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First part: Fulfilment of the Scriptures


The Shiloh

(1) Because of those who divide men, in deceiving or in diverting them from the prophecy, no one today notices that the Son of man is the Shiloh whom Jacob foretells when he prophesizes on his twelve sons. No one then knows it is about the only son that can be seen in a lot of other characters in the Scripture. But, regardless of the name given to him, it is always about the only son of God and not about many others.

(2) One may also read in the Book:

But they became hard of hearing. For, to this day, the same veil remains when they read the Old Testament; and it does not come off, because it is in Christ that it disappears.

Since the veil disappears by Christ (which means on the day he introduces himself on Earth) it is understandable only today, because I tear the veil from the top to the bottom of the Book. Until now you did not know that the Scriptures were veiled, and that it is with the coming of the Son (for whom they are written) that this veil disappears. If then the Son had come two thousand years ago, it is obvious you would know what is his crucifixion, the resurrection of the dead to which he is the first amongst all to take part in, as well as the last judgment he accomplishes, the chosen ones, the kingdom and all things. Therefore, show some humility, and be eager to know who the only son really is, because he is the only one able to tear down the temple’s veil, this famous veil covering up the Scriptures.

The Scriptures

(3) The new testament was essential to go from Moses to Emmanuel, who are the two beings called on the mountain of the Eternal. Being God’s interpreters, they are way above the prophets. They speak a common language, and they are in a position to change the world. A prophet cannot change the world; but God’s two witnesses, them, they can and they do it. This is why, without Moses, men would all be dead already; and without me coming to shed light on the world, no one would live in the upcoming century. But I will not always be there to speak to you about the Scriptures, therefore listen to what I say about them.

(4) The old testament, which is in itself the whole prophecy and the body of Christ, was written by Moses in Horeb; and the new testament, which first acted as to let the impostors and the traitors come out and, then as to make the Son rise just after them, was written by John in Patmos like it was said. I know you are asking yourselves if they had help. I answer that no one could have been in the womb of Moses and John to see what was inside, and that if they received help, it could not have been for the prophecy itself. This is thus unimportant.

(5) Listen carefully: when Peter saw Moses, Elijah and Jesus on the moutain talking to one another, and to whom he wanted to raise three tents, what do you think he saw? Because I am Peter, I say he saw three indispensable characters to the world who were talking together through the writings. Jesus, character of this Elijah who had to come, is the one who writes the truth with his own finger. And you have a testimony of this in the passage of the adultery woman who is brought up in front of Jesus to receive her judgment. It is written:

Moses, in the Law, commanded us to stone such women: what say you then? They were saying this to test him, so that they could accuse him. But Jesus, having stooped down, wrote with his finger on the ground. As they continued to question him, he got up and said to them, He who is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone against her. And again he stooped down and wrote on the ground.

(6) If you had paid attention to what is shown here, you would have noticed that Jesus writes a book on this Earth (and not in the sky) with his own finger. The Earth, which is given to him, is also the subject on which he leans and writes over. As to the adulterous woman whom Jesus forgives, she actually revealed herself while I was writing. This concerns a manifest accomplishment of the Scripture concerning my life. To understand this accomplishment, know that only those who are around me really know who I am and what I am writing. It concerns Joan and his wife, as well as the woman of the city who God sent to me while I was exhausted. This woman is the samaritan in the Scripture, who is now with her fifth husband, and the one who poured her perfume on me for my sepulchre.

(7) Joan is the spiritual name of this man born blind to whom I opened the eyes first. He is my friend, my confident; the one who sits at my table and willingly puts his hand in the plate with me. His wife, of a great morality, is examplary in her behaviour. However, she committed adultery; and we were very surprised and shaken. Herself was very much afflicted, because she did not understand this kind of brief moment of madness under which she had been subjected to. I told her, as well as to her husband, that this did not come from her, because it concerned an accomplishment quite important of the Scripture which could not be prevented. I showed them that everything that is written is accomplished inexorably and independently of our will to serve us as a testimony.

(8) May all these accomplishments make you understand that no one in the world can be Christ except for himself, because no one but he and those around him could accomplish together what is written. You therefore have the certainty that Jesus writes with his own finger on the ground, as mentioned in the Scripture, and what he his writing is assuredly this book. Indeed, since he is the only one who knows the truth, why would he not write about it? The book he is writing is here, in front of your eyes. It is also the Lamb's book of life or again the small book from the angel who comes with force (in John’s apocalypse), by putting one foot on the sea and the other on the ground, to show the entire world how great his character is, but also to warn that there is no more time for this world.

