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First part: Fulfilment of the Scriptures


The good news

(1) God’s domain, the universe is eternal. Without beginning nor end possible, it always exists. The galaxies which it contains are wheels consisted of celestial bodies in movement which are continually renewed. We are inside one of them, because all are inhabited by as many living worlds as there are stars. Within them and as beings, stars are born, pass and disappear alternately, by having each an ancestry and descendants. As the Sun has celestial bodies to which it is connected, stars have their own celestial bodies and shine thanks to them, to illuminate and to keep alive each their own world at the top of which man is always created.

(2) Born of another star, the Sun was in ancient times smaller than we see it now. It still did not give light. In development with its planets, it was in these times similar to Jupiter surrounded by its satellites. Then, as soon as its growth and that of its celestial bodies were completed, it suddenly brightened. Jupiter will do the same when the time comes, as well as Saturn, Uranus and Neptune which are also stars in preparation.

(3) So the day came, not that long ago, where the atmosphere of the Sun exploded and illuminated it. During this event, all its planets were more or less jostled by its breath, more particularly the Earth which went away and got closer to it twice. And it is with the water vapor of its atmosphere which was thrown into space, that the Sun fertilized the Earth by covering it with an ocean at the beginning of this upheaval. So covered with water and moved several times in regions of the sky where the solar temperature is different, the Earth lived different moments. They are the eras that made it one of the uncountable gardens of the sky which give birth to living worlds.

The creation

(4) At first the formation of our celestial bodies which continued until the illumination of the Sun, then the successive eras that the Earth knew, are the six days of God's creation expressed by Moses in Genesis. These days are not days of men, but epochs. So, after the solar family was formed, the Sun gave light in the FIRST DAY. Whereupon, the Earth evolved in the solar nebulae and saw the reign of water appearing on its ground in the SECOND DAY (the precambrian). Then, following the emergence of the firsts continents, it was the reign of vegetables in the THIRD DAY (the primary). It was followed by the reign of the reptiles which died out suddenly when the Earth adopted its younger sister, the Moon, which came to preside the night in the FOURTH DAY (the secondary). Then came the reign of mammals and birds in the FIFTH DAY (the tertiary), which succeeded the reign of men in the SIXTH DAY (the quaternary) which is the day in the course of which the Earth stabilized its orbit around the Sun, which is the one that we know about.

(5) Thus, since the short time that the Sun shines, the Earth gave birth to successive worlds up to the human world which grew and multiplied to become what it is. The six days of the creation ends to leave place to the SEVENTH DAY, which is a day of light, justice and peace in which we enter with this new century. God will then rest from all the work he has done. Because the seventh day is the sanctuary, the resting place of the Eternal and his kingdom which he comes to take possession of, with all those that he chooses.

(6) But, until now, by not being conscious of the fact that these were the days of the creation and the eras which relates to it, men lived in darkness without being able to read the prophecy and predict what was going to happen to them. And to be enlightened, they still collide, always waging war on each other and destroying everything. But the world is going to change; because it has arrived on the evening, in the messianic times when the one who had to arise would come to teach the universe, as well as the six days and the seventh day, to free men of their ignorance and the suffering which he causes among the peoples. Also, because the Scripture announces this man relentlessly, nobody can be surprised of his coming today which is natural and predicted since the creation of the world. Your bewilderment will be big however, because by not seeing in which times you are, you still hope for many things except the coming of the Son of man for these times. This book I am writing will show you that I am this man. I salute you.

The mission of the Son of man

(7) When I began my search for the truth, God saw it. He then unrolled the sky in front of me as the roll of a book, so that I could read the story of the creations and learn the principle of existence of everything. I read and learnt. And when everything was revealed to me, I saw that the universe was quite different than what the world believes. I still did not know God, nor knew that I was sent by Him. My desire was nonetheless to show in a book all that I had seen. This is done. But, still being at the beginning of the book, you are persuaded that there is no truth. However, if there was no truth, there would be no Earth and no Sun, nor stars with their celestial bodies; there would be no universe and we would not be. It would be nothingness. We ought to study celestial things to know who we are, where we are going, and how we should live by being Man.

