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First part: Fulfilment of the Scriptures


The Veritable and the impostors

(1) It is only through the understanding of the universe that one may know who men are. Thus, it is not with the so-called origins of the universe coming from the scientists that one may be enlighten; because imagining the celestial bodies and everything that lives coming from an original explosion of a mysterious matter coming from nowhere, is developing the science of the non reason of existence... This is a huge lie in which you are drowning, while loosing your lives and humanity. No, we will see that the universe exists from all eternity, and that stars shine to enlighten and to sustain their world on top of which men are always placed. When we will have demonstrated this, you will then know that the world is quite young and that, as it is already written in Noah, it is because of this youth that men’s heart are essentially leaning towards evil. The world they are building is then unstable, unfair and cannot bring anything else but the end of all human life. However, God sends his son just before this happens, in order to reveal all that was kept secret until his coming and to save what needs to be. Thus, the apocalypse following this, which is determined and foretold since forever, will serve as an eternal example to the survivors. This is why, you must not mix up the end of all life which would inevitably be caused by those who reign, with the apocalypse that puts an end to their insane practices.

Cain’s sons

(2) Eden was the beauty of the beginning of the world. But it was quickly buried by Cain’s sons who reigned until now, by doing what must never be done again. Which is not in vain or useless however, because knowing where the rebellion against God leads to is a considerable knowledge. For now, you must see that those who rode the wrong horses troubled the water of the river of life with their feet, without paying attention to the warning of the prophecy which testifies of what would happen to them and to their rebellious world. So, as foretold in the Scripture, nations have produced their means of defence being unable to foretell what would happen, and persevered in their path being unable to foretell the future. But now they are nothing but straw today and will burn all together as one, because it is an abomination to wallow in them and hope in their paths.

(3) Who believed in the prophecy? And who understands this word of John, at the end of the Scriptures, for this great day:

Come, gather together for the great feast of God, that you may eat the flesh of kings, the flesh of military leaders, the flesh of mighty men, the flesh of horses and those who ride them, the flesh of all, free and servants, small and great.

Condemned that way and openly by the Scriptures, how could they become kings, military chiefs, powerful? Can one be judged that way and pretend walking with God? It is however these pointed at hypocrites you place at your heads, them that you cherish! But I am asked to dislodge and chase them like a prey, for the great feast of God, because their works are those of Cain which are of an unpleasant smell to the Eternal.

(4) Since men could not conceive or create themselves, it is obvious that they cannot establish their own rules to survive. Only the Creator can provide them, the same way you put functioning rules inside the machines you create. God made his law known to Moses in this way, so that through it you can reach the Son of man by being saints of mind and upright. But your fathers have thrown away this law over their shoulders in order to establish kings and their laws! Surprise yourself then that there are so many injustices, devastations, oppressions, despair, diseases and screams of pain among peoples.

(5) Confusion reigns everywhere and in every domain, because the world is now experiencing Babel. Indeed, Babel is the image of a world elevating up to the sky what must not and speaks the same language all around the Earth. It cannot be otherwise, because men confide themselves and obey those who orient them into the same path. This is why you all believe in the science coming out from men and not on the science by which we exist, as well as believing on the liberties given by the leaders and not the original liberty. You speak about religious societies and never about the religion which consists in practicing the rules of life given by God, and to elevate yourselves up to Him to acquire the knowledge and follow his will. You are perceiving what is real, but you interpret everything upside down. This is why many claim that Earth has never known such intelligent men like those of today...

(6) God, through Moses, has warned humanity, but humanity did not hear because Satan’s priests are giving false interpretations of the Scripture, like scientists are giving false interpretations about the sidereal. All this reverses your judgements. The result is human darkness, making you look like lost men in a dark forest who cannot find the road to get out of it. Indeed, today you are wandering because no one can separate God from the religions, nor the celestial bodies from the scientists, because those men say loud and clear of their voice: we have the privilege of wisdom and of comprehension! In believing them, you are disoriented and desperate.

