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Third part: the rules of existence


Power and money

(1) The elements of existence show that the path of life can only exist with the FATHER who creates, the SON who explains His works to enlighten men, and the HOLY SPIRIT who descends from them for the continuation of the world. Otherwise humanity couldn’t remain, because those who govern aggravate and multiply calamities. It is therefore necessary to abolish the powers and all that brings them.

The effects of power

(2) Until now, you all thought that the life of human being couldn’t be conceived without power and money. So no one realized that the latter are the instruments of Satan that fascinate and destroy the world. But today, when you are born of Zion, it appears to you that it is the case. That is why the earth and the spirits must be rid of them, so that through their complete disappearance, the kingdom becomes a reality.

(3) What is power, if not imposing one’s will on others? It is certain that he who doesn’t succeed in imposing his will on man has no authority over him. Now, since man can only be compelled by deception, threat or force, it turns out that any power of man over man is an infamy. Many see this now. And it was to protect yourself from it that you kept talking about democracy, as the healing of nations and the goal they should all reach... But such a desire couldn’t be satisfied.

(4) Indeed, when you praised democracy, were you evoking a benevolent spirit, freeing you from servitude, ransom and other misdeeds? Was it restoring to you the best lands that the rich class had taken for centuries? Did it prevent the cutting down of forests, the trafficking of animals and the cruelties committed on them in the name of human science? Did it put an end to the devastation of the Earth, the pollution, the garbage, and could it put a stop to the dismantling of the original order caused by the scientists? Did this democratic spirit, above all other powers, stop the proliferation of the poor that the industrial nations have subjugated and robbed? Was it also able to dispel darkness, drive out evil religions, and make injustice, misery, dissension and war disappear forever? Was this what it was achieving or would it take a little longer?

(5) Because of the calamities that are multiplying, everyone can see that money, power, authorities, are the sources of the destructive force of the Earth. We understand however that more the more men moved away from the truth in the darkness, the more they needed leaders to live, and their laws necessarily. That is why many people say that it is since the beginning of time the authorities have been guiding and organizing the life of everyone according to their rules and their traditions, and that this will never cease! I answer that it will stop, because today you know the whole truth and the fate that God reserves for those who are high-ranking.

(6) I tell you, with the knowledge and the law of Zion, the princes of darkness who govern you will no longer substitute for the Creator because, shown today in spectacle by the Son of man, they will disappear in accordance with what was announced to them. Therefore it’s already done with those who cry out to you: go here and not there! Do this and not that! Lie down it’s time, get up and work! It’s over I tell you, because we do not command the representatives of the Divinity over whose heads only God, their Creator, can reign.

(7) Although it attributes to itself the words and claims to itself the power, the race of the leaders of peoples, of the traffickers, of the rich, of the conquerors, of the religious, of the scientists and of the military, is gone forever. It will disappear so that each of you can find your place and freedom in society. Then grandparents will give their hand back to their grandchildren and will no longer be abandoned in the corners as out of service objects; and children will no longer be considered as clay that is kneaded into the shape you want and then baked in the fire of lies! The sacrilegious will be only memories of the first world. We will speak of those who reigned however, but only to remember the wall of shame that they built and that the Son destroyed.

The banishment of money

(8) Moreover, since one can only be rich if there are poor people, this shows that if people all over the world had the same amount of money, currency would no longer be in circulation. Without movement, it would then have no reason to exist, because it is like a blanket that one fights over and that one draws to oneself when discovering the others. It thus exists only through iniquity.

(9) How is it then that money, which always gives hope before ineluctably regressing, has slipped into the world and into people’s minds? In the past, when there was no golden calf yet, the prisoners became slaves with their wives and children. And those who ruled used them as currency. A sack of grain was worth three of these slaves. Then, later on, as it was easier to handle, it was masses of silver and gold that were used for the purchase of goods and merchandise. Also to facilitate the circulation and accumulation, the money was then changed into coins and then into papers and, in these final days, into an addition of numbers only that gives rights and powers. The currency of exchange has thus gradually lost all consistency to become the greatest lie of all times, but a lie that humanity considers as a divine power. Which is the worst thing that can happen.

(10) Blinded by this phenomenon, the men of today have lost all capacity to realize that money doesn’t value but devalues everything it touches, that it isn’t life but the death, and that by disappearing from the Earth all the evils of the world will disappear with it.

(11) But, being sensitive only to the powers of money, the greedy do not have the ears to hear Jesus who said to his disciples:

In truth a rich man will hardly enter the kingdom of heaven. I tell you again, it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.

