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First part: Fulfilment of the Scriptures


The worlds of the universe

(1) The spirit and the matter being inseparable, the science of Scriptures and the science of the universe are together the one and only science. The prophets knew it. That is why, and although they had written the Book over thousands of years ago, they already spoke about the globe of the Earth, or about the circle of the Earth to show that it is round; of the atom of dust, indicating that there is something smaller there than what we see; the stars and their celestial bodies, meaning that stars have celestial bodies as the Sun has its own, and that our world isn’t an exception. They also speak about the Wheel filled with eyes inside and outside, showing the Galaxy completely inhabited; the chains of the pleiades Orion's belt, revealing the material ties of celestial bodies; and other things which still testify of their deep knowledge.

Space and the galaxies

(2) It isn’t indispensable to observe what the universe contains with telescopes, because it can’t be anticipated and demonstrated only by its material side. To grasp it completely, it is necessary to understand at first that it is a volume completely composed of matter; that it is the opposite of emptiness. Indeed, just as time, space exists only by the matter which forms it. That is why I said that between celestial bodies and between galaxies, space is a volume entirely of ethereal matter. We are certain that it is so, because a volume isn’t understood by forms or by limits, but only by the matter which composes it and within which there are distances, intervals. It is therefore very easy to see that the intersidereal and intergalactic space is a completely material volume, if only for the distances which separate celestial bodies and galaxies. But many other things will show us that space is completely formed by ethereal and subtle matter at the origin of the particles which composes celestial bodies, and these last ones the galaxies.

(3) So that there are no confusions in your minds, know forever that the galaxies which fill space here and there are wheels composed of stars with their celestial bodies, and clouds of vapors and dusts resulting from their work. With the solar family, we are inside one of these wheels and amongst the worlds which it contains and which are also as numerous as the stars. These worlds are the reason for being of galaxies which fill space.

(4) To know what is taking place within the galaxies, let’s give here some brief explanations on their composition. Let’s know firstly that, as beings are renewed, the celestial bodies which compose a galaxy are renewed likewise. That is why a galaxy is the biggest body composed of matter which integrates and disintegrates permanently, by the electromagnetic activity of the celestial bodies which are magnetized masses. We shall see that a celestial body is a sphere of which the metal part occupies almost all the volume, and that this sphere is magnetized by the celestial body from which it comes.

(5) Magnetization is an activity, a movement of matter which forms initially the magnetosphere of the celestial body, then the electrons which constitute the lines of force and the rings surrounding this celestial body. The magnetosphere is the essence of space which descends on the celestial body by condensing and by applying pressure on all the bodies. This intake of essence causes then the forming of the lines of force which leave from an hemisphere and arrive on the other one after forming rings in space. These invisible rings surround the celestial body here and there, perpendicular to the equator. And it is them that eventually give birth to other magnetized spheres, smaller, which are their satellites. These grow in their turn, and become full-fledged celestial bodies. A child will be able to grasp these explanations.

(6) At the moment, remember that the celestial bodies which compose a galaxy are magnetized masses having each a magnetosphere. These magnetospheres, which are felt very far in space, are added to one another to form a single and immense one which surrounds the galaxy. Conversely to that, the stars of that galaxy burn and are consumed by returning to space the essence which gave body to them. It is what constitutes the solar wind and the wind of all the stars which form together a very big galactic breath and an immense light. That said, the galaxies are surrounded at the same time by a magnetosphere (which is comparable to an inhalation) and by a breath (which is comparable to an expiration), because the magnetosphere is the essence which arrives on it, and the breath is the essence which leaves it. The magnetosphere is the intake of matter, which is a part of the INTEGRATION. The breath is the consumption of matter, which is a part of the DISINTEGRATION. Continual intake and consumption of matter give existence to the galaxies which, in this way, are perpetually renewed.

Birth and forms of the galaxies

(7) As the particle is born from another particle and the celestial body of another celestial body, the galaxy is born likewise from another galaxy. It is initially about a cluster of stars which, such as an embryo, forms within the wheel, then leaves it and develops afterwards. When a cluster gets loose from the branch of a galaxy which gives it birth, it has the shape of a ball which turns on its axis, and which takes a flattened shape little by little. This rotation movement, which the small galaxy acquires, is due to the stars which fade in its center; because the big void caused by the sudden disappearance of the immense magnetosphere of a star which fade, is immediately filled by the surrounding stars. It forms an inhalation, a driving force which pulls the stars towards this region where they disappear when their mass is completely consumed. A star consumes itself, and the moment comes when it is completely consumed. But the duration it took to disintegrate is infinitely longer than the one needed to be formed.