The mother of John and the mother of Christ

(9) Be really attentive to what follows, because I will remove the veil on a great part of the Scripture. Having conceived the new testament, John is inevitably born from God’s old Alliance with men. Elizabeth, John’s mother, is the name of this first alliance and not a woman! Jesus, who is Emmanuel today in the world, is inevitably born from the new God’s Alliance with men, since he is there at the origin. His mother, Mary (which means the one who is married to God), is the name of this new and last Alliance.

(10) I will say it differently: John was born from a slave world, which was anslaved because of the ignorance of the truth and of the darkness that was covering up the world. Indeed, the ark of the old alliance (the old testament) did not enable men to be born from the spirit but only of the flesh. Jesus, him, is born from the world delivered from ignorance and the powers of Satan. Because the truth frees and liberates man. It gives a second birth to those who are born of flesh, and who marry it. This is why it is written that the Son is the first to be resurrected from the dead. Understand therefore that this expression of first resurrected, or the first-born among the dead, unquestionably means that there will be others to be born after him. And this is what you are witnessing with me, at your own resurrection.

(11) A prophet is a man who is born first of all from a woman like all man. And when he reaches the age of understanding, he is born again from the spirit this time, because his eyes open on what no one has ever seen before. And it is only at this moment he knows he is a prophet and sent from above. He is thus born from the spirit and no more from a woman, because from a woman he was already born. This is why I say: I was born at forty-two years old. Yourselves, who are dead without the knowledge, I will resurrect you with my baptism, and I will give you a new life by leading you into the whole truth. Will you then be born a second time from a woman?

(12) Do you hear me, you who see a woman in Mary, and a woman who would necessarily be God’s equal so they may have a son together? The woman is equal to man and not to God! This is why one can only be born from Zion the second time, Zion being the spiritual name given to the mountain of the Eternal on which one gradually rises to the summit from which nothing can be hidden in any domain. In following me till the end of the book, you will do this ascension and everything will be different to you; because the celestial bodies, the world and its becoming will appear differently from what you are seeing. You will then be the first-borns.

(13) In the old Alliance (the old testament), it is the mountain of Zion which was called the sterile, because from her, no one among your fathers or among you were able to be born from the spirit. But now God had mercy over her, and after fertilizing her with the Holy Spirit, she gave birth to a son, the Son of man, whose name is Emmanuel. She is the mother of Jesus, because a prophet cannot be born of a woman. Jesus explains these spiritual births, however you did not understand. And those who understood this, if there is any, did not apply it to Jesus’ birth…

(14) Listen to me a little more regarding the mother of Christ, who is also the one who, after me, will give birth to you; because Isaiah thus testifies to what I have just explained:

Before experiencing the pangs,
She gave birth;
Before the suffering came to her
She gave birth to a son.
Who has ever heard such a thing?
Who has ever seen anything like it?
Can a country be born in one day?
Can a nation be born all at once?
Hardly in labor, Zion gave birth to her sons!

This time, you will stop saying that the mountain of Zion has given birth to a mouse… Because you finally see that she is the mother of the Son and of all the chosen ones. Isaiah says that it takes a lot of time before Zion may give birth, but on the day she gives birth to the foretold son, she also gives birth to all her children. So abstain yourselves to see a woman in Mary. And stop praying her, because we don't pray Mary! We pray God only.

(15) In believing in what the roman sect was telling you about Mary, Jesus’ mother, how are you going to be born again? Moreover, do you understand why God asked men to not make themselves any representations of things from the sky and from the earth, and why he prohibited any erection of statues which he abhors? Those who transgressed this order, how many will they be to die from it if Emmanuel fails to be recognized in their eyes? They worship a woman they call Mary. They pray her; her, whom they think is equal to God. And they made a statue of her in front of which they kneel while praying her. Then they get up, turn away and leave, while thinking: I do not risk anything, I am cleared… And me, I break this statue on their head! Because it is also what they teach and make believe to their young children.