(12) Although this warning is unequivocal, the one who impoverishes his neighbor always claims that it is thanks to God that he is rich, because the christian spirit consists, he believes, in becoming wealthier in order to have more consideration. Is this not what is preached today in this end of the centuries where everyone makes a show of its wealth? And this is also what the religious leaders advocate, having only money in their mouths, while Jesus still proclaims forcefully:

Woe to you, rich people, for you have your consolation!
Woe to you who are full, for you will be hungry!
Woe to you who laugh now, for you will be in mourning and tears!
Woe, when all men speak well of you, for this is how their fathers dealt with the false prophets!

(13) The antichrist is also the one who opposes this word, when he affirms that it is good to be rich, to be satiated and to live in abundance, even though this is done at the expense of those who are destitute. But, today, in order not to prove this word of Jesus, they will throw their money out of the window to deprive themselves of it, as the Scripture testifies.

(14) Whether it is called golden calf, silver or other, money has always been sanctified by religious leaders because, without it, they would not have been able to reign over the people alongside kings or in their place. But of all the things that are foreign to life, nothing can be more foreign than money, because there is none between the vegetables that a man grows and his mouth that eats them. Yet, because of it, the whole world is nothing but an immense traffic, a temple full of thieves and traders who would sell their own children to acquire money! It is however the evil because, in addition to rotting the heart of the man, the money changes the Earth in desert, serves as nesting place to the injustice, and propagates the death everywhere it passes. Nothing that perishes or suffers is foreign to it. Being the shame of humanity, it cannot pass from this corrupt world where it dominates everything, into the sanctuary where it is unknown to the angels.

(15) The absolute value of everything, is life and not money! But since this escapes the majority who reverse the reality, giving money the value of life in spite of the destruction it brings about, and since they raise it skyward by not blaming it for the evils of the world and the disrespect of the human person, then this majority will die because of it. He will not save any of those who are covered with it, neither small or great.

(16) After you have put your heart into that which loses you, as do those who think only of enriching themselves to make up for their deficiency, will you still be able to hear this other word of the Scripture, in James:

It' s up to you now, rich people! Weep and wail, because of the misfortunes that will come upon you. Your riches are rotten, and your garments are gnawed by moths. Your gold and silver are rusty; and their rust shall be a testimony against you, and shall devour your flesh like fire. You have gathered treasures in the last days!
You have lived on the earth in lust and delights, you have satiated your hearts in the day of slaughter. You have condemned, you have killed the righteous, who did not resist you.

(17) And you, the poor, who read the condemnation of those who amass treasures in these last days, why do you envy their fortunes and possessions to the point of dying of jealousy? As them, you are only concerned about money which brings about the end of the world! But since the body of flesh passes away and only the soul remains for the purpose of rebirths, why should you think only of living in voluptuousness and delights and never of the writings of your soul, when it is by it that you are judged today? Look what will happen now to those who thought only of fattening the golden calf and appearing as princes: they will perish, while you will live.

(18) Listen to me! In the kingdom of God, there will be nothing such as money. Everything will be free from one end of the Earth to the other which is the mother of all and on which there is nothing to sell. Do not be distressed by this, because the currencies of the people won’t go beyond the last days of this world that is coming to an end. The golden calf, that god worshipped by men, is gone forever. The path of life will be forever freed from its presence, for it doesn’t allow for progress by elevation, but is on the contrary what prevents man from enlightening himself to become an angel of God. It rots his feelings and makes him progress in the material direction leading to mechanization and the arsenal of war that leads to the end. That’s why it’s the end of it, and to all those who worship it.

The restoration of freedom

(19) The knowledge of the truth dissolves all power, all authority, all might, all domination, and cancels their reasons for existence. Therefore, to you who are circumcised in heart, I announce that you are now free as the birds of the sky. And no one will ever be able to take from you this freedom that every being receives at birth. For, contrary to what you were led to believe, there aren’t many kinds of freedom. There is only the original freedom which was that of the men of the beginnings, and which you will find in the kingdom by practicing the law of the New Alliance.

(20) For the first time, the human ear hears that freedom is original, unique and unconditional. Don’t be afraid of it and don’t tremble with fear before it... for it won’t prevent you from providing for yourselves, nor from having a roof, a wife and happy children. So do not tremble with fear at the thought of living free, and no longer being slaves to money and to those who impose their laws on you. No, do not fear that you will soon do whatever you please and no longer act as remote-controlled instruments because, with your fellow men, you will always know how to do what is right for you. Then, I tell you, when you have breathed this new fragrance of freedom, you will know how enslaved you were in this first world.

