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First part: Fulfilment of the Scriptures


The two witnesses

(1) Because the Scriptures were kept closed with seals, therefore veiled, and in this way made unreadable and incomprehensible for all those who are born from a woman, many where saying that everyone could interpret them their own way. It is true that when one does not understand something, one can give as many versions as he wants to this thing. It is why since Moses there was so many sects formed in the world, but they could remain only until this day where the one foretold by the Scripture comes. Because, contrary to men born from women, he does not wish to give such or such version of the Scripture. Girded by force, he is forced to accomplish only what is shown by the lampstand, whether he wants it or not.

(2) Moses has written the old testament and John the new testament. I said there has been only these two in the world and the Son of man today, and there will be no other. However, as many will tell me, we know that others have risen before and after Jesus, and they have preached different things. What is your answer about this?
I will amply answer to this, but not immediately, because I will solicit your comprehension on what I am about to explain first. Understand however that the Son of man is not only the prophet of the occident, because he is more than a prophet. He is the one coming to enlighten the nations and save men from all over the world. It is up to you therefore to see who you should listen and follow.

The original snake

(3) When from a few things I elevated myself in the sky to explore what is there, I saw that in the past the Sun was comparable to Jupiter, then to Saturn, then to Uranus, and to Neptune today. I projected myself in those days, next to the Sun which was not shining yet. Then I saw its giant atmosphere explode. Which brightened our day star. The breath from this explosion also jostled its satellites: the planets. The Earth, one of its satellites, was jostled in this way and made to-and-fro movements near it, which progressively diminished in amplitude until they fade away completely. I saw that, and all that happened in the solar family like I will describe it.

(4) But when I came back to write in a book all that I had saw in the sky, and particularly the to-and-fro movements that the Earth made near the Sun, I drew these to better represent them. I then saw I had just drawn a snake which was explaining better than a mouth all the celestial and terrestrial things, so magnificent were the revelations made but which frightened me. I left this snake there and ran far away from it, because I could very well see that it revealed the entire universe! It took me some time to get over my emotion. After which I needed a testimony on what I had seen, and also a testimony about myself who had written these things. Who am I, I said to myself, to show evidence of the entire universe? Men are unaware of the truth, so it is thus not towards them I must turn to. Rather look at the Scripture, I thought.

(5) I started to skim through the Scriptures since their beginning, from the six days of the creation and the seventh day where God rested from all his work. In my first reading, I did not understand the meaning of what I was reading. I however continued and, arriving at Moses, I saw he was talking about a snake: of the staff he was holding in his hand and which was becoming a snake when God was asking him to throw it on the ground. This amused me and irritated me at the same time because I did not understand the meaning of it. In spite of this, I read the entire book which many passages sent me back my own image it seemed to me, which I did not want to see however. I closed the book and let the days go by on my small boat. But I later on woke up, because it seemed to me that someone had touched my shoulder, telling me it was time for me to rise. When I awakened, I remembered this famous snake I had drawn and which made me run away from it. I also remembered the snake of Moses, as well as the six days and the seventh day of the creation I had not understood. I then decided to go back to reading the Scripture.

(6) I first returned to the six days and the seventh day, as well as the snake, this famous snake which speaks to Eve. Then I observed what Moses was doing with the snake which was becoming a staff in his hand. Looking at one (the six days) and at the other (the snake) several times. Then, keeping the Book open at both identified places, I drew again the snake describing these to-and-fro movements of the Earth (unknown from men) which were representing the eras that no one could explain. I watched again the six days and the seventh day and then the snake which made Moses run away, and the one I had drawn. The vision I had then made me fall flat on my face! Because I suddenly understood what Moses was showing and explaining, and also that he had experienced the same fear I had experienced when facing this important snake which was revealing everything. This time, I had just found what I was looking for; that is to say the confirmation of what I had shown and who was the one who had shown it. I tell you, never a man will be shaken like I was in those days. I was transfigured.

