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First part: Fulfilment of the Scriptures


The circumcision of the heart

(1) The Scriptures were therefore true, you will say? Are we really in the presence of the Son of man, who is also, called the Lamb? Are we not rather dreaming at the moment?
No, you are not dreaming, because you stand on the evening of the world where you are witnessing the accomplishment of the Scriptures.

(2) Since forever, Abel is the image of the man of good and Cain is the image of the man of evil. Both represent the saint of mind and the one who is not, and not two beings that have lived. But today the time has come where they will separate one from another; because the saints (personified by Abel) will listen to me and behave in accordance with my advice, while the others (personified by Cain), incapable to do so, will disappear from the world. In this way, the Scripture says:

Those who do not believe will not survive.

Now, in order to believe, one must understand. To understand, one must listen to the Son. And to listen, you need to be saint of mind. The saint is the one who, having a circumcised heart, is good and patient. There is no other kind of saints on the Earth and in the sky, nor other forms of holiness.

(3) The one who is saint of mind today descends from a line of righteous who had inside them the virtues acquired by practicing the law of Moses. He is a child of Abraham who will hear the voice of the Son, will grasp all of what he says and follow him up to the kingdom. Whoever this man and woman are, they will be saved, because they are the good rocks I come to pick up to build the temple of The One whose sky is his throne and the Earth his footstool, of The One who waits for his home and the place of his rest.

The circumcised

(4) But, to hear, it is better not knowing the human precepts which take away the faculties of understanding the truth. Rather give up your knowledge in order to receive my baptism from which your salvation depends on. If you are saints of mind and completely ignorant of the life concepts preached by man, you then are in a better mood to receive the light I bring onto you, because you have inside you the seven main virtues of the heart circumcision which Moses talks about. These virtues are wisdom, compassion, mercy, rectitude, love, humility and charity which all together express the holiness of a person. Here are their definitions:

  • WISDOM: quality of a person who is cautious and reasonable of all things.
  • COMPASSION: feeling of pity which makes a man sensitive to the pain of others.
  • MERCY: greatness of the soul which pushes to forgive the guilty.
  • RECTITUDE: loyalty of the person who is honest and fair.
  • LOVE: affection that one feels towards beings or for something.
  • HUMILITY: complete absence of pride and respect for others, which prevent from reigning over our fellowmen.
  • CHARITY: generosity of the heart which pushes to help any being in trouble.

(5) To circumcise himself means cutting what is bad, so may develop these feelings and virtues which inevitably make someone saint of mind and noble of heart. Such a person will understand and follow me for his salvation and the one of the entire world, because this person carries inside him the rules of existence that God has put in him. Being the law, this person cannot be below the law.

The uncircumcised

(6) But, contrary to the previous ones, those with an uncircumcised heart will disappear from the face of the Earth, because without having inside them these seven main virtues, they are inevitably the opposite of the circumcised, that is to say greedy, haughty, hypocrite, liar, deceitful, boorish, wicked and other similar things. These people are criminals, evil and destructive men who will not enter into the upcoming century; because, as they are, they are not apt to be baptized.

(7) I add to this that it is not when one exonerates himself in doing simulations of holiness that one attracts the Fathers’ favors, but only in practicing His law and not men’s law, in putting ourselves into His hands and not in the hands of the greats; otherwise one preaches hypocrisy to make it the air one breathes. I say that anyone who agrees to the rules of the law and disobeys them, ends his life; because it is better to practice men’s law and ignore God’s law, than to evoke God’s law and behave contrary to His will.

(8) One knows a tree by its fruits, said Jesus; this means that one knows a man by his works. Now, if the works of the saints of mind cannot be anything else but good, the ones of the uncircumcised have an unpleasant smell to the Eternal. It is therefore not difficult to distinguish who has a circumcised heart and is chosen for the kingdom and who is not, all the more so since the uncircumcised is the one who gives orders, dominates and forbids. Insensitive, he takes pleasure in humiliating, deceiving, threatening, and oppressing his fellow man to subject him to his will. In this way he is easily recognizable with a glance; because, like those who reign at the head of nations, he is also the one who allows some kinds of liberties to those who are submitted to him.