(16) It would please me to destroy your insane beliefs so that you would not die because of them. But breaking someone’s convictions, based on ancestral traditions, is worse than breaking a clay vase on his head! This is why I fear a lot for you; because I know who I am and who my mother and father are, and why I came. Do you think I could put myself in charge of the world if I did not know who I am and if I was not forced into it? I would not do it, because I am going where I do not want, and where I have already refused to go by three times. But I am going anyway, because I have the power of resurrection inside me and the power to save God’s chosen one. What man would I be if I would remain silent? What judgement would you lay on me if you knew that I exist and that I did not shed light upon the world which is about to disappear?

The age and the tunic of Christ

(17) All the Scripture testifies about me, and also about my age if you know how to read this quotation in which the Jews ask Jesus to show them a miracle, and to whom he answers about the temple:

Destroy this temple, and in three days I will raise it up. The Jews said: It took forty-six years to build this temple, and you will raise it up in three days. But he was talking about the temple of his body. Therefore, when he was resurrected from the dead, his disciples remembered that he had said this, and they believed the Scripture and the word that Jesus had spoken.

It took actually forty six years to built my body, until I grasped the Scripture, for it is from that age that I grasped it fully.

(18) Also know that, in accordance with what is written moreover, it took me four days to notice that Lazarus’ resurrection was the image of my own awakening. Indeed it is on the fourth day of my reading that I felt he spoke to me. Then my eyes opened. I explain these things in the hope that you still can hear that Jesus is the guide of the Son of man whom he surrounds from all sides. He guides him, directs him, and makes him accomplish what must be. This is why I cannot turn away from him, like a baby donkey cannot turn away from the one who is sitting on him.

(19) There are also the celestial things that I must explain and it will be done. But, for that too, I needed the prophets to notice that the one who was demonstrating the universe and was fluently reading their writings could not be anyone else but the Son of man, having Jesus as a figure and all the old testament for body and spirit. Afterwards, I understood what were my clothes, as well as my tunic with which I was to come into the world.

(20) Moreover, did you understand what is the tunic of Jesus? It is written:

His tunic was of every color; it was without seam, of a single cloth from the top to the bottom.

The explanation of this is given when reading the Book. Because, when I read the old testament, I was following the thread of what was told when I realized that the servant of the Eternal was represented from top to bottom. This is why, it is written that his tunic is seamless (without interruption), of a single cloth from top to bottom, because it’s his genealogy.

The lampstand

(21) To those who want to know more about the prophecy, which I cannot explain in details in this book, I ask them to not look for the body of Christ in the new testament, because it isn’t there. No, the body of Christ is found in the old testament which is the whole prophecy and in today’s world. The Lamb, who is Jesus in the Scripture and I in the world, is enlightened by seven characters, that are like seven eyes to him. These seven lights are the seven lamps of the lampstand which Moses has prepared to enlighten him. It is about Adam, Noah, Aaron, Israel, Joseph, David and Solomon.

(22) With what is written about them and their lives, these seven characters explain all by themselves the person and the mission of the Son. This is why, with the baptism I dispense on you, you will be able to see me such as I am. Here however is the essential of what should be known:

  • ADAM is the one God calls on the evening (the evening of the world), who is naked (ignorant) and is not ashamed of it. But God put clothes on him. Adam is the first lamp of the lampstand.
  • NOAH is the one who builds the ark of salvation, which is this book picking you up from the human sea to shelter you in the heights while the deluge of fire and water will change the face of the Earth. Noah is the second lamp of the lampstand.
  • AARON is the second messenger who wears the sacred clothes that his brother Moses made for him to cover him up with dignity. These clothes, which are not made of material, are mine and those of God. Aaron is the third lamp of the lampstand.
  • ISRAEL is Jacob who fights in the darkness against himself, against men and with God, and who comes out different from it. Israel is the fourth lamp of the lampstand.
  • JOSEPH is the redeemer; because, even if he was sold by his brothers for a couple of silver pieces, he buys them back with his wheat: understand with the knowledge he acquired in the period of abundance. Joseph is the fifth lamp of the lampstand.
  • DAVID is the leader of the Eternal’s army, the one who rises to fight the hypocrites (the philistines) and the military giant who dominate and make the world lose its way. David is the sixth lamp of the lampstand.
  • SOLOMON is the man of God to which the Eternal gave wisdom, a great intelligence, and unlimited knowledge. He is the one who starts building the temple which no one will ever be able to destroy, because it is not made by men’s hands. Solomon is the seventh lamp of the lampstand.

This is the body of the Son that you were searching for where it wasn’t, and that you do not see. This is not about seven men, but about the seven lamps of the lampstand that Moses prepared to enlighten me. These lamps are the seven stars which I hold in my hand, and which enlighten it to write the truth.

