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Second part: the cycle of matter


The universal force

(1) Without matter, there can't be any force, and without force, there can't be masses. And there are not multiple forces throughout the universe, but only different aspects of the universal force which concerns the essence, the magnetospheres, the lines of force, the rings, the particles, the celestial bodies as well as all living beings. And yet, the magnet is the representation towards which we are going, because its activity is at the same time the origin and the fruit of this unique force, which is also called energy.

(2) The electric current is this creative energy which gives birth to the small satellites through the intermediary of the magnetospheres, the lines of force and the rings. We see in that way the essence of space progressively becoming masses. This shows us that the essence captured by the magnet of a generator, which makes an electric line, comes from intergalactic space. Indeed, the essence of space is condensed a first time by the general magnetosphere of the Galaxy; a second time by the magnetosphere of the Sun which is within that of the Galaxy; a third time by the magnetosphere of the Earth which is within that of the Sun; and finally a fourth time by the magnetosphere from the magnet of the generator which is within the terrestrial magnetosphere. Condensed in that way four times successively, the essence of space eventually becomes tiny corpuscles. The electricity, formed by these corpuscles and produced by man, is thus lastly taken away from the terrestrial magnetosphere.

The electric circuit

(3) When electrons progress in column, they form an electric line. The lines of force leaving from the northern hemisphere into space and arriving on the southern hemisphere of the magnet, are also electric lines without conductors. An electrical current is therefore a line of force, with or without conductor. The conductor, like its name, leads only. But, being composed of electrons, the electricity is necessarily material; although small, electrons are still real masses. What it means is that if these masses meet suddenly on a single point, they will give birth to a bigger mass, a satellite as an example. And if they continue their flow onto this satellite, they will make it grow accordingly. That is real and certain.

(4) With the flash of lightning of thunderstorm, of all time men saw the electrical force and its power. And when they found the means to produce it, they unwittingly copied the celestial bodies. But they still don't know it, otherwise they would understand the activity of celestial bodies, and the whole universe would be revealed to them. So the understanding of this activity depends only on few things, just compare the generator to the celestial bodies, like this:

The generator and the celestial body
8 – The generator and the celestial body

(5) Here is the concordance of the generator and the celestial body which are both magnets that need both the INTAKE side and the CONSUMPTION side of the electrons to activate themselves, because without consumption there is no possible intake and therefore no current. Here, on the left figure, the consumption is represented by a resistance. And, in the figure on the right, this consumption is represented by a ring (seen here in cross section view) which, as we shall see it, will not fail to give birth to a satellite which will also be a true electrical resistance. Of these resistances, electrons are partially consumed, and what remain returns to the generator or to the celestial body. There is therefore a need for a circuit. This one is formed by the conductors' round trip on the generator, and the lines of force's round trip on the celestial body, which are also electric lines but without conductor.

(6) See only what is shown, and think that the celestial body is surrounded by a considerable quantity of lines of force and not by only one as shown on the right figure. If we similarly increased the number of circuits and resistances around a generator, it would work more, because the more there are resistances the more the generator (which is also the celestial body) produces electricity. This, because the generator's magnet restores constantly the electric lines by producing the amount consumed. This shows us that, in both cases, it is the consumption that commands the intake.

The electrical conductors

(7) All this will put us on the track. For now, let's think that an electric wire would remain a conductor if we made a sphere from it. Celestial bodies are also conductive spheres connected to each other by the lines of force and the rings. But, to explain the activity of celestial bodies, one should first see that electrons don't travel inside the mass of the conductors as it is said, but around it. When the electricity is too high and forced to pass partially through the conductive metal, this metal heats up by resistance and goes till it melts. And it is this phenomenon of resistance that makes the surface of the celestial body melt around which the welding of the electrons takes place, making its volume grow.

(8) We shall see that, whatever the celestial body (satellite, planet or star), its core is made of ferronickel, which is the pure product of electricity, that is to say all the electromagnetic activity. Therefore, this metal is the best of magnets. But we understand that if the electricity would pass through the mass of the conductor and not around it, the entire volume of the celestial body's core would be uniformly hot. It would be hot but would remain solid, because there is nothing which could constantly maintain such a mass in fusion.

(9) Furthermore, if the core of a celestial body was completely in fusion, it couldn't be magnetized. Consequently, it would have no magnetosphere, lines of force, rings or satellites. Such isn't the case, because the core is cold and stiff from the centre up to the surface which, only it, is warm and in fusion on little depth. Which is not an obstacle to its magnetization, which is its electromagnetic activity.