(8) All which is said will be put to observation. For the moment, let’s note that it is the disappearance of the huge and old stars that pulls the other stars towards the heart of the Wheel. This movement also makes the Galaxy turn on itself and forms its branches which coil in spiral. And by the centrifugal force which it exerts, this rotation also creates the separation of stars of different inertia. Because of that, we have to represent to ourselves the families of heavy masses (such as the solar family) in the lower third, the moderately heavy families in the middle third, and the light families in the center’s third, forming the bulb of the Galaxy. It is so, because a stellar family gets lighter in mass little by little as its planets destined to shine leaves it. The solar family will know this progressive lightening, when Neptune, then Uranus, then Saturn, then Jupiter will become stars and will leave it each in turn.

The Galaxy
3 – The Galaxy

(9) Here is our Galaxy, seen from the side. This image makes us aware that such magnificence can’t exist in space without reason, aimlessly, without will and without purpose. However, as big as it is, it's only a luminous little point amongst the myriads of myriads of similar points distributed in the unlimited space. But it would appear such as we see it here if we went out of it and if we looked at it from the outside. Let’s imagine that we went away from it with the Earth, until it appears to us on the horizon. It is so vast that it is necessary to turn our head to the left then to the right to see its extremities. Thus its magnificence appears to us.

(10) From the edge up to the Sun, it’s only a small distance in which we find the worlds of the animal kind, as those who preceded us on Earth, and that of men. And from the Sun up to the center, there is, in this vast distance, the angels’ worlds in which we enter with the solar family which goes to the center of the Wheel. But everywhere our sights go, there are lands with greenery, seas and beings. Because in this immense house, there is not a single place where there are no living beings, no stars which shine in vain and pointlessly.

The depths of the universe

(11) If we could see our Galaxy laid over the horizon, as if we had gone out of it with the Earth and as if we looked at it from afar, wouldn't that be the biggest and the most beautiful spectacle which we would attend? Imagine then that we went alone even further in intergalactic space with the Earth, until we were halfway from the neighboring galaxy towards which we are going. From this place, this galaxy and ours are the same size and very small for us. We notice that we don’t distinguish their stars anymore. We see only the general light of both galaxies and not their stars which we can’t distinguish anymore. Everywhere we look in space, we can make out similar luminous points. These points aren’t stars but galaxies, myriads of galaxies in all directions and here and there which occupy all the volume of the universe. What a spectacle!

(12) Now let’s get away unlimitedly from our two galaxies, and let’s go to meet the following ones as fast as we would make it by walking on the stones of a ford. Let’s move forward! Let’s move forward! And let’s do it for a thousand of our years! During all this time, we never meet the end, and never are we in the nothingness where there are no visible lights, because everywhere the galaxies gleam far off. Still let’s move further away, always in a straight line, and for a hundred million years this time! We never collide with a barrier, and we never meet a wall, because there is neither limit nor edge nor end. The luminous points are always in front of us. We see some here and there, forming trails in space, but they are everywhere! It has now been a hundred million terrestrial years since we lost sight of our Galaxy, and we advance forever… forever… forever… The universe, it’s forever.

(13) By returning now slowly on Earth, we understand better what is eternity in this journey because, if it didn’t exist, with what could we limit the volume and the duration of the universe? With the word end? We just have to imagine limits to immediately question what forms them or on what is behind them, because the spirit can’t stop at limits. Also, everywhere we were, God was found. And it is with his eyes that we looked at the immensity during our journey which brought us next to myriads of living worlds, myriads of seas, filled with people, with vessels, and with prairies in which herds graze. But, over there, where was our reference to situate us in the immensity? What were our hour and our terrestrial year worth in these distant spaces? We were alone with the celestial Spirit, without any reference other than the luminous points extending into infinity, in all directions.

(14) Since we can’t make a volume of emptiness… it is certain that you didn’t travel within space that’s devoid of matter, but in the essence with which the spatial volume and the celestial bodies form. Also, listen to me! In the middle of all these wheels where you had gone, and which are composed of myriads of stars with their celestial bodies, did you really think that only one of these stars (our Sun) illuminated a living world? Did you have the feeling that all other stars shone vainly and pointlessly in the sky? When we shall demonstrate that it is the planets which make the stars shine, nobody will believe anymore that only one of these planets (ours) is inhabited among these myriads of wheels. This journey, which enlightens the mind on the depths of the universe, makes by itself become aware that the Sun isn’t the Star, or the Earth the Planet of the universe, but that they are only celestial bodies among the other similar celestial bodies which compose the Wheel.

