The terrestrial eras and the genesis in front of self

Past – Present – Future

Before it lights up, the Sun was like Jupiter which prepares itself to shine at its turn, just as Saturn, Uranus and Neptune which are in the same way stars forthcoming. What is well shown in the Book and within reach of children.

But one cannot develop here the electromagnetism which clearly explains the entire universe (the matter and the spirit which compose it) just as the figures of the eras and of the genesis below. We present this images in the aim to show what were the orbital changes of the Earth around the Sun (It is at right of the image) following the explosion of the atmosphere of this last one which enlightened it, little times ago. Our world results from it and, to understand what is happened, it is understand all until our days and quite beyond, be sure.

These to-ings and fro-ings are terrestrial eras and the six days of Genesis described by Moses which had never been explained so far. But it is obvious that the understanding of these images requires reading the entire Book. Browse it, is consequently, the guarantee of will grasp nothing and dismiss it because it is in the opposite direction of everything that one learns on the matter and spirit of the universe, the stars, the world and the meaning of existence.

Help to the comprehension of the images

The duration of each era is shown most closely in the Book of Life. For example, The Precambrian lasted 40 000 years since the sun shines until the Earth starts the primary era which, it, lasted 50 000 years as one sees it, and so on... we are visibly very far of millions and billons years advocated by scientific... what is by far more satisfactory for the mind. Note also that, except the revealing carboniferous of these displacements, the subdivisions of eras aren’t mentioned here. But observe what was and what will be, because EVERYTHING is in.

The genesis and the eras of our young world

Here is the complete history of the world until nowadays

The Genesis since the sun shining until our days
Figure 53 - Genesis since the illumination of the Sun until nowadays

The durations are those of the eras (the days of genesis) from the beginning until their end.

During these successive displacements which started (above) right after the atmospheric explosion of the Sun which lighted up, there is a little bit less of 200 000 years, the internal and external temperature of the earth doesn’t ceased to vary and to modify the relief in consequence. The beings created in answer to life conditions of the moment, were thus different. What allows understanding better the genesis.

Note to grasp the captions of images and the big change announced

The Son of the man shows clearly that Man is like a candle in preparation needing to be lit. And the Man lights up when the times comes, when his spirit is able to wear all the truth, as it appears on this figures. Lit like this, he is no longer Man but Angel, from where the world of angels which succeeds to the human world on the images. Now, only the les saints of mind will follow the Lamb and will live in this world without nuisance. That’s why the Scripture says that here will have many called but not much chosen ones. The chosen ones are those who read entirely the Lamb’s Book in which they recognize themselves and see in that way their name written in it. The genesis, here expressed, will help them.

The genesis of the world explained by Moses

Thus observe what the seven days of the genesis are

Genesis expressed by Moses
Figure 46 - Genesis expressed by Moses

Here is the indisputable similarity between the geological eras explained by the Son of the Man and the genesis described by Moses which, visibly, are a same formation. These two images are the meeting point of the two witnesses of the Eternal.

The genesis: meeting Point of Moses and the Son of man

Variation and stabilisation of life conditions

The Genesis of the beginning until our days
Figure 58 - Genesis since the begining of our world to nowadays

The displacements show also the changing climate of eras of which they are the origin, and what were the life conditions from these important climatic changes. The living beings appeared and disappeared in function of these changes.

Citation of the Son of man on the genesis

(5) This illustration, that we will go through with more details, reveals the whole truth about the history of our Earth. It isn't the fruit of my will. It is the fruit of the will of the Almighty who has guided me here so that I may show his magnificent works and so that everyone knows that science is what makes man and not what man makes.

(6) This is why no one had ever contemplated such an image which shows everything and heals the one who looks at it. Apart from the distant past since the Sun shines, we can see why the Earth has water in abundance, its different eras and their world, the moment of the Moon's interception, and what was its evolution in the region of the sky where the solar temperature allows the water cycle and the manifestation of life. Thus, it is the entire history of the world that we contemplate, from the beginnings up to the Son which enlightens man with a new light.

The genesis and the consummation of the times

The past, the present, the future

Genesis and world evolution
Figure 63 - Genesis and evolution of the world

Citation of the Son of man on the genesis

(5) Good observers will realize immediately that man will never have a better illustration of all the works of the Eternal. For, beyond the progressive formation of the terrestrial garden and the distinction of the eras, it shows the world through the path of life of our celestial bodies, and reveals the genesis, the prophecy, the changing of mind of the man in the appointed day, as well as the transition from the darkness world to the world of light.

(6) This providential figure reveals the essential things. We see indeed whence man comes and where he goes, and that matter and spirit of the universe are intimately connected, like the material soul loaded with spiritual writings is a whole. So, everyone understands that he is created in the image of God, and he perceives the sense and depth this time. Can there be a better light on all realities?

The path of the solar family and of the world that it makes live

The youth of our world is here manifest and reveals the rightness of the genesis

The path of life of celestial bodies and souls
Figure 31 - The path of life of celestial bodies and souls

Citation of the Son of man

(19) As seen in this figure, the life expectancy of the Sun is equivalent to the time it will take to travel all the branch of the Galaxy. For the moment, it is with the Earth at the very bottom of this branch, because it has not been shining for five billion years as the intelligent proclaim loudly and constantly in your ears, but rather for a little less than two hundred thousand years. With the comings and goings of the Earth which determined its epochs, we will acquire the certainty of it. But what does two hundred thousand years represent in the life expectancy of celestial bodies and the world? They are like the first breath of a child in the number of breaths of the duration of his days.

The species evolution that profess scientists is visibly without foundations because, with regard to the genesis, the Son of man shows that the Earth went in the extreme temperatures which prevent all existence, in particular between the primary and the secondary where all water from the earth was vapours and clouds, as one sees it on the figure.

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