The signs of recognition

(7) When I got over my emotions, I read the Scriptures many times; and, each time I was reading them, new eyes where adding up to my eyes. And when the seven eyes of God where given to me (the seven lamps of the lampstand which lighted my face) I could read them fluently, even without opening them. I also saw that God said to Moses that when the moment would come he would call forth a prophet similar to him. How then can the one who is called forth at the appointed time could know if he is the prophet announced? So this is the famous snake which would join them together, because both would have the same knowledge of the things of heaven and earth. God showed to Moses the consequences of his science; and Moses therefore knew the Earth had made these to-and-fro movements which defined the days of the creation. As to me, God did not only show me the consequences of his science, but the principle of existence of all things, that is to say his science in itself with which he creates all things. It then appeared to me that I am taller than Moses today. We speak about the same things however, he does it one way and I do it another way, because Moses was forced to strongly veil what I must openly unveil today. It is time indeed to explain these famous six days and this seventh day which Moses spoke of.

(8) Moses therefore knew that the one who would come to reveal the whole truth would be in his time period like his twin brother. This is why he wrote some signs so he may recognize himself with certainty and be recognized by all at the appointed time, by wearing Aaron’s clothes. And here are the two main signs:

The Eternal said unto him: What is in your hand? He answered: A rod. The Eternal said: Throw it on the ground. He threw it on the ground, and it became a serpent. Moses fled from him. The Eternal said to Moses: Stretch your hand, and grab it by the tail. He stretched out his hand and grabbed it, and the serpent became a rod again in his hand. And it is that, said the Eternal, that you will do, so that they may believe that the Eternal, the God of their fathers, has appeared to you, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac and the God of Jacob.

(9) It is in fact impossible that God does not appear to the one whose staff changes into a snake, because the latter is the expression of everything that happens in the sky and on the Earth. As intelligent as he may be, man cannot discover the truth by himself; he can only be led into it by the Creator, like I was. So what does this first sign mean whose meaning escapes all man born from a woman?
Here is the explanation: In the days of the pharaohs of the servile Egypt, Moses had in his hand a pen to write with which he denounces those who were exploiting other men. In those days, few men were free and many were in servitude. His pen was this staff which he was using to strike the Earth with his words. Seeing that Moses was rebelling against injustice and wickedness, God revealed himself to him and showed him the whole truth. He showed him the six days during which He created the world and the seventh day, which is the day of his rest in which he would let in all those who would walk with him. These seven days being relative, as I already said it, to the terrestrial eras which, drawn on the ground, have the aspect of a snake. This is how his staff turned into a snake, which turned back into a staff in his hand.

(10) Moses knew however, that in his day, it was not yet time to reveal the truth to men, and for this purpose he was to write in a language that could only be understood by the one that God would send at the appointed time. Moses then veiled his writings so they would act as a testimony to the one who would come to take in his hand the whole posterity of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, to make it enter into God’s rest, into the kingdom. It is indeed only then that God may rest from all the work he has done on Earth; because his children, knowing the whole truth, as well as the law of the new Alliance, can no longer indulge in evil and destroy what He has done.

(11) I will say again that I cannot explain the whole Scripture in details in this one book, otherwise I would have to write a book bigger than the sea! Besides, you would not learn anything more than what I fundamentally explain. Know however that when Moses is called by God on mount Sinai, it shows what the ascension is (the spiritual elevation of man), until he meets the Creator and is taught about the truth. Man doesn't live only on bread and he needs to make this ascension. You have read that God calls Moses alone the first time and that he calls him again with Aaron this time, his brother. The explanation of this, is that after being withdrawn from the waters, that is to say, from the river of life to see where its current was carrying the world, Moses was elevated up to God. This resulted in his writings and in particular the law which goal was to keep men saints of spirit until the coming of the one who, like Aaron, would explain their signs and lead them into the whole truth.

