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First part: Fulfilment of the Scriptures


The sending of the Spirit of truth

(1) John was preaching repentance and was baptising people in the Jordan, before he withdrew to let Jesus take over. The Jordan, like the Nile, is imaged as the river of life which never stops flowing. This is why, John was teaching the crowd in this river, to warn them against the Publicans and against the doctrine of the Pharisees and Sadducees; these Jewish sects that poisoned the world before the romans.

(2) The Publicans were the ones collecting taxes, let’s say they were leasing to the public purse. The Pharisees, members of a Jewish sect, pretended to distinguish themselves by the visible holiness of their life. But they were hiding the most dissolute morals under an apparent strictness. Because, haughty, proud, and quite hypocritical, they contravened Moses’ law. They however wanted to give good behaviour lessons, and claimed to read Moses Scriptures in their real meaning. They are the ones Jesus calls whitewashed tombs, because they are the dead who exonerates their sins while doing a simulacra of repentance in front of God. They are the cause of the disaster of the Jews and of what I feel, because they have poisoned their people and the entire world which is dying today.

(3) As to the Sadducees, who were another Jewish sect, they opposed to the Pharisees. They were recruiting essentially from the rich class of people and thought only about the enjoyment of their fortune for which they showed ostentation. Uneducated, hated by the people, they denied the soul’s immortality and the resurrection, because they mistaken the spiritual resurrection explained in the Scripture with the body resurrection of which we will speak about when it is time. And when the new testament came, all these people were fiercely opposed to Jesus; because, leaning only on the old testament, it is Emmanuel they were preaching, while hoping however this was only a story and that he would never come.

(4) I am talking about these sects, in order to keep explaining what happened since John’s epoch until now. Notice indeed that this type of uneducated and presumptuous men I have spoken about, still exist under the same appearance and not essentially among the Jews. They still can be found within the members of the roman church, in which similar people are found, that is to say, haughty, proud, hypocritical, rich, and feeling that they are apart from the other men. This is why they wanted to reign on Earth. Incredulous, they never foretell the coming of the shepherd, because to them he has come, he is dead, and it is their leader (the false prophet) who replaces him... Jesus started to fight them so that I, Emmanuel, I finish with them. There is no other religion besides the one of the heart which brings man closer to his brothers and his Creator. Any other religion is a way of abyss.

The announcement of the Son of man

(5) The Christ is named Jesus in the Scripture and Emmanuel in today’s world. John came to flatten this man’s path, whom he also calls the Lamb, like Abraham called him. Because it is obvious that the one God has anointed with his oil carries the purity of the child inside him and speaks like a child who does not bother about those who the truth disturbs. Such I am, and such are those I come to take for the kingdom of God.

(6) John has therefore warned about this day and was preaching repentance. Then he gave way to Jesus who, before leaving, announces at his turn the one who would come to accomplish the Scripture and comfort all those who are desperate because of those who reign since antiquity, while constantly aggravating injustice, and who have corrupted the world. Jesus said about this:

It is to your advantage that I go away, for if I do not go away, the comforter will not come to you; but, if I go away, I will send him to you. And when he has come, he will convince the world concerning sin, justice and judgment: concerning sin, because they do not believe in me; justice, because I am going to the Father, and you will no longer see me; judgment, because the prince of this world is being judged.
I still have many things to tell you, but you cannot bear them now (two thousand years ago). When the comforter has come, the Spirit of truth, he will lead you into the whole truth; for he will not speak of himself (by is own authority), but he will tell you all that he has heard, and he will declare to you the things to come. He will glorify me, because he will take of that which is mine, and will declare it to you. All that the Father has is mine; that is why I said that he will take from what is mine, and he will announce it to you.

(7) Why Jesus calls the one he foretells the prince of this world? And why does he say: he shall glorify me, for he shall receive of mine, and shall show it unto you? The answer, is that Jesus is the image of the only son who comes at the end of days to accomplish the Scripture.

(8) This word of Jesus (written in John sixteen) explains both Jesus’ departure and Emmanuel’s arrival. As John had to make room for Jesus, Jesus had to make room for the one who would lead the creature into the whole truth. This is why, in his book, John made Jesus die on a cross because of the pain he suffers and that I suffer too, like he made himself die beheaded.

(9) However, do not believe in me only because I say I am the foretold man of God announced for the end of the centuries, because anyone may claim to be that man like many did to constitute some sects. No, I recommend on the contrary that you read this book from the beginning to the end without abstraction of any passages, and thus the truth will appear to you. Then, you will have another vision about the existence; vision of celestial bodies, of the world, of justice and of things to come. You will no longer ignore anything in any science’s subjects. Then it will not be useful anymore for me to say who I am.

(10) The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit are together the trinity dwelling in me and which forces me to teach the whole truth. About the sending of this man, Jesus said (in John fourteen):

I have said these things to you while I am staying with you. But the comforter, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, will teach you all things, and will remind you of all that I have said.
Then he adds: I will speak no more with you; for the prince of the world is coming. He has nothing in me.

