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First part: Fulfilment of the Scriptures


The messianic times

(1) When we shall arrive at the snake which expresses the past, the present and the future of the world, we shall see that a line separates this world of darkness from the world of light. This line is the appointed time by God. Below the line, it is about this first world in which I take you from; and beyond the line, it is about the new world where I lead you. That’s why, the whole world had to be warned of this change, and that it would be the object of harvesting in the last day; because only the posterity of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob will stay on Earth that was promised to them. Which is the object of the prophecy.

Incredulity of men and pain of the Son

(2) To make you become completely aware of this salutary change taking place today, it is necessary for me to show in which times the world has arrived and who is the one that explains it, by relying on the Scriptures. If I didn’t do so, nobody would believe me. And soon you would perish in your ways, because the end of this world is already settled and can’t be postponed. But because it is revealed today, all those who reign and who are unbelieving will stand up as one against me. Knowing that they won’t survive my coming, they will make use of perjury or insults, and won’t miss to stick me with some defect or disease. Close yourselves to this because, even though it is also a fulfilment of the prophecy, you know that those whom we call intellectual will be unanimously against me. Aren’t they already positioned above all?

(3) All that I say here, isn’t it what Jesus has to face? Why does he throw the intelligent out the door? And what do you think is the meaning of the crown of thorns which is put on his head? I tell you, to be the Son in this world, is inevitably to suffer and to be rejected; for he must speak to unbelievers and to people who should not be disturbed. Which will bring many of them to say: I am like Thomas, I only believe what I see!

(4) About Thomas, who represents the unbeliever of this world, I have something to show and to explain. Thomas answers to those who say to him that they saw the resurrected Lord:

If I do not see in his hand the mark of the nails, and if I do not put my finger in the mark of the nails, and if I do not put my hand in his side, I will not believe.
Eight days after, Jesus' disciples were in the house again, and Thomas was with them. Jesus came, the doors (of the world) being closed, stood in the midst of them, and said: May peace be with you! Then he said to Thomas: Put your finger here, and look at my hands; put your hand here also, and put it in my side; and do not be incredulous but believe. Thomas answered him: My Lord and my God! Jesus said to him: Because you have seen me, you have believed. Blessed are the ones who have not seen me, and have believed.

(5) This is a suggestive image, bringing the thought that Thomas executed what he had said previously and that it is from this moment that he believed. But this is not the case. Because when Jesus said to him: put your finger here and see my hands, it doesn’t signify that Thomas has put his finger into the marks of the nails. Similarly, bring your hand forward and put it into my side, doesn’t mean either that Thomas has put his hand into the side that the soldiers had pierced. Can one imagine somebody doing that? We can't. But when you will admit that the crucifixion of Jesus is altogether different than what you read in the sense of the words, then you will believe like Thomas believes when he sees who is the saviour.

(6) Also, when Jesus says: may each one must take charge of his cross and follow me, don’t think that he asks everyone to carry a wooden cross on his back... No, broken men, it’s the crucifixion of yesteryears that is taken as a figure of what happens to Jesus in order to show his suffering. To carry ones pains, is to carry ones own cross and to die for this world which doesn’t have anymore hope. That is why the crucifixion of Jesus is what is happening to me, because it’s me who carries his cross. You have read in fact that Jesus doesn’t carry his cross, but that it’s Simon of Cyrene who carries it behind him. Simon is Peter, and Peter I am; because I am Peter who walks towards Jesus, to see in him my own image. Do not thus be unbelievers.

(7) Also know that by representing Christ on his cross, you represent him in the worst way; because what do you make out of his pain, do you feel it? Hypocrites! Is it transmissible from man to man or is it his light that is? Men and women died in considerable quantity to save the world, and the world wasn’t saved. Refrain then from taking for emblems the pains and the death of the Son, because you sadden me. What do you believe then? I was like you. Then I died for this world as you are going to die for this world, and God has resurrected me first so that I can open your eyes atterwards. That is why Jesus said: I will raise you on at the last day. It’s about the last day of this world.

