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Third part: the rules of existence


Man and his becoming

(1) The snake showed us that the four colors of humanity are necessary to occupy the entire Earth. They must therefore remain, like everything that God has created. In this sense, everyone can easily admit that trees, for example, exist to provide shade, to partially give their wood and their fruits, to shelter and to support many animal species; and also to brighten up the landscape, purify the air and thus offer the living conditions to all kinds of creatures. This is why, they shouldn’t be destroyed.

(2) It is the same for all the watercourses, whose purpose is to drain the mountains and other places that are too wet, to refresh those who bathe in them and to water those who are thirsty, to give shelter and food to various beings, to enchant the landscape with pleasant sounds of streaming, and to make magnificent innumerable sites where living beings frolic. You now know that everything is conceived for the harmony and the beauty of the world, and for the Earth to be this magnificent garden of Eden that must be left intact, just as God created it.

Constitution of the being

(3) We know that we shouldn’t destroy, you may say, but we are doing it! What are we then to act in this way? Why can’t we grasp how we have to live without doing evil?
I answer that the first thing we have to do, is to ask ourselves first of all about the constitution of a being, and see that it is a creature made by the external elements: by everything that comes from the universe and which is the breath of God. A being is also animated by the electromagnetic forces and the temperature which is part of these forces. You may have observed that the temperature is always at the origin of bodies and their changes of state. But beyond the celestial bodies from which it always comes, temperature is the essential force of the internal animation of living beings. You know that an egg remains inert in the cold, and that it animates itself internally to become a chick in the heat corresponding to that of its mother. This means that the temperature is indeed the animating force of the matter which constitutes the chick, that it comes first from the outside (brooding), then from the inside by the transformation of the food on which this being feeds.

(4) The egg, below, which we evoke, shows us what are the four essential elements for the existence of a living being, because every body is conceived according to this image. Also, all that is organism, individual or community, cannot deviate from it:

  • THE MODEL serves first of all for the architecture of the being and then becomes its spirit which makes law for him, as for his own.
  • THE BODY is that of the individual, familial or tribal organism.
  • THE ENVIRONMENT includes the elements with which a body is formed and evolves with its fellow men.
  • THE TEMPERATURE is the indispensable force on which the climate and the animation of bodies depends.
The constitutive elements of being
60 – The constitutive elements of being

(5)The elements constituting this egg are the very expression of the world, and the way we must live in order not to destroy. For, through it, we can see the world, but also a seed, a cell, a being, the Earth and even the Galaxy. But, here, this image shows more particularly the exact composition of what the new Jerusalem will be: the holy city, which is a viable organism this time; because, as the egg, it is composed:
of the spirit which is God’s law with which we must live,
of the body which is formed by the reunion of families around the law,
of the environment which is composed of the elements of life found in the territory where the city is built and wherein it draws its sustenance itself,
of the temperature which is the temperate climate in which man must live.

(6) Whether it is a single cell or all the cells of a man, or all the men of a tribe, or all the tribes of a people, or all the peoples of the world, everything that lives is conceived with these distinct elements that we have just evoked. Nothing is made independently of them, nor is it viable without one of them. This is why I have often said that men can only live in community, in a church composed of families who know each other and who are all submitted to the Creator and his law.

(7) Because of this, and since science is what makes man and not what man does, nothing must be changed on Earth, neither modify, nor denature, everything must remain in its originality. Sites, plants, animals and men; as well as waters and waterways, forests, air and climate must in no way be modified at all, because what exists independently of any human will is God’s work. Also, in no way and for no reason, should the land be developed at its convenience, nor should nature be changed to suit human thinking or to any strategies. On the contrary, everyone must use his faculties to conform to nature and keep it as it was created. This isn’t what you were practicing, but the opposite, the Earth has become unlivable and ready to abandon you. That is why you are desperate!

The protective pain

(8) The continuity of the world can be assured only by the Holy Spirit in man, and this holy spirit can be given to him only through the full knowledge of the truth. It is thus useful to enlighten ourselves also on that other element of existence which touches the spirit, which is pain. What can be said about it? The discernment of good and evil is intended to allow us to move forward in what is appropriate for life and its continuity. It goes without saying that if we walk in evil, in what isn’t convenient for existence, we are damaged to the point of death. This is also true of the animal world. Now, in order that men might reach the end of the centuries when they become aware of the truth, it was inconceivable that they could cross the desert and darkness without the pain of the flesh which is intended to replace the lack of discernment of good and evil. I say that if man were insensitive to pain, there would have been no one in the world long ago. Because it is this pain that makes one walk straight, and not human judgment that often fails.

