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The team: After reading the Lamb's Book of Life and recognized in the author the Son of man announced by the Scriptures, we decided, with his accord, to publish his work. For that, we created the publishing house Plumor.

Our voluntary work: Although we sell books, we aren’t shopkeepers being at work for profit because money isn’t our motivation. The price of the Book of Life is at the lowest, in order that everyone can get it easily, and will permit only to finance a part of the next re-edition. The Book of Life is exempt of royalties, and in this same way, nobody perceives remuneration for his tasks that he wants accomplish. The satisfaction to diffuse the message is our only reward.

The author: Emmanuel disappeared at the end of 2008. For protect the integrity of the book of life, he previously took care to transmit his user rights to right holders. Thus, it is necessary to obtain their authorisation for all projects concerning edition or translation. You can, and only for this, contact them at this address:

Make no mistake: The world ending, it is necessary for the whole humanity that the Book of Life be made available of all those who are hungry and thirsty. We pursue this aim durably but our intercession stops there. Take care thus to not liken us at a sect, a religion, or another group equally harmful.

Diffusion: the knowledge brought by the Book of Life gave us the desire to make it known to the majority. We have for this contacted different medias (newspapers, magazines, websites), and sent letters with the Book to numerous well-known figures. We continue as well as other actions, always respecting the current laws in our country. Nobody receives order from anybody and each one acts freely according to his desires and competences, when he can and as he can.

Translation of the Book: Written in French, we put this work at the disposition of the world in its original tongue, because it is to each nation to translate it after in its own language, as it was done for the Scriptures. Any translation must have the authorization of the rights holders:

For your part... Keep in mind that it need two months to properly read the Book of Life. And as the times press more and more, you are welcome if you make it to neither know to other persons, but without insist nor make proselytism. One way or another, each reader who understands the Book has to participate at its diffusion for harvest the more possible of chosen ones, because it is the hour of the harvest.

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Announce us your reactions. However, before to write us, read the Book in its entirety in order that we speak the same language, otherwise we cannot answer you.

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