The write of the Book of Life is the greatest event from the Humanity birth

Table of contents of the book of life

The Lamb is the Son of man who fulfils the Scriptures

Despite the growing overcrowding and our intense destructions of the earth, none sees the disaster arrive. Who then will measures the importance of the book of Emmanuel which comes out today, in the messianic times, where this world on its last legs collapses? Don’t understanding that it is about the fulfilment of the Scriptures by the Messenger, many will reject it and in that way will condemn themselves to disappear from the world.

The spirit of truth enlightens and transforms Man

For understand and to come through what comes, it is necessary to accept to be led by the Book of life of the Lamb which explains the matter and the spirit of the Universe, the creation of celestial bodies and the Man, then the presence of a living world by star in every galaxies, and this in a perfect coherence. The Son of the Man gives us unwavering certainties and transmits through this work the spirit of truth to the saints of mind in order to enlighten them and save them. But many ask themselves who is the author of the Book of Life which claiming to be the announced son of man?

To new Man, new world

Showing the principle of existence, Emmanuel overturns the theories and dogmas religious, scientists, philosophical. In this way released of lying, we open the eyes, because we were dead without the knowledge of reality. It is the resurrection of dead announced, that is to say the awakening of the saints of mind who recognize themselves in the Lamb's Book of Life. In following him, they will come through what comes inescapably and will build the new world.

Book easy to read, available to everyone.

Compound of 465 pages and of 64 figures, the Book of Life of the Lamb releases Man from ignorance.

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The Lamb's Book of Life

Teaching the matter and spirit of universe, the Scriptures, world and Man

All answers are there!

Ascent and passage of Man from darkness to light

  • This Book transforms his readers because, understanding the universe and who they are within, they totally change of heart and mind. Thus it is not necessary to prejudge before to read it because, if scientists and theologians knew the truth, the world wouldn’t be at death’s door.
  • In one piece, the work is of a great clarity, because each chapter calls the next and together describe the ALL. Simple, without calculations or formulas, and comprehensible by children, it overturns no less all our conceptions of existence...
  • Thus the Lamb transmits us the universal spirit, this spirit which allows seeing distinctly who we are, from where we come, where we go. He explains rationally the good and evil, and what will be the new life who awaits those who will know listen to it.
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