The passover of the Eternal

(23) Whoever will eat my book, will eat the Lamb. He will then have accomplished the passover of the Eternal, because I am your passover. And in the coming days, where you will eat it, you will be girded with strenght and ready to leave for the heights of your countries and where I will recommend you to go. On this, I have something to show you; because it is obvious that you cannot read Moses, whoever you might be. However you can all understand the passage in which he institutes the passover. He explains how and when one must eat the lamb, and then he concludes as follows:

When you will eat it, (the lamb), you will have your loins guirded about, your shoes on your feet, and your staff in your hand; and you will eat it in haste. This is the Passover of the Eternal.

(24) As we just said, the passover of the Eternal, consists in eating the Lamb to make the transition from the world of darkness to the world of light, of this world into the kingdom of God. Moses shows that you will be ready and standing on the day where the lamb will offer himself in sacrifice to make the truth known to the world. Now, are you not accomplishing this prediction with me? Aren't you eating in a hurry the spirit's food contained in this book? If I am not the sacrificed Lamb to you, why do you have bitterness in your entrails and joy in your hearts? Do not be alarmed however; I have not come to torment or to lose you, but to save you. Take the time to read, because the Lord is granting you a complete year to do it, which will be followed by a year of grace to prepare yourselves.

(25) After the temple of my body was formed, as the Scripture explains, I started to seek the truth in order to finally understand what the true reason of existence was. Seeing my obstinacy and perseverance, as well as the difficulties I was constantly encountering, God had mercy on me and called me next to him on the summit of his mountain where he taught me all his science. God showed me all his works. In this way, he clothed me, because I was naked. He explained all celestial and terrestrial things to me. He spoke to me face to face for a long time, patiently, for me to know the law of his kingdom which he had just invested me with. And here I am, in the midst of you, holding this small book in my hand, to show you that there is no more time for this world.

(26) If you do not believe me here, you will believe me then, because I will make it impossible for you to not understand. For the time being, make sure not to take the Scriptures for fables or old stories anymore, because they describe exactly what the first world is until its end. It is for all these reasons that everything is figurative, and you must no longer take what is figurative for past achievements. Abstain yourselves from it, because along with me, you are eating God’s passover at this moment, which is his great feast mentioned in the apocalypse.

(27) With the help of the lampstand, try to set yourselves in the present time of the Scriptures, otherwise you would not recognize me and would perish through what is coming. Do not expect me however to express myself on public places, neither to repair what is broken, because you would be wrong about me. Contrary to the hypocrites who give a show at the head of nations, the Eternal’s servant does not make his face known to the world, because it is not him that is important but what God commands him to say. This is already explained in Isaiah in this way:

This is my servant whom I have chosen,
My beloved in whom my soul took pleasure.
I will put my spirit upon him,
And he will proclaim justice to the nations.
He will not dispute, he will not cry out,
And no one will hear his voice in the streets.
He will not break the broken reed,
And he will not extinguish the smoking candle,
Until he has made justice triumph.
And that the nations have hope in his law.

(28) Besides, it is undeniable that when introducing Jesus, John introduces both Judah and the Shiloh, on which Jacob prophesies this way:

Judah, you will receive tributes from your brothers;
Your hand shall be on the neck of your enemies.
The sons of your father shall bow down before you.
Judah is a young lion.
You have returned from the slaughter, my son!
He bends his knees, he lies down like a lion,
Just as a lioness: who will make him rise?
The scepter shall not depart from Judah,
Nor the sovereign staff from between his feet,
Until the Shiloh comes,
and that the people obey him.

(29) The explanation of this is found in the character of Judah (Jesus) who precedes and foretells the Shiloh (the Son of man) who manifests himself at the end of the centuries to save the sons of light. The Shiloh is like Melchizedek, king of Salem, which means: the one who exists from all eternity, and to which all survivors will be eternally indebted for their existence.

(30) I tell you, for a long time I desired to sit at the table with the twelve sons of Jacob to eat the passover with them, because I knew they were quite instructive for me. And this is what I did. Then I saw that when Jesus sits at the table with the twelve, it is truly with the twelve sons of Jacob he does it in order to spiritually talk with them. This is why it is written that Jesus is the spirit of the Scriptures. This spirit who is sitting on me and of which you will owe your salvation.

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