(8) However, without these pains of the cross, I would keep silent. And if I roar, it is to wake you up and to make you enter in the kingdom with me in order to save you. But many will consider me as being punished, struck by God and deserving the cross on which I am. But I am neither punished nor struck by God, because I surrender myself to death. If it would not be like that, who would save the world? If I wasn’t leading you in the whole truth, who would?

(9) My life is sacrificed because of you, because I only have the walls of my prison for home, and solitude as my spouse. Jesus has said: the day will come when you will leave me alone. And I am alone like a pelican in the middle of a desert! But the tears I shed, it’s on you that they fall, because I see you taken by every day’s concerns and that I am afraid you won’t hear me. This squeezes my throat and prevents me from inhaling; because I couldn't bear that only one righteous man could be taken away from my hand and perish.

(10) It would be good, for each of you, to take a new look at the Scriptures, to see and intimately know the one that God calls on the evening, in the Garden of Eden. This is about the salvation of all and the entire world. For that purpose, Isaiah says about the servant of the Eternal:

Behold, my servant shall prosper;
He shall ascend, he shall exalt, he shall exalt himself high.
Just as he has been a cause of fear to many,
As his face was so disfigured,
So much was its appearance different from that of the sons of man,
Likewise it will be for many people a subject of joy;
Before him kings will close their mouths;
For they shall see that which has not been told to them,
They will learn what they did not hear.

Who believed in what we were told?
Who has recognized the arm of the Eternal?
He rose up before him like a weak plant,
Like an offspring coming out of a dry land;
He had neither beauty nor radiance to catch our eyes,
And its appearance had nothing to please us.
Despised and abandoned by men,
Man of pain and used to suffering,
Similar to the one whose face is turned away,
We disdained him, we made no case for him.
However it is our suffering that he has carried,
He took care of our pains;
And we considered him punished,
Struck by God, and humiliated.
But he was wounded for our sins,
Broken for our inequities;
The chastisement that gives us peace has fallen upon him,
And it is by his bruises that we are healed.
We were all wandering like sheep,
Everyone followed his own path;
And the Eternal has laid on him the iniquity of us all.
He was mistreated and oppressed,
And he did not open his mouth,
Similar to a lamb being led to the butcher shop,
To a dumb sheep in front of those who shear it;
He did not open his mouth.
He was taken away by anguish and punishment;
And among those of his generation,
Who believed that he was cut off from the land of the living,
And struck for the sins of my people?
They have set his grave among the wicked,
His tomb with the rich man,
Although he had not committed any violence,
And that there was no fraud in his mouth.
It pleased the Eternal to break him through suffering...

After he had given his life as a sin offering,
He will see a posterity and extend his days;
And the work of the Eternal shall prosper in his hand.
Because of the labor of his soul, he shall satisfy his eyes;
By his knowledge, my righteous servant shall justify many men,
And he shall take care of their iniquities.
Therefore I will give him his share with the great ones;
And he shall divide the spoil with the mighty,
Because he gave himself up to death,
And that he has been put among the criminals,
Because he has carried the sins of many men,
And that he interceded for the guilty.

(11) Having the knowledge of times, I know why God sends me by rightly judging that he can put all things in my hands. And this work is in its entirety the formal testimony that the Father really sends me before you to keep you alive. Won’t you then make any case of me? Will I always be despised, abandoned by men as it is written? Won't you have any other desire than putting obstacle on my road? How many of you are going to grasp me and follow me with confidence? Certainly, I know what will be the behaviour of the elevated men towards me; because with the coming of the Son, it is then finished for them, as it is finished for all those who follow them. But, you, what will you do? Will you put me amongst the criminals, as it is said in the Scripture? Will you put my grave with the rich? How will you receive me? With what words and attitudes will you justify the Scripture?

(12) God gives light to those who seek him. But we don’t find him by transgressing his commandments, as do the priests and their believers, the ministers and those who listen to them! No, acting like they do is only taking you away from him and increases your punishment. And if it pleased God to break me through suffering, it is to purify my soul during my ascension, until it is able to carry the whole truth.