Movement and displacement of the galaxies

(15) The rotation movement of our Galaxy can’t appear to us from the Earth. However, by being towards the edge (in the lower third) and far from the center of this big wheel, we move in space at an incredible speed! And the distances which we travel are terrifying! By moving this way, as on a circle, we are constantly moving away from certain galaxies and going towards to meet others. Those from which we are going away at a great pace seem to us necessarily more red than white, whereas those which we approach seem to us rather blue than white, because the speed of our movement makes their color vary for us. Now, this phenomenon of the change of color considerably deteriorates the defect of vision of the scholars. Because, by seeing the galaxies going away from them, while it is them who are going away from them, they can’t refrain from concluding that the universe is expanding... It is what they teach.

(16) By being near the extremity of a curved branch, we see more of the wheels from which we are moving away from than those we are going towards. And it is because of our own movement that the scholars see the universe as a gigantic ball constituted by galaxies which don’t stop moving away from one another, pushed by the breath of the initial explosion which would have formed them. But if it was so, wouldn’t the space where this expansion is occurring had to be unlimited? What has no limit is necessarily eternal. Only space would be eternal in their eyes? What is forming this space according to them, and how far do they imagine it to go? Is it a part of the universe or isn’t it a part of it? Shouldn’t they answer these questions?

(17) Besides, if we move away quickly and at will from their immense ball of galaxies (which is the totality of the universe for them), we would inevitably end up seeing it as big as a heap of stars, then as the Earth, then, further still, as a little point which would shrink even further until it dissapears from view... What that this tiny and strange universe in the middle of the unlimited space, and similar to a grain of sand which quickly disappears from view? Isn’t it a challenge for the reason?

(18) No, the universe isn’t a local and temporary little thing which would exist from an explosion of the nothing coming out of nowhere, and which would have accidentally occurred... It is God’s domain which has no limits of depth and of duration, because you saw that it exists everywhere and always, celestial travelers! You can’t thus have your own life, because you have the life of the Almighty by being one of its uncountable domains. As nobody has its own weight, no creature has its own life, its life being that of God which exists everywhere. This revelation will give you consistency and an evident reason to have hands and feet around a heart. Believe that it is so, because life exists wherever we are in the universe, and manifests itself on all the planets where there is some liquid water. Now, it will be shown that there are as many inhabited lands as there are stars! See then that we aren’t alone but numerous in the eternal immensity.

The proportions of the masses

(19) During our very long journey, we have noticed that, however big they are, the galaxies were in truth only tiny luminous points in the distance. And we also noticed that we were constantly in the center of a sphere bounded by these luminous points still perceptible to the eyes. Also, whether it is about a celestial body or about an entire galaxy, these bodies are really only corpuscles in the immensity. It is thus, because in the unlimited volume of the universe, the dimension of objects is only an affair of distance separating the objects from us. What is easily noticeable in our own Galaxy, where stars appear to us as tiny luminous points on the celestial vault.

(20) How would it then be possible to observe the planets of the stars from the Earth? We can’t do it, because even Jupiter appears to us as a luminous point in the sky, while it is at our doorstep. We see it because it is close to us. But if it was on the borders of the solar family, we would barely be able to see it, because a planet only weakly reflects the light of its star. Therefore it is inconceivable to be able to visually observe the planets of the stars, even the nearest ones. We cannot do it, especially when the disc of a planet is completely illuminated by its star (as the full moon) in relation to us, this planet is necessarily in the background of this star. Also such little light sent back by this tiny point is blended in the powerful light of the star which we observe. That is why, even with a powerful telescope, it is impossible to notice the planets of the stellar families others than the solar family.

The discretion of angels

(21) Knowing very well the matter and the force which compose together the universe, I say that, whatever its appearance is, the force is nothing more than matter in movement. There are not many forces, but the force. The waves are also a part of this unique force, because they are always vibrations caused in the matter, the diverse vibrations which echo here and there within this matter. It is also because space (the unlimited volume of the universe) is constituted of essence that the waves can spread and interpenetrate this space. Things which couldn’t be done with electrons, because, however small they may be, they are bodies which would collide against each another. No, the waves are only vibrations of the matter, and not emissions of electrons. We shall return to the waves later to explain them. And there you will grasp that all worlds of the sky are interconnected.

(22) If that’s how it is, you will say, why don’t the angels of the Wheel then make themselves known? What’s the reason they don’t show themselves, while we can communicate with them through waves today? My answer to that is that only the men of the Wheel wish to communicate with the other worlds, and not the angels who know the whole truth. Thus, in the Wheel, men’s worlds which are approximately in our time and still in the darkness, are necessarily at the opposite of us in the Galaxy and far away. There is therefore no possibility of communicating with them. Furthermore, wanting to communicate with other worlds is the expression of a great distress of the ignorant man which, still not knowing the truth, feels alone and abandoned in the immensity.