(8) Since the beginnings of humanity, men have not moved closer to the truth but on the contrary went away from it. That is why the world today is in full confusion and in despair at not seeing the rising of the dawn. But I am going to immerse you in the fresh waters of the Scriptures to baptize you (educate you), to resuscitate you from the dead (open your eyes) and save you from what is coming and that nobody sees. Because without knowledge, man is spiritually dead; and this death invariably brings the world to its end. Do not be alarmed however, it will not be the end of those who hear my voice, but only the end of this world and those who bring it to disaster. Because, as you see it, the world is not on a new path as many imagine it but is in agony. Do not be afraid of its end however, it will be the salvation of those who will understand.

(9) Introducing myself to you neither alone nor empty handed, I am the one which had to arise at the end of the centuries, at the appointed time, to separate the saints of mind from the ones who are not. The saints of mind will follow me and will keep their life thru what is coming, while corrupted people will disappear forever. This is why, for some, I will be the occasion of their recovery and, for the others, their fall. It is about the accomplishment of the Scriptures and the end of abomination committed in all countries; because this evil world will be destroyed to make place for a better world. Also be willing to see and hear what nobody has ever heard or saw before.

(10) Rejoice then for this great day where I bring the good news of the coming of God's kingdom for the new century. But only the ones who have a humble hearth will take part to the resurrection and thus will be chosen; because being of a sound mind, none other than them will be able to grasp and follow me. In the Scripture, they are the good seed which is the object of the Earth’s harvest in the last day, to become the seed of the kingdom. These men, women and children, who are the true posterity of Abraham, won’t lose life through what is coming and which will pass quickly. They will on the contrary get out on the new Earth which will have changed its face and recovered its original purity that it will keep forever.

(11) You, the humble people, do not fear the truth. It is your ally and will save you. Those who will not subsist are the haughty, the liars, the violent, the hypocrites, the irrespective, the boastful and the villains who have reigned since forever in the world. This means most of the politicians, religious, the rich, traffickers, conquerors, militaries, scientists and all those who walk with them. All these ones will perish if they persist on their path and do not come out of these congregations of traitors which devastate the Earth and murder their inhabitants. This world is their world in which they reign with impudence, and a world which now is giving its last speeches. So kindly be disposed to receive me. And be cautious with the qualifiers that will not cease to give me those who are unable to grasp the reality.

The only science

(12) Everybody is being called to hear the voice of truth. But because of these ancestral convictions and beliefs which are henceforth part of your blood, the majority of people will choose to close their ears and reject me. However, for all those who wish to hear something other than what is preached nowadays, let us start by seeing together that science is what makes man and not what man does. It concerns the creation of the celestial bodies and the beings on these celestial bodies, while man’s science only consists of composing from what exists independently of his will. And knowing science, is knowing the truth. Now, man cannot make the truth nor discover it by himself. He can only be brought in it like I was and like he will be today, by noticing how vast his darkness was.

(13) I am sitting in front of you, outside of nations, to speak to you and enlighten you. But in order to understand me, you mustn’t have certainties on existence neither believe yourself above the word of the Son which nothing will destroy. My opponents will come up against it but without breaching it, because nobody can oppose the truth. Make sure rather at not hardening your hearts, because I will lead you solely in what is real, and not into imaginary paths where those who dare speak of science are leading you in, even though they are the beings being the farthest from the truth.

(14) Today, many foresee the imminence of a turmoil. But nobody realizes that we are at the end of the six days, on the evening of the world, which is the coming of the Son of man who separates the righteous from the unrighteous with the knowledge he's spreading onto the creature. It is about the separation of the goats and the sheep that was foretold by the Scriptures. Only the righteous will follow me and will retire for a moment into the small villages in the mountains, while the Earth will change its appearance through a succession of calamities we will discuss and which will descend upon it to restore it back to its original purity. The unrighteous having disappeared, it will then be the new world in Eden regained forever.

