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Third part: the rules of existence


The fall of the world

(1) Having never read the prophets, many people ignore what the prophecy is, and do not expect the fulfilment of the Scriptures. Others think, after reading them that this world can make it without going through the apocalypse, however ignoring what it represents... Those ones should better understand that it isn't possible to stop the course of the world and return to the roots to make a new start. The end is thus going to take place, especially the need for it is necessary so that man give himself a bitter lesson and submits to his creator.

(2) We must always remember that each stars shine to light up their world and that, during its youth, this world has only the uncircumcised of heart for enemies. And because they are numerous and dominate the Earth, the extinction of life has widely begun; because high numbers of species have already disappeared by hundreds of thousands, and others are following.

(3) And this movement of species destruction has accelerated rapidly lately, by these despicable men who have undertaken to modify the nature of the vegetable body, animal and human to satisfy their immense vanity. It is thus pressing to put an end to their nuisances, as well as to all those who have the boldness to touch the original order, by firmly believing to be superior to God. I say that if we genetically modify the terrestrial bricks with which beings are built, in a short time humanity will disappear. That is why those who modify the living organisms on which we feed must be mercilessly deleted from this world where they have no place from this time forth.

The last warning

(4) The day of the fury of God is a terrible day for humanity, in which nobody believed however, because of the sects which distorted the words of the prophets. Who believed in the fulfilment of the prophecy, also expressed this way:

The great day of the Eternal is near,
He is close, he arrives in a hurry;
The day of the Eternal makes his voice be heard,
And the hero makes bitter cries.
This day is a day of fury,
A day of distress and anguish,
A day of devastation and destruction,
A day of darkness and obscurity,
A day of clouds and fogs,
A day when the trumpet and the war cries will ring out
Against strong cities and high towers.
I will put men in distress,
And they will walk like blind men,
Because they have sinned against the Eternal;
I will shed their blood like dust,
And their flesh like garbage.
Neither their silver nor their gold can deliver them,
In the day of the wrath of the Eternal;
By the fire of his jealousy shall all the land be consumed;
For he will suddenly destroy all the inhabitants of the land.

The nations are also forewarned:

Go into yourselves, examine yourselves,
Nations without shame,
Before the decree is executed,
And may this day pass like the ball,
Before the fiery wrath of the Eternal comes down upon you!
Seek the Eternal, all of you, the humble of the land,
Who practices his ordinances!
Seek justice, seek humility!
Perhaps you will be spared in the day of the Eternal's wrath.

(5) From Adam to the Lamb, the Scriptures announce relentlessly this great day of vengeance and retribution. This is about apocalypse. It is therefore the Scriptures and not sects which announce the end of the world. Many religious sects only speak of this end however, to gain followers and live on their fear; but they don't know what they say or what they do, I tell you. That they be old or recent, close yourselves to them, you will gain life.

(6) Forever announced, the end of the world can't occur without humanity knowing exactly what it is and why it happens. Otherwise the survivors, who haven't been taught or separated from the uncircumcised beforehand, would submit themselves again to the laws of their fathers, and would resume their ways until all things would die. That cannot happen.

(7) The culprits of this disaster have no place on this planet that they have not created and don't belong to them. Although they were necessary however to develop evil up to horror, they are now going to have to face the storm they have raised and that will carry onto the last one. Their iniquity will fall, their arrogance will decrease. They will burn together, and there will be nobody to put out the fire! In their distress, they will still open their mouth to blaspheme, but no sound will come out of their throat. The common people will turn their back to them. So, before being gobbled up, they will understand what their world is and why God destroys it today.

(8) Because of the wandering of the leaders of peoples, tensions develop and multiply in all countries. But with the powerful weapons whose they are covered, the dominant nations think they can nevertheless set peace and safety on the entire Earth today. And here the drama of the punishment begins. Because, stun by their leaders, the peoples shelter behind what can exterminate them in an instant... Such an attitude, isn't the summit of unconsciousness of human judgments?

(9) This is how weapons proliferated and how they will be used, especially since man always used what he has created. Distrust the incoherence of those who have brought nuclear weapons and say that nobody will use it. Because only madmen can say: we fabricate ploughs in large numbers but not to plough fields! Is it not the need to bury weeds and of renewing the earth which creates the need to make the ploughs? Similarly, all what must disappear from this world has gradually brought Satan's weapons with which the big cities will be destroyed forever with all that must, like them, go away.

