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Third part: the rules of existence


The consumption of times

(1) We cannot enlighten and grow only by the contemplation and the study of the Eternal's works, because if the Father could be seen with eyes, there could be no possible elevation for human. This would inevitably bring the entire degradation of his spirit and the end of all existence. But, with The Lamb's book of life, which allows you to enter in the new world, this sombre perspective is annihilated. Then, see how much is salutary the knowledge which restores the original and eternal values, by giving back freedom to men, their savor and their pleasure to live under the Sun.

On the change of era

(2) As there is a time to sow there is a time to reap, there is a time for darkness and a time for light. And if it is not given to anyone to know everything, every saint of mind is nevertheless able to perceive the essential of the Eternal's works. Only one is scientist: God. I contemplate his works and estimate them. I rise each day by making work my soul and then I transmit to you what I saw and heard from the heights.

(3) And what I saw and already shown, is that the angels of heaven live without authorities, without powers and without domination. In the Wheel, only God reigns over the worlds. That's why He annuls men's laws today to which you submit and the religions to which you devoted, because nobody has the right to decide the destiny of others or to make him act against his will. You are then obliged to change your way of life.

(4) However, we can't pass from one world to another by changing year, but only after a significant event which modifies the order of things, as happened during the comings and goings of the Earth which did change the conditions of life and the world accordingly. It will be the same in the coming days because, after the purgatory, the Sun will illuminate the Earth which will have changed its face. The world will be then quite different and in a new era where evil can't be practiced any more. This change of world, which was long and meticulously foretold by the prophets, is represented in this picture:

Evolution of the world
63 - Evolution of the world

(5) Good observers will realize immediately that man will never have a better illustration of all the works of the Eternal. For, beyond the progressive formation of the terrestrial garden and the distinction of the eras, it shows the world through the path of life of our celestial bodies, and reveals the genesis, the prophecy, the changing of mind of the man in the appointed day, as well as the transition from the darkness world to the world of light.

(6) This providential figure reveals the essential things. We see indeed whence man comes and where he goes, and that matter and spirit of the universe are intimately connected, like the material soul loaded with spiritual writings is a whole. So, everyone understands that he is created in the image of God, and he perceives the sense and depth this time. Can there be a better light on all realities?

(7) For this day where the Son demonstrates the creation, Isaiah proclaims:

You will say on that day:
Praise the Eternal, call upon his name,
Publish his works among the people,
Remind us of the greatness of its name!
Celebrate the Eternal, for he has done magnificent things:
Let them be known throughout the entire earth!

That word, which serves as testimony, cannot be accomplished until the day of the coming of the Son of man, which is the day where the works of the Eternal are revealed and grasped by the peoples of the entire world.

(8) Through this figure, we also see that the world has lived in the first temple, under the protective tent of Moses, and that from today it is in the second temple, under the protection of Emmanuel. This protection will not cease, because this new vision of the world will prevent you from ever stepping away from the truth and the face of the Eternal.

On the marking of time

(9) Because the Earth is henceforth stabilized around the day star, how shall we determine the next epochs, will ask God's chosen ones? From what moment will we count the years to situate the world on the path of the life? And when shall we stop counting them? To this, I answer that we can very well live without worrying about the day in which we are. But man is fearful and needs points of reference for positioning. That is why, in the darkness, he tried to hang on the course of time, by counting the hours and days, weeks and months, as well as years of an epoch that he determined himself according to what he believed. This reassured him.

(10) But on the epochs, man greatly mistaken; because, since the illumination of the Sun, only the movements of the Earth could determine the eras and their duration. Now, these movements were completely ignored. Now vanished, you no longer have markers to position you in time, but if only through the advent of the Son explaining that you are leaving the sixth day and that you are entering in the seventh day, in God's rest day.

(11) The rest of God is the kingdom starting the first day of the first year of the new century, which begins at the winter solstice. That day, when each can see the doors of the kingdom opening wide before him, will begin year ONE of God's reign. However, the change of activities can only begin after the apocalypse, when the Sun will rise again on the Earth which will have changed its face.

(12) Coming out of an era, we also leave its dating, that we replace by a new time marking. But, in truth, people never knew in what times they were. Because, not being eyewitnesses of the events which occurred in solar family, their comments on the earlier ages were not based on any real foundation. Everything was suppositions and nothing was real. This is why many people still live in different times and away from the truth.