(7) All this sorrows me a lot, because you cannot foresee living without the golden calf (which is money), without the monstrous cities always growing, without the steel machines destroying everything, and without those who have powers and live off others while saying: listen to what we tell you! Do what we ask you and shut up! You then do what they ask and you walk while crying. This is a great misfortune. Because as soon as the powerful have a stranglehold on your countries, your regions and your belongings, as well as on your families, your children, your bodies and your minds, what is left of you that makes you a man? You are left with nothing. So listen to me. Afterwards, you the innocent, you will not be lambs eaten by wolves anymore, but lambs of which wolves are afraid of.

(8) On this day, the Earth is like a pregnant woman in whose children are jostling in her womb. Some will be born for eternal life, they are the saints of mind who become perfect at the end of centuries; and the others will perish miserably because of the iniquities of their fathers which have been brought upon them by the transgressions of the law. All of this heralds great pain, because above the difficulty of being born again, there will then be the separation of the righteous and the unrighteous.

The diabolical

(9) You, the theologists who were surveying the Scriptures, and you the scientists who were leaning over science, would'nt you rather have informed the world and prepare the pregnant woman for the day of her difficult delivery? Is it not what you should have done with the prophecy which was foretelling that event for the end of centuries, or with the science which demonstrates that as well? But, inhabited by demons, you are more likely preoccupied by glory, rewards, money and the search for honours, than you are from the spiritual development of men and the knowledge of truth; otherwise, you would be informed already of the day of its delivery I come to announce.

(10) You, naming yourselves scientists, yes you the missioners without mission, the truth will put a cord into men’s hands which will enable them to measure your imposture as well as your excessive vanity. You should not have sat on God’s throne which is not at your dimensions. Do you have any revelations to make to the world? No, you do not. And the Scripture testifies it, because it foretells a man (the spirit of truth) who will lead the creature into the whole truth. And I glorify myself to be this foretold man. When you speak about the universe and existence, you're only driving the world deeper into darkness. You hide your ignorance with millions or billions of years of evolution and of randomness exempting you from any coherent explanation. You are spinning webs of lies in which men get caught and struggle. However, science has another mean and purpose which you cannot understand while believing you are above everyone, and probably the only intelligent beings in the universe... But with your lies, I made of you my footstool and you will not recover from it. Although your names are honoured in the world, with the religious and all those who reign, you are impostors and the fathers of horror, guilty to have brought the suffering of the world and its end.

(11) Here I speak to you, the diabolical scientists, who have made out of science an inextricable thing and a poisoned substance which kills men! We only have to look at your works that sullies, modifies the beings, defiles and devastates the Earth, as well as the people’s chains and burdens, to understand what are your thoughts and your works. By proclaiming yourselves scholars, you think you can take the liberty to do anything, even changing nature as if the Earth and its inhabitants were the works of your hands. Not only you don't know anything about existence, but then again you are convinced to be more than the prophets who have always foretold the destiny of this world.

(12) With a lot of arrogance, you made men believe you were the only ones to have the privilege to know the matter, just as religious sects made them believe with abominable lies that they were the only ones who knew God. And now no one can open his mouth! Well, after having measured, weighted, counted your words and your works, we will now estimate what they are worth. If you cannot grasp science, it is because you reject the Creator. Also, by substituting yourselves to Him, you were obviously interpreting everything upside down, as far as stating that Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune are failed stars, when they are on the contrary, stars in preparation. You know how to drink water when you are thirsty, but you still do not know by which mystery there is so much water on Earth. You speak about particle and about celestial body, but without even knowing the cycle of matter. You give explanations, but without knowing the principle of existence of masses. You assert, you claim and lead the world to its ruin. Hypocrites! Today you are thrown out the door, because you are not big enough to throw God out of His universe, and your arms are too short to abolish His rules.

(13) Since I've been observing you, I hear you say to the peoples; you will soon know everything about life, because we recently discovered this and that from which we will finally be able to demonstrate the universe and who we are! But you continue to lead men into your lies, at a point to make them believe that they are some species of monkeys that would evolve endlessly... You add that the passage of humanity will be short, and that even the universe will disappear! With such words, you take away the desire to live, because such assertions destroy men’s spirit and take away their reasons to exist. But the truth will appear differently to them I tell you, and this time life will find back its meaning in their heart.

