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First part: Fulfilment of the Scriptures


The days of the Son of man

(1) We can only know somebody by knowing where he is from and what he has lived since his birth until the day when he is in front of us. Also, so we know of which iron he was forged from, I am going to show the life of the Son which could only be written by himself the day he recognizes and comes forward in the world.
Jesus is the Lamb in the Scripture, the one who comes to enlighten men and to fight the corrupted world so he can put an end to it so God’s reign can come. He is my own image, because whether we are with the Lamb in the Book or with me on this day, we are in the presence of the same man, in the same moment of time, just before the apocalypse. I am not Jesus however, but the accomplishment of Jesus which is the spirit of the Scriptures. It is him who sits on me, the baby donkey, the young of a she-ass; I cannot thus turn away from him. Think, without considering the scenery where the action takes place, with what he says and does, Jesus shows what I say and do today, on the evening of the world; and you will understand.

(2) To judge, we first need to live ourselves what men live through, because nobody can judge what is foreign to him. That is why you must know what were my days and how Satan tried to lose me in the desert. Satan is not an entity, but rather the evil which can sink the one who can’t resist to it. I speak of desert, because for as long as we do not know who we are, where we are going and what is the meaning of existence, we are in the desert and the fasting which makes the world suffer. Thus lend me an ear on what my life was which took place in four distinct periods until I am bound by chains, so that I could not move without passing on the Message.

First period

(3) My childhood took place in a small southern village, at the edge of which there is a pond. I was the third of four children born from the pious wife of a shepherd who also cultivated the land. Before me I had a brother and a sister, and behind me came another brother. To date, my father and my sister left the world; I still have my mother and my brothers. My mother gave birth to me in a small town nearby, the fifteenth day of the last month, and brought me back to the village where I grew up in the middle of animals. In the Scripture, it is represented by a manger (by the crib), because it is truly in the presence of animals that I woke up as I arrived in the living world.

(4) But nobody could know that this little blond hair child who had just been born was the one who would lead the creature through the whole truth, otherwise, long ago someone would have broken my bones. Nevertheless nothing distinguished me from the other children, if not this great curiosity which I had for nature which guided all my steps. I was amazed by everything that I saw. Nature was the passion of my childhood and the unwavering foundations of my existence, because all the animals taught me something separately. I also saw that they occupied all the spaces and they obeyed the rules which were within them and which allowed them to evolve with ease and favour in the natural environment where they came from. Moreover, the hailstorms, brambles, thorns, stinging nettles and other injuries, as well as the venomous animals, the poisonous mushrooms, the diseases, the errors, the bad judgments, and the daily efforts that each had to produce to find its livelihood, taught me early on what was the adversity that an animal had to overcome daily in order to draw pleasure from existence.

(5) As soon as I could hear it, I was taught that God created all things, and that he rewarded or punished depending on whether we behaved well or bad. Already, I loved and feared the Almighty, as I loved and feared my father. So, my parents authorized me to come and go in the countryside and the village quite freely. They left me free as a bird, all the more gladly as everything was peaceful and quiet in this village. The discussions were always cordial between the inhabitants, and the disputes always ended by agreements. The malicious gossip was not on the lips. Nobody ignored others. Everyone knew each other, helped each other and shared their opinions and their knowledge. It was fraternity.

(6) But, growing up, I became aware of the poverty of my parents which caused them great torments, particularly to my mother who often cried for not being able to procure what was necessary to feed or to dress us suitably. What my father produced was only small profits immediately absorbed by the taxes levied by the city folks. The war raged in those years, and we suffered from this misery. Thereby, my childhood, enriched by the marvels of nature and filled with joy, covered itself with sadness, and especially due to the poverty of my parents, I already understood that I would be forced to leave the village to which I was attached.

The second period

(7) Therefore, when it was necessary, I went away. On leaving, I thought that if the village had been bigger, it would have suffice for all its needs; because I saw that the most useful works are those of men who give food to people (the farmers) and those who look after them (the doctors). I did not understand then the purpose of the large cities which imposed their laws. However, being forced to be a worker in this world, I started first by learning in the small town where my mother had giving birth to me. I was like uprooted. I suffered from this for a long time, but I had to persist.