(12) So this was a first time, a time which lasted until this day when, this time, God calls Aaron's anointed one, the one who was to come and who would necessarily go to meet Moses. This is why God asked Moses to make sacred clothes for Aaron, to mark his dignity and to serve as ornament so he could pursue his vocation. It is evidently not fabric clothes like the sect members believe, but spiritual clothes covering the Son with dignity. Understand that Moses and Aaron, his brother, hear the same words from the Eternal’s mouth, and that they walk together in this way, but in two different periods, distant from one another. This is why the Scriptures are veiled, and are this way to allow the one whose word is the word of God to come unexpectedly in the world, a world on its last legs and which has no other choice but to listen to him.

(13) Now, here is the second sign of Moses which confirms the first one, and in particular the one who explains both:

The Eternal said to him again: Put your hand in your bosom. He puts his hand into his bosom; and took it out, and behold his hand was covered with leprosy, white as snow. The Eternal said: put your hand back in your bosom. He put his hand in his bosom again; and took it out of his bosom, and behold, it was once again as his flesh. If they don't believe you, says the Eternal, and do not listen to the sign of the first sign, they will believe in the voice of the second sign. If they don't believe even these two signs, and do not listen to your voice, you will take water from the river, you will pour it on the earth, and the water you have taken from the river will become blood on the earth.

Like the previous one, this sign means the same thing for Moses and for me; because, put your hand inside your bosom must be heard this way: sound out yourself to seek what I have put in your womb and write it down in a book. And this is what Moses did and what I have done myself. But too angry by the infamies committed in the world under my eyes, and also because of these great emotions coming from all that was revealed to me, like my brother I was expressing myself with difficulty. My writings were filled with leprosy, hear of unreason due to anger. And, now put it back into your bosom, means: redo again your writings to remove this leprosy. And I have started again until you have the book of life under your eyes, which can be read and grasped by children this time. This is why Simon, who is Peter, is called Simon the leper, the one who bears the cross of Jesus.

(14) Did you understand these two signs? If I was not the foretold prophet, the master of justice and the brother of Moses, I could not explain them. But just as him, God has put the whole truth in my womb so I would publish it, and this by using a simple language for whoever can read. It's been a long time since I know it, but I had to clear up my writings, like when one passes the grain with a winnowing fork. Only great judgments are important to embrace the whole universe and understand the meaning of the quoted river, which is the river of life. This is therefore the way that I will take you in all areas and disciplines of existence, until the triumph of the essential. Do not imagine however that one could understand the essential magically, for the one who teaches it has necessarily, as Solomon, unlimited knowledge in all things.

(15) Moses was not withdrawn from the waters, as it may be understood in the sense of the letter. No, I said he was withdrawn from the waters of the river of life to see, from the banks, in which direction this river flows. This means he is put aside of the world in order to see where the world is going and to uncover those who bring it to its perdition. This is also my work and the reason why Jesus is sitting in a small boat, slightly withdrawn from shore, from where he teaches the crowd; because it is withdrawn like this that I began to teach you. Then again, don’t be like those who see Jesus teaching the crowd near the sea shore. Those people also see him arriving on clouds of angels much like clouds of birds coming down from the sky, and then imagine him walking on water as light as an insect… No, Jesus walks on the sea, because he is already high above all things through the Scriptures. Be therefore more genuine, otherwise you would become like them, and along with them you would disappear from the world.

The Eternal spoke to Moses, and said: Talk to Aaron, and say unto him: When you will put the lamps on the lampstand, the seven lamps shall shine facing forward. Aaron did so; he put the lamps facin forward on the lampstand, as the Eternal commended Moses. The lampstand was of beaten gold; from its base, up to its flowers, it was of beaten gold; Moses made the lampstand according to the model that the Eternal showed him.

(16) This precious lampstand which I have already spoken about is also one of the signs of the recognition. Because these seven lamps, as directed towards a same goal, enlighten me in full face. And with them I see what I am writing. Each lamp is like a shining star, they are the seven names I have already spoken about; because it is that way and with these seven names the Eternal asked Moses to prepare for me the lampstand which would enlighten me. I therefore placed the seven lamps following the model Moses had prepared for me. This whole lampstand, of a great value, enlightens me abundantly, because I see who I am and I know where I am going. Do not overlook what I am explaining here, because everything that is said is as much testimony about me and on the existence of the Eternal.