(14) Being incapable of reading the Scriptures, you dispute them. And while looking at me from above, you are laughing. But where do you think wisdom can be set from where you stand in your towers: within your nuclear cauldrons from which you build appalling weapons of the end and contaminated waists? Or in the water sullied by your products? Would wisdom be in your laboratories where you cultivate awful diseases with the help of the militaries in order to carry out your domination over the population? Would wisdom be hiding among your victims who are dying daily and which we are picking up all along the roads and around the cities? Do you see it in your manufactures which are destroying the sites, the air, the water, and the animals in great number, the seeds and the climate? Would wisdom be living among the peoples who, wanting to follow you, are impoverished and shaken on their basis, and from now on look like standing skeletons? Is it wisdom or your tremendous vanity that makes you believe that you are standing above the Creator, and that you can change his creation as you please by manipulating genes, cells and embryos? Insane! You are only thinking of making chimeras and death machines! You only profess catastrophe and nothingness, because you are nothing more than the teachers of lies and the providers of demoniacal visions from which emerges violence, insensitivity and the means to extermination.

(15) Having appallingly failed in your attempts to explain the existence, you have come to this conclusion: man is a coincidence! The water on Earth is a coincidence! The Earth itself is a great big coincidence, as well as men’s intelligence. But tell me, if this coincidence is able to conceive and create celestial bodies, which provide life conditions from which they form the world species after species, up to the laughing and crying men, is it not divine? What do you have against the Creator to call him coincidence? What did He do to you to make you conspire against Him, even though he gives you the breath of life? Do you accuse him of letting you devastate the Earth and to cause horrible suffering among the peoples, even though he made his law known to you so it would'nt come to this? You wanted to measure yourselves against God in order to assert yourselves in front of everyone, but today you are defeated by the jaw of a donkey...

(16) Miserable creatures, you put me in charge of a heavy task! But this burden you are putting on my shoulders will crush you and make you disappear forever from this Earth which cannot stand you no more. Incapable of approaching yourselves to the Creator and his prophets, you did not believe the coming of the Son of man at the end of days. But your works follows you; and by your demonic works which brings the end, you are judged. You will go away, because this is the raging wish of the One who sends me to make Earth inhabitable again, and such is my will.

The only religion

(17) You, who are not scientist, listen to me! A meticulous observation of beings and of all the perfections around us unquestionably leads us to recognize the existence of the Creator; because it is a fact that things and beings could not have been born from their own initiative. The stars, the Earth and the world then raises the utmost respect for the supreme Being who created everything with love. It is this respect, as well as the love we have for his magnificent work, that must inspire wisdom and raise from the men's heart the rules of life that God put there. These rules are those which consists of living in freedom and in harmony with all that surrounds us in order to draw pleasure from existence, without condemning the upcoming generations.

(18) But men did not bother about those rules, although they were also written in a book, the Bible. Indeed, knowing that men’s intelligence would increase their vanity until they fail, God took care to have His rules written in a book, in order for everyone to use them as reference, to be judged by them and to not deviate from them. It is about the law brought up by Moses, which goal is to preserve the Earth, the creation, and to keep men on their feet until their judgement. He warned them as well of the day where He would send Elijah, his only son, to separate those who would have been faithful from those who would have not, because on that day He will create a new world in which He will not allow the unfaithful to come in. And here the world has arrive to that great and dreadful day!

(19) There can therefore be no other religions than the religion of the heart, which is a way of being and behaving, based on justice and respect that one acquires by paying attention to the perfections all around us. And there cannot be any other worship than the tribute one pays to the Creator when one practices his complete law and praise him for bringing us into the beauty of the living world. Here is how one must officiate to be in favor in the sight of the Eternal, and what is the only religion of men, proper to all the peoples under the Sun. There is no other religion besides the one of the heart, because it is universal and the life of everyone.

The despicable sects

(20) But all along the century, the Scriptures were subject to numerous interpretations from a few who used them to manipulate men, while giving a false image of Jesus in order to seize his tunic and reign over you. And there lies the root of many religions that were formed based on rumours which Satan’s priests have amplified, until the number of their believers increase and form ever growing churches; because these pernicious sects never ceased to grow in size and number to become what they are today.