(13) Don’t read these words with sleepy eyes or by being indifferent, because it is necessary to make this ascension yourselves for your salvation. On this point, it is written:

Who shall be able to go up to the mountain of the Eternal?
Who shall ascend to his holy place?
He who has innocent hands and a pure heart;
He who does not give up his soul to falsehood,
And who does not swear to deceive.

(14) Do you think that I am leading you to the top of Zion to entertain you? But I know that the world is expecting many things, except the coming of the son of the old age of Abraham. Besides, many will say to me: you are proclaiming yourself the son of the Almighty, his messenger who was announced for the end of the centuries; and you speak in his name! Aren’t you afraid that he chastises you with this attitude towards the world which you are disturbing? You beautify yourself with glory and with magnificence, because it isn’t us who placed you at our head!
To them, I answer that many people also say in the Scripture: This fellow came here as a foreigner, and now he wants to play the judge! Certainly, if such is your thought, the Scriptures can’t reveal their contents to you and their explanations will remain vain. I don’t stop saying that I breathe the fear of the Eternal and that my crucifixion doesn’t come from the Father in the name of whom I speak, but from your actions. Also, don’t believe that I attributed to myself my glory, because the glory of man comes from men’s things, while the one of God in which I glorify myself comes from God. That is why the prophets wrote the meanings of the wise kings, my fathers so that you know that the one who has just been born is the expected liberator.

The time of truth

(15) The explanations to come will show that there has never been a messianic time, because these times are those of the last moments of the world where the one who is announced arrives. It is thus time for you to stop believing that the saviour has already come. What would he have come to do two thousand years before the time? Be at least certain that a man announced for such a day, cannot have come before he arrives... And this famous third day when the son ressurects, is the one when nothing is missing on Earth for the last spectacle which the world gives inevitably to the stars, before the kingdom of God.

(16) I show what is true, so that you can recognize me in the Son of man and follow me into the kingdom. And, for that purpose, I take the Scriptures as a testimony because it is for this purpose they are written. However it isn’t for me that I ask you to recognize me, but for you and for all the generations to come. Jesus Said:

Whoever will be ashamed of me and my words in the midst of this adulterous and sinful generation, the Son of man will also be ashamed of him, when he comes in the glory of his Father with the holy angels.
He also said unto them: Verily I say unto you, some of those who are here shall not die, until they have seen the kingdom of God come with power.

(17) The kingdom is here, in a few days only. That is why, after the religious people at first and the scientists afterwards have tried vainly to answer the questions of men, on the evening of the world, these last ones are more and more hungry and thirsty for the truth. They are then in a fast which causes them great anguish, and many are turning to the innumerable clairvoyants of the end of the centuries which take the opportunity to rob them. Because, those who call themselves clairvoyants, what do they really see? First of all, they see you coming. Then they probe you to see what bothers you and to see your level of credulity. Educated by your answers, they then try to see how they are going to take from you as much money as possible. They also do, as those who reign, some simulacra to convince you that they hold the power to enlighten you on your future and to cure you. Then, same as the priests, they fascinate you with some incantations, and then ask you for some money as do all those who live at your expenses. And you believe them, because in the darkness you need to believe in the salvation. And it’s in them that you seek it...

(18) But all will say to me: yourself, aren’t you a clairvoyant? I answer that if the understanding of God’s science which allows rising on the highest sites from which we see far behind and far ahead is clairvoyance, then I am a clairvoyant. I say that there can’t be clairvoyance without the understanding of the existence. That is why Moses and Emmanuel aren’t clairvoyants; let’s say rather that they are extralucide, because the light which gives them a lucid sight of things results from the science of the Almighty which reveals what really exists. But to acquire this light, it is necessary to be saint of mind, and to glorify only the One by whom everything exists. That is why I said that I don’t speak in my name, and that my word isn’t spirit of man but Spirit of truth.