(21) To imagine this independence, just imagine the Earth free of those who dominate. It is Eden regained. It is the new heavens of which John speaks in the apocalypse, and where the seasons will always appear and never end. The plants will always grow and still give their fruits; the hens will give their eggs, the sheep their wool, and none of you will lose the gestures of life. You will become robust again, and disease will no longer take you away. Believe this, even if the fatigue that breaks you because of servitude, does not yet allow you to fully grasp it.

(22) While waiting for this new Earth to arrive, and in order to better understand what your thoughts and actions were, ask yourself: when you were asking for freedom, justice and peace for the people, was it the original freedom, the justice of heaven, and a world without powers, without money, and without weapons that you were crying out for? It is not so! For no one could exclude from their thoughts the very existence of money, nor the fact that a few dispose of the lives of all as they please. You trusted man! But if you continue to do so, then trust him to the end. Then you will change your mind, if you are allowed to be among the survivors with such thoughts.

The concord

(23) Peace and freedom cannot be sought or acquired, because together they are the daily air that we breathe when there are no longer those who hold money and power. It is therefore the latter that must be removed from the world. Now, what we hear today is frightening, because those who shout: peace! peace! peace! Are also those who constantly practice what prevents it from taking place. And those who want to safeguard the Earth, while at the same time praising the laws, the powers, the money, the profit and the gigantic works that disfigure the countries, do the same! Will they then be able to understand that, in order to subsist, men must change their conceptions of existence and live with the sole law of the Holy Spirit? Will they understand that God alone must reign over the man he has created?

(24) Peace is not sought through weapons either, because it emanates from every man freed by the truth and delivered forever from the powers of evil. Peace belongs first to every free man. Then it extends to his tribe formed of free men, then to his people consisting of free tribes, then to all free peoples of the world. In no way can peace be conceived in reverse. And that which is supposed to exist today between nations associated in the same kingdom can’t liberate men, because it is not peace at all, but only a time of preparation for wars. I tell you again, as long as hypocrites and fanatics rule the peoples and the world in place of God, brotherhood among men can never become a reality.

(25) It is also clear that peace cannot be obtained or maintained by force, lies, domination, occupation, or the threat of repression. No, peace only works with the original freedom of all creatures which, being free, cannot be in conflict. That is why it is within everyone’s reach to know that to be free and at peace, there must be no power or money on Earth, because these things are the pretext for the exploitation of man by man, his brother. If you admit this, then it appears to you that man will not triumph by force; for there is no other kind of peace than that which is associated with the original freedom which is found today with the knowledge of the truth.

(26) I have already told you that you can’t be a little bit free because, either you are completely free or you are not free at all. Now, with only a coin on you, to which you give the value of life, you are no longer free! How is it possible that you are free with the laws of men that are made so that you are not? Explain to me how laws that come out of rotten eggs can free you and keep you in peace?

(27) Peace belongs only to the circumcised and free man. And freedom consists in doing what pleases, in all circumstances, and without hindering anyone. Because it cannot be otherwise, this is also the reason for the teaching of the Son of man and the moral rules that all angels practice. That is why the visions of your pastors are vain, their oracles are liars. They will not make the passage.

(28) Although it is the whole of Scripture that announces the coming of the one who will bring deliverance and extend new heavens, it is also expressed in this one word:

Soon he who is bent under the irons will be delivered;
He shall not die in the pit,
And he will not miss his bread.
I am the Eternal your God,
Who lifts the sea and makes its waves roar.
The Eternal of armies is his name.
I put my words in your mouth,
And I cover you with the shadow of my hand,
To expand new heavens and found a new earth,
And to say to Zion: You are my people!

(29) God entrusts me with the task of laying the foundations of his kingdom and telling you, who are born of the mountain of the Eternal (Zion), that you are the chosen people for the kingdom and for life. And I deliver you, who are bowed down under the fetters and slaves of your own doctrines! You are the ones to whom the Father has seen fit to hand over his kingdom, because you alone will be saved. And those who don’t believe in this word will perish miserably, because they will not want to recognize that the Son of man brings deliverance and that he is spreading new heavens over this Earth which will change its face. But for you who believe, the dawn will rise in your hearts. After that, everything will be beautiful again.

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