(21) However, there must only exist the unique Church that only Peter is capable to building. And I am this man, the Son, who sees himself in transparency through the whole Scripture. This is why Jesus tells me: you who understand and recognize yourself, you are Peter (in the Scripture), follow him and you will come to me in order to build my Church. This shows that the reunion of the chosen for the kingdom, can only happen after the world of darkness holds its last speeches and not two thousand years before it's time. Otherwise, why would Jesus, who is the only one able to form the Church, entrust Peter to build it? Now, you understand; because, in order for the Scriptures to be accomplished, it is necessary for the Son of man, who is Peter, to rise and gather his own around his banner.

(22) Consequently, no one can be the custodian of the Scriptures which are intended for all men, so they may live through them and not undergo the judgement of the last day. They were not intended for a particular people and even less for these hypocrites who seized them to dominate the world. Unable to conceive that the Son of God was, in the Scriptures, the image of the Son of man today, they hastened to say that he had passed and would never come back. Then they made the people believe that they were themselves sent to earth in order to take over his torch. Also, to abuse men and live at their expense, many of those who collaborated with the romans have founded a sect based on lying and they wanted to impose it upon peoples using violence. So they made a disgrace of their story, a huge trail of innocent blood that follows them and that they can no longer erase behind them.

(23) For all of you who have walked on these paths, so what in your opinion is this roman sect and everything that is practiced with it? For me, there seems to be no difference between vultures dancing around dead flesh while fighting over it, and the priests of this sect who do the same around the effigy of the one they see nailed on wood like a criminal. The vultures and this type of priests are of the same species; they have the same rituals, the same way of living out of torn flesh. They have associated Jesus to death! They abhor me, they make me sick. It would have been better for them to never be born. Because this time they will meet the one whose eyes are open and knows the word of God, the first-born the prophets call the light of nations. Then, they will understand the difference between the effigy of the one they put on tombstone and does absolutely not concern the Son, nor the Father who sends him today into the world.

(24) Although you were warned by the Scriptures, no one sees that religions are harmful. None are the true Religion. All of them are sects which, one way or another, are leading you to death. It is because of this that there is no death of man which is not the consequence of their lies, no suffering that does not find its source within them, no despair that is not their work. Everything is bad within them, because there is nothing more pernicious than speaking about God devoutly and to act while disobeying his commandments. That is why the knowledge of the truth erases all the religious sects, to which are added the political sects. Indeed impious priests and kings have always walked together, along with military, traffickers, scientists, conquerors, the rich and all those who approve of them, young and old. Jesus said however:

Call no man on earth your father; for only one is your Father, he who is in heaven. Call not yourselves directors; for only one is your Director, Christ. The greatest among you shall be your servant. Whoever exalts himself shall be humbled, and whovever humbles himself shall be exalted.

Although this was said by Jesus and written, what name is used by the one who is ahead of the doubly millenary despicable sect, in which priests are also being called fathers? Aren't they asserting to be Christians however? When we claim ourselves of Jesus, we bind our soul to his and refrain from preaching or from doing what he has forbidden. Otherwise, like those who have elevated themselves we are lowered and led into the hell of the last day from which there is no returning point.

(25) Whether one listens to the Son in the Scripture, or standing up today in the world, it is always about the one God sends in the same time period. So those who will have betrayed him will have the fate of traitors, which cannot be anything else than their disappearance, because what they did with him and his sufferings is awful. Great is the number of souls they have lost and even greater is the one they will loose in these last moments of the world, because they only obey their father, Satan. Stay away from them and from all the religions which are always sects filled with impostors and murderers. It is to the Almighty that you belong to, and not to a bunch of hypocrites who abuse you by using ruse or violence.

(26) Only occupied in seeking domination, material possessions and profit, Satan’s priests have led you deeply into darkness so you may become more and more superstitious and fearful. You then had to behave according to their traditions which made you perpetuate the lie and the horror. This had to be done however, until the coming of Emmanuel who would lead the creature into the whole truth. This is why and because of what I have already stated, that Jesus said:

If you don't believe when I tell you about earthly things, how will you believe when I tell you about celestial things?

