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Size 15 x 21. Compound of 465 pages sewn and 64 figures. N ° ISBN: 2-914796-02-1 - Published by The Lamb's Book of Life © is a PDF downloadable document on this site since 15/12/2000. The Lamb sacrificed built it for more than 20 years and ended it at the age of 63 years.

Le livre de vie

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History of the Lamb's Book of Life

The prediction: Since 4000 years, the Bible announces the man (the Shiloh), which, when the time comes, would make know the truth to the world so they come out of darkness, just before the apocalypse, and the survivors who listen to him then they enter the sanctuary, the kingdom of God. The Shiloh is the Son of man predicted, the Lamb who is victorious of corrupt world.

Publishing houses: All publishers refused to publish the Book of Life that brings the good news. Their committee of reading is unable to see that this was the real fulfilment of the Scriptures by the predicted Messenger for today (which are messianic times) they passed beside the truth.

The academicians: In May 2001, each member of the Academy individually received the Lamb's Book of Life accompanied by an explanatory letter. In this way then one will not say that no one was aware of The coming of the Son of man and the change of world that follows inexorably. But, too old, these men with opinions definitely sealed could not read the book. They do not saw what it was.

The media: Also warned, media executives say nothing, because they have never heard of the advent to come of the Son of man and the changing world that will result. In addition, lack of time to study, and moreover worshiping the traitor who is sent from heaven to them, then how they would see that this is the Son of Man who is there and the whole world is in front of a huge upheaval?

The close friends of Emmanuel: Seeing then that they touched only irresponsible, those friends of the Son of Man decided to edit themselves so that we can become acquainted. That asked a lot of sacrifices. Thanks to them this book is registered in the National Archives, duly protected by copyright and ISBN number.

The publication of the Book: It is good to have this book at home, because there is nothing more precious to man that this book going well beyond our expectations. It was therefore essential that those who wish to make their bedside book can have it in their hands. What is possible now, because each can get it at the addresses mentioned.

It is advisable to download the Book of Life

Here’s why this book is essential

The Lamb's Book of Life does not concern those who will not be taken, as Jesus said, and will perish in what is coming, it concerns only those who are chosen and will find their name written in it because they will recognize themselves. Therefore, they will follow the advice of the Son of man and will survive the Apocalypse that will cleanse the Earth. Being the good grain harvested and cleared of weeds, they will begin the new world announced, which is the sanctuary and the kingdom of God which will be exercised by knowledge and by His law.

First, download it to save it

Trusting heart and soul into their religion, then they are necessarily harmful and pernicious sects, unhappy poor indoctrinated by these sects have any more opportunity to see the Son of man is really the Lamb of God, author of the book of Life. Taking the Lamb (Emmanuel) for an intruder, while he is the true owner of the vineyard of the Almighty, they scoff or defame, insult him and spit in his face, without realizing that they also fulfil the Scriptures, for they are those who oppose Jesus in the Bible. They will do everything to prevent people to listen to him, you can be sure. Accordingly, we recommend that you download it to save it because it is the lighting of the sanctuary comes from the reign of God.

Second, download and print it in the desired format

Already done, the layout allows everyone to print for personal use. You can also print two-sided A4 for example and classify sheets. Thus one has a file very easy to use for playback. Of course, it can also be read on the screen without being connected to the network. This is not easy, however, because it requires a lot of meditations on all subjects.

Also proposed, the reading online. This version is mainly for what one sees immediately what contains this work, and that we can then guide someone on a particular chapter able to interest it.

The Book requires a quiet and complete reading

But you must be patient to read it, because it is said at the end of chapter 26:

(31) However, make no mistakes! It takes two months to read the book of life, two years to open the eyes, two centuries to measure its benefactions, and two thousand years for it to become self-evident in everyone. It is of a long effect. (End of citation)

For these reasons, we advise you to read a little each day in bed if possible, away from the noise and lights of the city, because that is how you will be born again, of the spirit this time. This is the miracle of the resurrection announced, because without knowledge you are dead as we were also. Even if some passages escape you at first reading, you will see everything differently. The doors open widely ... new perspectives appear ... hope comes immediately. Everything changes miraculously. Read it slowly and you will take part in this miracle.

Warning on the effect of the Lamb’s Book

Because, reading it, you will become sighted persons within a world populated of blind...

This work puts the reader in the right way within a world upside down which rushes into the abyss. For some, this situation is hard to manage, even if they are assured to go towards a better world. For others, it becomes concrete through an explosion of intense joy. The spirit exults indeed, because to see what happens within the universe in one single thinking, to understand on this fact who one is, from where one comes and where one goes, is finally to have the answers at what Man wonders on existence since he is created.

Thus to come out of darkness in which the world is, is a big relief and an indescribable happiness. But it is also source of anxieties towards persons we know. Indeed, how to make read the Book of life of the Lamb to those that we love, while very often they are innocent victims of religions, and particularly of the catholic sect which has etched for ever on their spirit some nonsense about the Son, the Scriptures and their fulfilment? This one who read knows what is going to come to those who refuse to know, and this saddens him.

Read slowly this passage: The certainty of the change. It makes grasp many things, in particular why we caution of the effect of the Book, showing that the world has accomplished what it must be never made on the earth, but which must be made to give itself an unforgettable lesson and appreciate the kingdom of God which arrives.

Recent discoveries confirming the work

The astrophysicists find water on March, dark clouds surround the solar system, an own atmosphere to Saturn’s rings, and also planets around stars. After having brought on earth some dusts of a comet, they notice that all the celestial bodies of the solar family are compound of same materials... In this way, they really involuntarily confirm the Book of Life (written for more than 20 years) showing the unique and universal formation of celestial bodies, the origin of the water of planets and satellites, as well as the existence of living world per star (chapter 34). Be the witnesses!

One knows now that it rains on TITAN, but one always ignores that it rains on JUPITER, SATURN, URANUS, NEPTUNE, which really are unborn stars. This is very well shown in the Book and indisputable.

Although the book is more and more read, to help others and all peoples of the world, each reader must know as much as possible this address of the Book: If necessary, contact the team.

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