroy and kill as they please.

The redressment of the peoples

(27) Although it repeats itself, history will nevertheless have served to show you that it was useless to remove the one who sat of his own accord at the head of a nation, to replace him by another chosen by all; because both worship the same gods: money, power, domination and glory. Drunk with vanity and devoid of light, such individuals don’t bring deliverance but that which makes man enslaved and unfit to know the truth.

(28) So it was not with speeches nor with rebellions against those who governed that we could put an end to their scandals and infamies, but only by abandoning them until they disappeared. That is why revolutions were always vain and useless, especially since it wasn’t those who were at your head that you had to fight, but your own thoughts. Is this not what Samuel shows? To change the world, you must first change your heart. So don’t try to evaluate the world according to the turmoil of its history, for only by taking part in the resurrection of the dead will you be able to evaluate it and determine how long it has left.

(29) The powerful of this world will see with all their eyes their end coming in the movement of withdrawal that you are going to carry out; because, without you who make them live, they will all perish. Then you will understand even better the separation of the goats from the sheep that the Son of man will make on the day of his coming, and why Jesus warned you with so much insistence, as well as all the Scripture which announces:

Every valley will be filled,
Every mountain and every hill will be lowered;
That which is crooked shall be straightened,
And the rough paths will be smoothed out.
And all flesh shall see the salvation of God.

If thus you hear the voice of the one who accomplishes this word of the Scripture today, don’t precipitate yourself to the top of the trees, because you risk nothing and the roads to hide from him all end at their summit.

(30) You should have closed yourself to those who govern and listened to Jesus who asked you to love one another. But you didn’t want to hear him, you, of the fourth generation who killed more than two hundred million men in less than half a millennium! You have stained your robe with your filth, you have oppressed those who couldn’t resist you. Now is your punishment. Now you will no longer impose your laws or your will in the world of the living.

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