The only saviour

(15) Do not believe however that the one who’s speaking to you is a new messiah. No, there is no new or ancient one, but only the one who is announced for the end of the centuries and has Jesus as his character. It is about the Son of man, Elijah, who is Peter. But this man is also called the Lamb of God and by many other names in the Scripture. When one evokes him, it is about Emmanuel, the Shiloh that one is talking about, and not of many. I cannot show however who I am in just a few words. But I will do so throughout the book through the knowledge I’ll be passing onto you, by leaning on the Scripture which testifies of me.

(16) Know that I started to write this book after a long pilgrimage in the reality which opened my eyes, but which was a suffering path strewn with difficulties and even stronger trials as I recognized myself in the Scripture in the course of days. It is after I was afflicted by all these trials that God deemed it was good to put all things into my hands for everyone’s salvation. Thus the whole Earth is handed to me, because The Almighty has evoked me so I may be his interpreter to the peoples. Also, since my childhood, he kept me away from all the customs, the traditions and the instabilities of human affairs, so that today I may wrest the truth from his hands. And here I am amongst you with the spirit of knowledge which opens up the eyes and gives a new birth.

(17) Without education, a hard forehead and kept away from the facetious remarks of those who reign, I am like a wild donkey, a baby donkey on which no man has ever been able to sit on. Only Jesus, who is the spirit of the Scriptures, has been able to do it. He says about this:

Go to the village and you will see a tied donkey, on which no man has ever sat. You will untie it and bring it to me, so that he may serve me. If anyone asks you why you are untying it, you will answer thet the Lord needs it.

(18) Because the Scriptures are veiled, when reading them literally, those words are insignificant. But, by seeing that I am this baby donkey who was detached from his village onto which he was attached, and on which only Jesus was able to sit on to serve God, its true meaning appears. So why then are the Scriptures veiled, you will ask? It is so they may only be unveiled on the evening of the world by the one who had to come to accomplish them without anyone knowing. This is why the prophets have expressed themselves using parables, metaphors and allegories which one must not read literally, otherwise one doesn’t understand.

(19) You who wish to hear me, know that the veil covering the Scriptures will tear up as your spirit will open up to the new things I will teach, because it is only with the light of the Veritable that they become revealed to all. I am not different from you however, except that if we would melt all men together in order to make one out and representative of all, I would be that man. Hence my name of Son of man. I am thus the most average man amongst you, in order to access anything and to be understandable by everyone. So do not see me like a mystery, otherwise all men would be mysterious…

(20) However, those I come to expel from Earth will not fail to say that I am suffering from some diseases or some defects, to put me down. One recognizes a tree by its fruits, says Jesus; this means that one recognizes a man by his works. Give me then the time to teach you first, you may judge afterward. Those who know me know that I am thoughtful and that discernment is part of me. No one persecutes me and I sleep peacefully, all the more so since I am not afraid of man. However, I exude the fear of the Eternal, because I know where I fell from and how I did it! For these reasons, you may trustfully follow me; because in me, there is no fraud or violence, neither any desire of domination over my fellow man.

(21) I am often in admiration in front of some human works. However this admiration rapidly changes into anger, because of the disaster that other human works create. This crucifies me because, owing to what I see, to what I know and to what I’m living, my heart is pierced. Anyone may then understand that my anger, which is the expression of my suffering, is always swift to emerge. This is why it is written at the beginning of the psalms:

And now, kings, behave wisely!
Judges of the earth, receive instruction!
Serve the Eternal with fear,
And rejoice with trembling.
Kiss the son, lest he be angry.
And may you perish in your way,
For his wrath is quick to flare up.
Blessed are all those who put their trust in him.

(22) Do not be afraid of me however, you the ones with a humble heart; because on this day of the visit of the Earth, I walk ahead of you. But because the truth is very simple, I know I will have to write a lot to break down your convictions and your disbelief. To do this, I need the writings of the prophets and the tunic they prepared for my shoulders, otherwise you would not believe me. Should you admit it or not, all the truth is written in this book, and it is your only salvation.

(23) I know many of you think up to now: the way this man expresses himself shows he is not a writer. Can he lead us then into the whole truth? I will answer that effectively the baby donkey, who is the child of a she-ass, is not a writer. But is it not a sufficient reason to listen to him? If you were crucified like me, would you have even the wish to rescue the world? You would be prevented from doing it. Thus do not dispute the way I express myself, this is unimportant in this world which pronounces its last speeches. What you are reading now is not unintelligible. Do what you want then, the truth is nevertheless written before your eyes, and nothing else will save you.