(23) Having nothing to say to them, the angels do not try to communicate with men. Isn’t it written that the Son would come to lead you in all the truth, at the appointed time? It is indeed necessary that it is him who leads you in it in this day, to separate the sons of darkness from the sons of light. He has to judge and put an end to the corrupt world; because the daily destruction of the Earth and his inhabitants has to stop to make place for the sanctuary and for God’s reign.

(24) When the time comes, the Shiloh (Christ) thus comes to put an end to all authority, all power and all domination on every Earth where God sends him. However, it isn’t the same man of flesh and bone that arrives in these worlds, but the spirit of truth, which is similar here or elsewhere in the universe and in the man whom God raises to serve him. The truth is unique. And if the words chosen to say it vary a little from one world to another, they do not express less the reality. And all hear.

(25) Thus, every world of the sky sees one day the Shiloh arriving with power, to stop with his finger the train of the world going into perdition. He does it through writing, by explaining patiently to men what reality is exactly. The only Son is unique only in the world where he rises. Because I have just said that, the Father has as many related sons as he has got living worlds in his universe. And his sons are alike in all respects, because God is the spirit which animates them, the unique spirit of truth.

(26) The worlds of the sky which are upstream of the Sun, have thus gone through this singular day of the coming of Christ. So it goes without saying that angels refrain from showing their presence, provided they don’t practice waves in the same manner as men does, and also because of what they could reveal, the Son reveals it. No, none of them would substitutes himself from the one to whom they owe their salvation, as will those who will pursue their life in the kingdom of God.

(27) If thus the angels of heaven would themselves explain the truth, they would annihilate necessarily the mission of the Son which consists in enlightening you, in separating you from goats, and in saving your lives. Do you understand that if they could communicate with the world with waves, they would do it necessarily with the scientists, the military, and the other leaders who dominate the peoples? In that case, these men by whom the end is coming would then be strengthened and taller than ever, whereas the poor people of humble heart would be forever their victims. There would be thus no purgatory. Then the princes of darkness would reign until they bring the extinction of all life. That’s why the angels of heaven don’t get involved in this world nor in any other worlds, because having experienced themselves the purgatory, they know that the Son will come at the appointed time to make the truth known to them and to save them from evil powers.

(28) Until his arrival, most men think they are alone in the immensity. Others imagine the universe populated with monsters waging war constantly, as do men of darkness from this world. But nobody thinks of the peaceful angels of both sexes knowing the truth, because they still don’t know what the reason to be of a celestial body is, or that saint men become angels at the appropriate moment. And such you were because, as princes, you had the teachers of lies and the organizers of the massive destruction of the world. How would you have been able then to know that the only monsters of the Wheel are those who destroy their Earth and its inhabitants? They are amongst you. They reign by holding you under their authority. And you know them!

(29) Since evil invalidates life and stops it, while good gives free rein and protects it, which of two must overcome the other? Are they the men who lead the world to its ruin who have to reign over the Earth or those who walk in the ways of the Almighty? If thus those who reign today could communicate with the worlds of the sky, or go from world to world as they hope to do, they would act on them as they act on you since the antiquity. What would happen then to an emerging world, as the one who will appear around Jupiter, if the leaders of peoples, the traffickers, the conquerors, the rich, the priests, the scientists and the military of our planet could access it? This distant world would become their victim as our world became one, and it couldn’t even make it to the days that we are into! That is why God doesn’t allow these individuals to communicate with other worlds, nor to travel in the Wheel. God rejects them, because they were only there to teach evil, and push it to its paroxysm and disappear forever.

(30) Know also how to see that what is practiced on the entire Earth today exists for the arrival of the Son and the change of world which follows. Nothing is missing in any domain. Everything is ready to serve me, and to serve He who sends me. That is why you will see me arriving everywhere in the world as fast as lightning, without anyone having the time to oppose to it and such as Jesus announces it.


(31) You, the saint angels, you are of the race of the Father in all the wheels, because God created you in his likeness. Don’t doubt what I say about your divine nature, because men who become angels are God together throughout the universe. And to better be aware of it, lay yourself bare, and go bathing again and several times in the intergalactic space, in the middle of the wheels filled with myriads of living worlds. You will come back with a clearer view and fairer thoughts on the dimensions of the universe, and with better feelings on the depths of He who gives you the being, the breath and the movement.

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