Since it isn't done yet concerning the celestial things which changes the heart of man, allow me to accomplish the word of the one who sits on my back. Afterwards, you will know who you are and why you exist. Be patient however, because for the moment I must open your mind and clean my area that got full of weeds and venomous snakes.

The beast and the false prophet

(27) In order to not adore what should not, nor to associate with God what is not, God said to Moses, so that your fathers may hear it since then and up to you:

You shall not make for yourself any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the waters beneath the earth.
Then, God said: You shall not make for yourselves gods of silver and gods of gold to associate with me. You shall not make them for yourselves.
Then he said: You shall not make statues that are an aversion to the Eternal.

When one has faith in God, one complies with his will. And one does not associate gold and money to him, nor do what He forbids. This is why those who disregard His word also become worshipers of statues, figurines and portraits in front of which they bow down! Although they are condemned, these sect’s organizers claim however that their buildings full of figurines are God’s house!

(28) But the Scripture also says against them:

There have been false prophets among the people, and there will be false teachers among you, who will introduce pernicious sects, and who, denying the master who redeemed them, will bring sudden ruin upon them. Many will follow them in their dissolutions, and the way of truth will be slandered because of them. Out of greed, they will exploit you with deceptive words, they who have long been threatened with condemnation, and whose ruin does not slumber!

Although this word warns about the coming of pernicious sects in the world, the most infamous one who likes to be called The Church, even if it tries to make you become superstitious in order to traffic from you, to the point of selling you God in exchange for money, and committing scandals over scandals since two thousand years, is well known from everyone. It is the great prostitute of the city sitting on the seven hills (which is Rome) like the Scripture foretells, the mother of the shameless who have brought since a long time the punishment over its head and finally sees its ruin coming.

(29) You will receive double from your infamies, Satan’s daughter! By only introducing you to the Son’s character, John made you fall into the trap, prostituted girl! Because you wanted to steal his heritage, while not understanding that he would only rise in the messianic times, just before the end of the world. So, the one you put at your head says: Christ is dead, I am the one who is sent on Earth to replace him and continue his vocation! And I answer to this false prophet who hands Jesus over with a kiss and for money, that he will experience pain that no man will ever know.

(30) With the help of inquisitions, massacres, people burned at the stake, wars, galleys, imprisoned men and children immured alive with their mother and father, and other despicable persecutions, you wanted to implement fear in order to reign over the world. Using terror and with the help of lies, trickeries, plots, superstitions, tithes and plunders, you have acquired great fortunes and considerable assets to settle your domination. You did this for many centuries during which you blessed the kings of the Earth, the greats, the military chiefs, the rich and the powerful, in front of everyone. You have elevated the golden calf up to the sky; you covered up the criminals and suppressed the scandals. Thus, after committing the worse acts of infamy in the face of the Eternal, you, the beast coming up from Earth, yes you who put your mark on the right hand and the forehead of newborns while doing an enactment of baptism to attach them to you, know that the end of your reign has come. Your sentence has just been pronounced: it is your disappearance and the erasure of your name amongst the peoples for eternity.

(31) All of you who are members of this pernicious sect, listen to me! Vicar means a substitute, someone who is acting in the place of someone else. Thereby, the one who makes the world believe that he is the vicar of Jesus and of Peter, which means the vicar of the Son of God, obviously knows that it is spelled VICARIVS FILII DEI in roman letters. Consequently, such usurper wears on his head and with this designation the name of the beast that comes up from Earth, as well as the number of its name (666) mentioned by John in the apocalypse.

(32) Here is, in roman letter-numbers, the sword John has put in the hand of the Lamb so he may behead this dragon in front of those who call for justice:

666 the beast
Calculating the number of the name of the beast (666) requested by John

Therefore you, the prostitute, because of your infamies and also because you wanted John’s head on a platter in order to defenitively sit yourself down as a queen, he is the one who makes your head fall down today! This is why the Son that you claim to replace as if he had passed and was not to come, sends you today to the bottom of the sea so that the world is forever freed from your hypocrisy and of all the sacrileges you committed upon the innocents. Thus the world of Satan's reign will have no head or roots and will disappear forever. After which dawn will rise on this Earth where only God will reign by the children he chooses for himself today, and by his law.

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