(24) Others will imagine that I must fear the end of this century or of this millennium, and this is the reason why I manifest myself. No, I do not fear this type of thing, especially as it is the GOOD NEWS I am bringing to this world. If thus my coming corresponds with the change of the century, it isn’t me that chose this, because it isn’t me that marked the moment when I would rise. Be aware as to what you are imagining. Do not also imagine that I am here to create another sect, because I come on the contrary to annihilate those that have long existed or recently been all over the world. Therefore, before you hear what I have to say, you must prevent yourself from any prejudice against me; all the more so since I am not coming alone, neither without being announced since always.

The effect of the truth

(25) I am old today. The light is within me. And I know the corrupted world will be destroyed as soon as I come. After which, it won’t be destroyed a second time. It is like so, because when one knows the truth he cannot build a world which can be destroyed. Indeed, the knowledge that everyone will acquire today will put a stop to lies and to bad works, as well as to all authority, power and domination. It will completely liberate man, and provide him with a new spirit, a new earth, as well as the law coming from the firmament which suits him perfectly; because, without him knowing this, this law has always been written in his heart. It is with it that God will reign on man and all peoples; it won’t be men without light who will reign over the world with their own laws.

(26) Men would put an end to all life without the coming of the Son, because since the morning of the world they have taken the wrong path. Do not make the mistake and believe that I am the one announcing the end of the world, because it is the human activities that are announcing this disaster by itself which is foretold by the Scriptures. Do not think then that I am using this perilous situation to exploit your fear like those who reign, because I am not asking anything for myself, no gold, no money, no belongings, or anything whatsoever. And this book I write with my blood, I give it to the world. Also, see as not to mix up those who oppress and who take advantage of you by putting everything to death, with the one coming from above to deliver you from their influence and their chains without asking you for anything.

(27) The entire Earth will tremble following the revelations I will make to the world. But is it me saving you that you should be afraid of or of the sons of darkness who make you lose your way? What would you have to fear from a man who has the sword of his tongue as his only weapon? Do not be afraid of me I say, you with the pure heart, I am with you and against all those who harm the Earth and its inhabitants. Jesus said:

Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God.

If you are then similar to children, you will see God like no one has ever saw him before. And it is now time to do it in order to survive on this Earth which is in peril completely.

(28) Therefore stop saying today, in this agonizing world: God created mankind in his image, and then he has abandoned us! No, God did not abandon you, because he is visiting the Earth today. Did he not warn mankind that at the appointed time he would send his son to proceed to the judgment of everyone, according to what they have done? It so happens that, on that day, will only stay alive those who are sovereignly perfect.

(29) But to follow the Son of man and be saved, one must first learn to abandon oneself so as to not make oneself a prevalent element over all things. That is why Jesus said:

Let whoever wants to come to me deny themselves.
He also says: He who loves his life shall lose it, and he who hates his life in this world shall keep it for eternal life. If anyone serves me, let him follow me; and where I am, there also will my servant be. If anyone serves me, the Father will honor him.

To come to me, by the spirit, in the high places where I stand and save your lives, you must first give up your knowledge which is an obstacle. Also do not say: but So-and-So said this… or another demonstrated that… because they did not say or demonstrated anything else than what builds darkness and devastates the Earth. Today, it is another who reveals what you did not know. And I will overcome your ignorance.


(30) But I must first show you where I come from and what my life was, so that it is known that I have the face of a man. Then, I will explain the Scriptures which you cannot read without me. Afterward, I will demonstrate the universe, the solar family, the world and mankind. This way, you will know God and his works. You will then know who you are on this Earth, and what will be the new life of those who will have heard and escaped from what is coming. Also know that to baptize means to immerse in the living water of knowledge, which means educate, and not doing an enactment! Now, to educate oneself, one must be open, to everything new and listen. So stay with me, and gird your loins. Your salvation and the one of the whole world is at stake.

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