(9) So I tell you, the one who
rises to assume powers over others;
looks for glory and honors;
denies God and glorify himself;
deceives his fellow man;
declares permissible the worst immoralities;
shapes his own line of conduct using lies;
prostrates himself before the golden calf, his god;
retains prisoner human beings, as well as everything that breathes;
threatens and oppresses his fellowman;
wants to be the first at all costs;
lives at the expenses of his fellow man;
seizes the goods or the countries of others;
denigrates and depreciates woman;
buries the countries under cement, asphalt, or iron;
denatures, pollutes, contaminates and disfigures the countrysides;
adapts nature to his thoughts, while destroying the original order;
this one therefore, who has no concerns about his conscienceness, is the true
opposite of what Christ preaches and of what existence requires. This one is the
foretold antichrist, the destroyer God asks me to fight until he disappears forever
from this world.

(10) These sons of darkness, who have an uncircumcised heart, do not hesitate to sit on the Creator’s throne, because they think they prevail over anything. So they settle either willingly or by force, and impose themselves over everyone by using lies, fraud or violence. One can also find them in great number among elevated men who reign in your countries and cities, because they are the sons of Cain and faithful servants of Satan. This world is the one of their reign which is ending with my presence.

The wheat and the chaff

(11) The circumcision of the heart shows the saints of mind. This is why, I openly tell you that one cannot burst the seven elements of holiness onto the faces of those who govern the world, deceive you, tyrannize you and put you under slavery and ransom by force, when they are not sending you to the slaughterhouses of their wars which they consider necessary for their domination. They have established their laws since the morning of the world, and they unscrupulously devastate the Earth. They do not bother about the natural life conditions of creatures. But, even with their scandals, they were necessary to the world; because they are the chaff which had to grow, flourish and prosper to act as an example and be extracted forever from the Earth. Here is God’s promise for the harvest days at the end of times in which you are now, and the meaning of the wheat and chaff parable that Jesus was explaining as follows:

Jesus offered them another parable, and said: The kingdom of heaven is like a man who sowed good seed in his field. But, while the people slept, his ennemy came, sowed tares among the wheat, and went away. When the grass had grown and yielded fruit, the tares also appeared. The servants of the master of the house came and said to him: Lord, did you not sow good seed in your field? Where did the tares come from? He answered them: An ennemy has done this. And the servants said to him: Do you want us to go and pluck it up? No, he said, lest when you pluck up the tares, you will also uproot the wheat at the same time. Let both grow together until the harvest, I will say to the reapers: First pluck up the tares, and bind them in sheaves to burn them, but gather the wheat into my granary.

After some time, his disciples came unto him and questioned him with insistence: Explain to us the parable of the tares of the field. He answered: He who sows the good seed is the Son of man; the field, it's the world; the good seed, they are the sons of the kingdom (the chosen ones); the tares, they are the sons of the evil one (the ungodly); the ennemy who sowed it, is the devil; the harvest, is the end of the world; the reapers, are the angels (you who understand). Now, just as tares are plucked up and thrown into the fire, so will it be at the end of the world. The Son of man will send forth his angels, who will pluck out of his kingdom all the scandals and those who commit iniquity; and they will throw them in the burning fiery furnace, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. Then the righteous will shine like the sun in the kingdom of their Father. He who has ears to ear, let him hear!

(12) Therefore try to hear! Also draw from this word the fact that Jesus foretells the end of the world, and that Eden (which others also call paradise today) exists since always on Earth, but it was destroyed by the uncircumcised who have risen to trample it. Don’t be sorry about this however, because it will naturally reappear as soon as they will be gone. The separation of men is thus necessary so the uncircumcised disappear into the burning furnace they have themselves brought up. Afterwards the righteous will shine and reign on the entire Earth which was promised to them since always.

