The resurrection of the dead is spiritual!

For dust you are and to dust you will return...

The Lamb explains patiently what it is the last day (we arrived there), just as the resurrection of the dead that he operates this day there (today). Often used in his book, the word resurrection is related here with the paragraphs concerned. But it is quite different that what we believed.

The resurrection of the dead takes place today

Indeed, when we read this work from beginning to end and that we open the eyes, we clearly see that resurrection of the dead announced the last day isn’t this one of the deceased... but our resurrection because, without the knowledge of the truth which is entirely written in this Book, we are dead. After having read it, we understand that we were dead, because we did this observation being really alive.

The paragraphs below show that resurrection is truly spiritual, that isn’t the reincarnation which is that of body and also explained in the Book of Life.

Chapter 1

(10) Rejoice then for this great day where I bring the good news of the coming of God's kingdom for the new century. But only the ones who have a humble hearth will take part to the resurrection and thus will be chosen; because being of a sound mind, none other than them will be able to grasp and follow me. In the Scripture, they are the good seed which is the object of the Earth’s harvest in the last day, to become the seed of the kingdom. These men, women and children, who are the true posterity of Abraham, won’t lose life through what is coming and which will pass quickly. They will on the contrary get out on the new Earth which will have changed its face and recovered its original purity that it will keep forever.

Chapter 2

(22) Most deeply intrigued by this miracle, the doctor who visited me came to question me again. This time, I openly said to him that I proceeded to the resurrection of the dead. Immediately he went away... because he did not understand what the announced resurrection of the dead was. He believed I was out of my mind. Joan who could see all that I was explaining to him, and this doctor who wouldn’t look, each other showed me how I shall be received in the world and what would be the reaction of everyone. Wanting to share his enjoyment, the one to which I had opened the eyes brought me some other friends. They were inflamed when they heard me, but they were nothing but straw fires; because, too disturbed by what I showed them, they also went away.

Chapter 3

(2) I answer to this by saying that retreating from the world is to withdraw from the water of the river of life. And to understand, and be listening to the one who sends me, like Moses I was withdrawn from the waters. Now, when one is withdrawn from the waters, it is likely because one was soaking in it! I say that one cannot judge from outside what one did not experienced from inside. I will teach the matter and spirit, man and woman and all things. How could I then speak about the matter if I did not touch it or about woman if I knew her only by hearsay? The prophets all have women; otherwise they would not be well-balanced. This is why there are women accompanying Jesus in his life and especially many Mary; because Mary means the one who is married to God or to his son. There are also boats, as well as this blind man since birth to whom I opened the eyes, this doctor who did not understand the resurrection of the dead, the Samaritan who finds him sitting on the edge of the well (of the truth), and many other things that will be explained. Try not to question yourselves constantly while reading, because after I will have teach you, you will find no more questions to ask me.

(8) But in order to get out of the sepulchres and the realm of the dead in which you are, you must not consider anymore the foretold resurrection as if it was the awakening of all those who lived since the beginning of the world; because, you the saints of mind, I will resurrect you like I was myself powerfully resurrected by the one who sends me. Thus, on this singular day, you will witness a great thing, the great wonder of the resurrection of the dead, which is your own resurrection. You will then clearly see the new Jerusalem (the holy city) who is the image of the new cities of men. This is why for this great day of the coming of the Son, the Scripture foretells:

And behold, the veil of the temple was torn in two, from the top to the bottom, the earth shook, the rocks were split, the tombs were opened, and many bodies of of the saints who had died resuscitated. When they came out of the sepulchres, after the resurrection of Jesus, they entered the holy city, and appeared to a great number of people.

Chapter 6

(3) As to the Sadducees, who were another Jewish sect, they opposed to the Pharisees. They were recruiting essentially from the rich class of people and thought only about the enjoyment of their fortune for which they showed ostentation. Uneducated, hated by the people, they denied the soul’s immortality and the resurrection, because they mistaken the spiritual resurrection explained in the Scripture with the body resurrection of which we will speak about when it is time. And when the new testament came, all these people were fiercely opposed to Jesus; because, leaning only on the old testament, it is Emmanuel they were preaching, while hoping however this was only a story and that he would never come.

(12) The four first letters apparently similar that John addresses to the Son are titled Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. They are incomprehensible to you all, because they were written in a language and in flash of wit that are inherent to the one who had to accomplish them. They are first written to capture my attention about myself and make me rise, and also to show you all the miracles I will accomplish among you, starting with the greatest one: the resurrection of the dead.