(10) It is thus essential to demonstrate that electricity does not go through the entire mass of the conductors. How can we achieve this? First of all, let's understand what a metallic conductor is. Metals are made of crystals. And crystals are the consequences of the cooling of matter, which cuts them by contracting itself. Inside the molten metal, there are no crystals, they can only form themselves during the cooling effect.

(11) But in the rigid metal, made of crystals, there are cracks in which the electrical current can pass partially. This current is made by electrons which are masses. And crystals are also made of particles (small masses) welded together by the enormous pressure exerted by the withdrawal of a body which is cooling down. That is why electrons cannot pass inside the crystals themselves, they pass on them. And the more these crystals are pressed together depending on the density of the metal, the less current passes through this metal. Think that if a current of one thousand passes on a conductor, ten or twenty of this number can pass between the crystals of the conductor, that is to say in a lesser proportion.

(12) Here, I ask you to be very vigilant about the proportions. Be so, because when we speak about an electrical of nearly thirteen thousand kilometers in diameter as the core of the Earth is, it isn't about a conductor of thirteen tenth of a millimeter that is meltable completely. To follow, keep this in mind.

(13) Moreover, and due to the growth of the particle, the electricity is necessarily proportional to the size of the corpuscles which form it. In this sense, when scientists say that electricity is formed by electrons and these electrons are themselves charged with negative electricity, with what do they think that this last one is made of? Would they hear that an electron charged with electricity would be like a moon charged with moons?

(14) No, electricity exists on every degree of densification of the essence, and this is until it reaches the size of the positon. Because of that, there is not one size of electricity, but as much electric sizes as there are changes of size of the negative particle: of the electron. But let's stay there on this subject, and let's continue to demonstrate that the electrical current has no possibility of passing through the entire mass of the conductors. This being indispensable to the understanding of the formation of celestial bodies.

Conduction and electrical resistance

(15) The magnetosphere of the electrons allows them to remain together and to pull on one another, by holding onto the metal or some other support. That is why an electric line of force rolled up around a conductor is forced to follow this conductor. But if this electric line of force is powerful, it creates (by frictions) a big overheating on the conductor until it melts. Indeed, the more the conductor dilates by overheating, the more the current passes through its mass and increases its temperature. A cooled and strongly contracted on itself conductor, will allow thus a better conduction of the electricity, because tighter crystals forces the current to travel more on the outside where the circulation is easier. And it is known that a cold conductor conducts better and more electricity than a warm conductor. Now we know the reason.

(16) We also know that a monofilar electrical conductor conducts less electricity than a multifilar conductor of the same length. Which can only be explained by the fact that electricity travels well around conductors, which are more numerous in the case of the multifilar conductor. In this sense, we also know that a sheathed conductor conducts electricity less well than if it is bare, the sheath being an obstacle to the passage of the current.

(17) Moreover, if an electrical current passes on a conductor having a high density of mass (like copper), there is little overheating provoked by the friction of electrons. This is, because this important density forces the electrons to pass on the exterior, on the metal's surface. We can deduce that the metal which offers a good state of surface is a good conductor, because the circulation of the electrons is being facilitated.

(18) So, if we fabricate a conductor by welding equal lengths of copper and iron end to end having an identical section, we notice that if we let the current flow at will, the iron melts first while copper is barely warm. How is this possible, since the fusion point of iron is five hundred degrees higher than that of copper? This happens, because electricity travels more throughout the inside cracks of the iron, causing a greater friction of the electrons and, hence, more heat. For the same reason, iron conducts less well the electricity than does copper which has tighter grains. It is indeed for this reason that copper heats up less than iron, and that a highly cooled conductor conducts better than when it isn't.

(19) When the conductive metal heats up at the passage of electricity, this is due to the frictions of the electrons on this metal. This also indicates that electrons are indeed masses, and that electricity is indeed a current of these masses, that is to say of matter. This is indisputable, otherwise the conductor couldn't heat up. We must then conclude that the heating of an electrical conductor is even greater as this conductor offers a big resistance, like iron for example. Now, the terrestrial core is an enormous iron sphere (of ferronickel) which, when placed on one of the vast solar rings, is traveled through by gigantic electrical forces. It is these forces which heats up the celestial body by resistance and which provoke the melting of its surface.

(20) We shall find out that the terrestrial core is at around thirty kilometers under the sea level. It is thus almost equivalent to the diameter of the Earth. Which is also similar for all the planets and their satellites. In this sense, think that if we could take the Moon in one hand, by scratching slightly with a nail, we would immediatly reach its iron core which, itself, is cold on the surface and for the reasons which will be explained. And it would almost be the same thing if we would do that with the Earth, instead we would burn our finger... Because, I tell you, the core of the satellites, the planets and the stars, represents the quasi-totality of the masses of the Galaxy.