(13) With this new awareness about holiness, given by circumcision, you may already set your minds on what is true and certain. This is not much certainly, but however essential to open ourselves to the truth and notice that half of men revels of the other half. Now know how to differentiate between this world which is the reign of darkness, and the new world that is coming which is the true opposite of your way of living – I am ordered today to act strongly upon man, to remove forever everything which undermines the Earth, beings and the upcoming generations – Every saint of mind is in perfect agreement with this order of God because, for one who is full of wisdom and kindness, living beings prevail upon human works and the malicious ways of playing of men. Now, whoever accepts the disappearance of everything that harms the Earth and its inhabitants, inevitably accepts the condemnation of several.

(14) Do not be troubled however, because I will not ask you to raise your hand against anyone, neither to wage war against anyone. I will only ask you to get up and withdraw for a couple of days where I will advise you. Otherwise, you would perish with the uncircumcised, by the plagues which they brought and which you do not yet conceive. We will show that. After which, you will know that the end of the world foretold by Jesus is inevitable, and it will open the doors to reign of God. And, from one extremity of the Earth to the other, all the peoples are concerned.

The transgression of the law

(15) Incapable of creating, but only compose from what exists; man is constantly faced with the choice between good and evil for life and its continuity. And the Law of Moses was to be used to help him distinguish one from the other. Now, today, in this end of the centuries, nobody makes a case of the law. Also, it does not appear to anyone that those who transgress it are corrupting the world and are losing their souls, while those who don't do it keep their soul alive, as it is alive for all those who are circumcised of heart. We will often speak about the soul and its reason to be, as well as of its judgment. But because each man has the choice of his actions, and so of his own destiny, he must not for one choose the destiny of others and even less the one of the entire world which is not his area of responsibility.

(16) This is why those who govern you by daring to claim to build the future, as if they were the masters of the course of life, had better keep their teeth clenched in front of the inevitable end of the world they have brought. By only wanting to adapt nature to their thoughts, don’t they believe that they are being greater than the Creator of all things? Don’t they behave as if the Earth was formed only for them today? They do whatever they want with it. And because of their ignorance, the world progresses every day towards its end. But today where he learns the truth, the world rushes towards this end, because everyone realizes that he is hopelessly doomed.

(17) However, it is not when one looks up on the world as it is, with all its defilements, its war machines, its iniquities, its scandals and its immense destructions, that one becomes conscious of its end, but only when one knows the celestial things. Indeed, by being unaware of the sidereal, you could not grasp that the world has only one path to follow, which is the path of life given by the celestial bodies from which the world depends. This is why, when your governments, your pastors and the scientists tell you with one voice: let’s build our future together! All the monkeys slap their thigh while laughing at them.

(18) If it is easy for me to tell the truth, it is more difficult for me to prepare you well to hear it; this, because of your education and ancestral beliefs which feed your thoughts, as well as the little usage you make of your faculties. But, if you are circumcised of heart, I will elevate you to a height you did not suspect, on the mountain of God, from which one discovers all things, far behind in the ages and far ahead likewise. There, your destiny will be revealed to you, not for a few days or years, but for all centuries to come. And you will know the value of your works way before you do them. Because, when one is elevated into the light, one precedes and constantly masters the works one does. This is the opposite of this world in which no one anticipates the consequences of the works that is done. Haven't men mechanized the world without knowing it would bring its destruction? When one builds powerful machines one throws in the world and one follows to see where they lead, is one enlightened? Isn't one rather comparable to stupid people who do not know where they go? Should one then lead the peoples?

(19) However, this attitude worthy of darkness will serve you as a footstool today to raise you into high places. This elevation, which is done by the spirit, enables one to get even more closer to God, and consequently to the truth. It comes to the ascension which the Son has done before you, in order to raise you up afterwards. But if you persist in seeing Jesus rise into the air like a bird or arrive in the world sitting on a donkey, you will leave with the sects which have poisoned the world.

(20) Today, if one laughs at God and his son, it is always because of these sects which have seized the Scriptures in order to change their meanings and to say before the fixed time: we, the Jews, we are the people of God: listen to us! Or: we the romans, we are the Church and the chosen ones, because we have at our head the vicar of the Son of God! You must therefore follow us! Such are their words, because the parable of the winegrower escapes them. But it is everything that escapes them, because they are vain man who wanted to reign on the world while knowing absolutely nothing about the truth. God having not allowed them to dominate, they have failed. They have then become similar to beggars who reach out, while talking about God and his Son, so that we give them charity. Dissociate yourselves from these people they’ve deceived you for centuries, because the Father did not send them at all. This is why, each religion wants its members to be the chosen people without even knowing how, why and when one is chosen. However, God did not create the whole solar family, among with the Earth and its peoples, so that a handful of fools take themselves for luminaries.