(13) You were all born from a woman, and none of you has yet been born from the spirit. Then stay with me; and I’ll tell you, you will be born this way a second time, because you will not be the same. You will then know what the resurrection of the dead spoken in the Scripture is, and why Jesus said that one must be born twice.

(16) And this unquenchable fire, is the burning bush I light up in you and which causes bitterness in your womb. Do not alarm yourself however, because you need to purify yourselves by these soul suffering in order to join the resurrection I am doing on you.

Chapter 7

(4) If I would say that I lived in John’s epoch, two thousand years ago, and that I am the reincarnation of Jesus, a great number of people would believe it. However, I do not say I am the subject of a reincarnation, but of the resurrection of the dead. All I am is the first-born among you, because you are dead like I was before I acquired the knowledge which opened my eyes. I was born from a woman. And I have just been born again, from the spirit this time, like you will be born by following me. Do not confuse the resurrection (which is spiritual) with the reincarnation (which is corporeal) anymore and of which we will speak about. To be born a second time, is to be born from the spirit of knowledge. This is why I say that Jesus is the image of the one who had to rise, the image of the Lamb who is victorious from the world.

(8) But, knowing you, I know you have the feeling that everything regarding the universe of God, his only son, the previous worlds, the living beings and the behaviours are already known from everyone; whereas you are truly in darkness for everything. This is why Jesus said to his disciples:

Let the dead bury their dead.

This simple word of Jesus shows obviously that men are dead without the knowledge of truth; and it is this type of death from which they must resurrect on the last day. This last day is the one of the renewal of all things, preceding the coming of God’s kingdom. But about this foretold resurrection, Rome’s priests made you believe that all those who died since the beginning would rise all together, like one, from their grave in order to congratulate themselves on public places… When one knows that a dead body becomes dust, how may one imagine such a show?

(9) The Scripture, in the new testament, also says

Wake up, you who sleep, rise from the dead, and Christ will enlighten you.

This gives the explanation of the resurrection of the dead, the light of the spirit and the teaching from the Son by which you will be enlighten on everything. But on the evening of the world, after the days of ignorance have done important damages in your minds, you will have some difficulty to wake up and rise. This, is by moving away from God, you are attached to material things only. To eat, drink and entertainment are the only things that interest you. All you like are good things and you do not stand anything else but flatteries. You then find it painful to be lectured on God’s mountain where I stand and make an effort to understand the explanations of the Scriptures. However, if I did not explain them, not only would you not know where I lead you to, but then again you would say: why doesn’t he explain this or that in the Scripture, can he not do it?
Could I let you think that way or on the contrary refrain you to think that way so you know I am sent from above? Did you only know what God’s foretold kingdom was? Was it the subject of your daily concerns? Of course not. However, it is there, in front of you, in the upcoming century.

(18) But if only you doubt me, you who read, then do this: ask your religious leaders who is this Elijah that God announces at the end of the old testament and whom Jesus calls upon his cross. Also ask them who is Emmanuel and why Jesus said at the end of the apocalypse: behold I am coming soon, and my retribution is whith me to render to every man according to his work. Question them about baptism, the resurrection of the dead, and on the meaning of the expression: to be born again from the spirit. Let them explain to you what is the day of the renewal of all things, as well as the purgatory, the passover and the last judgment, and also what is the separation of the goats from the sheep as foretold for the last day. Let them speak to you about the beast and the false prophet, as well as the fights of the Lamb to defeat the corrupted world, and what he has to do with the Son of man that Jesus foretells relentlessly. Do not forget to also ask them what the kingdom is, and make sure they answer you publicly, in front of everyone. Then, you will know who is who, and what exactly is your religion in darkness. Your salvation and that of your offspring go through these interrogations, will you refrain from it?

(31) You now understand better why it is written that Jesus teaches every day in the temple. But until now have you ever wondered what he was explaining? He teaches the truth, because only the knowledge enlightens men and delivers them from the influence of those who reign. It is therefore necessary to teach the Scriptures to begin with and the celestial things afterwards, because this is how you will join the resurrection of the dead which will protect you from any harm. But will follow me only those who moan in this world and hope in the foretold deliverance. It therefore falls upon me to put an end to all authority, all power and all domination. Then the end will come. After which I will deliver the kingdom to the Father who is waiting for his rest.

Chapter 8

(2) One may also read in the Book:

But they became hard of hearing. For, to this day, the same veil remains when they read the Old Testament; and it does not come off, because it is in Christ that it disappears.

