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First part: Fulfilment of the Scriptures


The interpretation of science

(1) As we can only add or remove, man can only compose from what already exists. Even if he tries to copy nature, he can by no means change water and the salts of the earth into olives, neither into figs, or into sweet chestnuts, or into apples, or into any fruits. Nobody can creates that, nevertheless the Earth knows very well how to do it. It also produces every sorts of trees, plants, herbs, flowers and grains; as well as insects, fishes, birds, reptiles, quadrupeds, other animals, and men. It also engenders the seasons, the rains, the waters which flows and which sleeps; because, just like a mother, it procures to beings it gives birth to all which is necessary for their existence.

The false gods

(2) But the scientists, them, devoid of respect and consciousness, willingly develop iron machines that cut down trees, and others that destroy and crush their fruits with the beings that feed on them; others that dig the earth, which disrupt, disfigure and pollute it. And they don’t hesitate to create terrible diseases, diabolical weapons and other war machines, even nuclear weapons to exterminate everything. They do so, because their vanity is such, that they are extremely jealous of being strangers to the conception of the beings that the Earth produces in perfection. This is why, they throw dismay just to become the masters of the world and change everything in their image, up to men; otherwise it is better for them to annihilate everything…

(3) Believing firmly that they are above the Creator and not being able to bear any longer that creation does not come from their hands, these men, who feel special and superior to the rest of humanity, don’t hesitate to change nature by manipulations of genes, cells or embryos. Make way! Make way! Stand back! Stand back! They shout to the crowd, we come to take Earth and all creation in hand to correct its imperfections! We will change plants, beasts and men to improve everything, they claim! But what are their achievements? By observing them closely, it appears that they deteriorate everything, by creating misery, as well as countless diseases and a lot of suffering. Because of them, all that is natural disappears, and the original order is shaken. They have not heard that God is jealous of all the achievements he created. However they will hear him I tell you.

(4) But to assert themselves in front of the world, these sons of darkness, who deny the Eternal, had to find another creator more convenient for their humongous vanity. They looked for him and found him in a dice game called: CHANCE, and imposed him to minds. Since it became the father of everything, they needed a mother; they did it with the EVOLUTION. A reason for life was then imperative, they found it in the NECESSITY OF EXISTING. They however had to conceive a beginning to the universe, they shaped it with the sudden EXPLOSION, at a specific moment, of a mysterious material, existing from eternity and coming from nowhere, which could not wander any longer into unlimited space. But, by thinking that this extraordinary explosion and the chaos following it which had given birth to well-ordered galaxies in their movements and as well as to all which is in it, they were very worried; because, since they did not invent eternity with their beginning of the universe, it became urgent to find an end to it... They looked for it on all sides and finally saw it recently in their famous BLACK HOLES, which they don’t locate inside their skull however but outside, in space, and inevitably far from here, where they greedily swallow the galaxies which have lasted long enough. Where do they go, they ask then? Those who easily imagine this make them pass into a PARALLEL UNIVERSE to ours. Of what is it made? Of ANTIMATTER of course! answer the most cunning, which uses this subterfuge to build up an exit in front of those who interrogate them... But they needed to determine a certain duration to their universe which they limit in time. So, with a lot of generosity, they authorized it to live for TWENTY BILLION YEARS... Fifteen has already passed by, they say...

(5) Thus, they have created a universe at their image and in the dimensions of their greatness, and a particular universe which they hurried to lock into their laws, lest it comes out of it. Then they teach these ineptitudes to children, while making abominable grimaces of anxiety however, because they know very well that such enormous lies can’t last for long. These men are devoid of reason! Yet they are always interrogated and listened to, sometimes venerated... They thus, hold the world in their hands.

The reality

(6) If a rock gets loose from a mountain and runs down to the plain where it stops, can it be somewhere else than where it stopped? It cannot; because its shape, its weight, its harshness, its initial place, its acquired speed; as well as the relief, the consistency of the ground and everything that it met on its path weren’t able to lead it somewhere else, otherwise it would have gone somewhere else. It is thus forced to be where it is. If now we throw a handful of small balls in the direction of a hole in which one of the balls eventually falls into, this one will fall there by chance or because it is also obliged to? Just like the rock, it can’t go anywhere else and can’t avoid falling into the hole. Now if we build a house, does this one exist by chance or by pure will? It exists by will. These three examples obviously show that things are obliged to exist such as they are. Nothing of what we see can be otherwise; or else it would be otherwise, and always obliged to be as it is.