(9) Agree that if God had created living beings without the possibility of suffering in their flesh, they wouldn’t protect themselves from dangers and couldn’t survive. Because they would smash, tear, and annihilate, flouting their bodies. That is why pain is necessary for the protection of creatures. Without it, no one would be here today. Pain therefore forces the individual to walk in what is favorable for him, because anything that hurts the flesh or the soul is necessarily bad for life and its continuity. From this, we know that pain is one of the numerous perfections of existence. However no one was conscious of this until today, because you considered it as a misconception and not as the greatest protection there is. And you blamed your pains on God...

(10) So that there may be no injustice and cruelty, all that lives by attaching itself to the ground by roots feels no pain. That is why, during a fire, the plants that burn don’t suffer. But everything that lives by moving is subject to pain, because this one is certainly a means of defense, but also a punishment, when we do something that we shouldn’t be doing. So it isn’t thus the pain that we must try to eliminate but what brings it, starting with darkness. Now, by destroying the Earth with which we exist, we act conversely, because the result is necessarily suffering and mourning. Because of this evidence, it is much more useful to eliminate the causes of pain than to try to cancel its effects, because it is always the consequence of a fault. For this reason and through lived experiences, it also becomes the prevention of the fault that is taking shape. It therefore forces the creature to walk in what is favorable to it, while at the same time making it acquire respect for other creatures who suffer similarly.

(11) If it is terrible to suffer, it is to make sure not to bruise oneself or to bruise others. That is why, without pain, life is inconceivable. If it didn’t exist, you would never have anything to say, and if I was not crucified I would keep silent. It is consequently the most favorable element for the continuity of life, because the lessons it gives are bitter and take away the desire to do it again. The end of the world will also show this.

(12) And if you say: why must a woman suffer when she gives birth, when she is doing God’s will? I answer you with another question: if pains didn’t come from the bowels of the woman when her child is at terms, what would compel her to make the efforts to give birth and not suffer any more? Even in this case the pain is salutary, both for the mother as for the child. But doesn’t the mother quickly forget her pain through the enjoyment that she feels in bringing a child into the world? In the moment that follows, she doesn’t remember it! That is why, never has the woman turned against God because of this pain. And when God told Eve that he would increase the pain of her childbirth, he did not speak to her about that pain. He told her that by asking Adam to do what he should not do, she would suffer more and more in a world that would become iniquitous and perilous, and to which she would deliver her children. Is this not what women are experiencing today, when they are about to give birth in this world of madness, that they know is doomed?

(13) But the virtues of pain elude the intelligent who see in it a defect of life, making them cry out: it is abominable to suffer as we suffer! Others support them, by saying: indeed, God is bad to act this way on us! If God exists… their children answer, He commits a great sacrilege, by letting his creatures die with whom He doesn’t intervene! We live in a cruel world, they affirm! And life is a scandal, they add! God is a lie, and his Christ is a legend!

(14) But, glorious men, eager to understand nothing, is it God who makes you suffer or is it your incapacity to live properly in the world? Your pains, men of poor understanding, are they not the retributions for your transgressions of the commandments of the law of Moses? Are they not the fruits of the laws of those who govern? If they don’t come from God, then they come from men! Don’t therefore reproach to God what you should reproach to yourselves. Then suffer, it will strengthen you as you wait to fill your spirit with intelligence. You had God, His law and His prophets, but you rejected them in order to have a king, his laws and his ministers. Therefore measure the effects of them by what happens because of them. Perhaps your eyes will eventually be opened? Perhaps you will then have less arrogance?

(15) Others will also say that there are many diseases that produce great pains, and that this is unjust! Certainly, because of the defilement, weakening and bruising caused by man, there are many diseases on the evening of the world. And whether one is circumcised or not, no one is immune to them. But in the beginning, when everything was pure, it wasn’t so. And men, who didn’t suffer as you suffer, didn’t have to treat themselves as you are obliged to do it today. So you need the great medicine of this end of the centuries, because without it how many would you be? A very small number. Know however that in the kingdom, where there will be no power, no money, no destruction, no aggression, the original order will be then restored and everything will become pure again as it was in the early days. Then you will no longer be exposed to these perilous and agonizing diseases that develop rapidly in the darkness.