Since the veil disappears by Christ (which means on the day he introduces himself on Earth) it is understandable only today, because I tear the veil from the top to the bottom of the Book. Until now you did not know that the Scriptures were veiled, and that it is with the coming of the Son (for whom they are written) that this veil disappears. If then the Son had come two thousand years ago, it is obvious you would know what is his crucifixion, the resurrection of the dead to which he is the first amongst all to take part in, as well as the last judgment he accomplishes, the chosen ones, the kingdom and all things. Therefore, show some humility, and be eager to know who the only son really is, because he is the only one able to tear down the temple’s veil, this famous veil covering up the Scriptures.

(10) I will say it differently: John was born from a slave world, which was anslaved because of the ignorance of the truth and of the darkness that was covering up the world. Indeed, the ark of the old alliance (the old testament) did not enable men to be born from the spirit but only of the flesh. Jesus, him, is born from the world delivered from ignorance and the powers of Satan. Because the truth frees and liberates man. It gives a second birth to those who are born of flesh, and who marry it. This is why it is written that the Son is the first to be resurrected from the dead. Understand therefore that this expression of first resurrected, or the first-born among the dead, unquestionably means that there will be others to be born after him. And this is what you are witnessing with me, at your own resurrection.

(16) It would please me to destroy your insane beliefs so that you would not die because of them. But breaking someone’s convictions, based on ancestral traditions, is worse than breaking a clay vase on his head! This is why I fear a lot for you; because I know who I am and who my mother and father are, and why I came. Do you think I could put myself in charge of the world if I did not know who I am and if I was not forced into it? I would not do it, because I am going where I do not want, and where I have already refused to go by three times. But I am going anyway, because I have the power of resurrection inside me and the power to save God’s chosen one. What man would I be if I would remain silent? What judgement would you lay on me if you knew that I exist and that I did not shed light upon the world which is about to disappear?

(18) Also know that, in accordance with what is written moreover, it took me four days to notice that Lazarus’ resurrection was the image of my own awakening. Indeed it is on the fourth day of my reading that I felt he spoke to me. Then my eyes opened. I explain these things in the hope that you still can hear that Jesus is the guide of the Son of man whom he surrounds from all sides. He guides him, directs him, and makes him accomplish what must be. This is why I cannot turn away from him, like a baby donkey cannot turn away from the one who is sitting on him.

Chapter 11

(11) But by not understanding what is written on Noah and his sons, you will necessarily be against those who take part in the resurrection which I operate on them. And you will in the same way be against the children of Zion, if you do not know how to hear what I said on this mountain and those whom it gives birth behind me. This mountain is also called the mountain of olives, because both olive trees which give their fruits are Moses and Emmanuel. Thus watch your thoughts and, for your salvation, know how to listen to me.

(24) Know that Moses has not written for you only, but for the entire world; and this in a language which nobody in the world can understand if he isn’t the one that he announces. That is why I say that Abraham, Isaac and Jacob are my being. Abraham because all the Earth is handed to me, Isaac because I am sacrificed on the last day, Jacob because I fought against the darkness and I came out of it victorious. Because of this, I am the Israel of God. And regardless of their race and their skin color, all those who will take part in the resurrection which I operate on them will be my people, the people of Israel which I assemble around my name to save them. I'm talking about the circumcised of heart of the entire world, Jewish people, don’t be jealous...

Chapter 12

(12) Note that Jacob is the one who fights until dawn rises. He fights against himself, against men (those who reign) and with God; and he comes out victorious. That’s why, God also changes his name and says:

Your name is Jacob; you shall no longuer be called Jacob, but your name shall be Israel. And he gave him the name Israel.
God said to him again: I will give you the land that I gave to Abraham and Isaac, and I will give this land to your descendants after you.

As it was for Abraham, Jacob’s name was changed in that of Israel after his fight which led him out of the darkness. It was my struggle and my victory over darkness, and the Israel of God, I am him. You must likewise begin this fight, and begin with yourselves, to come out of your sepulchre and take part in the resurrection from which you will live eternally. You are the real children of Abraham whom I come to take, THE CHILDREN OF THE PROMISE going to inherit the entire Earth. If I make you born again, won’t you be my sons and my daughters? You will of course! Which will show you that I am indeed Israel, and you the people of Israel: this small flock to whom God saw fit to hand over the kingdom.

