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First part: Fulfilment of the Scriptures


The renewal of all things

(1) Before determining what works we can do and those that must be banned, one must first rise by the spirit to know who man is, to discern between good and evil, and live in dignity. This is the whole purpose of the comprehension of science, and must be known to men of the entire world. Which isn’t yet accomplished, because no one can know who man is and discern good and evil, having only eyes for the golden calf that changes the Earth in a site of solitude and an area of desolation. Consequently, you had to be taught the truth.

The progression of the world

(2) Two thousand years ago, Jesus said: I have more things to say to you, but you cannot bear them now. This means that your spirits had fist to be formed by the acquired experiences, in order to bear them. But if you didn’t hear when he said that your spirits had to be formed before they could bear the truth, then you didn’t know what would happen when you would bear this truth, nor that this day would come unexpectedly. However you should have anticipated it, and await the coming of the kingdom because, he also said:

It is of the kingdom of God, as when a man scatters seed in the earth; whether he sleeps or stays awake, night and day, the seed sprouts and grows without him knowing how. The earth produces by itself, first the grass, then the cob, and then the grain all formed in the cob. And as soon as the fruit is ripe, you put the sickle into it, for the harvest is here.

This shows that, whatever they do, men form in ages and, the day they arrive at maturity and learn the truth, God chooses his people and brings them into his kingdom. The harvest shown as an example has arrived; it remains only to pass the sickle. And this is what I do, because your minds demand other thing today than what is practised in the world. Indeed, you are all waiting for an event that will bring change. But nobody knows what will happen.

(3) You must also know that being the last-born of the prophets, the Lamb is the first-born from the dead who can give life to whomever he wants.

As the Father resurrects the dead and gives life, so the Son gives life to whomever he will, says Jesus.

This is the eternal life that we acquire with certainty by the circumcision of the heart which allows the understanding of God and man. And I shall give it to you, because nobody else than the Son can teach you and resuscitate you.

(4) Some people will say that I am only repeating the Scripture. I don’t repeat it, I use it to open your mind on what it announces and that nobody can grasp without me who is its fulfilment. Did you know that the Scripture is the water which fills the swimming pool of Bethesda in which I immerse you to baptize you, so that you can see what you do not see? You ignored it. But your mind opens, because I change water into wine; which means, I change what is dull, odorless and tasteless, in something that you can see, smell and taste.

(5) But, again because of the religions, how would you have been able to know what Jesus was doing when, on the evening, at the supper of his wedding, he changes water into wine in front of his disciples? You couldn’t. Now, on the evening of the world, each has to marry the truth, as did Jesus; otherwise nobody will survive to what is coming. Also, for fear that you still don’t know what it means to change water into wine, here is the whole prophecy expressed in twelve points:

(6) The snake made by the Earth, will also reveal and in a different way, the past, the present and the future. For now, position yourselves in the center of this table, in the present, to see to your left where you come from and to your right where you’re going. Today, is the day of the renewal of all things which Jesus speaks and that is shown since always in the old testament. Isn't that the whole prophecy? Would there be something missing? This time, even a blind person can see what is water changed into wine, because the history of the whole world is shown with these words. Don’t thus murmur against the Son of man who opens the doors of the kingdom to the circumcised today. Follow him with confidence, because no one else can deliver you and save you.

(7) The coming of the Son shows that those who read the Scripture without understanding what they read, have made for themselves an unshakable but erroneous opinion about the angel and necessarily about Christ. Also, they don’t hesitate to defy God’s word, and rise to dominate their fellowmen. It is all those who apply to be the first ones in all circumstances and whom we call winners, while we call losers those whom they crush. But it is written that God has in abomination everything which is elevated. And Jesus said:

Many of the first ones will be the last ones, and many of the last ones will be the first ones.

(8) But, because of religions, I know that the words Christ and angel irritate you considerably because, what haven't they told about them for centuries! Listen to me a little more about that. Propitious to open the spirit, the old testament is the cover on which are the two cherubim. It is, as we saw it, the two angels of God (Moses and Emmanuel) whom both wings touch, to show that they communicate with each other in their mission which consists of saving the world for ever. That is why I said that I’m taking you from the hand of Moses, which made you cross the desert up to me, to lead you in the kingdom. But because it is written that the wings of the two cherubim touch, the intelligent which read the Scripture in the meaning of the words, don’t then miss to see the angel with wings of bird... No, the angel isn’t a fowl, because his wings mean that he glances through all things of the sky and Earth, as we shall do it together.

(9) Thus elevated, Christ walks above waters. These waters are the Scriptures in which I immerse you to baptize you, because they testify at once of the existence of the Father, of his son, of the Holy Spirit and of the fate of the world. If thus the word Christ hurts your language, replace it by Shiloh, meaning the one against whom nothing can be done, because his judgments are God’s word. Be careful then that you don't pretend to listen to him.

(10) To follow me confidently, know that every evening I rise by the spirit on the mountain of the Eternal (on the mountain of olives where Moses and Elijah are standing), to transmit to you early in the morning what I heard and which allows you to rise. That’s why it is written:

Jesus went to the mountain of the olive trees. But, early in the morning, he went again into the temple, and all the people came to him. As he sat down, he taught them.