The unique mission

(17) But, busy with the daily worries and carried away by the flow of the river of life, you could not start to search for the truth. So if today I was not sent to lead you into it, fairly soon there would be no man left alive. This is why I take you from the hand of Moses in the desert, to teach you and to lead you into the kingdom, because we are the two cherubim (the two angels) covering the mercy-seat, and whose two wings are touching. And the signs I just unveiled exist to reveal the meaning of our mission and to confirm who we are to everyone.

(18) God had evoked Moses so he could keep men standing on their feet until the coming of the chosen one, Emmanuel, who would lead them into the whole truth and into the kingdom which is the seventh day and the place of his rest. God made us climb to the peak of his mountain where he spoke to us face to face, because we have a common mission. Without Moses first and Emmanuel afterwards, the world cannot be understood. It would not remain. If you wish to conceive it, the saints of mind of today exist thanks to Moses and his law.

(19) Like it was for me, Moses rose up after forty years of wandering in the desert, because without the knowledge of truth one wanders in the desert. Like me, he was not an old man when he rose up, neither did he wear a long beard. Similar and coming out from the same egg, side by side we would have the aspect of twins. He was evoked to light up the night, so you could make the crossing of the desert. And God has made of me the one that the prophets call the light of nations; because, by giving you the bread of heaven and by opening the doors of the kingdom, I make dawn rise on Earth.

(20) Without the knowledge we have no life, although we breathe, because it is alive that one descends into the realm of the dead. And when one receives from above the bread of heaven (the manna) which satiates the one who eats it, one then opens his eyes. One is then enlightened and alive this time, because it is alive that one comes back from the realm of the dead. But, opening our eyes in a world of darkness which is about to end, is dying for this world, in the sens that one becomes strangers in it. This is what happened to me. This is why God says to man: The day your eyes will open, you will die. All of this is written by Moses and shown by the life of Jesus, so that one knows from sunrise to sunset that I am really the Son of man who had to come to save the world. Because I am crucified by what I know and what I see. And it is thanks to this great pain that I can write, and which would take me away if I didn't do so.

God’s warning

(21) If during all these centuries in the desert, you had only came to grasp that the Son of man is foretold for the end of days, you would then have known that he is both the end and the beginning: the end of this world and the beginning of the new world. Thus, you would be ready today to listen and to hear him. But you are still in the middle of the desert my children and in great darkness, because you have set kings at your heads to prevent God for reigning over you. And the consequences of 75 The two witnesses such attitude due to the youth of the world are this terrible end we already feel behind the door, ready to strike. Yet, in the desert that you have been through between Moses and me, God said:

Do not follow the precepts of your fathers, do not observe their customs, and do not defile yourselves with their idols! I am the Eternal, your God. Follow my precepts, observe my ordinances, and put them into practice.

(22) But your fathers became hard of hearing, they did not want to listen nor understand the message. They preferred kings who, after imposing their precepts and customs, became those who govern you while multiplying a hundredfold the misdemeanors of those before them. And here you are still in slavery, sitting at the toll place (the place of time) as Matthew and Levi who represent who you are; because you must pay for everything, always, up to the water that you drink! Then follow me, especially since you are also sitting in the region and in the shadow of death, right on the edge of the apocalypse which is a great distress that cannot be avoided. What will you say now? Against whom will you shout? You say: we were singing hymns we wanted and God did not hear us! We have danced and he did not see us! We do what we want! Assuredly, after warning you, God has let you do it; but he saw you do your works and heard you sing your hymns against him. Therefore agree that the end will be this eternal lesson which the rebellious world had to give itself, so that the horror cannot come back and that everyone submits himself to his Creator and his rules. Also agree that if I would not lecture you on the mountain, you would not be part of the survivors.

