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Second part: the cycle of matter


The wandering bodies of the sky

(1) Thanks to its position in the sky, which its moment of birth attributed to it, the Earth moderately received the breath of the Sun's atmospheric explosion. This, making it move neither little nor much compared to the other planets, allowed it to keep its activity. Therefore, we can estimate that the Earth is the medium-sized celestial body par excellence, the one whose activity and distance from the Sun are ideal for having a temperate climate. Indeed, some celestial bodies have cooled off completely since the beginning of the upheaval, whereas others have continued to raise their temperature. The Earth has warmed up as much as it has cooled down. And it is because of all these averages that characterizes it, that it was, among its sisters, the only one which could engender a living world.

(2) Today, the Earth has just given birth to a son who, him too, is average in all things to access everything and reveal the truth. God wanted it that way, so that he couldn't persist in an error without realizing it. I am this son and when I go astray I see it immediately, I draw lessons and come back to start over again on the right path. But what should we think of the one who goes astray without realizing it or of the one who persists in his mistake even when showing him that he is on the wrong path? The latter is necessarily dangerous because, carried away by his pride, he doesn't know humility and repentance.

(3) It is here the behaviour of high-ranking men, and in particular scientists who never acknowledge their mistakes, despite their incoherent and contradictory statements about the universe, which testify to their ignorance. And among all that they teach in falsety, are the lies they tell about the origin of the wandering bodies of the sky. Let's continue our study to examine what is really going on with these bodies which, very often, worry or amaze men.

The origin of the wandering bodies

(4) Besides the interception of the Moon by our Earth, the upheaval has showed us what was the disturbance of the satellites, as well as certain collisions which occur between these celestial bodies. There was necessarily some matter torn off by these shocks and which was projected into space in all directions, thus giving a multitude of wandering bodies.

(5) To better understand why these shapeless bodies are within the solar family, let's imagine that Jupiter suddenly begins to shine and that the satellite Io collides with Ganymede or Callisto. We would then assist to all sorts of projections of materials in space, such as rocks, fragments of crusts soaked in icy water, magma, molten iron, gas, as well as fragments of iron and filings. This would produce a lot of wandering bodies, but most of them would remain in Jupiter's family. And this happened in the solar family. Do not doubt it.

(6) These wandering bodies are called meteors, meteorites or comets. The meteor (that we call shooting star) is only a small piece of matter which burns away in the atmosphere without reaching the ground. The meteorite is a bigger body, which also makes a luminous trail in the sky and sometimes reaches the ground without being completely consumed. As for the comet, it is a similar or even larger body traveling outside the atmosphere. In the solar family we therefore find meteors, meteorites, comets and all sorts of asteroids which are fragments of matter torn away from celestial bodies, among which may be some small lost or wandering satellites.

(7) We know that every year, during the eighth month, numerous shooting stars cross the sky. There is therefore in the solar family a region that borders the Earth which is still full of these bodies torn away from celestial bodies during a collision. When we know that the Moon touched the Earth at the end of the secondary and that projections of matter torn away from both celestial bodies took place, we are obliged to conclude that all these small wandering bodies (captured by the terrestrial magnetosphere during the eighth month of the year) come from this shock.

(8) This justifies meteorites heavily loaded with iron which fall on the ground, and those which bear traces of fossilized pollen. Which strengthens the evidence of the shock with the Moon; because these meteorites containing traces of organic matters can only come from the terrestrial ground, and more precisely from the continent that the Moon made dissapear in the Pacific ocean.

(9) In addition to these evidences, we also find similar and larger bodies in orbit, forming the asteroid belt which separates the world of the stars to come from the world of the planets which will always accompany the Sun. Among these bodies and as we said it, there must also be some small orphaned satellites. We also notice such bodies around Mars and around the planetstars among the natural satellites of the latter, or in very off-center orbit on another plane than that of the satellites. The same phenomenon can also be observed around the Sun.