(10) Inhabitants of cities, these smoking boilers in which you cook will they still allow you to hear what I say? As the inhabitants of Sodom and Gomorrah, you will say, also: this is a joke! Because, not being able to grasp reality, it is what they say to both angels (Moses and Elijah) arriving on the evening (on the evening of the world) to warn them that their cities are going to be burned. I have already explained that Sodom and Gomorrah aren't two cities of the past, but the image and the containing of the current big cities where more corruption, violence, fraud, pollution, perversion and disease always develop. This is why, when we observe a big city from above, we see a growing tumor which develops and not a glory! And those who are proud of it, are proud of a growing tumor by which comes the end. The reason for their destruction cannot then escape you.

The ultimate fight

(11) The separation of men is inevitable. That's why I know you're going to the carnage because, to test you, God is going to throw uncircumcised against you. I say that in your families, villages and cities, those who won't believe will pull the sword against you to hold onto you. This ultimate confrontation announced since always is thus inevitable, and you will have to arm you to defend yourselves from them until death. Not to do it, would be to surrender to Satan and disapproving God who destroys the world so you can live free on this earth.

(12) Then put into practice this recommendation of Jesus:

Now, may he who has a purse take it, and may he who has a bag take it also, and may he who has no sword sell his garment and buy a sword (a weapon). Because I tell you, this word that is written must be fulfilled in me: He has been put amongst the criminals. And that which concerns me is about to happen.
They said: Lord, here are two swords. And he said to them: That is enough.

(13) However, you must not take the lives of those who don't believe, because this fight doesn't belong to you! No, be careful not to raise hand on anyone, not to become murders. However, if they oppose to your withdrawal in the mountains, trying to hold you against your will or to arrest you, or to kill you, then by their attitude, they will condemn themselves. To go in same direction of God, who destroys the corrupted world and the wicked, you will have to delete them until the last.

(14) Henceforth, it is you who are the heirs of the earth, the judges and the law. It is no longer the criminals who are. Be thus firm in your integrity, and resolved never to yield. Because you can't escape this last terrestrial war which will leave corpses from one end to the other of the Earth and cities without inhabitants.

(15) Driven by the religious and scientists, leaders of the people will first try to forbid the book of life, then to hold you, you who are going to withdraw to the heights, to stop the blaze of the world. Unable to achieve this, it is then the military leaders who will try to create the authority and master the situation. Their purpose is to kill man, don't think that they will refrain or will beg you. On the contrary, realizing that they have no salvation, they will try to lead you in their fall in every way. But it is them who will perish! Then, before disappearing, maybe will they grasp the sense of David's fight who cuts the head of Goliath (the military giant) with the sword of this latter. Whatever! As long as it appears to you now that their flesh was reserved for the great feast of God, at the end of the centuries.

The deluge of fire and water

(16) This blaze will occur in many countries. And, because of the interdependence of nations, the first one of them which will fall will drag the others with it. Then already excited against each other by their disagreements, the most arrogant will use profusely their powerful weapons against their lifelong enemies. This will be confusion in this ultimate destruction. It will be confusion and madness that nothing will stop, except their own annihilation.

(17) These nations will use their weapons altogether. In this battle and during a short time, the nuclear fire and its blaze (the lake of fire), will come upon the cities and provoke a deluge of water and hail. As you know only one big volcano which wakes up can darken the sky with dust and smoke it spats suddenly. And if several big volcanoes would erupt together, they would form an immense and unique cloud of dust which, with the existing clouds, would surround the Earth by shielding the Sun. The consequence would result in an intense atmospheric condensation by cooling, followed by heavy precipitation of rains and hail.

(18) Then imagine the same phenomenon occurring with thousands of nuclear volcanoes (explosions) which will elevate to the sky the dust of the big cities destroyed, an intense heat and smoke of the uncountable fires. You will then have a representation of heavy rains and large hail which beat down on the ground, completing the destruction of what has been left.

(19) In both hemispheres, it will be dark because of this cloud, and cold everywhere. There will be ice. For some time, wherever we are and as the Scripture announces it, we shan't see the Sun, nor the Moon, nor the stars. It will be dark and obscure. Then the purifier deluge will come. This one will be salutary, because it will contain the destructive effects of the balls of fire, and will clean the air and the ground of radioactive dusts which will be largely driven by rushing waters to the sea bed where they will be controlled.