(23) To enlighten you, I have nothing else to teach you but the path of life shown by the six days and the seventh day, regarding the creation. But to teach these days, those days, I can do it only by explaining the entire universe of God; and this by showing what was, what is and what will be until the end of the existence of Earth. I must also unveil the Scriptures which testify this and also testify of the existence of God and of his son who comes at the appointed time. Nothing that we observe must be omitted in this teaching of the six days and the seventh day which form a snake, because it is written: led into the truth, they shall all be taught about God.

The spirit of Emmanuel

(24) Even though many are waiting for the saviour the Scriptures foretells for the end of times, no one knows how or in what form he will come. And, for many, he will be a stumbling block and a rock of scandal as it is written; because, among all those who hope in his coming, some examine the sky to see if he would not come through the clouds; others express themselves in doing signs of cross and other silly signs to show their faith and so he would not forget them. Others also say, while meaning that he can no longer come: he is among us since two thousand years! These ones forget however that Jesus said, at the end of the book:

Behold, I come soon, and my retribution is with me, to render to every man according to his work.

But what they truly fear the most, is that he comes through a man. This, because men of darkness are so vain that it will be difficult for them to accept being rectified by one of them, all the more so since he expresses himself with a donkey jaw and roars like a lion. However, so everyone knows who is the one who, like Moses, would come to strike the Earth with his word like a staff, the Scripture says in Isaiah:

The Spirit of the Eternal will rest upon him:
Spirit of wisdom and intelligence,
Spirit of advice and strenght,
Spirit of knowledge and fear of the Eternal.
He will breathe the fear of the Eternal;
He will not judge on appearance,
He will not pronounce on hearsay.
But he will judge the poor fairly,
And he will pronounce righteously on the wretched of the eath;
He shall spite the earth with his word as with a rod,
And with the breath of his lips he will kill the wicked.
Justice will be the belt of his flanks,
And fidelity the belt of his loins.

This is the description of the Son of man who is filled with benevolence towards the poor who suffer and moan, but who has none towards those who harm them. I am kind with those who have a good heart, but I am not kind with those who have an evil heart. Accept that my voice be this sword which is not directed towards you poor wretches, but pointed towards those who make you suffer and send the Earth to its loss along with its inhabitants.

(25) When one has not yet received the bread of heaven as spirit's food, one is fasting. And you have fasted until me, because the manna Moses gave to your fathers did not satiate you. I am the living bread coming down from heaven. And when you will have eaten me, you will never be hungry or thirsty. Indeed, when one is taught about the universe of God, of all his works and of all his intentions, one is indeed no more hungry and thirsty for the truth, because one knows it.

(26) Stop then imagining that the fasting mentioned in the Scripture is the abstinence of food. No, this type of fasting does not concern the prophecy, but only those who cannot distinguish a prophet from a grasshopper! I advise you to start eating less if you suffer from obesity or if you are sick, otherwise what would be the use of such a fast? Do you understand what I say and of whom I am thinking now? I also think about the senseless ones who will not go into the kingdom if they do not listen to me, but listen to those who thought they were prophets.

(27) Each star lights up its blue planet, which is blue because of the water on it. And on each one of these earths is found a living world following the same path of life we have. Some have already gone through the day where we are now, which is the most fearsome day, the others will go through it. On each of those earths, God always sends his two witnesses. The first one to keep men on their feet; the second to enlighten them, to change them into angels, and give them the rules of existence and lead them into the kingdom of heaven. The kingdom of heaven is also to be understood on Earth, because it is the reign of God that occurs when the moment comes on each Earth which are as numerous as there are stars. Do not doubt this, it will be clearly shown and understandable by everyone.

(28) By these words, I justify Moses and myself, although I do not need to. But between these two witnesses that God sends separately and in different time periods on each of his earths, it is necessary that a third prophet rises to prevent any imposture or to reveal it. This third prophet was John. It was then impossible for other prophets to have lived on the entire Earth, because another would not have foretold anything different than what Moses has foretold under veil, and what I come to reveal on the evening of the world. Therefore, you who are sect members, know in which environment you are in, and with what spirit you are evolving. Get out of it and you will keep your life, stay in it and you will perish: choose.