After having said these words, Jesus quickly speaks about another subject for fear that one may understand before time. But he says that I have nothing in him, because he is himself everything in me; and it is truly in his name that the Father sends me to teach all things. Therefore, study Jesus’ word I am quoting. And you will clearly see that when he announces the prince of this world, it is Emmanuel he announces; and it is Elijah and I that he calls when he is crucified.

John’s letters to the Son of man

(11) In order to open my eyes, John has written for me four long letters showing me that Jesus’ life and mine are one and the same. I see it through the accomplishments which are always in accordance as to what is written. Afterwards, in the apocalypse, he writes me seven other small letters (the letters to the seven churches) which are truly addressed to the seven spirits of God given to the Son. That is how John baptised me; because I say again that to be baptised means submerged into the living waters of the Scriptures, and not make proselytes by doing an enactment of sacrament.

(12) The four first letters apparently similar that John addresses to the Son are titled Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. They are incomprehensible to you all, because they were written in a language and in flash of wit that are inherent to the one who had to accomplish them. They are first written to capture my attention about myself and make me rise, and also to show you all the miracles I will accomplish among you, starting with the greatest one: the resurrection of the dead.

(13) You were all born from a woman, and none of you has yet been born from the spirit. Then stay with me; and I’ll tell you, you will be born this way a second time, because you will not be the same. You will then know what the resurrection of the dead spoken in the Scripture is, and why Jesus said that one must be born twice.

(14) These four letters from John are degrees for me, steps which enabled me to rise after I opened my eyes. This is why when Jesus gets baptized by John, John tells him:

I am the one who needs to be baptized by you, and you come to me!

John speaks to him that way, because he knows he does not have the light of the Son of man, ahead of whom he was sent to prepare his paths. This is why he says to people, before Jesus comes to him:

Me, I baptize you with water, that I may bring you to repentance; but he that comes after me is mightier than I, and I am not worthy to wear his shoes. Him, he will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and fire. He has his basket in his hand; he will cleanse his threshing floor, and he will gather the wheat (the chosen ones) into the granary, but he will burn the straw in a fire that will not be quenched.

(15) No one can serve God without withdrawing from the world; because, either one serves those who reign or one serves God. Now, one cannot serve God any other way than by doing actions of faith and actions of grace, and not in purifying oneself in gardens like the priests do and all those who lock themselves up! And when a man withdraws from the world for a certain time in his life to serve the Almighty, he accomplishes a nazarite. Where the name Nazarene given to the Son who, during numerous years, has written the truth he takes from God’s hands. This is why it is written: one will call him the Nazarene. To purge his threshing floor and garner the wheat for the kingdom, the Son cannot do it any other way but by teaching through the medium of a book, and while being withdrawn from the world.

(16) And this unquenchable fire, is the burning bush I light up in you and which causes bitterness in your womb. Do not alarm yourself however, because you need to purify yourselves by these soul suffering in order to join the resurrection I am doing on you.

The awakening of the Son of man

(17) In order for those who scrutinize the Scriptures without finding the true meaning may not dispute me, be attentive to my explanations. First of all, notice that prophets are not sparing of names they give to all their characters. There is however, one disciple lying on the bosom of Jesus which name is never mentioned in the Scripture. Yet, being the one Jesus loves and who follows him everywhere, the necessity of having a name is more likely to be of grater importance than for the other characters. Is it not what you think? One also sees that this disciple runs with Peter towards the sepulchre to see where Jesus was laid, and he his first to enter it and to understand when he does not see him. What he sees, are two angels: one at the head and the other at the feet where Jesus should have been. It concerns Moses and Emmanuel who are the two unique witnesses of God sent on Earth to teach men and save them.

(18) When Jesus is crucified, he still speaks to this unnamed disciple. Finally, it is again this disciple who testifies of Jesus, because it is written:

It is the disciple who bears witness to these things, and who wrote them. And we know that his testimony is true.

The explanation of this is given by the disciple who is lying on the bosom of Jesus cannot be anyone else but his double. Because this must assuredly be heard in a spiritual meaning, like two pictures superimposes. It is evidently Emmanuel (the new name of Christ) who writes the whole truth and which John comes to take from the middle of the world, in starting by capturing his glance with the fact that the name of this disciple is never mentioned and this would be an enigma that would hit him.

(19) Indeed, I was attentively looking at the movements of this man without a name; and when I noticed that he was walking with Peter, I understood that he was Peter’s homonym. And when I saw Peter being called by Jesus walking on the sea (elevated above the water, the Scriptures) and was walking towards Jesus while doubting (this is why he was sinking), I understood that Peter was walking towards Jesus to see in him his own image. This disciple was indeed Peter, and Peter was the foretold Son of man. And this transfigured me, because I understood this was about me. I then grasp this strong word from Jesus:

You are Peter, and on this rock I will build my Church.

This means: you who understands, you are Peter in the book (the anointed of Jacob). Follow him, and you will come to me and know that you are the chosen one, Elijah that I am calling from the height of my cross. And it is you who will build my church, because I will give you the keys of the kingdom of which you’ll be invested.