Chapter 15

(5) But, again because of the religions, how would you have been able to know what Jesus was doing when, on the evening, at the supper of his wedding, he changes water into wine in front of his disciples? You couldn’t. Now, on the evening of the world, each has to marry the truth, as did Jesus; otherwise nobody will survive to what is coming. Also, for fear that you still don’t know what it means to change water into wine, here is the whole prophecy expressed in twelve points:

Chapter 17

(6) Thus we see, and similarly to small grouped lights which merge into one great light, that the spirits of men merge and form an immense gregarious spirit which rises in the ether. It appears that all celestial bodies of the universe evolve within the celestial spirit and that, although unique, this big spirit is the sum of the spirit of the angels who are the most numerous human beings of the universe. They exist from all eternity, because God and the angels are one. That is why the angels can only identify themselves to God. Jesus explains this when he says that he is within the Father and the Father is within him; because the saints of mind are the abodes of God. Don’t thus see a mystery in the resurrection of the dead taking place today through the Son who changes the spirit of man into the spirit of the angel. It is for this reason that God says in the genesis:

My spirit shall not remain forever in man, for man is but flesh, and his days shall be a hundred and twenty years.

This is because man’s time is short. It lasts only a short time in individuality and ten thousand years in the sense of the humanity. After which man becomes enlightened, his spirit changes and becomes an angel, otherwise he disappears.

Chapter 27

(16) Therefore associate the coming changes of the Sun with the path of life, which is also the tree of life and the destiny of your soul, if you take part in the resurrection of the dead today. Depending on your choices, you will choose to remain eternally on this path and live all the universe offers to deserving souls. Because you are responsible for your destiny, which is endless if you are in the merit to keep the life that God gave you.

Chapter 31

(1) When he opens up to reality, man breaks his limits and nothing can remain hidden from his eyes. This time, he sees the celestial things as they are, because he is like a man born blind who suddenly opens his eyes. This is the great miracle of the resurrection in which you are taking part today. And the marvelous worlds to come which were shown are not irrelevant to it. Because everyone can see the great simplicity of the cycle of the matter can be grasped by all, and that by studying it we necessarily arrive at the star (the Sun) and the successive worlds which are attached to it. Jesus said of me: he will announce you things to come. Although distant, these worlds to come are part of it. But to see more exactly where the world is going since its creation, let's move now to our beloved Earth, the mother of the living, which will be constantly at the center of what remains for us to study. Knowing it, we shall know who we are, what we are doing and where we are going.

Chapter 42

(20) Contrary to the animal which is a part of his edifice, the man saint of mind, him, can be led in the whole truth. That is why, in the evening, when he arrives at the place of the skull with the Son, he easily grasps the hidden sense of an allegory, a metaphor or a parable, because his ears can hear that day what it means: get up, take up your bed and walk! He understands all the words of Scripture, and it is without effort that this time he sees what the resurrection of the dead is on the last day and why it is written: in those days, the blind shall see. This is so, because by being freed from the scientific lies and the religious lies, man, whose spirit doesn’t stop increasing along the centuries, can at the evening of the world easily differentiate the good from evil, as well as the truth from falshood. He is then at the zenith of understanding and perfectly discerns the elements of the universe which give him body and spirit. He then coalesces with his Creator and becomes aware that this light that distinguishes him from the animal makes him the greatest creature that can exist.

Chapter 45

(19) When the book of life will have made fly away the word scientific and the word religious from your thoughts, you will be relieved of what made you interpret everything upside-down. Then the works of the Eternal will appear to you clearly, and you will no longer confuse them with the human works. You will also know that your relationship with the Creator have to be those of children with their father, and devoid of ceremonies and play-acting. The light will be in you and will allow you to discern perfectly the values of the existence. Don’t thus regret this long stay in the darkness before to born again from the spirit, because the period in darkness is also a time of preparation for the resurrection..

Chapter 46

(28) God only can enlighten peoples and gather them around his name to keep them free and in peace. Nobody or anything else in the world can realize this marvel, which begins with the resurrection of the dead. Don’t thus look behind any more to see what was, this happen in the darkness and won’t ever come back. Jesus recommends it, he says:

Whoever puts his hand to the plough, and looks back, is not fit for the kingdom of God.

If you help the Son to overcome the world and to put in place the kingdom of God, you so place the hand to the plough. Then, you will only look forward from now on, because you will not be able to live any more like you did it by not knowing the truth.

Chapter 47

(10) However, so that your resurrection is carried out and so that the new world becomes reality, you must also have a perfect comprehension of the characteristics of the man and the woman that God chooses. First to define their nature and their character, let’s go back temporarily to realize that they are comparable at the image of the creative current, composed on one side by the intake and the other side by the consumption. In this, one can compare Adam to the Sun which brings, and Eve to the planet which spends. We recognize the distinctive elements appropriate to each, as well as the whole they form together and allows them to procreate.