(21) Several men made in the past some simple experiences which are forgotten today, but very useful however to explain the activity of the celestial bodies. The figure below illustrates one of them which is thus related by its author:

Electricity charging a sphere
9 – Electricity charging a sphere

We charge this sphere with electricity. Then we enclose this one into another hollow sphere formed by the joining of two hemispheres provided with an isolating handle. Having assembled the hemispheres, let's touch the charged sphere with the internal surface of the hemispheres, then let's cut the contact which we have just established by separating both hemispheres. We observe that the sphere loaded with electricity returned to the neutral state: all the electricity of the sphere has passed onto the hollow hemispheres. Because the hemispheres took all the electricity, we can then conclude easily that the electricity was only distributed on the surface of the sphere.

(22) This experience, apparently harmless, demonstrates however that the electrons localize themselves on the surface of the conductors and not in their mass. If thus electrons can't penetrate into the small sphere of the experience, how much less they cannot do it with the enormous core of a celestial body! This is in addition to what we have already seen, it is undeniable that the electricity borrows the easiest path and indeed passes on the exterior of the conductors. Let's see then the electricity as a whirlwind around the conductors. This whirlwind is easily made visible with the filings which we sprinkle on a cardboard box through which passes a metal wire over which electricity passes.

Creations due to the electricity

(23) Does a prophet need all these experiments to explain the celestial things, you will say? No, with Moses who defined exactly the eras which are the six days of the creation, as well as the seventh day, we shall show that it isn't useful. But you, you need the experiences made with matter to be led in the whole truth and to grasp it completely. Thus let's continue on this path. It will take us to the feet of Moses. And there, like me, you will hear him and will understand all his words. You will then know what the path of life is.

Gases blown by electrons
10 – Gases blown by electrons

(24) This other study of electrical behaviour, also forgotten, was done in the past by the one who wrote:
When an electrified body presents a point, electricity is then focused especially on this point. At this moment, the nearby air molecules are attracted, then, after contact, repulsed. If this repulsion is strong enough, there occurs an air stream capable of blowing the flame of a candle.

(25) This gives the hand to the Son of man because, with this last experience which will be necessary to remember, we shall demonstrate how Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune, as well as the Sun and all the stars work! For the moment, notice on this image that the electrons provoke a current, a force powerful enough to blow out the burning gases of the candle, gases that would be blown likewise if they weren't on fire.

(26) Men don't see the link between electricity and the solar family, otherwise they would know that all celestial bodies exist and function tanks of it. My point isn't however to explain everything that we can produce with electricity, but to show everything it can produce for us, starting with celestial bodies. For that purpose, it is necessary beforehand to see the electricity through the magnetosphere of a celestial body, then through the power lines which come and go in space (such as loops) after engendering some rings (such as circles) and their satellite. It was also necessary to understand that electricity doesn't travel through the entire mass of the conductors, but essentially around them, and also how electrons heat them as they pass over them.

(27) We're left with observing what happens to the electrons on an electrical resistance (which could be the core of a celestial body) and how they form the ferronickel (the metal of the core) when they weld themselves together. Here is how it happens:

Resistance and formation of pearls of ferronickel
11 – Resistance and formation of pearls of ferronickel

(28) Let's first notice on the figure (1) that the effect of resistance occurs essentially because the electrons are suddenly forced to pass through a narrow path where they squeeze and rub themselves, by creating their own wear and a great overheating on the conductor. The melting point of the filament must be high thus as a consequence. This is the case for the tungsten which we use to make the filaments for lamps and whose fusion point is three times higher than copper. Wearing out in their course, the electrons return to space the essence which composes their body, but without leaving the conductor. They only wear out while continuing their road, otherwise there would be a break in the electric line.

(29) We can see also on the first figure that the electrons travel in the same direction. Now let's suppose that we take away the filament and we put in contact the two conductors. This time, there will be a great overheating (a flash of lightning) which will melt the extremities of the two conductive strands. The second figure shows that and the current of both strands leads to the contact point by provoking a flash of lightning, but also the formation of small pearls of ferronickel...

(30) This phenomenon of pearls creation can't occur for as long as the electrons are going in the same direction, but it occurs when electrons go in the opposite direction, they collide and weld together. And it is known that when two conductors provoke a flash of lightning (a short-circuit), the electrons of the two strands are heading towards the place of the short-circuit, as it is shown on the second figure. That is why I say, and it is known, that any electric demonstration producing a flash of lightning, as it happens during a thunderstorm, is also capable of producing fine pearls of ferronickel. Thus remember that the electricity can become metallic under some circumstances. This will enable us to understand the birth and the development of celestial bodies.

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