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First part: Fulfilment of the Scriptures


The trinity

(1) If I wouldn’t show what the pernicious sects have done in the world, and if I wouldn’t teach you the Scripture but only the celestial things, these sects would pass behind me and would easily persuade you to not follow me. There couldn’t then be any survivors in what comes. Everyone knows however that we first plough our field, then we sow it, and that we harvest lastly the fruit of our work. Similary, this first part of the book is meant to loosen your mind, the second part to sow it, and the third to harvest you and make of you the eternal plantation of God. That’s why I asked you to lay yourself bare and be patient, because the opening of the mind on reality takes time and long reflections, as well as the contribution of all the parcels of understanding. After what, we no longer yawn while educating ourselves, and nothing escapes thought, because we see clearly and without any strain.

(2) Thus allow me the time to show you that there is another way of conceiving life beside the one which consists of bringing it to an end. But your awakening is going to be difficult because of the priests and the scientists who walked in front of you, by persuading you that only them had the faculty to understand the universe, and that it is them and not the prophets whom you had to follow! They have thus removed your reason of existence, which is your soul and God, as well as the faculties to grasp the science which enlightens man. So, you have only your feet to walk behind them, and your heart to suffer from their infamies.

(3) However, know that those who will exist in their time around the next star which will be born from the solar family, will do just like you. They will walk behind the same goats, will believe the same things and will follow the same ways; because they will rely likewise on the hypocrites who rise to reign over the peoples in the place of God. So, they will sing your canticles without seeing the end of their world towards which they will progress every day. And so it was in the world which precedes us upstream from the Sun, because the darkness of the spirit is necessary during a certain time, so that from it comes out light and delivrance. You thus have to know the essential part of the Scripture which announces this day in which we are now, and which is this famous day of the renewal of all things.

(4) The moment has come for you to get up, take to bed to quietly read what is said to you, and to walk towards your salvation. When as a child you had a fever your mother told you: my child you are sick, you must take to bed! You knew what she was telling you. But when Jesus said to the one who sleeps: get up, take your bed and walk! You didn’t know how to understand what this meant; because you had believed that he was asking him to get up and to take his bed onto his shoulders to go and stretch his legs... Poor men, will you be able to listen to me? I ask you however to get up from among the dead, to take your bed to be able to read in peace and grasp what I write, and to walk on the path; because your life depends on that.

Abraham the father

(5) When you will have eaten at my table (read the whole book), you will know that Abraham, Isaac and Jacob are also three aspects of the servant of the Eternal, the Christ, who is the Lamb. Abraham is the one to whom the entire Earth belongs so he can give it back, on the evening of the world, to all those who walk with God. For that, he knows that he will have to separate the good and the bad in two camps, so that the good stays and the bad disappear. And this is what he does through me. You read, indeed, that with the knowledge which is given to him, Abraham cuts the animals which God indicates him by the middle and puts each piece in front of the other one, between which comes out flash of lightning. But he doesn’t divide the birds of the sky, which are the representation of the angels who can, today, with me, skim through all things.

(6) What Abraham is doing must be understood like this: with what I show and explain in the book of life, the unbelievers will be in a very great majority divided in two, because a part of themselves will accept me and the other part will reject me. Which will be a great conflict inside everyone, which will however have to end by the decision to follow me or not. This will necessarily be translated by the separation of men, and will inevitably be followed by the end of the world. Then, like Abraham, all those who will have followed me will receive the entire Earth in inheritance over which they will reign for ever. The others will die, and the birds of prey will descend upon them.

(7) Besides, why was Abram called Abraham? What is the meaning of this name change? First of all, it is necessary to conceive that man is like a candle in preparation that must be lit at the appropriate moment; this, to see reality such as it is and to conform to the reasons for which it was created. In this way, Abram is the man of God still in the darkness (not enlighten), but, when he hears the voice of the Almighty, he becomes enlighten and walks with Him. And it is only then that God asks him not to be called Abram anymore but Abraham; because from being man he became an angel, as you will become.