(7) It is then indisputable that everything has a reason for being, there where it is, and its existence is forced – Chance doesn’t exist at all - It is not a science, nor the Science, it is only a word refuge and not an explanation. But since the scholars call upon it for everything and yet make their works by reason, thoughtful and pondered works, how come they don’t realize that if it is chance which made them, this one is necessarily intelligent? I will say it differently: because they assert being the fruits of chance, while their works are the fruits of their reflections, must we not understand that through them chance equips itself with intelligence, with a reason, with a will and an intention? If this is not so, then we need to admit that these hazardous beings make works by chance, which means without thinking and without any goal. So, whether it is through their works or their insane comments, the scientists are irresponsible beings, showing that they are very dangerous. They have to go away along with all those who, like them, do not grasp that chance only takes a shape in the mind of the one who doesn’t understand; and it is because of this disability of awareness that he makes of it his science, his refuge, his God. Can they then respect the Earth and its inhabitants?

(8) It is for these evident reasons that God asked man not to eat the tree of knowledge, because those who do it before the hour want to compete with Him. This is the worst thing which can happen to man; because changing the nature of things and of beings shakes the original order and dooms the world to disappear - We can’t domesticate Nature, we can only destroy it - That is why, and although the spirit can probe everything up to God’s depths, human curiosity must not be used to modify what we live from, like those you know do it with arrogance. Are they more than the Creator to modify his works? Since man has created nothing and because he exists independently of his will, he must by no means transform Nature which is the source of his being. Since, life, is the consciousness and the love for the works of the Eternal, it isn’t what destroys them.

The future life

(9) Even though humanity is very young on Earth, it is however about to put an end to all life by its harmful activities. But as soon as those who despise beings will disappear forever from the world, the world will continue its path freely. All the angels of heaven know this path, which is also theirs, because stars follow the same path with their own world. It is so, because stars which brighten stand at the edge of the Galaxy, they then move slowly towards the center of it where they disappear after they have exhausted their matter. During this movement, the stars change size, color and temperature. This is what makes the world change which they illuminate throughout their path. That is why I say that all the angels know this road.

(10) We shall see, indeed, that when Neptune, then Uranus, then Saturn, then Jupiter become stars alternately, they will increase each time the visible diameter of the Sun to which they are attached. So the Sun will eventually become itself a huge star. Its light, its heat and its color will then be softer. Consequently, our world will change equally and will have a different aspect than it has today. If thus we look at the world at the bottom of the Wheel and where we are, it has the aspect that we know. But if we observe it when the Sun will be a medium star, it has another aspect, and yet another when the Sun becomes a huge red star. The Earth will thus know different worlds. And it’s the same for all the worlds of the sky. That is why the Scripture says:

Every family on earth takes its name from the families of heaven.

It also means that stars exist so that Adam and Eve appears on one of their celestial bodies and becomes angels at the appointed time.

(11) In the second part of the book, these solar changes and worlds to come are represented by a spiral. This one guides all my comments on existence, because it also illustrates the successive rebirths of the human soul which will occur during these variations. We shall learn from this. Anyone will then understand that the reason for being for these celestial bodies is to produce souls which are God’s houses everywhere in the universe, because everything is created by God, for himself. This is why I say that you aren’t: you, but: Him.

(12) The origin of life is thus not to be search down here, because it exists from all eternity everywhere in the universe, and shows itself on every Earth newly formed. Unaware of this, man doesn't succeed in knowing who he is, nor from where the spirit which distinguishes him from the other creatures comes from. Thus thinking he was born to die and not to live eternally, he walks with a bent back and suffers constantly, because he is afraid of death. But man isn’t only a mortal body. He is first of all a soul from which his spirit arises. The soul is the fruit of experience, the witness of what we live, intending Adam and Eve for the eternal life by successive revivals which will be relative to the solar changes we already mentioned.

(13) A soul, which deserves to pursue its existence, will live in all the eras that are found on the path of life we have just spoken about. But until then, without the knowledge of the sidereal, man didn’t understand the existence nor the reason of being for his soul, moreover he couldn’t merge his life into that of the universe. Then wondering if there was something left of him after his death, he let himself be tempted by all things. But The Lamb's book of life will enlighten him. He will then know why God called him in the world of the living.

