Help for browse the website

Site structure:

The site is divided into two distinct parts:

  • Pages that contain the contents of the book, they are gathered in the table of contents.
  • Other pages are accessible via icons in the main menu

Here are in order, the function of icons:

  • The Home icon provides access to all pages book off
  • The Summary icon to view the table of contents of the book
  • The Download icon to download the PDF and Epub versions of the book
  • The Open book icon to access the publisher’s website to order the paper version of the book
  • The Slideshow icon to view images from the book for each of them with a brief description and a link to the page where it originated
  • The Video icon offers some videos made by a reader of the book of life
  • The Mail icon to contact us
  • The Point icon interrgation leads to this page you are now reading

Website Usability:

Display comfort:

The site is designed to adapt to different screen resolutions of users. However, depending on the type of device or the browser used, it can sometimes be more comfortable to hide the menus with the orange buttons:

to hide / show the main menu (The top banner with icons)

to hide / show the side menu (the entire menu on the left)

to hide one of the side menu submenus (on the pages of the book)

to show / hide the side menu on smartphone

Navigation between chapters:

On the reading pages of the online book, the following buttons allow you to move from one chapter to another:

To go to the previous chapter

To go to the next chapter

You can also skip chapters by sliding your finger to the left or right for touch screens.

Navigation with bookmarks:

This function is reserved exclusively for the book pages.

To allow users who read the online version to be able resume playback from where they arrested a brand system semiautomatic pages was implemented. This simple system, consist to highlight in yellow in the summary the last page visited. This is done via a cookie that is read at the launch of summary page, allowing it to be positioned on the right chapter.

How it functions?

  • Since a page of the book: when you get on one of these pages (whatever link who you led), the memorization is from the loading. Also whenever you click on an internal link on this page (subchapter or image). Former stored link is then replaced by the new one. You can check this by clicking right after on the summary icon to see the link highlighted in yellow (you may need to refresh the page: F5).

As there is only one link memorized, it corresponds always the last page you visited, just as with a bookmark that you place inside a book before closing. This means that it is only for this last page you need to think about memorization, the previous being made automatically according to your clicks. For a history of all the pages you’ve visited, use the Back and Forward buttons on your browser.

This online version of the book (very used), is intended to make discover the book giving the user an overview of its chapters. But we still recommend to prefer reading in order his chapters. For this purpose, you can download the book in PDF (formatted for printing) or eBook if you have a smartphone. And you can also purchase a hard copy from the publisher to make this your favourite book.

Short addresses (experimental function):

For quick access to pages of the book, a system of short addresses was established. Its usefulness is obviously to avoid entering information but also extending to access a particular content of the book because each sub-section is numbered. You can use it to quickly place your links on sites, forums, etc ... to highlight a particular phrase or an image of the book of life.

  • For book pages, if you want to access the chapter 34-7 for instance, simply enter the address
  • For images: if you want to see the image number 53.
  • For videos: if you want to see the video number 2.

Problems encountered:

If you encounter problems display or any other technical problems, do not hesitate to contact us to inform us by stating that your message is addressed to the webmaster. Comments and suggestions to improve the use of the site are welcome.

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