The Holy Spirit is given to us by the Lamb's Book of Life

Those who read the Lamb’s Book recognize themselves in it, and see it in this way their name written. So they know that they are chosen for the sanctuary which comes, because they acquire the Holy spirit.

The Lamb explains that one cannot become saint of mind and true christian by ritual practices, recitations of the Scripture, ceremonies, pilgrimages, incantations, adorations of statues or human persons, or other customs just as absurd. He clearly shows that one becomes conform to the spiritual holiness only by circumcising the heart, as Moses advocates to make it by practising the Law.

The Son of man says also that one is circumcised of heart (saint of mind) or one is not, and it is too late for change, because there is no more time for this world. But we were all warned of this great day of the separation of the goats (the uncircumcised) and the sheep (the circumcised) by the Son of man.

It’s enough then to be circumcised of heart for grasp the Son of man (the Lamb) and be born a second time. From what, one knows that one is chosen for the eternal life, as well for the new world, having the new Jerusalem for model of city, and that one will survive to which will soon happen.

For understand the real, it is necessary to be circumcised of heart

Extract of chapter 10 of the Lamb’s Book which gives the characteristics of the heart of whose we talk and, consequently, of the spirit of the chosen ones. These are those who read and understand the Book:

The circumcised of heart

(4) But, to hear, it is better not knowing the human precepts which take away the faculties of understanding the truth. Rather give up your knowledge in order to receive my baptism from which your salvation depends on. If you are saints of mind and completely ignorant of the life concepts preached by man, you then are in a better mood to receive the light I bring onto you, because you have inside you the seven main virtues of the heart circumcision which Moses talks about. These virtues are wisdom, compassion, mercy, rectitude, love, humility and charity which all together express the holiness of a person. Here are their definitions:

WISDOM: quality of a person who is cautious and reasonable of all things.
COMPASSION: feeling of pity which makes a man sensitive to the pain of others.
MERCY: greatness of the soul which pushes to forgive the guilty.
RECTITUDE: loyalty of the person who is honest and fair.
LOVE: affection that one feels towards beings or for something.
HUMILITY: complete absence of pride and respect for others, which prevent from reigning over our fellowmen.
CHARITY: generosity of the heart which pushes to help any being in trouble.

(5) To circumcise himself means cutting what is bad, so may develop these feelings and virtues which inevitably make someone saint of mind and noble of heart. Such a person will understand and follow me for his salvation and the one of the entire world, because this person carries inside him the rules of existence that God has put in him. Being the law, this person cannot be below the law.

The uncircumcised

(6) But, contrary to the previous ones, those with an uncircumcised heart will disappear from the face of the Earth, because without having inside them these seven main virtues, they are inevitably the opposite of the circumcised, that is to say greedy, haughty, hypocrite, liar, deceitful, boorish, wicked and other similar things. These people are criminals, evil and destructive men who will not enter into the upcoming century; because, as they are, they are not apt to be baptized.

(7) I add to this that it is not when one exonerates himself in doing simulations of holiness that one attracts the Fathers’ favors, but only in practicing His law and not men’s law, in putting ourselves into His hands and not in the hands of the greats; otherwise one preaches hypocrisy to make it the air one breathes. I say that anyone who agrees to the rules of the law and disobeys them, ends his life; because it is better to practice men’s law and ignore God’s law, than to evoke God’s law and behave contrary to His will.

The New Jerusalem

The Son of man brings the truth. He shows that he is with the Scriptures, and announces the new Jerusalem, because there is no more time for this world. But only the circumcised of heart are saints of mind and will enter in the new Jerusalem, this city example announced and formed by the men around the universal law. It’s written on it:

Apocalypse 21:27 Nothing impure will ever enter it, nor will anyone who does what is shameful or deceitful, but only those whose names are written in the Lamb’s book of life.

All things show that the world is in messianic times. Thus do not let us abuse by the religious and scientifics, because time is running.

If thus we are the truths circumcised of heart and thus Veritable men, recognize first the good shepherd, and follow him until the new world. Don’t be afraid, because he asks us nothing and gives his life for us.

The integral and attentive read of the Lamb's Book of Life brings us the holy spirit, and opens us to knowledge and to an extraordinary hope.

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