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Second part: the cycle of matter



(1) The knowledge of the truth is gradually acquired by meditation which elevates the man saint of mind on the high peaks of the Eternal's mountain where all reality appears to him. That is why it took the first part of the book to show that the world was mistaken regarding the prophecy and its fulfilment. Then you cannot be surprised that God sends his son on the evening of the world to accomplish it, so you can accomplish it with him. But, here, the haughty and the strong in words have already left me, and you are fewer in number to listen to me. Only remain those who understand that man cannot live in harmony with nature, if he is unaware of the essential element of the science of the Eternal by which he exists. Be thus attentive to the first explanations of this second part of the book, because they are as keys which allow to open all the doors, and to see what no man has ever seen yet and hear what he has.

The states of matter

(2) After observing the Galaxy from the outside and becoming aware of both of its magnitude and its smallness in the vastness, as well as our position in it, we will now study INTEGRATION - DISINTEGRATION of the masses with which we exist. We will constantly be guided by these two words, also meaning INTAKE - CONSUMPTION. It goes without saying that without intake there cannot be consumption or consumption without intake, and consequently no body formed and maintained by these two parts. As the spirit is explained by God and God by the spirit, the particle is explained by the celestial body and the celestial body by the particle; thus because of eternity, everything finds existence with what already exists and for what will be. Nothing begins nor ends, everything changes state.

(3) Lest they should see and understand, God makes those who reject him walk on their hands. Our knowledge of the matter must therefore differ from that of the scholars who, having rejected God, walk on hands and thus see everything upside down... These men, whose judgment is reversed, cannot realize anymore for example that if, with snow, we shape small balls and with the latter we shape a bigger one, the matter is the snow which constitutes them and not the balls themselves. Likewise, we must abstain from seeing the matter of the universe in the masses that are the celestial bodies and the particles which compose them, because there are no fundamental particles of matter. No, matter is only the essence which constitutes the volume of the universe (space) and the body of the masses, the small (particles) and the big (the celestial bodies). Let us observe instead the volume of the universe and the masses which are formed there, as a volume of fine and subtle powder inside which lumps would be formed.

(4) Listen! Since with small snowballs we can compose a bigger one of the same nature, it is undeniable that several small magnetic spheres pasted to each other, form a bigger magnetic sphere, of the same nature, and necessarily having identical properties. Now, since the celestial body (the big ball) is a big magnet recognizable by its magnetosphere, its lines of force and its rings, of which are born satellites, it is certain that the particles (the small balls) which compose it are similar magnets, also having a magnetosphere, lines of force and rings giving birth to satellites. There is only their dimensions which change and not the principle of their existence.

(5) Thus the magnet is celestial body in the large dimension and particle in the small dimension, which are the two extreme masses of the universe. So the particle is seen through the celestial body, the celestial body through the particle and both through the magnet. It is then advisable to study the magnet to grasp the formation and the activity of all masses of the universe. We shall not evoke atoms however, which are combinations of particles, especially since these are domains which we do not have to worry about. No, we will stick to the magnet which is the illustration of all sidereal activity.

(6) Still concerning the way to observe the state of matter, can we say, after breaking a stone, that this one consisted of so many pieces, or that we forced it to break in that way? Will we give different names to these pieces, as do those who give various names to the pieces of the particle they manage to break in their accelerator do? Likewise, and as it was already explained, if every week we observe a chick in its growth, we do not see each time a different bird, but the same one which changes size and aspect. It is however the confusion which the observers makes of matter, who see a different particle each time in the single particle which changes as it developing. So, unhesitatingly they give it as many names as they make observations on it... As they affirm that the celestial bodies are born such as they are, they affirm likewise that particles are born such as they are... What complicates my task, because you believe them.

(7) The Sun is also a magnet because, like all the stars, it has an immense magnetosphere, lines of force and substantial rings on which the planets are. Which also have a magnetosphere, lines of force and rings on which are the satellites that these rings created. Therefore, all these magnets, more or less active, are interconnected by material ties to the Sun. We then necessarily conclude that the solar family is a homogeneous set composed of magnets each having an action on the others, and that it is the same for all the stars. We will show it, with explanations and figures.

The magnetosphere

(8) By referring to the large number of planets and satellites belonging to the solar family, we deduce that the number of planets and satellites being in a galaxy is approximately fifty times higher than the number of stars. A galaxy is thus a body composed of a huge quantity of masses which attract the essence of space on them, and more precisely on the particles which constitute them. Now, since the magnetosphere is this very first movement of the essence of space which descends on the celestial bodies (integration), it is by it that we must begin the explanations on the magnet. Afterwards, we will understand the overall activity of the magnets of the solar family, among which none of them can exist separately.