(10) During the shocks, if fragments of crust loaded with iron are torn away from the cores of the celestial bodies, these blocks are necessarily magnetized. They can then collect dusts from space with which they will cover themselves. If placed on a ring, they can warm up enough to produce gases. These gases will then come back to the surface through the mantle of dusts which surrounds it and, quite like on the satellites, they will erupt, generating craters. But those are only fragments which cannot give birth to a celestial body; because the celestial body can exist and develop only if it is alone to benefit from the entire ring which gave birth to its core.

Other sources of the wandering bodies

(11) These bodies which are in the solar family, may also come from the original family of the Sun. Indeed, when the atmosphere of the star mother of the Sun exploded, it is possible that fragments resulting from the upheaval that followed were sent into orbit around the Sun still planet. Then, when the atmosphere of the Sun exploded in its turn, these same fragments could very well be sent in orbit around Jupiter and other planets and must be there still. When it will be time for Jupiter to shine, they will continue their journey from star to star until they are caught by the magnetosphere of a celestial body on which they will end their existence.

(12) These bodies or other asteroids, also originate from the end of the stars frequently occurring in the center of the Galaxy. As it was already explained, when the central mass of a star disappears, the wall which surrounds it suddenly collapses pulling the remaining planets in this implosion. By moving quickly towards the centre of the implosion, these celestial bodies inevitably collide headlong. The results is vapors, dusts and myriads of fragments which, when thrown forcibly in the distant, may very well travel from star to star until they reach the periphery of the Galaxy and the regions where we are. In this way, the Sun may have very well intercepted one or more of these wandering bodies which would thus sent into a very off-centered orbit around it. This would give these excellent comets which always seem to come from elsewhere and which return to regular epoch.

(13) When the end of a star causes these wandering bodies, most of them are drawn into the magnetospheres of the surrounding celestial bodies. But those that escape them wear out as they pass from one star to another, and reach us greatly reduced in their size. They are therefore not dangerous.

(14) Whatever the origin of the bodies wandering in space and of which several are in orbit around celestial bodies, they are always the consequence of the illumination or the disappearance of a star, but also of volcanism. Indeed, when gases erupt on satellites, by digging craters on the ground, they can easily throw materials into space. The pressure of accumulated gases is so strong and sometimes so vast on the satellite, and the weightiness still so weak, that these projections are facilitated. Also, whatever the name we give to them, these wandering bodies aren't directly created by the electromagnetic activity of celestial bodies but indirectly by collisions, frictions or sudden eruptions of gas. Their origins are thus numerous and diverse.

Composition and aspect of a comet

(15) If we launched Phobos (set into orbit around Mars) towards the Sun and slightly to the side, in a way that it goes round according to a very lengthened orbit, well it would return to us having the aspect of a comet. In truth, what is a comet? Fragments of crust often soaked of icy liquids, passing near the Sun, they partially gasifie. These gases liquefy and crystallize immediately behind, increasing in proportion the luminosity of their trail made in the ether.

(16) Why is this so? Wheter it comes from elsewhere or from its own family, when a comet comes near the Sun, it enters passes through an increasingly dense fluid. This fluid, made by both the breath and the magnetosphere of the Sun, is often thickened by the magnetosphere of a planet that the comet passes through. Because of this, this wandering body coming from elsewhere passes through an increasingly dense fluid which opposes a greater resistance especially as its speed is high. Hence its wear, its heating and this immense trail of crystals illuminated by the Sun's rays.

(17) We know now that the Sun blows the essence into space where it was taken from and was used to build its body through the particles. Even if this breath carries away some particles in space which have not been completely disintegrated, these ones, very rare, are not the cause of the comet wear. I say again that if the solar wind (which is also the wind of other stars) was constituted of particles as the scholars claim, not only would interstellar and intergalactic space be necessarily filled with them, but this wind would only be able to chase away our atmosphere! Be sure of this. So don't attribute the wear of the comet to this imaginary wind because, if it was real, why would it wear out any block passing far enough from the Sun and would leave Mercury intact which is at proximity?