The golden calf, god of men

(19) The less we seek the truth, the more we go away from it and we become weaker as a consequence. Thus, we understand less and less. So we establish foreign values to which we refer. It is so that in the course of the centuries, man managed to have stunning conceptions of life. For example, although it is the evident cause of all the troubles and devastation of Earth, the golden calf (the God of men denounced by Moses) does not yet appear as to be obligatorily destroyed.

(20) What I'm explaining, is by following goats and by obeying to their rules, men became so weak in reasoning and so inverted in judgment, that they don’t succeed in deducting that they only have to remove this veal of the Earth (the currency of nations) to get rid of the misery, the pain, the injustice, the war, the destruction and the devastation; as well as corruption, domination, servitude, diseases and to save the posterity. No, no one can!

(21) Becoming all deaf, blind and slow to comprehend throughout the centuries of darkness, it doesn’t even appear to the saint of mind, that money has only served to engender the oppressors and the oppressed; that it only generates plunder, the corruption of the spirits, the deterioration of all things, monstrous cities, formation of certain classes of men, war, devastation, degradation; as well as diseases, misery, suffering, despair, trickery, the shaking of the original order established between all things, and that it has eventually gained more value than the life of human beings. But we can’t remove this golden calf anymore, because everything is built with it and because nothing would withstand if we were to withdraw it. Dragging everything downward, leading to hell consequently, it will die with this world that made it its god, its purpose, its reason to live. It will not enter in the world to come.

The ways of perdition

(22) As God has asked, you should have refrained from following the customs of your fathers. But you act in a similar way, because you worship the same gods, such as industry, money, power, glory and profit. However, there is another way of behaving than the one which consists in destroying that by which we live, by ignoring the posterity and all the species of the creation. You will thus hear from me another canticle than the one from your leaders: let’s produce! let’s produce! it doesn’t really matter if what we produce is harmful to the world, as long as it fattens our golden calf, our great god who makes us live! Becoming crazy and destroying yourself by producing what loses the world, would this be your passion and your goal? Did you think that this would last forever and ever, men of little lucidity?

(23) While it is time, allow me to baptize you. And keep your peaceful heart, you risk nothing. What is happening isn’t the end of life on Earth, but the end of the ignorance to begin with. Indeed, since the beginnings until now, the world didn’t stop following ways where are practised abominable things which we can’t erase with simulacra but only with knowledge of the truth. Otherwise with what else could we terminate the injustices and the immense destructions committed by men: by lighting candles on bricks? Since we can’t stop the misdeeds of ignorance than with the knowledge, don’t think that the light of the shepherd is too much in this day.

(24) Therefore lend me an ear, because by getting out of nature, you have become denatured necessarily. So no one realizes that the world is dying because of the roman civilization under which you are. Yet, if you go back on the history of the nations which bring the end, it will lead you invariably to this civilization. Because it’s Rome which showed all the ways of perdition on which nations committed themselves, without being able to go back and take a new direction. It’s the source of all which adds up today, going to put an end to the world. The Earth is soiled, contaminated, polluted, deformed, plundered, bruised and ready to abandon you! This because of the romans which opened the paths of colonization and the enslavement of the peoples; the paths of major works which change the original order of things; the paths of the industry which mechanized the world by bringing the devastations and the devilish weapons which we know; the paths of the corruption of morals; enrichment, exaction, vice, lust, immorality, perversion and indecency; idolization, deceit, war and the continual preparation for war; as well as many other things which rot the spirits and that the law of Moses condemns.

(25) God is no longer the evidence and the hope of men because of the Romans, but a legend for the greatest number. Do I have to be silent then or speak from the tip of my lips like Moses? Although it doesn’t appear to you, your thoughts and your acts are all oriented in the direction shown by the Romans. But, since we recognize a tree by its fruits, take a close look! You will see then that from Rome and its neighborhoods came out rulers in large number and men of an extreme violence; as well as kidnappers, idolaters, traffickers, cheaters and braggarts. And it is with this kind of individuals that it created for itself this pernicous and bloody religion. And it is because of its domination by force that it proclaimed itself eternal city! But now its eternity stops at the feet of the messenger...