(14) For the moment, Adam and Eve do not yet know that it takes the entire universe so that they can exist, and everything which comes from above so that they are animated with life. That is why man always looks for the origin of life on Earth, and believes he can one day give life by himself to the instruments he makes... He also thinks that with the help of some medicines, he will one day live eternally with his body. Considering himself above the Creator, his judgments are inverted in all domains of science. He also doesn’t understand that death of the body is essential to put an end to souls which don’t deserve to exist anymore. This notion of merit eludes him, because he doesn’t feel concerned. So he then believes he can do all that pleases him, without being affected.

(15) Because there is no parcel of the universe which isn’t matter, including space, it is certain the soul is material and all that we live is written on it like on a book. Thus, it is unessential to know where it is in the body, nor what form God gives it. It is better to understand its reality and its destiny.

aspect of human being
2 – Aspect of human being

(16) Here is God’s breath descending on Earth from above to create man and animate him with life, and the way the spirit forms from it. What we receive from the sky, in the form of subtle waves, compares with the writings already printed on the soul with what we have lived, and forms the spirit which rises from self. Hence the necessity to live since childhood in the natural environment where everything is true. Indeed, if the writings of the soul are soiled by lies and by vicious acts, it is certain that the spirit which comes out from it is unfit to grasp the truth, because such a soul is dead. Whereas if it is written with good and true things, it makes echo to what comes down from above without deforming it. It is thus alive.

(17) So be careful not to lose your soul, which is your most precious treasure. It is because of this that Jesus said:

What good would it do to a man to win the whole world, if he lost his soul? Or, what would a man give in exchange for his soul?

(18) For mankind, there is indeed nothing more precious than his soul which intends him for eternal life. Also, see that when we are born in this world, we don’t get closer to death each day but we enter life forever. If thus you listen to me and walk with God, you won’t be afraid of aging anymore; on the contrary, you will be happy to do it to complete the writings of your soul. And you won’t fear death anymore. Because, from now on, you know that the soul is comparable to a seed which gives birth to a new plant at the favorable moment. The soul is timeless and indestructible. It goes through the ages through unconsciousness, until the day it surrounds itself again with a body of flesh which is necessary for it to live. Thus, when we die, we immediately open our eyes in another world illuminated by a new Sun; because the soul passes from one terrestrial world into another terrestrial world farther away, without any awareness of the time separating them. Instructed of the universe, you will understand it.

(19) To what work can we compare the human soul? Let’s think that it is a corpuscle, but similar to an indestructible support carrying images, sounds, words and movements which are imprinted by the waves, and which can be restored at will by using a device conceived for this purpose. Let’s then compare the human body with this device. Don’t hear however that man knows how to make such an instrument at the end of the six days and that God doesn’t know how to make it since ever; because it is God who creates man. And man knows how to produce such equipment because he is himself made in this perfection.

(20) With the knowledge, I overcame death. And you will overcome death with me if you persist in listening to me, because I am sent on Earth to keep eternally alive Abraham’s, Isaac’s and Jacob’s posterity. That is why I said that those who were part of the people of the promise and who have died will come back to life at the favorable time, as will return those who will die in the sanctuary, which is God’s kingdom.

(21) Be wary then of those who say: we only have one single life, let’s do what we want! Because with such ignorance, they openly transgress all the commandments of the law, which is designed to keep men standing. Having become immoral, they lie, commit adultery and repudiate; they defile themselves, steal, oppress, kill and destroy everything! Should they then live eternally? Already out of the merit of life, let them corrupt themselves more; because, they, will effectively have one single life.

(22) If Earth was perfectly smooth, can you imagine how much we could write on it with a pen and some ink? We can, with waves, write as much on the soul, which may only be a particle, a neutron, God knows it. But a first life writes only a tiny part of what will be written on it throughout the big spiral. That is why, far from having finished it, you are just beginning the story of your life. Which can’t be the case of those who weren’t able to resist the temptation which came down on Earth to test the inhabitants. Don’t tremble with fright however, because of your sins, you the circumcised. Because if you grasp me today, it means that these sins were not of a matter to annihilate your soul. They are forgiven because of this.