(16) For the moment, as we enter in the kingdom of the Father, the Sun and the Earth are still like children in the sky. Their growing is rather rapid, everything goes very fast, and the life expectancy of the beings is short. But when our celestial bodies will end their growth and when the solar activity will decrease, then the life of beings will be much longer than it is today. Indeed, we now know that the speed of life of beings is dependent on the speed of work of celestial bodies. This is why, it isn’t time that has an effect on us but the speed of the work of the celestial bodies on which we depend, because by constantly changing the conditions of existence of creatures, this work doesn’t allow them to last indefinitely. We thus understand that aging is due to the fact that a being cannot constantly follow these continuous changes, otherwise he would always live.

(17) If there was no aging, meaning that if we lived continuously with the same body, we would also live without protective pain. This leads us to think that we could go through a fire without damage, make a rock fall on the head of someone who would not risk anything, and even destroy the Earth to the point of making it smooth because, without possible death of the body, the punishment would be non-existent. If we didn’t age, we would also be without youth, without desire, without pleasure, without merit, without intelligence, without love, without joy; because we would live without respect, without justice, without forgiveness, without courage, without discernment, without opposition and without enthusiasm, because senses, appreciation and effort wouldn’t exist. What would then be this kind of forced life without all this, and in which we could obviously neither laugh nor cry? Since life cannot be understood in this way, it is obvious that the death of the body is necessary. Consequently, aging is also one of the perfections of life. It isn’t an outrage or a misfortune, because at the end of days, death interrupts the souls that have come out of merit to subsist and allows others to find a body on the long path of life. This is true and certain.

(18) These explanations still show that there is no possible adaptation of the beings to new conditions of life by continuous transformations of their body throughout the centuries, without which we would live eternally by the body while ignoring the merit to exist. In this case, the law and the morality which result from it would be useless. There would then be no judgment of the soul by the law, nor any reward by eternal life. This is inconceivable. Because without morality, that is to say without wisdom and restraint, the whole world would disappear and would have already disappeared.

Eternal life

(19) Today, everyone can see that beings are always finite bodies, whose lifespan corresponds only to a short moment in the life of the celestial bodies from which they descend and which are permanently changing. It is consequently natural and indispensable to age so that after death, the deserving soul is surrounded by a new human body. The duration of this second life will still correspond to a moment in the life of our celestial bodies. But this new existence, like the following ones, will be much longer than the previous one. Because the progression of the celestial bodies and souls will continue throughout the journey of the solar family.

(20) If aging and death frighten men of the evening of the world, it is because they ignore the truth about the reason for living. Death exists only in the imagination of those who don’t know that the soul is the fruit of the living which testifies to the merit of continuing or not its existence through rebirths. Thus be careful of the lie which, being unreal, writes the soul with falsehoods that make it come out of the true things and, therefore, out of the great spiral of the path of life. This is death and the only one that exists because, for the soul written with truths and deeds favorable to existence, death does not exist any more than time. Where would his house be? Life has houses, they are the bodies of beings. But since these become dust again one day, then where could death live? In souls? That cannot be, because the soul is insensitive without a body and crosses the ages in unconsciousness, like an indestructible book could do it. Where then could death live: in the pebbles, in the air, in the water, above the clouds? Without a house, it can have no reality. Intelligence is given to you so that you can understand it.

(21) Besides, if eternal life does not begin until after the death of the body as you believe it, then what is life before death? It is the priests of Satan who persuade you that eternal life only exists after death, because they love and worship death. When we look at them, it isn’t life but death that we see! because they respect it, perspire it, ooze it and wear the smell of it. They prostrate themselves before it and are afraid of it, because they are its sons. It is their beloved mother. And they incite men to venerate it, to fear it, to respect it, and to place their salvation into it. Now, since they love it so much, let them know that the Father has reserved it for their eternal house.

(22) When we are on the threshold of death, it is useless to turn to God, because it is too late to implore his favors. On the contrary it is necessary to dedicate ourselves to Him throughout the days, by officiating according to His law. When we breathe while being circumcised, we are already in eternal life. That is why priests who preach the opposite, by being themselves the dead who bury the dead, lose the souls of the living. There is only the one who practices the religion of the heart who has the favor of the Father, I have told you and explained to you. But the priests of Satan persuade you that, whatever he has done in his days, every man is forgiven when he dies. For these sepulchers, death is a forgiveness and not a judgment of the soul, and a forgiveness that erases all sins, even those of the vilest murderers! That is why it is those priests that you should fear, more than the weapons that can only kill bodies because, they, kill souls with such lies! Believe this my children, it is written by the finger of the son of God today, and by the prophets before him.