(8) After that, Abraham establishes the circumcision of the flesh to keep God’s Alliance. Then, God warns him that he is going to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah, and that those who still have ears to hear (as Lot who is its representation) must come out, to take refuge within the villages of mountains, while it is time. Sodom and Gomorrah aren’t cities however, but the symbols of corrupted cities of the evening of the world; because Sodom means man with man (the homosexuality) and Gomorrah means Gonorrhea (the disease which results from it). Consider, isn’t it the pinnacle of perversion in cities today, that engenders abominable and incurable diseases which looses the inhabitants?

(9) As Abram was called Abraham, Sarai his wife, was called Sarah. But, sterile, she couldn’t give birth. So Sarah took her servant Hagar and gave her to her husband so that she gives birth in her place. The explanation of this, is that, as Abraham is the representation of the Father, his wife is the representation of the Mother which is Zion, the bride of God. That is why she remains sterile during the whole time of ignorance and gives birth only on the evening of the world where this one learns the truth.

(10) The faith of Abraham was also tested by the Eternal who ordered him to offer his son Isaac in holocaust. Being afraid of the Eternal, who made him go where he didn’t want to go, Abraham listened to him and prepared for this sacrifice. But, seeing that Abraham obeyed him totally, God held his arm back, so that he does not kill his son Isaac. This means that the one to whom the entire Earth is given, has to listen to God only to be able to accomplish his mission which consists in saving the world, even if it means sacrificing those who are dear to him. This ordeal is also mine, you can be convinced of that. Besides, if I tell you that the wood for the holocaust (this burden which is loaded on Isaac’s back) is the image of the wooden cross which Jesus carry on his back, will you understand it? Think of the lamb that God chooses on the evening of the world, the lamb that is sacrificed, and you will seize it. Because it isn’t without knowing that my life is sacrificed, nor without pain, that I walk towards you to save you.

The third day

(11) When, to test him, God asks Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac, he shows him the place where his son (the son of his old age) will be sacrificed. It is said:

And on the third day, Abraham, looking up, saw the place from afar.

To grasp this, you should firstly conceive that I am the son of the old age of Abraham; because this son can only appear far in time from Abraham, only on the evening of the world, when Abraham and Sarah are effectively old. But before that, God says to Moses, speaking about men:

Sanctify them today and tomorrow, so that they wash their clothes. Let them be ready for the third day.

These three days: today – tomorrow – and after tomorrow – aren’t three days of men. They are the indication of epochs which aren’t to be confused with the days of the creation, because tomorrow, means the interval of time which separates Moses from the Son. That’s why Jesus said:

I will ressurect on the third day.

We have therefore arrived on this famous third day when God comes down to visit the earth. That’s why it is written that it’s on the third day that Abraham sees the sacrificed lamb, because this day is the place in time when this occurs. You now understand why Jesus says that Abraham is quivering with joy when he saw his day. This day is today, because Abraham knows that when the son of his old age rises, he saves the world and gives back the whole Earth (the Promised Land) to his posterity.

The fight and the victory

(12) Note that Jacob is the one who fights until dawn rises. He fights against himself, against men (those who reign) and with God; and he comes out victorious. That’s why, God also changes his name and says:

Your name is Jacob; you shall no longuer be called Jacob, but your name shall be Israel. And he gave him the name Israel.
God said to him again: I will give you the land that I gave to Abraham and Isaac, and I will give this land to your descendants after you.

As it was for Abraham, Jacob’s name was changed in that of Israel after his fight which led him out of the darkness. It was my struggle and my victory over darkness, and the Israel of God, I am him. You must likewise begin this fight, and begin with yourselves, to come out of your sepulchre and take part in the resurrection from which you will live eternally. You are the real children of Abraham whom I come to take, THE CHILDREN OF THE PROMISE going to inherit the entire Earth. If I make you born again, won’t you be my sons and my daughters? You will of course! Which will show you that I am indeed Israel, and you the people of Israel: this small flock to whom God saw fit to hand over the kingdom.