(29) Because you would have questioned me on the authenticity of the prophets who came before or after Jesus, I said I would speak about it but only after you will have understood a few things. This has just been done with the explanation of the snake which was only given to Moses and Emmanuel. It has not been shown to no one or to many others. Hear what needs to be heard regarding the authenticity of those who said or say they are prophets; because anyone ignoring the meaning of the snake does not know the prophecy.

(30) I also add that covering up your head before the Eternal, to veil your face or to prostrate yourselves before the Eternal, that means spiritually, men of little intelligence! Every morning, when I wake up, I prostrate myself before the One who creates everything and animates all things. I praise him constantly for all the wonders of the world in the middle of which He called me. All the thoughts of my heart and of my spirit are turned towards Him. Each moment of the day, wherever I may be, whatever I may do, I bless his name. I speak to him continuously in myself and openly, like a child who speaks to his father. But I do not cover my head with a hat; neither do I prostrate my body before Him, because this would be intolerable to him. Whether you are man or woman, I suggest you cover your head if you must harvest under the sun, or to veil your face with a cloth if you need to take away the honey from a beehive, or again to prostrate yourself physically if you need to relax your back, otherwise for what other purpose could it be useful? Fools! God has simulacrum in aversion!

(31) I explained there cannot be any other religion but the one consisting in practicing the rules that God puts in the heart of man when he created him. These rules are the law built with the rules of common sense and of wisdom which impose by themselves the highest respect for everything God has created. Without reading the laws of Moses, don’t you know by yourself it is shameful and bad to wage war, to lie, to get rich, to desire what belongs to someone else, to steal, to oppress your fellowmen, to be slanderous, to commit adultery, to repudiate, to rape, to destroy, to kill? I will not repeat the whole Law of Moses here; however, those who see another religion for man, which would consist in doing simulacra and silly signs to find favour with the Father, are inevitably those who openly disobey these rules! Who between the members of these sects or those who follow the Son of man may find favour with God? Then again, examine and choose.

(32) Do not think either that man of darkness may meet Moses just by reading what he has written, because one can only meet him by taking the path that leads to him. Now, besides Emmanuel, no one knows this path. Therefore have no pretensions on the writings of Moses, whoever you are on this Earth, because you do not have the spirit of Emmanuel to grasp them.

(33) Besides, when Moses tells me in the law: you will redeem the first-born of a donkey with a lamb; and if you do not redeem it, you shall break its neck, what does he say? This is addressed to his brother, because I know what he is saying and you will too with the law of the kingdom. Try to understand that you cannot read Moses’ law entirely, because the part intended for Emmanuel is incomprehensible to a man born from a woman. Do not believe however that Moses tells me what I must do. Certainly not! But he assists me, so that I know thet the rules of existence within me are his as well and quite comparable.

(34) God did not want me to come alone among you, but with my brother Moses, so that everyone may see that we have for mission to save the world. And it is the snake that reunites us with one another. Moses made this snake out of bronze and put it on top of a pole in the desert so it may cure all those who would look at it. And me, I will draw it big on the wall of your house, so this time you may see the whole truth with a single image. And this is a great wonder, because it will also have the effect of healing you from your infirmaties, and keep your eyes open forever. I walk with Moses and not alone. And together we will be victorious of the world of Satan.

(35) Already know that in the kingdom, you who follow me and come through at the end, you will all live with the law of heaven and not with men’s law anymore which are constraining, destructive and immoral. But I know each of you is asking himself if he will be chosen for the kingdom. Don’t be afraid, I will show you who is saints and chosen, and who is not. You will then know if you are on the good side, by checking in yourself if your heart is in compliance with God and his kingdom, because Moses said:

Circumcise your hearts.

So let’s examine what this is about. Because it seems no one has yet noticed the importance of this word, so that today one man and one woman out of two will be taken, and one man and one woman out of two will be left, like Jesus foretold it.

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