(9) In electromagnetic, there is electron and magnetic. However, only the essence is magnetic, because it alone forms the corpuscles at the approach and contact of the celestial body on which it descends. These corpuscles (that we call electrons) then form the lines of force, then the rings, and these latest the satellites. The magnetosphere is thus a material fluid and a force that becomes creator of masses through the rings. Here's how it descends on the magnet:

Representation of the magnetosphere
6 – Representation of the magnetosphere

If we give the value of one thousand to the essence of space, this section of magnetosphere (that we imagine extending into infinity) shows the concentration of this essence which happens as it gets closer to the core. This has the effect of putting more and more pressure on the bodies, and to create particles.

(10) Coming from a great distance, the magnetosphere is consequently felt from a great distance. It thickens (gets denser) as it approaches the core of the celestial body. But for a better representation of its formation and its action, lets help us with this exemple: if we compose a circle with thousands of small mouths which are close together inhaling air independently from each other, we understand that only one of these mouths will inhale less air and less far than the thousands of mouths will do together. The same applies to the particles which compose a celestial body, because each of them draws the essence of space, by forming together an immense inhalation being felt extremely far, let us say ad infinitum. Therefore it is indeed the small magnetospheres of the particles which, together, constitute the gigantic magnetosphere of the celestial body. This shows us that the essence of space goes down on the particles that constitute on the celestial body, and not on the celestial body itself.

The magnetosphere and weightiness

(11) The magnetosphere of the celestial body appears to be the first movement of the matter of space at the origin of any force and every mass existing in the universe. How to illustrate its action on the bodies? If while inhaling strongly we swallow a dust, we did not directly inhale the dust, but the air that has dragged it into its movement. If we create the same inhalation through a veil, this time the dust will rest against the veil by air pressure. This is the explanation of weightiness that we feel on the ground, because each body feels the magnetospheric pressure exerted on it. We then understand that nothing weighs outside the influence of a magnetosphere.

(12) Made by the essence which arrives from space, the magnetosphere is a force that descends upon the core of the celestial body by dragging the bodies in its movement. It is necessarily material, because it is certain that without matter there cannot be a force. The above figure also shows what the progressive increase of this magnetospheric force is. Consequently, a body will weigh less if it is far from the celestial body than if it is near it or in its contact. If thus a body weighs a certain weight at sea level, it will weigh more in the depth and less in altitude. So it's not the density of the bodies which changes, as those who invert the phenomena affirm it, but the density of the magnetosphere which puts pressure on them.

(13) In truth, the magnetospheric pressure is not exerted on the bodies themselves, but on the particles which compose them. This, because the particles are made of essence and that this moving essence cannot go through them, no more than falling snow can go through the snowballs which are shaped with it. It is then beyond doubt and undeniable that weightiness is the consequence of the magnetospheric pressure which is applied only on all the particles which compose the bodies.

(14) The magnetosphere is a centripetal force which pulls the bodies towards the celestial body or maintains them on it by putting pressure on them. You must not however confuse this magnetospheric pressure on the bodies with any direct attraction of the celestial body on them. A pressure and an attraction are not the same thing, their difference being that which we find between push and pull. We will soon see that the core of a celestial body occupies almost all the volume of this celestial body, and that it only attracts the essence of space which pulls the bodies in its movement.

(15) When a fruit falls on the ground, you should not think that all the bodies are attracted to each other... It is however what we teach to the children, by making them believe in a universal attraction, called gravity. No, if the fruit falls on the ground, it is because the terrestrial magnetosphere, which puts pressure on it, drags it in its movement. This has nothing to do with any mutual attraction. Moreover, if bodies are getting closer, as it happens when you place twigs on the water in a container, it is only due to electrons being in the water. Indeed, with their magnetosphere, they attract each other and cling everywhere they can. Here, they grab the twigs which they pull to the edge of the container where they cling just the same. This is capillary action.

(16) Another example; by drawing its magnetosphere with that of the Earth, the Moon decreases correspondingly and locally the terrestrial magnetospheric pressure. Therefore, as it passes, the Moon lightens all the terrestrial bodies which are underneath it. That is what, with the Sun, causes the tides.

(17) But, since the bodies are composed of particles and that particles are magnets, should we believe that all the bodies attract themselves? That isn't so. A stone, for instance, is made up of grains. These grains are crystals made up themselves of particles which have welded to one another during a cooling which made the matter contract on itself. These particles welded in that way became neutral (neutrons), because they lost their activity. Thus a stone has no power of attraction. Reject then the famous universal attraction of those who ignore that the celestial bodies are magnets and who consequently can't give any coherent explanation to weightiness. Reject it, because it is a bolt which closes the door to comprehension.

The magnetosphere and the particle

(18) To better follow the following explanations, let us start by examining the particle. The previous figure shows us that while descending on the celestial body and by gradually condensing on its approach, until its contact, the essence of space generate tiny points of mass (corpuscles) which are the beginning of the particles; because, just like the celestial body, the size and the activity of particles evolve. Being magnetic, the essence forms magnetic corpuscles. These are surrounded by their own magnetosphere which makes them grow, and that we can call electrons from their formation.