(18) We can also compare a comet to a ship which moves quickly over the sea and whose wake begins by the roll of water which forms in front of the stem and stretchs far off behind him. This is similar for the comet, even if its wake (tail) is constantly in the direction of the solar breath. Let us compare this last point again to the ship which, this time, would cross a river driven by a strong current which would deviate the wake in the direction of this current. If we imagine that the ship wears out during its crossing, it is indisputable that the products of this wear would fit the shape of the wake. It's the same for the comet when it passes through the current formed by the breath of the Sun.

(19) In the future, if you have the opportunity to contemplate a comet in the sky, abstain formally from seeing some kind of presage, but rather the confirmation that the electromagnetic activity of celestial bodies taught by the Son of man is indeed the reality. Such is the mission of the comet, that it fills with effulgence.

(20) This is true and it amuses me; because at this very moment, a very famous comet is approaching us and puts all the scientists of the world in ebullition! They prepare hastily and with a lot of noises their equipments and their measuring instruments, revise one last time their calculations and their formulas, and say to the peoples: now we can go and meet this comet which will make great revelations to us about the beginning and the end of the universe, as well as the matter which composes it! We will the know with certainty when and how the tremendous primitive matter engendered independently engendered the stars, planets, satellites and these wandering bodies, as well as their movements which last forever...

(21) To show their ability and promptness to understand, it would be better that these poor men sharpen branches, rather than to persuade the world that they are able to withdraw informations from this comet which has nothing more to say than what I patiently explained to you. I already know what will be the conclusion of their observations; because, they will tell you: the multitude of informations that we obtained will allow us to finally tell you the whole truth in a few decades... Until then, you will not remember this comet neither what were their comments.

(22) Always remember that, in these times of ignorance, several scientists asserted that our planets were fragments torn away from the Sun by other stars, or yet that they were made by the collapse of clouds of gas wandering in space. Others supported that the Moon was, in fact, a drop which would have broken away from the Earth. These are only hypotheses, they said! Why didn't they say instead that the Moon was a ball of straw taken away by the wind? They weren't too far however, when they asserted that it had no core...

(23) Some also claimed that the wandering bodies we talked about, such as meteorites, had formed the Earth by falling down on a mysterious point where they would have been irresistibly drawn. Some had also tried to convince you that the water of our Earth had been brought by comets which had found a well in space... whereas the others asserted that the ocean resulted from the drying of rocks... Didn't they also say to the children that the heat of the Earth came from the radioactivity of the core? Can we imagine a radioactive core of several thousands kilometers in diameter, with beings living just above? The lava which rises from the depths, is it or isn't it radioactive? Didn't others bring forward that the Earth warmed up by the force of gravity, while it is in weightlessness around the Sun and composed of incompressible matters? Are they coherent in your eyes?

(24) According to them, it is the wandering bodies which seem have done everything; because, contrary the Son who shows these bodies as a consequence of the work of the celestial bodies, them, they place them at the origin of everything! But it is better not to enumerate their scientific blunders, having themselves done it with their words and their writings. However their absurd affirmations are very precious for the world of darkness, because in any subjects they demonstrate and teach brilliantly what simply cannot exist... Let us therefore leave these men and leave them in their ramblings which makes them look like these wandering bodies of the sky, for they are themselves without destination and without purpose.

(25) There is no need to use all our time and mind on the wandering bodies because, although magnificent in the sky and really enriching, it is only about matter torn away from celestial bodies. Think that these bodies are essentially coming from the solar family. They result from the illumination of the Sun which occurred a little less than two hundred thousand years ago, which is a period very close to us and very remote from what men without light were pretending in the darkness. Everything demonstrates that the age of the Sun as a star is equivalent to the age of a newborn child. Stay a little longer with me and you will have the certainty, if you have not already done so.

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