(11) Why then did God tell to Moses that neither man nor beast could approach this mountain where He called him? Because in the time of Moses, nobody needed yet to know what is the ascent that man would do at the appointed time. But today it is time to rise. That is why I already have quoted this word: Who shall be able to ascend the mountain of the Eternal? Who shall ascend to his holy place? He that has innocent hands and a pure heart; he that does not give up his soul to falsehood, and does not swear to deceive. This also shows that the Scripture had to remain like unleavened bread without yeast and water until this day, so that it is changed to leavened bread with yeast and wine by the Son of man.

The last prophet

(12) As man can intervene on the instrument he created himself, the Almighty intervenes on man whom he arouses to make him accomplish his will. That is why, when his two witnesses arise alternately on the mountain where He stands and where He calls them, God fills them with His light until their soul merges with him. That is why I testify God is true. The Scriptures of Moses are real, as are the ones you have before you; it is God who expresses himself, it isn’t us who are doing it. Verily, if we can choose the words to write, we can choose by no means what we have to say, because it is under the guidance of the Eternal that we speak.

(13) Although I am delighted at the good news of the kingdom’s coming, don’t think however that I teach you in joy, because it is crucified that I do it. My heart is pierced, I bleed abundantly inside. And it is with my blood that I form the words of the book that is going to save you; because I know what the world is going to have to go through. So, when the evening comes I am pale and disfigured. The sadness of my soul leaves me no respite.

(14) Since a long time I am alone with God, locked into my hut and enchained. I live days without morning, without noon, without evening. Night appears to me just before going to sleep. My relatives have disappeared, and I don’t know where to rest my head. All this is painful. I carry my cross, but I don’t give up; because what is my life worth on the tray of a scale and all yours together on the other tray? You are numerous and I am one. My sacrifice is thus advantageous to you.

(15) Only the Veritable can drink the bitter cup that one put in his bag, because he is the last prophet to come into the world. What is represented, in this way, by Benjamin who is going to meet Joseph, and in the bag of which the cup is returned. I explain that it is with a bitter taste in my mouth and with the heart at the tip of my lips that I write the truth going to be known by all on the evening of the world. After what, you will never need the prophets again; because, on the Path, you will all be like them.

(16) Neither here, nor elsewhere in the big Wheel, a living world is inconceivable without the Son of God who offers his life in ransom for the salvation of the largest number, and whose image is in transparency in the entire Scripture which announces him. In all the new gardens of the sky, when the time comes, God warns men by his angels (the prophets) that he will send his only son at the appointed time, to judge their world and establish his reign on their earth. This world thus lives by knowing that the Son of God will come in his time, although the priests of Satan are working to hide the day of his coming. Then he arrives unexpectedly like a thief, and makes the truth known. And that’s what you attend today.

(17) Then see that with the science of the celestial things which I shall transmit to you, your knowledge will make you go beyond the Scriptures that you will end up looking as the shells of an egg from which you will have gone out. Think of Zion as you read this word, because I am thinking of it as I write it. You will then be resuscitated, like Jesus.

(18) The nativity is the day of the coming of the one who reveals the truth, by bringing to each the rewards and the retribution at the appointed time. But what was this famous day for all of you? Because of the priests of the infamous, we made of the nativity a pitiful day, a day of lie that we lavish on the children, and a day of madness which doesn’t give you resplendent faces. You have become like these priests who, on the occasion of this day, emphasize on the fact that the divine child was born two thousand years ago, that he died and that he will not be coming... Can we then better change the redeemer into a myth in the eyes of all? To deceive you and mask the day of his coming, could we do more than what they’re doing with their worships of statues, their simulation, their hypocritical prayers, their rites, their songs, their intrigues, their incantations and their masses which are only Satan’s practices? I say this to you, we can’t do any better.

(19) Men will still die because of the infamous, because those who have made of the prince of life a symbol of death, walk with impudence his effigy in public places, nailed to a wood, to show that he is theirs and that they use him as they please... They also place him on coffins and graves; or yet on the roads, hilltops and mountains, because they don’t believe in his coming for the ultimate days. As the Father hates them, I hate them. All of them will disappear at the beginning of the new century, because nobody can bury the Son to take possession of his inheritance without paying the price of his treachery. That is why they will pay for their infamy at double the price of the innocent blood which they poured for centuries. Their works follow them and, with their works, they self-condemned.

(20) Therefore stop believing that those who confuse the garments of Aaron with cloth garments are preaching the gospel; because there is nothing else than what I show in the table of the progression of the world and that they ignore completely. When we speak about the gospel, it’s about the doctrine of Jesus that we speak of, that is to say, the good news of the kingdom's coming, because gospel means: good news. Preaching the gospel, is necessarily to preach the coming of the kingdom of God, which is obviously associated to Peter who comes to lay the foundations.

