Universal science – Universal spirit

The Lamb is similar at the other men?

He is like all men, apart he is the most average that the earth has carried. It is moreover this average in all things which gives necessarily the universal spirit, in a position to make the synthesis of the science. The spiritual approach he makes do at the reader who elevates itself, as well as the just world towards which he leads him, make understand that it is really written by the Son of man, (the anointed of God) by the one who leads us in all the truth that the old and new testament announce. It is sure that a unique small book which enlightens and enfranchises Man with the truth can be written only by the one whose the understanding is unlimited. Thus it is really about predicted the Son of man whose we speak, and not of someone else. Our interest is to listen to him, because the same goes also of our lives.

This book of life is a work of theology?

Written by the sent from heaven who proves his identity, indeed it is question of a theology book, but it is also a work complete and finished of cosmology, physic, astrophysics, astronomy, geology, anthropology, philosophy, metaphysics, and any other branches of science... Because it is the Book of the unlimited knowledge. Therefore one must avoid of prejudge before having read it, for not confuse it with the distressing affirmations of the religious, scientific, political sects or of those who dare to claim to be intellectuals – This manuscript is the real accomplishment of the prophecy – Compound of 465 pages and illustrated by 64 figures, it answers to all questions we ask ourselves on the universe and the existence. By reading it in quiet, far from tumults of city, the truth quickly becomes tangible, obvious, manifesto.

The universal science is the Lamb's Bookof Life?

No, he shows only what the true science is. It is certain that one learns more on the space, celestial bodies, beings and the reason to be with this book of life that in ten thousand years of observations or researches. The principle of existence of all things which is ignored of every, but taught today, allows to understand all, absolutely ALL. One cannot imagine that it could be in another way in the universe of what is shown on the matter and the space that it forms, on the galaxies, the solar family, the eras, the water, the world, the prophecy, the Creator, Man and his near and far future. It is impossible to watch back, because all is changed! Nothing is similar, including our thoughts.

Man does science?

Do not confuse science and know-how. Foreigner to Man which he is the fruit, the science is what makes celestial bodies and beings. The know-how is what make beings, including Man. Man isn’t scientific, because he can only compose with what exists independently of his will. Still not understanding it, Man doesn’t sees that he can only have the perfect knowledge of what destroys the soil of the earth, the air, the water, the climate, the original order and everything that exists and lives. So how could he see that world is dying because of him? Nevertheless, it only enough to be conscious of the advanced decay of the planet to know that we are very connoisseur not of what makes the world but of what is harmful to world, and without even grasp that we are inevitably in the wrong way round... And who perceives that they are the religious or scientific doctrines which remove us always more from the truth, by making loose us our faculties and our consciences? Nobody! Thus, becoming mad because of those people, we devastate the whole earth condemning our children. Our merit to live fades, without the Son of man we would die all, without exception.

Does the universal science reveals our ignorance?

Effectively, this book shows that in what concerns science in its large meaning, we are donkeys. The Lamb explains that without the knowledge Man is naked and he is dying, but henceforth he has to wear all the truth. It is so indisputable that the publication of the Book of Life which reveals this truth is the greatest event from the humanity birth. That is why it is necessary to read with much attention, and all the more gladly that today where the world closes his doors and inexorably collapses, we don’t have other choice that to listen to him.

How to face this big upheaval?

Firstly it is necessary to read oneself this bedside book to enter in the temple, which is to say in the real, in what exists really. Then, those who understand they necessarily have to make it known to others so they also acquire the knowledge. In any case, it is much recommended to get it (It is free on this website) and to read it while it is possible, because time presses and the world is just about to change.

In all simplicity, Emmanuel explains universe, from infinitely great to infinitesimal, and depicts the future of Man and of the world.

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