(20) I see myself through this disciple with no name, and also in Simon the leprous because of the leprosy that was invading my writings and of which I will talk later on. And it is to Simon that Jesus said: you are Peter. This would have no sense if it would not be because the Veritable recognizes himself through Peter, who is this famous rock from which Jacob made his bedside table, and then erected it as a monument, and poured oil on its top (unction onto his head). And it is always Simon (who is Peter) who carries the cross behind Jesus, because the cross means the pain of a man which no one else can carry besides himself. Do you understand all these things?

(21) All of this is prodigious my children, and you must believe me even though you are mistaken since centuries about the Scripture and its accomplishment. Because John truly came to pick me up in the middle of you to make me recognize myself in the Book which announces me and in which I am laid down since always. He had to catch my eyes and make me follow this disciple with no name who led me up to Jesus on whose bosom I am lying, because he is me in the book. I certainly doubted this, and I did everything that was possible to get myself out of it. But I did not succeed, because my life was in total accordance to his. It is also for that reason that Jesus said to Peter: why do you doubt, man of little faith? Which means in the mouth of Jesus: it is to you that I’m addressing myself, and it will be of no use for you to turn your head from one side to the other to see if I am talking to someone else! This Jesus is imperative...

(22) If you can understand what was my emotion, you conceive then what was my transfiguration on the day when this was revealed to me – Which is Jesus’ transfiguration – When I looked at my life to make sure I was not mistaking about me, I realized that it was impossible, because my life was in accordance to the Scripture in which I could not stop seeing myself since Adam up to the lamb.

The renunciation of the Son

(23) In spite of these evidences, I did not want to come, as this is fearsome! I tried by all means to deny Jesus, so to deny myself. I then saw that my attitude towards Jesus was foretold, because this is obviously about Peter’s denial. But, even if I really tried by three times to step away from Jesus, so to have nothing to do with him, it was in vain. My thoughts for him were too strong, especially because I knew perfectly the universe (the celestial things) which I am teaching in the second part and which, in itself, pointed to me. God having, indeed, been careful enough to enlighten me before showing me my image in his book, so I may not deny myself. He knows I am a wild donkey, who has a hard forehead and who doesn't rely only on appearances.

(24) This is why, and it is also foretold, he spoke to me with kindness before I even knew him. He says, through Isaiah:

I called you by name,
I spoke to you with kindness, before you got to know me.
I am the Eternal, and there is no other,
Besides me there is no God;
I girdled you, before you got to know me.
This is so that we may know, from sunrise to sunset,
That besides me there is no God:
I am the Eternal and there is not another.

(25) This also shows that God took care to give me enough knowledge to make me rise really high, so that I may not back off on the day I would recognize myself. And it is because of what I had already written and explained on the universe that I needed a testimony. Unable to find it within men who did not know anything, I was forced to open the Scriptures which I had not read yet. I was forty two years old. At the beginning they were sterile and I was cursing them, because I could not understand what the utility of this incomprehensible book was. My attitude then made me understand the sterile fig tree parable which Jesus curses, in saying: may no fruit come out of you! Because this is about the Scriptures which cannot give him any fruit before it is time. That is to say, that book could not reveal its content to me before I was disposed to grasp everything. I am now appeased, because since a long time I truly know who I am and what I must do.

Baptism by the scripture

(26) You know as of now why Jesus warns the world, in saying one must be ready to greet the Son of man on the day he would appear, and it is better to walk with him than to walk against him on that day. He also says at the end of the Book:

Let him that is unjust still be unjust, let him that is filthy still be filthy; and let the righteous still do justice, and let him that is holy still sanctify himself.
Behold, I come quickly, and my reward is with me, to render to every man according to his work.

(27) But, because it is necessary for me to explain everything concerning you and me in the Scripture, this set you in a difficult position, even more that the coming of the Son of man is an old story to you. But in spite of this and of your scepticism, let’s continue explaining the Scriptures which must precede any teaching on celestial things. When Jesus learns how to pray, he says to ask the Father:

May your kingdom come; may your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

This means that God reigns in all the worlds of the heaven (the kingdom of heaven) which are as numerous as there are stars, and also that his reign comes on Earth on the day the creature learns about the truth. This is happening on this day with the baptism I bestow onto your heads. And, I tell you, this baptism will also have the effect to make you come out into this new world, while being as white as snow and as pure as gold taken out of the crucible!

(28) It is also written that the Son comes to take away the sin of the world. Because the sin needs to be taken out first from empty skulls, which were excellent homes for demons who have since resided until now. And since I am writing with God’s finger and that with this finger I'm chasing away the demons who reside in you, this makes you grasp the Scripture in which Jesus said that it is with the finger of God that he chases demons. In order to do this, must he not write himself a book with his finger?

(29) The Son is the only one who can baptise you. And if you receive his baptism, you will keep your life for ever. Today, you therefore have the opportunity to enter in the temple with me; and this opportunity will not be given twice, because there is no more time for this world.

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