The ascension by Jacob’s ladder

(13) If you don’t always understand very well what I am explaining about the Scripture, do not despair, because other things in the book will show you what was kept hidden. However, although it is visible in the second part of the book, I have to explain what is Jacob’s ladder which nobody understand. The Scripture says:

Jacob came to a place where he spent the night; for the sun was down (the time of darkness). There he took a stone, and made his bedside (the Son on which he rests), and he laid down in that place (the place of the appointed time). He had a dream. And behold, a ladder was leaning on the earth, and the top of it was touching heaven. And behold, the angels of God went up and down by that ladder. And behold, the Eternal stood above it, and he said: I am the Eternal, the God of Abraham, your father, and the God of Isaac. The land on which you are laying, I will give it to you and to your descendants. Your descendants will be like the dust of the earth; you will spread out west and east, north and south; and all the families of the earth will be blessed in you and in your descendants. Behold, I am with you, and I will keep you wherever you go, and I will bring you back to this land; for I will not abandon you, until I have done what I say to you.

And, always in the sense of the ladder, Jesus said:

Verily, verily, you will now see heaven opened and the angels of God ascending and descending upon the Son of man.

(14) Notice first of all that in speaking of the four corners of the world and all the families of the Earth, God speaks about the whole world and not about a particular nation. Which shows obviously that the people of Israel (the posterity of Jacob) is composed of saints of mind of all peoples, and that God executes today what he has said.

(15) But as regards to Jacob’s ladder, hear that it is necessary to rise into the sky to explore what is there and to come down again on Earth to see who we are and where we are going. It is indeed in the universe that it is necessary to fetch the name of man (who he is), because it isn’t from him that we can know who he is, where he comes from and where he is going. This ascension allows to meet God and to grasp his works and his designs. It is therefore time that man accomplishes it, rung after rung, meaning chapter after chapter, to leave the terrestrial spirit and acquire the celestial spirit, which is the universal spirit of the angel; otherwise it’s over for everything. Now Jacob’s ladder can no longer be a mystery to you, no more than is the lampstand that Moses prepared for me.

(16) Everyone understands that, to be chosen, it is necessary to be examined. If thus you come out victorious of the exam to which you are subjected today, your soul will not die any more. Then, as Abram and Jacob, your name will change; because you will leave your animal body and will become angel. Your body will not change however, but your spirit, it, will no longer be the same. Everything will then be different in you and in the world because, when man becomes an angel, he is similar to a candle that lights up and with whose the reason for being is to shine to dissipate the darkness for ever. The world is always in the image of those who builds it. That is why the righteous world of the angels wherein I take you, can’t be the iniquitous world of men wherein I take you.

(17) Take note for the moment that the lamps of the lampstand which Moses has prepared for me are to assist me in my mission; and that Abraham, Isaac and Jacob are together my being in this mission, as well as the trinity which the world had to know. Because firstly comes the Father (Abraham), then the Son (Isaac), then the Holy Spirit (Jacob) in the world and in the heart of each. The Holy Spirit is the consequence of the fight about which I spoke to overcome the darkness. I say that without the trinity known to all, there is no possible elevation of the man, because it suffices to not be afraid of the word of the Eternal to ignore the teaching of his son. Now you understand why Jesus says that those who will enter the kingdom will be at the table with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob; because by sitting at the table with me, it is with them, in me, that you are sitting.

The evening star

(18) The light of the spirit is the illumination given by the understanding of the Scripture certainly, but also by the understanding of all the elements of God’s universe by which we exist. That is why, after I will have taught you the sidereal (celestial bodies), you will agree that the light of the Son is making dawn rise on the Earth, and makes him the shepherd of men. It is therefore time to stop thinking that the planet Venus is the shepherd's star or the bright morning star mentioned in the Scripture; because I am the shepherd, and the light of my spirit is this spiritual star which announces dawn. The latter was represented by two triangles, whose lines mean for one: the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, and for the other lines: Abraham, Isaac and Jacob who are in me.

(19) In relation with the saviour, David is the figure of the one who fights the world of hypocrisy. I am thus his son, because I accomplish what is written of him by the sole will of God. In me, God found the leader of his armies, he found David. Will you disagree that I received David’s star? This star, which symbolizes the light of the spirit, is also the shepherd's star which Jesus has given to me so that in my turn I pass it onto those who are circumcised; because this light is transmissible from man to man, as is the flame of one candle to another one.

(20) But I am saddened by your ways of seeing things, because in representing the Son by his cross and not by his light, which means by associating him to death, and not to life as you were to do it, this prevented you from understanding that the shepherd's star of men is also David’s star, this brilliant morning star which rises in our hearts. So, you couldn’t understand the prophecy nor that the Lamb of God is the first-born among all men who writes the truth himself. If thus you don’t grasp these simple things about the light of the Son, how you will grasp that the trinity which is in me, forms my entire being? This aspect of my person and of my knowledge is symbolized by the shepherd's star, which is the symbol of the light of the guardian of men.