(20) Because a powerful source of heat in the atmosphere provokes the rain by cooling, the nuclear explosions will take place in the deluge of water and hail. Then this rain, strong and intense, will contain the destructive effects of these weapons, which will be limited to shorter distances of their explosion - Satan will command the fire, God will respond by the rain - And you, you are not risking anything, because you will already be sheltered in the mountains of your countries. However, you should cautious to explosions, radiations, water, hail, cold, and to keep yourselves warm, away from the cities, in places sufficiently high and sheltered.

(21) However, do not be frightened because, in the mountains, you will be protected. You will see at the most some long and powerful lights afar, it will be dark at noon because of the big black cloud, and cold everywhere. Then, and according to what is predicted, the powers of heaven will be shaken and will provoke the deluge. But keep your hearts peaceful, you the circumcised, your lives are precious. The Father will protect you from these terrible plagues which will occur and towards which each passing day brings you closer.

(22) You know, this time, that apocalypse begins with the resurrection of the dead that the Son operates, and the separation of men which follows it, and ends with this famous deluge protector and purifier. You see clearly how plagues will be triggered one another in a perfect coherence. This will free the Earth for ever of those who will have mistreated it.

The victory of the saints

(23) For few days, forty according to the Scriptures, the fire will run on the Earth, mixed with water and hail. And, as shown by Lot, all that is in the plain will be destroyed by a plague or another. If those days were not shortened, says Jesus, no one would be saved; but for the sake of you the chosen ones, those days will be shortened. You indeed understand that if it wasn't like so, no one would survive. But when this dark cloud will be dissipated and when the Sun gets up again on the world, you will know that a new era will begin. God will wipe away your tears. And joy will return to your hearts, greater than that no man have yet felt.

(24) Now, nothing can surprise you, because you will wait for all that is announced. When a plague will begin, you will wait the following one without being afraid. But, knowing you the angels, I know that your great enjoyment will urge you to come out of your shelters and to dance when these things will be accomplished. Don't go that far however, because the hail will make you return to shelter faster that you came out of it!

(25) Furthermore, the first rains will be black and contaminated, and will remain dangerous until they become again clear and pure. This will require a little more time during which you will remain hidden in your shelters, without committing any imprudence resulting to the drunkenness to finally see the justice of heaven fulfilled and the kingdom of God at the edge of your feet. You will not leave until the Sun rises on the kingdom. Until then, you should hold your impatience.

(26) But you will live a strong moment of an intense happiness that few angels of heavens have ever felt, because the passage from the animal world in the spiritual world happens only once at the beginning of the spiral of history of a earth. And, as you read it, you will leave your shelters, jumping and filled of joy, because the wicked of this world, which made you suffer so much, will be reduced to ashes under the sole of your feet. There will not be anymore curse on Earth; and you will be really free, delivered forever from lies and from the powerful who dominate with impudence. Only God will be at your heads and will reign supremely, by guiding you and protecting you with His law.

(27) Certainly, because of what happens and what I explain, the uncircumcised will say that I take advantage of the precarious situation in which the world is today to frighten you and reconcile you with God. Be careful not to think like them, because I show the reality as it is; and everyone sees it. Could you hear that I only know the celestial things and not what happen on Earth, neither in what times the world is? Be thus lucid because, since always, everything leads to the kingdom of God, whatever we say, whatever we do.

(28) In truth, nothing attacks humanity in the duration, everything builds it. But everyone understands that the only introduction of the truth in the world is enough to change the heart of man and the world. By knowing well the universe and the man on whose head there can't be other men but only his creator, you acquired another conception of life. It will be impossible for you to work for others and live in the constraint and under the threats of the leaders of nations. It is all done with this world, even without making the use of weapons! And don't go back. Instead, continue to listen to me, because your salvation is before of you, at the end of your approach.

(29) The purgatory begins right now in your heart and will end after the storm of fire that you will have to overcome. Those who will persist until the end will be saved, although, coming out of these painful experiences, you will only be very few in all countries. Don't be discouraged however, because as it is for yourselves and for your children's children that everything happens today. But you will resist, because you are stamped with the seal of God who has chosen you between all, and you shall overcome!

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