(19) In the sense of proportions, the essence is to the particle what the particle is to the celestial body. Which evokes the subtlety of this essence. Indeed, if by the mind we can divide the body of the celestial body into particles, we cannot divide the body of the particle into increasingly tinier corpuscles. We can certainly break a particle into various pieces, but we cannot, by subdivisions, go down up to the essence which forms it.

(20) The following figure represents the evolution of the elementary particle since its first point of essence until it is a proton; because, like a celestial body does, the particle increases its activity, while developing itself according to the circumstances. Until it reaches a medium size, it is only magnetic; that is to say that it is surrounded only by one magnetosphere. Then, while becoming proton, it becomes electromagnetic, because it surrounds itself with lines of forces which form the rings on its equatorial plan, from which are born other electron satellites.

Birth and evolution of the particle
7 – Birth and evolution of the particle

(21) In a way, we can observe on this image the creation and the procreation of particles. Which is similar for the celestial bodies that, them too, give birth to the satellites in the same way. Io, Europe, Ganymede and Callisto, satellites of Jupiter, are electrons born from this last. Jupiter is itself a proton in the big dimension, and the Sun is a similar proton which burns. All follow an identical process which will be explained.

(22) As long as the particle is in the first period of its evolution (electron), it is only a receiver, because it is only receiving the essence which compose its magnetosphere and its mass. Therefore, it is passive and of NEGATIVE sign. Magnetic only, it can become, with its own peers, electric current on all the degrees of this first part of its development. Having only its magnetosphere, these particles have indeed a lot of ease for hanging onto the conductors or to form in space the spirals of the lines of force of the magnet.

(23) But when the particle enters in the second part of its growth (proton), it becomes active. It then becomes electromagnetic because, just like the celestial bodies, it surrounds itself with lines of forces, then with rings that generate electrons satellites. Emissive, it is of POSITIVE sign this time. Also, during this second period of its growth where it is emissive (proton), it can no longer form electrical current which can only be made with magnetic particles, that is to say negative and being able to hang onto one another. No, the protons can by no means constitute currents, but only gaseous or liquid bodies according to the circumstances.

(24) When the particle is in the middle of the two parts of its evolution (like on the figure), it ceases being negative and becomes positive. That is why, at this stage of evolution, we call it POSITRON. This however can only be a temporary name of the particle which changes. Indeed, if every time we observe it during its growth, we give it a different name (like lepton, electron, positron, meson, proton, neutron, neutrino and others) we cannot grasp its reality because, given inconsiderately, all these names throw confusion in the mind. It is necessary to retain only the names of electron, proton and neutron, because those are amply enough to see the change of the elementary particle.

(25) The neutron was a proton which, because of a shock for example, lost all its electromagnetic activity, including: magnetosphere, lines of force, rings and satellites. It is thus neutral, because it does not emit nor receives. It is then an excellent support for protons which hang onto it with their magnetosphere. That is what composes atoms this time: the cores which form the bodies. You should know however that a neutron can, according to the circumstances, reactivate itself and become a proton again. This phenomenon would considerably complicate things for us if we tried to understand the combinations of particles and their reactions which extend ad infinitum. So, we will abstain from it.

Other effects of the magnetosphere

(26) Man hears for the first time that space is entirely formed of essence and that this essence constitutes the magnetosphere which descends on the celestial bodies by applying pressure on the bodies. It is what causes weightiness and generates particles which exist only in one kind. We see whereas the essence composes the mass of the particles and that, in dimension, this essence is to the particle what the particle is to the celestial body.

(27) Besides, you should know that by creating a flow that goes from the south pole to the north pole of the celestial body, to then form in space the lines of force which leave the north hemisphere and return on the south hemisphere, the essence always directs the needle of the compass in the same direction. This current is a force, and a force is material. It is thus this material force, caused by the flow of essence, which directs the needle of the compass northward.

(28) Also think that it is the magnetosphere which charges the clouds with electricity and provoke lightning in warm weather. And it is always thanks to it that your heart beats, that you have movement and that the wings of the insects are agitated at high speed. It is the source of all the bodies. And bodies use it to move and live.

(29) Consequently, and because of what we have already seen on the progressive densification of the magnetosphere, we understand that a being rising far in space will weaken more and more in a magnetosphere in which the density is much lower than it is on the ground where the living conditions of the beings are. We are made of all that exists. So, the magnetosphere is a part of the elements of existence, and it is not the least of them I'm telling you. Because, has it charges the clouds with electricity, it charges likewise all the beings to live and move, but of a force much finer and delicate.

(30) Obviously, with the coming explanations of the magnet, whoever will want it, will grasp the magnetosphere and the single particle which very well changes. So to conclude, let us only retain the image of the magnetosphere and its progressive densification. Also let us believe that it is what creates weightiness, and gives birth to the particle on the approach and on the contact of the celestial body.

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