(8) Meanwhile, I met a girl who pleased me. After some years of dating we got married, and she gave me a son. Following this, I was torn away from them this time; because those who reigned forced me to wage war, beyond the sea, in a foreign country. I left to defend the conquerors that had since a long time colonized this country from which they were henceforth repelled by the rightful inhabitants whom they oppressed. Already in the pain of the separation, my eyes saw the horror right from my arrival. I was upset, asking myself if I could resist; because I do not think that there could be worse than to be forced to wage war on people who are not our enemies. That is why this period was for me like a bad dream of which I came out having my heart pierced.

(9) When my release came, I rejoined with my wife and my son who had grown. Then I continued being a worker in one of Satan’s nuclear cauldron, which we call: radiant future of humanity... During those days, my wife gave me a girl this time. So, gradually, and despite my deep wounds, the pleasure of living returned to me. But as soon as I became aware of what was practised in this nuclear cauldron and for what purpose it was used for, I left these sites, and insofar as it was impossible for me to be commanded. Indeed, brought up in the original freedom, I could not tolerate anyone sitting on me and making me do things according to his will. I then decided to work for myself and opened a small business.

(10) During those days, my young father died. It was for me a new sadness which made me wonder how much my existence was worth in this world of iniquites and sufferings. I hated my life. But my wife did not understand what was happening inside me. Turning our backs on each other, we decided to divorce. But I cursed myself to act like this; because, considering I was guilty, it seemed to me that I committed a crime on her and my children, a sin for which it would be necessary for me to expiate before the Eternal to whom I already felt indebted.

The third period

(11) So I left alone, a little further up in the valley of the travelers to establish myself near a city where I had previously chosen to pursue another commercial activity. In those years, the tensions between the nations of east and west intensified. I then took the time to examine the world and what I was doing in the middle of it. The world frightened me, because I saw sombre clouds arriving from everywhere, that apparently people did not see coming. It seemed to me that it was invariably progressing towards its end; because for me a world built with the powers, money and profit, which requires the protection of the interests (warfare), could only go to its ruin. I already knew it was too late. To these sombre perspectives, was added the fact that I contributed to its downfall. I then began to condemn what I was doing; insofar as it was very unpleasant for me to exploit people as I had been exploited in the past myself. I could not stand that others would work for my prosperity. So, these terrible things and the money which seemed to me like I was stealing, considerably increased my anxiety of consciousness.

(12) Convinced that nations would inevitably go toward their end, and that I contributed to it by my activities, this time I died for the world in which nothing interested me anymore. I was thirty three years old. I continued my activities however, but with the idea to soon find my original freedom and the nature that I missed so much. I then decided to remove my feet from this world and to leave onto the sea with a young lady whom I had met and who became my concubine. It was thus necessary for me to deprive myself of my company and my possessions, first of all to find my dignity again. But before this, I had to build myself a sailing boat (a ship) that could cross the seas. So was fulfilled everything that I had expected. I conceived the ship which I had imagined, and built it with a friend. Meanwhile, I gave up my company. There remained nothing left to me. But I was relieved; because I did not want to have something to do with money anymore, nor with the servitude and the taxes, nor with the insane projects of men. I only wanted the freedom which I had had in the time of my childhood, in the midst of nature.

(13) As soon as the ship was completed, with my companion we went to Rhodes which we reached safely. To be able to pursue our journey on the Aegean Sea, we had to take on board travelers who contributed to the expenses. We then returned to our country. Then the following year, we again went navigating in the same waters, since it pleased us so much. On the way back, at the equinox, between Patras and Messina, we had to face a strong storm from which we came out without the slightest damage, but very afflicted. I was then convinced that we could cross the ocean with confidence, because we planned to go to distant countries.

(14) We were preparing for this trip, until the day when the disaster happened, because an incident suddenly set the ship ablaze! The fire immdiately occupied all the space and threw me out before I could attempt a move to extinguish it. Emergency quickly arrived. But everything that was attempted seemed trivial compared to the importance of the disaster. Seeing that every attempt was futile, I went to sit down in front and watch the show of flames which devoured everything. I was deeply affected, because my ship was taken away from me.