(13) You know now that the Sun can't be shining for more than two hundred thousand years. And the terrestrial eras which are related to this time are, as has been demonstrated, much shorter in duration than what is told. Then have constantly in mind that solar family is only at the beginning of its existence, and that approximately two hundred thousand years separates the end of the six days (today) from the moment when the Sun illuminated. Let's keep this initial dating, which is very close to reality.

(14) But, from now on, men will always be witnesses of significant events, and their dating will be accurate this time. We shall begin to count the years of the kingdom starting from the new century, as we have just seen it. And we shall count these years until NEPTUNE begins to shine like any star. The Sun, in reply, will then change our world. This will be the end of the first epoch of the reign of the Eternal. Then we shall start again to count years until the illumination of URANUS which will also change the Sun and the world. That will be the end of the second epoch of the reign of the Eternal. Then we shall start again the counting until it is SATURN which becomes star. That will end the third epoch of the reign of the Eternal. And we shall act similarly until it is JUPITER which lights up to make live its world. That will be the end of the fourth epoch of the reign of the Eternal. And we shall continue to count years this way until the end of the SUN comes and its remaining celestial bodies. What will end the fifth and last epoch of the reign of the Eternal in solar family. Therefore, all epoch distinct from each other which will see growing a giant and redder Sun will be determined and marked. This way, and according to what must be, the angels of God will always have the confirmation of the period in which they find themselves.

On the rhythm of life

(15) So that you can adjust to the Earth and to all celestial bodies, it is asked from you to live with the solar time, and to begin the new year in the winter solstice in both hemispheres. A sundial will allow you to know in what time of the day you are. You will not lose time... And with the shadow of a column, you will know, in addition to the time, the coming of the winter solstice and summer, as well as both equinoxes. You will not lose the seasons, nor the end and the beginning of the year. Otherwise, watch the budding of trees and the maturity of fruits; they will indicate in what period of the year you are.

(16) From now on, you must get used to live without the precision of time which is passing by, this precision is only imaginary and without any utility. It can only interest those who don't understand that, in the universe, nothing is precise, because everything moves and changes. We indeed saw that every existing thing is related to something else and changes perpetually according to the circumstances. Abandon then any idea of precision, because it had utility only in the mechanized world that you are leaving.

(17) I showed that the speed of life is relative to the speed of the celestial body's work on which we depend. As we saw, this work concerns their internal and external movements which make them move, change and pass, quite like each of you move, exchange and pass in the world. It is thus the one who walks at solar time and at the rhythm of the seasons who walks right, because it is the only speed of life which is convenient for every creature.

(18) It is also incontestable that what is born develops and gives birth in its turn, is alive. Recognize then that the celestial bodies which possess these characteristics are alive and therefore, the universe is entirely alive! It is for this reason easy to understand that we perpetually must remain in contact with nature and to live in harmony with it, to have a pleasant existence. For, in what is artificial, we get lost and destroy. We then become ill, suffer and die. This is why I say that only a simple and natural life is conform to the reasons for which we are created.

(19) Because of this, you will have to abandon the human hour for ever and live in the quiet speed of days and nights. Because, in the kingdom of peace and freedom, enslavement will no longer exist, or those who imposed their order and their discipline with their time inevitably, but also with working time and time rest, times of departure and times of arrival, and many other things which made you look like livestock that we lead here and there and then to the slaughterhouses. You must therefore ensure to lose your freedom again, if not, this time, you couldn't remain on Earth.

(20) I know that the passing of time was one of your main concerns, whereas it doesn't exist as such. We know now that the time is nothing else than a measure of speed with which the bodies are formed, transformed and pass. It is this speed which set the pace life. How can we illustrate it again? You had heard that men with very quick reasoning declared that we could go back up in time by moving very quickly... But, with the perpetual integration - disintegration of the matter which change state of the bodies, it appears to you in all henceforth that, to go back in time, would require that the particles which compose the celestial bodies and the celestial bodies which compose the galaxies, would suddenly have to work backwards, to become what they were in the days where people would go... This is the only condition which would revert to what was, but without them, because they are their ancestors who would reappear...