(26) Be thus conscious that by not being able to interrupt its progress towards the abyss, the world will take its last step. It won’t go any farther, because all which could be said is said, and because all which could be done is done. Everything is consumed. Built on lie, it can bring nothing bot the corruption of spirits, the destruction of nature and the deterioration of the original order. It is finished, because it can only persist in the ways of Babel. That is why if your leaders want to change what makes you shout against them, they can do it only at the detriment of other thing, and raise storms upon storms. And if I wasn’t there in the middle of you, these storms would develop and would take you away to the last one. These times, those that you live as I write on the Earth, are the messianic times in which manifests himself the one to whom everyone is indebted for his salvation.

(27) Maybe then will you succeed in reading the Scripture in its real sense and to grasp why Jesus calls Elijah (Emmanuel) from the top of his cross? Yes, it is possible that you succeed if the lies and the calamities of the world which are the consequences of them don’t escape you:

The intelligent reign certainly, but nations burn!
The men pile up as grasshoppers in cities and corrupt;
The violence progresses;
Countries cover themselves with devilish weapons and greedy militaries for blood;
The threats increase, the wars multiply;
Cities eat away the nearby places and are developing like tumors;
Sites are disfigured; the others are contaminated or forbidden;
And the campaign frightens henceforth.
The servitude intensifies;
The weak are disdained, oppressed or rejected;
The poor men are abandoned, and the children are manipulated;
The old men are abandoned;
A lot of peoples suffer from famine.

The sorts are distorted by those who make no case of the creation;
All which is natural disappears or becomes abominable at the eyes of all.
The sea is plundered;
The surface of the Earth is soiled and bruised; its depth is upset;
Forests disappear;
Streams decay;
The drinking water decreases;
Iron machines throw men and the cattle over edge, when they don’t crush them or kill them;
The diseases proliferate, deteriorate and increase their territory;
The animal species rarefy, many aren’t more than souvenirs;
The original order is seriously shaken.
The values of existence defended by the law are stepped on by foot;
The faith and hope flew away;
The wisdom and the common sense don’t exist any more;
Young people despair, a large number commits suicide.
And you wouldn’t be able to question your own convictions?
Oh! Man, where is your glory?

(28) It is often said that the world suffers because men are not cultivated enough. But of which culture is it question here? Must we understand that the calamities resulting from the haughty and influential people aren’t important and numerous enough? Son of Satan! The numerous devastations and the innocent blood which is shed every day, by using as a pretext the development of the material works and the profit, are they not enough? The misery and the diseases which don’t fail to appear as a result of such behaviour, would they be underdeveloped? You who reign at the head of your nation, where are you taking it?

(29) You still walk on the paths of the romans, and all the more willingly that he who settles at the head of your nation never fails to go to Rome to seek his authority with the false prophet, so that his image speaks to your eyes. That is why the entire Earth isn’t the magnificent garden of the beginnings anymore, but only an immense traffic of traders and thieves who destroy everything, by giving nothing else to hope for but the end. It is the retribution for the scandals and for the hypocrisy due to the transgression of the law of Moses whose purpose was to prevent these things.

(30) I have already said that if God didn’t intervene, by sending His only son, you all would die. But, since nobody has seen him as he is, it’s because it is understood only today, with me.

If anyone wants to come after me, says Jesus, he must deny himself, he must take up of his cross every day, and he must follow me.

It is to understand and walk into the kingdom that Jesus asks the one who wants to go after him to renounce himself and to take charge of his cross. I thus once again advise you to not oppose me what your believe, because I'm not competing with you. I'm showing you on the contrary, that by being in what is unreal for everything, you live on this Earth exactly like you shouldn’t live and that the world dies from it. But I am going to teach you life and heal you with my patience. I won't be discouraging myself and I won't slacken, until I make justice triumph and that you have hope in my law.

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