(21) If you receive my baptism as I’m teaching it you, it will mean that you are marked by the seal of God on your forehead and so designated for eternal life. You will have received my star which will save you; because God doesn’t choose you according to your aspect or your age, nor does he save you by weapon. He chooses you by the circumcision of your heart which allows you to elevate yourself up to Him, and he saves you by the light of his son that he transmits in each of you. But God gives everyone the free choice to enter or not in his temple. Indeed, to be chosen and enter in his kingdom isn’t a vested right at birth. No, without an effort of comprehension and without the will to change the heart of man, no kingdom nor eternal life! However each will do what ever he wants, because the one that God sends on Earth always let man free to act as he wants.

The birth place of the shepherd

(22) Thereafter we shall speak about Adam and Eve, and shall show that they aren’t a couple from which would descend the entire humanity, but that they are the name of the man and the woman that God created. Indeed, we shall see that the peoples appeared successively, one after the other, in the countries which gave birth to them. And since one comes into the world by always being the heir of what exists before oneself, the Son of man (who is the son of all men) could only emerge from the last born people, being found in the white generation which ends the creation by its presence. Every people that were born was the heir of those who preceded them. And the last-born people, who is the representation of all men was the only people from which the son of God could come from.

(23) All men of the Earth have identical soul and heart, which can laugh or cry. But a people is always like the country which gave birth to him. That is why a country very rich in varieties gives men who are very rich in spirit, because they have to compose with everything that exists around them. And the country from which I come out summarizes the whole world. We notice at first its moderate climate, and the four seasons of the same duration and of equal importance which are attached to it. We find rivers well distributed in the landscape, giving it irrigation comparable to that of the human beings. We see seas and mountains, plains and valleys, as well as a large number of contrary and diverse things which develop the mind of the inhabitants, especially as the native men of this country were often mingled with men from somewhere else.

(24) This is why, such as the flux and reflux of the sea, all comes and goes from this garden in which God calls his son on the evening, and to the east from which he had placed the prophets. All that I say here, Moses and John were aware of that and knew where I would be born for that reason. When we say: the Son of man, hear: the son of all men under the sky, and that by inheritance. That is why this son could only appear in the last-born people and heir of all. Average in all things, I can easily see what are the works of men, refer it to God and then transmit to you his judgment. Such is my first mission, the last one being to save you.

(25) In the Scripture, when the prophets speak of shepherds, they certainly don’t speak about herders, but about those who keep men in God’s pasture. In this regard, you know that three shepherds, the three wise kings, follow a star which stops on the head of the newly born Son. This scene, like others, is also to be heard in the spiritual sense; because it’s about Abraham, Isaac and Jacob who walk towards the Fourth and the place where he has just been born, so that it may be know from sunrise to sunset that this one is the Veritable, and that his name is the word of God.

(26) This is obviously not a star or a comet from the sky that they are following, but the light of their reasoning, to guide them and guide you with them towards the country and the place where the Son was to be born. Because although he is the shepherd of men, he is also made with what exists in the country and the people where he is taken. The wise kings thus arrive on the evening, by following the light of their spirit, which is also that of the Son. Because what do they do? They look for the country which summarizes the world and which is a garden where there are trees (men) which give fruits (their works) good to eat; and, when they find these skillful and kind people, always ready to help others, they find the one who has just been born.

(27) But don’t think that I glorify the inhabitants of this people upon whom God directed his glances. No, I don’t glorify them, because they aren’t exempt from sins nor reproaches. And it is to the Creator that they should be grateful for their existence and not to themselves. But because God protects them, this makes them proud like the rooster which they took for emblem, or comparable to donkeys and she-asses which have their forehead as hard as rock! Also, they laugh at all those who are elevated, because they enjoy making them come down from their pedestal to teach them humility. It’s here the Galilee of the gentiles and the garden of Eden where God calls his Son on the evening to serve him. Thus believe this word which is completely in accordance with the prophecy, and in which it is said: behold, he is going ahead of you into Galilee, and there you will see him.

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