(15) The shock being over and the following days, I felt as if I was sitting on a tree trunk in the middle of the ocean, not knowing where I came from, and what I was doing there, far from everything. I wanted nothing but solitude. So I secluded myself, and I began to write as to conjure fate it seemed or maybe to only avoid sinking. The days passed without me going out. In this cold, I was reimbursed the damage I had suffered. But as in a dream, I put the money into a bank and I did not remember about it. Continuing to write, my thoughts were elsewhere. I was trying to understand the meaning of existence, who man was, and why he was engendering without seeing them these sombre clouds which had moved a little closer over the world.

(16) But to understand who man is, I said to myself, we must first know where do the celestial bodies from which we come from are made of and where do they go. It was my first reasoning. I thought, indeed, there was something else about celestial bodies and life other than what was being said. It seemed to me that there had to be a principle of existence, very simple, with which we could explain everything with ease. I was searching for it, without being certain however of its reality. Celestial bodies appeared to me to be active magnets, which changed state and aspect. What I wrote was in connection with that, and concerned electromagnetism. Everything I saw I wrote. And what I wrote forced me to write more. I did not know what would be the outcome nor the end. Because I was like someone who gathers wood in large quantities without really knowing what he intended it for... My confinement frightened my close relatives who were wondering what was happening to me.

(17) But, after numerous days of writing and solitude, and not being completely convinced of what I was doing, I saw that if I did not get away from it, I would lose it my life. I decided then to build a new ship. But during the works, I thought of the writings that I had already done. Suddenly, the light dawn on me, because I came to understand the birth process of the celestial bodies, as well as their development which makes them change state and aspect in the sky. I thought it was prodigious, because I could see that it was the truth! But, as one who does not see what blinds him, I took some time to realize that I had discovered this famous principle of existence which I was previously looking for and that for me opened the gates of heaven from now on. I also saw that this principle was within the reach of a twelve-year-old child, and that it applied at the same time to celestial bodies and to all of which has in itself a breath of life. I was then born for a second time, because my eyes opened up on the reality of which nobody could see. I was strongly elated, but I still did not evoke the name of the Eternal.

(18) All that I saw was new and easily understandable. That made me wonder about my own person, because I wondered how it was possible that a man without education could have such great knowledge. Not knowing who to turn to, I opened the Scriptures for the first time. I was forty three years old, and I did not know them. At night, I was reading in bed before falling to sleep. But as do the stupid, I was reading them in the strict sense of the words, so much that I did not understand what was written. I then cursed this book which brought me no answer.

(19) Words from the beginning marked me however, because I saw that God says: the day your eyes will open, you will die. Now, my eyes had just opened and I was afraid of dying. This had a great effect on me however, because from now on I could read the Scriptures in their spiritual sense. That made me glow with joy, but also shiver, because I saw myself in them as surely as when you lean over the water. However, although this was glorious, I didn’t want to be the Son of man, this Lamb announced by the Scriptures for difficult times. I then started again the construction of my ship. And, in spite of my great turmoil, I managed to finish it.

(20) Meanwhile I had changed a lot, all my thoughts being taken by what was happening to me. Also, my companion cursed me and left me as soon as I had put the ship in the water. I did not consider she was guilty. But her departure overwhelmed me, because for the first time of my existence I was alone and with an immense burden on my back. However, I saw in her departure an act of justice, because I had myself left my wife who was deeply strucked. I thus expiated for my fault in part, I had to remain silent... I lived in my boat which I used as shelter, and persevered in my writings to teach the world. Already having an exact view of the world and the times in which we were, my desire was then to serve God, of whom I had already felt the friendly hand on my shoulder. I evoked his name this time. But, to make the truth known to the world, I knew that I had to sacrifice my life. This is what I did, and handed myself entirely to God.

The fourth period

(21) Seated in my boat to teach the crowd, all my mind was occupied by what I was doing. My concern was to clarify my writings which accumulated and to make a small book which would open men’s eyes. During those days, a doctor, having heard of me, visited me and questioned me on what I was doing. I showed him that I was writing about the earth and about all celestial bodies, and that I had risen very high, as high as Moses. Henceforth, I said to him, I can open the eyes of the blind! But attached to the church of Rome, he listened to me with defiance. Intrigued however by what I was showing him, he brought me one of his friends, Joan, who was blind from birth. Prompt to intelligence, this last one would understand everything I was telling him. Perceiving that he was blind, I spat on the ground to make some mud with my saliva, and I applied this mud to his eyes. This miracle was then accomplished: his eyes opened and saw clearly what I showed him on the sidereal, the world and the Scriptures. I had cured him of his infirmity. His enjoyment was then second to none, because he had just taken part in a new birth I myself had been the object of before. I then saw that with my saliva I could open the eyes of the blind. This was for me a great encouragement, and the confirmation of the one that I was.