Time and life expectancy

(23) Make sure that you no longer feel apart from the Earth. Otherwise, similarly to those who reign, you couldn’t have any respect for it and all that it produces with generosity. Attempt rather to grasp that we can’t be born alive from celestial bodies that would be dead, and that therefore the Earth is alive.

(24) Now, since celestial bodies have a life of their own, they work internally and externally as it will be demonstrated. For the moment, know that their exterior work consists in turning on themselves and around their star which they solicit and activate to feed on it. It is what the planets do around the Sun. The Earth turns on its axis in twenty-four hours and around the Sun in one year. And the clock that man makes doesn’t indicates the time that passes, but only the movement of rotation of the Earth on its axis and around the Sun. It only shows the speed and the duration with which the Earth turns, and of which movement all the world depends. Because of it, we know that time doesn’t exist in itself. How would it exist, because it is only the measure of the movement of a material body? Having no consistency, time doesn’t pass. It is you who pass on Earth which passes at the same speed, but which lasts longer.

(25) To standardize and mechanize the world, mankind made himself units of measure to which he referred. And time is one of them. But because time has no consistency, that is to say no material reality, we must refrain from measuring with it. It is also necessary to abolish all other units of measurement, because when one measure we only know the measure and not the thing that’s measured... With what could we measure the unlimited depths of the universe, as well as its eternity? Can we also measure the reason of existence of things with an instrument? Use only common sense, and you won’t make be mistaken.

(26) Don’t confuse thus anymore the tool which we use to cultivate with what we cultivate. Measuring, calculating or researching for precision is only dispersal of the spirit and certain estrangement of the understanding, because the universe doesn’t consist of numbers, calculations and precise things, but only reasons of existence. For that purpose, the universe, which includes space and the galaxies, is absolutely not measurable or quantifiable.

(27) It is incontestable that it is not by measuring the life expectancy of a man that one will prevent this man from passing on Earth; because the body, which is a finished and perfect body, can’t change its form. As a result, man can’t follow indefinitely the works of the Earth which, with the Sun, constantly changes the life conditions of the beings.

(28) To pass, is to be born and grow old, then to abandon one's body. For, if there was no old age, there would be no youth obviously. What would life be worth then in these conditions? No, life cannot be understood without the ageing and the disappearance of the body which is necessary to sanction undeserving souls and allow the others to pursue their path by successive revivals. Know then that ageing is one of the perfections of life, and not a scandal as claimed by the intelligent.

(29) There is yet another thing collectively admitted in this end of the centuries, it is this immense lie from the scientists who assert to have increased the life expectancy of mankind by more than thirty years! Of forty years, they say, which is what life expectancy was in the past, we extended it to seventy-five years today! After which, you say: the scientists are gods having the power to extend the life of creatures! Let’s support them in their research which will lead to eternal life, for the good as for the bad!

(30) And I say to you that their assertion is yet another vanity and confusion because, in ancient times, the life expectancy of men was equal to that of today. Moses testifies to this in the ninetieth psalm, when he prays the Father to turn his glances on them. He says:

All our days dissapear by your wrath;
We see our years fade away like a sound.
The days of our years amount to seventy years,
And, for the most robust, at eighty years;
And the pride they derive from it is nothing but pain and misery,
Because it passes quickly, and then we fly away.

Because Moses mentions clearly that life expectancy of men was formerly of seventy-five years on average, and not of forty years, how then do scientists of today dare to claim to have increased it to seventy-five years? A little more, and they would assert on the rooftops that beings are the works of their hands!

(31) Without them and all those who, as them, impose their rules to the peoples, the life expectancy would be today of a hundred and twenty years. It is what God says in the Scripture because, since the stabilization of its distance from the Sun, the Earth didn’t stop improving the life conditions. Keep away then from those who confuse the science of the Creator with which we exist, with that of the scholars by which we die.

(32) Also know that before Moses men determined their age in lunar years. At every new moon, they added one year to the number of their years. It is then enough to divide, let’s say, by thirteen (the thirteen lunar months) to understand that Adam who lived nine hundred thirty years according to the Scripture, lived a little more than seventy one of our current years. Seth lived nine hundred twelve years, that is: seventy years. Enosch lived nine hundred five years, that is: sixty nine years and six months. And so on for all the ages given in lunar years.

(33) But let’s stop speaking about these ages that you had probably grasped in their actual duration. Let’s rather go investigate the depths of the universe to see the worlds which are there. It will change your views and your mind about reality.

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