Chapter 52

(22) You know, this time, that apocalypse begins with the resurrection of the dead that the Son operates, and the separation of men which follows it, and ends with this famous deluge protector and purifier. You see clearly how plagues will be triggered one another in a perfect coherence. This will free the Earth for ever of those who will have mistreated it.

Chapter 57

(2) You don’t ignore anymore that the kingdom of heaven is the kingdom of God whom is establishing around each star, that is established this day upon the Earth. For this reason, we must hear: the kingdom of God in heaven: in the whole universe. If I persist in saying it, it’s because you thought that when a person died, he raised in the kingdom of God, that others call paradise. If it was so, the dead would rise to worlds belonging to others... Rather cease to be being infants and think instead of what we have already said, that is to say that if you take part to the resurrection which takes place today, your soul will stay on Earth in the unconsciousness of the time which passes and that it will find a body of flesh as many times as there are a solar changes. You will so stay in the kingdom of heaven, which is the kingdom of angels existing throughout the great spiral of life. The holy spirit is given to you, so that you impress upon you.

(9) If thus you have in mind the two complementary parts of the creative current (that we see through the image of the generator and the resistance) you know that as these two parts will exist in the universe, male and female will remain. This means that, even during rebirths which are happening throughout the path of the life, Adam and Eve will always be man and woman. Then cease believing that angels are asexual beings; for, taking part today at the resurrection of the dead, you are already angels of God! During these physical rebirthing made from meritorious souls, perhaps there will be no more procreation, God knows it. But there will always be contacts between Adam and Eve who will remain as they are in their kind; because, everyone, knows that their relation are the greatest pleasures of life, and a rewards in itself.

(14) Only God unites and brings his children closer. Consequently, you will have to abandon your old traditions about marriage, because those who married young people, by making this usage a source of profit, only do simulacra to sell them God... and the right to live with the person of their choice. Thus, your birth, which was to them a source of profit, until your marriage and to your death, who were others, they never set you free! They decided everything for you, and if it were possible they would even decide the number of children you would have. You belong to God and not to those who were taking advantage of men. It is for these reasons, and because it is difficult to found a family in such a world where everything is opposing to it, that Jesus said that at the resurrection, men will not take women or women a husband. This means that from now on there will be no more marriage such as those that you practiced, but only free unions done before the Eternal and according to His law.

Chapter 58

(24) My patience being to you unlimited, here is thus for the last time, for your salvation, the most essential of what you have to remember about the fulfilment of the Scripture on the day of the renewal of all things:

  • THE NATIVITY is the coming of the lamb in the world at the appointed time. Messenger of God, he comes to enlighten the nations and save those who were lost.
  • THE CRUCIFIXION is the representation of the suffering that we experience in front of the infamy committed on earth, and lead the saints of the last day to die spiritually for this world to which they become strangers.
  • THE ASCENTION is the progressive elevation of man that he experiences until reaching the summit of the mountain of the Eternal, which is built on the crest of the mountains, from where nothing can remain hidden in his eyes.
  • THE PASSOVER consists in eating the lamb of God (the bread of heaven), to acquire the Holy Spirit which makes you pass from the world of darkness into the world of light.
  • THE PENTECOST is the day when the chosen ones receive the Holy Spirit and the law which urge them to regroup in the mountains of their country, to escape the end of the world they know imminent.
  • THE PURGATORY is the work of the last judgment. This is the purging of men and of the entire Earth at the appointed time: men who free their skull from lies which make them commit sins, and the Earth which liberates herself of big cities which corrode it and of everything which threatens the posterity.
  • THE APOCALYPSE is the end of the world which arises in the messianic times, in the day when the Earth is visited and where the truth is revealed. It is the moment when the Lamb fights the world of the beast and the false prophet, and terminates all authority, all power, and all domination. His victory over the nations is followed by the fall of the cities and by the coming of the new Jerusalem.
  • THE RESURRECTION is the metamorphosis of man into an angel. It is the second birth which gives him a new momentum. This is due from the spirit of knowledge which opens the eyes on what is making us blind and that we can’t see.
  • THE ANGEL is the saint of mind who, on the evening of the world, is lit by the heaven sent. He can then, as this latter, glance through everything out of time.
  • THE HOLY CITY is the new Jerusalem formed by the chosen ones of God. This is the true church of Christ that Peter builds, and the model of all cities of the God’s kingdom.
  • THE KINGDOM is the reign of God on the entire Earth which found the beauty and the purity of the beginnings, as well as the right number of living beings. Few, the angels live discreetly in harmony with nature. Everyone does what he pleases freely, as they are henceforth similar to God who created everything for their coming. They reign with Him, forever.
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