(22) Most deeply intrigued by this miracle, the doctor who visited me came to question me again. This time, I openly said to him that I proceeded to the resurrection of the dead. Immediately he went away... because he did not understand what the announced resurrection of the dead was. He believed I was out of my mind. Joan who could see all that I was explaining to him, and this doctor who wouldn’t look, each other showed me how I shall be received in the world and what would be the reaction of everyone. Wanting to share his enjoyment, the one to which I had opened the eyes brought me some other friends. They were inflamed when they heard me, but they were nothing but straw fires; because, too disturbed by what I showed them, they also went away.

(23) All this made me grasp even better the Scripture in which these attitudes were predicted if only in the parabola of the sower. Joan stayed by my side and put the hand in the dish with me, because he helped and supported me. He became my confidant, the one to whom I could speak. I loved this man as well as his wife who did not leave me. They witnessed my growth and shared my feelings coming from what was revealed to me which amazed them. I asked them both to remain silent about me, and to Joan to not reveal to anyone he was seeing now; because I had to finish.

(24) Three years after puttingt my boat in the water, I had no money left to live. I then sold it cheap to a very rich man, and obviously greedy and deceitful, who did not miss to leave rashly with it by abstaining from giving me a big part of the sum that we had agreed upon. I built myself a hut this time, which I still occupy. Meanwhile and for some times, I ceased giving my life to regain some strengths, because I was exhausted, tired to the extreme – God gave me the power to give my life and to reclaim it as I want it – So, I took advantage of it to acquire the wreckage of a small sailing vessel which I completely refurbished, in full view of everyone. Then, I sold it to be able to continue my writings. I divided the total amount of the sale into small monthly amounts, corresponding to the one available for poor people whom we assist. At the time I write this, I still live with this little bit of money. But I still have food for supper in my hut for some time. Which will probably suffice to reach the term of my mission.

(25) My writings prevailed over my life. And, as I said, without this appearing to me, I became increasingly tired, being barely able to walk. I weakened so much for being cooped up for such a long time and alone. When I saw that I was dying, I asked God to come to my rescue and to give me a woman! Seeing that I had reached my limits, He immediately sent a woman from the city that came to meet me. She found me sitting and tired of my long pilgrimage, as dead. After crying over me, she raised my head and gave me water from her jug to drink, poured her perfume over me (the scent of the woman), and put me back on my feet. Without her, there would be no book of life, and thus no salvation for the world. She was the woman of my sacrifice from which she will come away enriched, because all those who will live in the kingdom will also owe her of their existence.


(26) This is what the days of the Son of man were. Anyone will understand that his life could not be written between his coming into the world and the day he is baptized (educated) by John. He was first to be formed by trials he underwent in the desert where he resisted Satan who tried to lose him. That is why, as the chisel which we forge by hammering and that we soak afterwards to make it resistant, I was forged by blows and soaked into the water of my tears so that I can resist the trials which were waiting for me.

(27) It should be noted that I tried to live like every men, but that I did not succeed because of my spirit which does not correspond to that of this world. That is why what I have acquired was always deprived of me by Satan until I have nothing left, like Job, whose life is written so that I know what happened to me. And it is because of this, that Jesus said:

Foxes have dens, and birds have nests; but the Son of man has nowhere to lay his head.

(28) Indeed, I do not know where to rest my head, all the more so as my folks and all the friends I had previously and who knew I was enterprising, I became as an out-of-service vase, like an object which is no longer useful. Are not all these things already written? That is why those who meet me often say to me: I seem to have know you forever! Definitely, they have always know me, but they do not know where they saw me...

(29) It is thus necessary that I explain the Scriptures and that I demonstrate with them who I am. However, what prevails is not that we know who I am, but that I deliver the world from darkness and that I save those who do not have to perish. I have no other purpose than to enlighten you and to save you. Therefore you will not find on my lips any of the criminal or fraudulent words, but only the word of truth.

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