The people of the promise

(21) You must know that God’s people is not a race, neither a nation, nor a sect, but a Church constituted by the saints of mind from all the people residing under the sky. It concerns those who have circumcised flesh (the whole heart), which cannot be circumcised by man’s hand. Abraham established the circumcision of the flesh to keep God’s alliance and so that all man remain saint of mind by it. But the circumcision made by man’s hand, is not the true circumcision, it is only simulacrum! Revise your judgments regarding God’s people, because you were in total confusion about it.

(22) I say again that Jacob is the symbol of the one who struggles in the darkness against ignorance and who becomes Israel after grasping the truth. Jacob is a man, and Israel is the same who became an angel of God, because this time he knows the whole truth. That being the exact image of what my struggle was, I can speak about it and make you grasp that I am also Israel’s anointed. That is why you made a great confusion on the people of Israel. Indeed, it is made up of all the ones who have a circumcised heart, scattered over the world and descendants of all the people God has created. It is not another people, and today it is the Son of man who gathers it. Consequently, the people of Israel cannot be formed by members of religious sects. No, only the Veritable gathers together the circumcised of heart of the whole world around his name, who together are his people, the people of Israel.

(23) By having said: circumcise your hearts, Moses thus showed the true circumcision with which one becomes a legitimate child of God, a saint able to receive and carry the truth at the appointed time. Being therefore enlightened, one knows he is a child of light and a chosen one for the kingdom in which one goes on his feet and alive. But without this light given by the Son, no one knows if he is chosen and why he is chosen.

(24) Moses’ law is not written for the ones with a circumcised heart who wear it naturally inside them. It is written only for those who are not circumcised and who, by practicing it, might have become saints of mind and be saved. Moses has asked you to circumcise your hearts, and me who informs you of what it means, you now grasp that those who claim to be the chosen people, because they are circumcised by man’s hand, are greatly mistaking on their nature.

The promised Land

(25) Also know that Egypt is the spiritual image of nations, and that God called me, like Moses, outside of nations. Leaving Egypt, does not mean getting out of that nation, it means getting out of slavery to serve God and not the creature anymore. Moses has taken servile Egypt as a symbol of nations in which the children of God and those who are not are all mixed up and tyrannized together by kings, government leaders and their ministers, and all those who serve them. So stop seeing God’s people getting out of the egyptian nation to go into the desert of sand; because leaving Egypt to head for the promised Land, means getting out of slavery to head for the kingdom where all man will be free as a bird. It consists in the passage from this world to the other world, and of passover inevitably!

(26) You must also conceive that Moses did not split the red sea with his staff the way you may think he did, all the more so since this sea was not called that name in the past. No, this sea is the human sea which is red because of man’s blood. Understand that he divides human societies in two distinct groups, according to their basic thoughts which are called today the left or the right and are the subject of politic divisions. These two waves, thus raised against each other, are the powers retained until the ones with circumcised heart (Israel’s people) walk in the middle to take refuge in the mountains where they will escape from the end of the world.

(27) Without the knowledge it is the crossing of the desert; and Moses made you cross this desert up to the Son of man who takes you with his hand to lead you on the other side where you will reign. Understand that the land promised to the children of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (to Israel’s people) is not a country nor a land, but the entire Earth which is handed back to the innocent saints of the last day, from which will be born a healthy posterity.

(28) Being symbolic, the Scriptures cannot be understood by the one who reads them literally. So abandon your blind religions, and elevate yourselves with me on the mountain of God. Knowing you, I say again that this mountain (Zion) is a spiritual mountain on which one rises progressively by walking around it until one reaches its top from which nothing is hidden and where one sees God facing him. And all those which are truly circumcised of heart will make this ascension. After which, the world will be filled with the knowledge of the Eternal. He will then be able to live and subsist in complete peace and quiet.

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