(21) Therefore what is the good news that preaches the priests of Satan? Would it be a news that would have occurred two thousand years ago? It lack of freshness it seems... Are you in the kingdom? Are you already baptized and resuscitated from the dead by the Son? By no means! Then cease to listen to those who do not know what they say. A prophecy is real only if it comes true. Now, it comes true, with me, on the evening of the world, at the appointed time, in your presence, upon the entire face of the earth.

The Son and the dove

(22) The coming of the kingdom is THE GOOD NEWS on which I still have something to tell you. You know now that I build the ark (this book) according to the model that is shown to me in Noah. That is why I admit those who have ears to listen in the first floor of the ark (the first part) to awaken their consciousness on the reality which they couldn’t see, and to show them that there is another way of living than the one who consists in destroying the Earth and its inhabitants. I received order to admit indifferently the righteous and the unrighteous, so that all have the possibility of rising in the second, then in the third floor through the window of which they discover finally what the kingdom is, the reign of God on Earth, which is this famous land where flows the milk and honey promised since always to the posterity of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

(23) But if this opportunity which is offered to all men today to save their life and to coming generations is rejected by the largest number, well, may that largest number disappears! This corrupt world is their world, and with their world they must go.

(24) But for you the saint angels, who already see your salvation in the ark I am building, also know that the dove of Noah is by no means what the priests made you believe. No, the meaning of this dove is quite different, and listen to me. You read that Noah releases first the ravens (symbol of the darkness because they are black); then he releases for a the first time a dove (symbol of the light because it is white) which returns to him after not finding any places throughout the world where to rest the sole of its feet. That shows that it isn’t time for God’s reign yet. Then, later, he releases it a second time. And the dove returns to him on the evening, and holding a leaf of an olive tree in its beak this time. Then, Noah releases the dove again which doesn’t return to him. You also know that John said: I saw the spirit descending on the head of Jesus like a dove. Know therefore that this is one and the same dove, showing the Son of man, on the evening (on the evening of the world), that his person and his mission are shown in Noah.

(25) It is because the Son is one of the two olive trees representing the two witnesses of God, that is the dove returns to Noah with a leaf of an olive in its beak. So, the dove shows that it has found the one who comes to save the world. After which the dove can’t return to Noah, because after the coming of the saviour, the world is necessarily in the kingdom. It is certainly an allegory, but its meaning can’t escape you any more. Thus believe in me.

(26) What occurs on the day of Noah occurs on the day of the Son of man. Refrain then from believing any longer that Noah’s dove is the symbol of peace or that it announces the coming of peace in the world such as it is. Because, how could the peace come on this Earth, while it is the sons of Satan that reign in all nations and over the whole world? No, with their currencies and their desire of domination, there can’t be peace. That cannot be my children, because peace doesn’t come without justice of heaven and without the original freedom which you will soon know, after the disappearance of those who prevent their coming.

(27) This is why, it’s only on the evening that the nations see this famous dove pass. But we can only see it pass by and grasp what it announces if we place ourselves in the center of the previous table, representing the entire prophecy and its fulfillment. But, in that day, it cannot be about peace, but about the division that comes from the separation of men: those circumcise on one side and the uncircumcised on the other side, facing each other. If thus this dove appears to you clearly today with an olive leaf in its beak, don’t wait for an immediate peace. For this peace eagerly awaited by all of you who suffer, cannot be established on the Earth but only in the new world, where the wicked will be like ash under the sole of your feet.

The new city

(28) If you have faith in the word of the Eternal (Scriptures), you have faith in his son who shows the evolution of the world by Scriptures. I still say that the science of Scriptures and the science of the universe are one and the same science which leads invariably to the holy city (made of three parts) in which all the angels of heaven live on their respective planet. I talk about the new Jerusalem that I bring down from heaven and towards where I am leading you, because it isn’t given to a prophet to die outside Jerusalem. And this is how we distinguish a prophet from a grasshopper, because the one who teaches God without leading the world in the holy city is by no means a prophet. May the one who has ears to hear, hear!

(29) Besides, would you be afraid to live as free as air in the sanctuary? That’s the good news, because the world where I take the children of the promise is a world where there are few men and many animals of all sorts, and a world built by the saints of mind. Having regained dignity and common sense, they no longer touch the Earth which has changed its face, but share their knowledge to form, with their respective families, an outstanding city meeting all its needs. It is no longer about a mechanized world or about an urban world on one side and a rural world on the other side; it’s solely a world composed of autonomous and sovereign cities, made of these three parts:

  • The Law of the sky,
  • The association of families around it,
  • And the environment in which the city takes itself its subsistence.

(30) Certainly, this is about the church which Jesus builds on Peter, and which is a community over which only God reigns with his law. Many will then cry out: would this be a step backwards? Are we going to have to live as lived our ancestors? If this is the case, let’s not follow the Son of man, he takes us back in the misery!
No, it isn’t a step backward, because the ancestors had not the same law in all countries, neither the knowledge which you acquired during millenniums of experiences. It is rather a sure step forward, insofar as knowing what must no longer exist, is a considerable accomplishment allowing us to discern good from evil. This obliges then to live in harmony with nature, without condemning the generations to come. And on all lands of the sky where the worlds precede us, it is like so. We shall all see that. But for now be patient, everything will be revealed.

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