(21) Listen to me: Since the last heartbeat is in the past, and the next one is in the future, it is undeniable that the present is only the moment of the consciousness of a person. It is indeed an imperceptible moment being constantly between the past which extends far behind and the future, stretching far ahead. The consciousness of the presence of things is comparable to a pearl which would advance on a thread that we could call over time. But the memory of the moments which just passed, and the ability to imagine those which arrive, make the consciousness that one has of the world, seems wider and less elusive.

(22) The explanation of this is to show that by not being able to live faster or slower than the speed with which we breathe, it is advisable to adjust our rhythm of life to the quiet pace of the days and nights, and to that of the seasons that dictate the celestial bodies. Refrain from now onto come and go as fast as lightning, thinking of living faster and more; for not only you would pass on Earth without seeing anything, but yet, you would ruin your souls, rendering obsolete the days of your existence.

On the bread of heaven

(23) Henceforth, you have, before you, the image of the division of times, since the beginning until the end of solar family. Be then attentive more than ever in this passage of the book where the path of the Earth expresses everything, and becomes the leaven which will leaven all the dough. Know about this that the days before the advent of the Son are the days of the unleavened bread, and days following his coming are those of leavened bread; because you will be standing, after eating the food that he brings: the bread of heaven. And the multiplication of this bread, that operates Jesus, is the multiplication of this book and its worldwide diffusion. But how is it that you have all seen Jesus multiplying grain breads, while he openly said that he doesn't speak about such of breads? This is because you were dead and not yet resuscitated. That's why!

(24) For the same reason, you have seen him walking on water; while John says at the end of the book, that the waters are the peoples, the crowds and the languages. This is why you needed a commentator to explain the Book, and a comforter to restore your heart and make you learn that because of the youth of solar family, your soul is just beginning its first steps on the long path of life.

(25) For you, everything was finished on this Earth where nations had no more ways, while without your consent I opened the doors of the kingdom that no one will ever close. This is why Jesus said that when the comforter will have come, he will lead you in the whole truth. And the truth is this blazing sword that I strongly plant in the ground for it illuminates the peoples and tribes, and so that no one can ever tear. The Earth is rejoiced and will pursue its way with it, because it is its glory and prosperity.

On the unity of God's people

(26) You also understand that by entering in the seventh day, we also enter in the new Jerusalem which is the spirit and the model of all the cities to come. So, this time you know why Jesus entered in Jerusalem while sitting on a donkey's colt, the foal of a donkey. From the beginning, I said that I was this colt upon which Jesus is sited, as it isn't given to a messenger from heaven to die outside the city of angels where he inevitably leads the world. Understand that he who takes the name of the Eternal in vain, that is to say, without explaining the old and the new temple, as well as the coming of the sanctuary in which the new Jerusalem reigns, is manifestly someone who, according to the law, would have gained not to be born.

(27) With me, who is its fulfilment, the prophecy finds all the strength of his testimony. So, don't wait to believe that your conceptions of the existence melt under the fire of hell that they brought. For Jesus was in me without knowing it, you put me through the pain of the cross thus I could notice it. I was among you, but you didn't see me. I spoke to you, but you didn't hear me. Now you see and hear me; because here I am, myself, and all those that God gives me.

(28) When he answers to Job (Jacob's diminutive), showing him the courage of his son that he compares to the proud hippopotamus, the Father says to him:

Its magnificent and powerful shields
Are united together as if by a seal;
They hold each other tight,
And the air would not pass between them;
They are brothers kissing,
Seize each other, remain inseparable.
Its sneezes make the light shine;
Its eyes are like the eyelids of dawn.

You, who hear me, you are the shields of the Son: these brothers united, pressed against each other and inseparable. You know yourself that this fraternal union is your salvation and that after the destruction of the world, there will be only you, the chosen ones of God, on Earth; that is to say a very small number of men, identical to that of the beginnings.

(29) The law of heaven is given to you to always be your guiding element within the new Jerusalem. Because everything that man was doing in darkness was destructive. Today, it appears to you. Therefore don't touch anything, to respect the original order established between all things. This is my commandment which unites you around me. And it is all those who are marked with God's seal who will live eternally, God having said to all: As you raising to me, you become eternal my child.

(30) There is no more death for the saints of mind, no more anguish to age and to disappear; leaving only their soul which will live everything offered on the path of life. Gather up around me my people, I am your salvation and the only one given to this world. A seal unites us: the seal of God. A single light shines, and the same heart is given to us, because of His love we were born.

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