(23) Life is one and indivisible. It is general and constant in the unlimited universe. What cannot be the case of death which is only the cessation of existence of a body here or there – Death isn’t the opposite of life, it is the opposite of birth – That is why it is personal and local. And the passage from life to death takes place without any pain, as when we lose consciousness. One moment we are there then, the following moment, we are no longer there! But, for the circumcised at heart, death is none other than the sleep of their soul which will awaken with a new human body in the favorable times and relative to the solar changes that we have studied. That is why the Scripture says, so that it may serve as a testimony, that whoever believes in the Son of man has eternal life. This is because he who believes is necessarily a saint of mind. He is a child of the promise to which the Earth belongs from now on and forever.

(24) It is also necessary to know that it is the daily enrichment of the writings of the soul that makes one appreciate existence ever more greatly. To better grasp it, think that if life in God’s universe is a thousand, you are today, with this first world, at number one of this number. Your soul will reach a thousand when you reach the heart of the Wheel. This comparison is to allow you to appreciate eternal life, which you must never dissociate from the celestial bodies on which you depend nor from the merit of continuing your life. Without this, you wouldn’t grasp it, and your desire to live would fade away. Then you would die.

(25) You say: Every birth announces a death! And I answer you that only the body can grow old and passes away, the soul doesn’t do that. Think rather that when you come into the world you enter eternal life, but that you can come out of it according to what you do. Which is perfect, because there is only room on this Earth for the righteous and the deserving. God always creates a lot, so that only the best remains, which means the useful and the perfect. That is why there are many people in this turn of the century and, among them, many are called but few are chosen.

(26) May all these things together finally allow you to grasp that the knowledge we have acquired throughout our existence, isn’t to show that we are born to die, but to live eternally. This increase in knowledge allows us to acquire the Holy Spirit to live with the soul everything that the long path of life offers.

The commandment of God, it is not death, it is eternal life, says Jesus.

Now, anyone can acquire this life, by circumcision of the heart and by elevation. Elevating yourself, that is what you’re doing by following me and by understanding the works of the Eternal, and particularly the electromagnetic activity with which everything in the sky and on the Earth exists, up to man. It is thus easy to rise and to reach the knowledge with which we can no longer venture into that which makes us perish.

The judgment

(27) Always think that celestial bodies and souls walk together on the long road of life, and that at birth the soul is a virgin book that is written by what we live during our days. Atheists will say on this matter that I speak skillfully of eternal life so that men may not corrupt themselves and destroy the whole creation, but that my words are without foundation, that there is no God, no judgment, no reward. I answer them that, in order to depreciate the Son, they will also have to annihilate the Scriptures that refer to eternal life, as well as the whole book of life that demonstrates this reality, and continue to affirm that men exist by chance and without reason... Can they only hear what true justice, merit and reward is? I tell you, we can’t live indefinitely with suppositions or myths, but only with certainties. And those who are looking for them will find them in this book of life and in the books of those who have announced me, because that is also your judgment.

(28) Also be conscious that you can’t be taught and judged other than through Scripture. Now, a small book which shows God’s universe in its reality and gives men an exact vision of the world, which reveals the contents of the Scriptures veiled until today, and which explains to each and every one how it is appropriate to live to conform to reality and live eternally, is necessarily the Lamb’s book of life. The Scripture says on this subject, for this day of judgment:

Then I saw (John) a great white throne, and the one who sat on it. The earth and the sky fled from before his face, and there was no place to be found for them.
And I saw the dead (all you), great and small, standing before the throne. Books were opened (the old and new testament). And another book was opened, which is the book of life (this book). And the dead were judged according to their works, according to what was written in these books.
The sea (human) returned the dead who were in it, death and the realm of the dead (the times of ignorance) returned the dead who were in them; and every man was judged according to his works.
And death and the realm of the dead were thrown into the lake of fire (the one that is coming). This is the second death, the lake of fire (the first being the death of the spirit). Whoever was not found written in the book of life was thrown into the lake of fire (he has no place in the kingdom).

(29) Because I open your eyes and resuscitate you with my baptism, what you have written about your soul during your days is judged according to what is written in the books of the prophets and in this book of life. Because they contain only true and fertile words that change the man of darkness into a man of light. That is why those who practice lies inscribe them on their souls, and cannot be among the chosen ones. Not finding their name written in the Lamb’s book of life where they recognize themselves, they can’t be among those whom I have come to seek for the kingdom. Then, not being able to follow me as the saints of mind do, they will be thrown into the lake of fire.

(30) This is the final judgment of which Scripture speaks about. Because, whoever you are, you can’t escape this judgment, which is also about separating the goats and the sheep before the end, and as the prophets warned you.

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