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First part: Fulfilment of the Scriptures


The bases of knowledge

(1) When the moment of the birth of man came, God didn’t form a unique couple on a single continent, but several couples in all countries, under all the latitudes and according to the climate of the moment. We shall understand this with the movements of the Earth which were made after the illumination of the Sun. Because it is at the end of the comings and goings, which is at the end of the eras which first had to happen so that Earth becomes one of the magnificent gardens of the sky, that God finished building the world by mankind whom he created in four colors.

Adam and Eve

(2) On this formation of men which took place in the sixth day, it is written:

God created man in his own image, he created him in the image of God, he created man and woman.

When we evoke man and woman, we evoke all men and all women. Now, it is well said in the Scripture that God created man and woman, and not that he created a single man and a single woman from whom would descend the entire humanity. No, Adam and Eve are by no means this original couple in which you believe, but the name of human male and female since the beginnings until this day, and forever.

(3) It is also written that Eve is the mother of all the living, because the woman is effectively the mother of all men. But no kind of living beings can descend from a single couple, because consanguinity opposes it formally. That is why, when a couple was created at the favourable moment, other couples of the same kind were created likewise, a little farther and at the same time, from similar elements and convenient to their life.

(4) So stop believing that all mankind descend from a single couple. God strongly condemns incest, this immoral act which is one of the biggest factors of degeneration. Why then would he have obliged his children to commit such a sin in the origins? Rather review your judgments on the beginnings of humanity; because, due to religions, your thoughts on creation are not impregnated with dignity.

Adam’s sin

(5) As soon as he had created the world, God forbade man to eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, because it was not yet the hour when he could discern one from the other. He ordered him this commandment:

You may eat from any tree of the garden; but you shall not eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, because on the day you do eat from it, you will die.

Following this, the snake says to the woman:

You will not die; for God knows that, on the day that you do eat from it, your eyes will open, and you will be as gods, knowing good and evil.

Seduced by these promising words from the snake, the woman ate from fruit of the tree of knowledge. She also gave some to her husband, and he ate it. That put God in anger, and He reprimanded the woman. Then He said to the snake:

I will put enmity between you and the woman, between your posterity and her posterity: she shall crush your head, and you shall wound her on the heel.

He also reprimanded man. Then God dressed Adam and Eve (today with the knowledge). After which He says:

Behold, man has become like one of us, for the knowledge of good and evil. We must now prevent him from advancing his hand, to take from the tree of life, to eat from it, and to live eternally.

(6) All the history of humanity is expressed in these few words of the book. We also see that God is the immense spirit made up of the spirit of all the angels of the universe, because God says: the man has now become like one of us. We also see that one of man's reason for being is eternal life which he must acquire by spiritual elevation. This is why God says: let us prevent it now... which is not an interdiction, but the reinforcement of the merit from the one who will be victorious of the trial of the instruction. If thus I resuscitate you, you will be victorious and you will not die any more.

(7) The Scripture says that God placed man in the garden to cultivate and guard it. But man destroys it because he transgresses the order that God gave him. He should not have listened to the woman who, after hearing the snake, believed that one lives forever no matter what he does. Therefore, always wanting more, she induced man to eat from the tree of knowledge. And to please her, he did things that he shouldn’t have done, this leading to the end of the world. Such was the sin of Adam, the sin of man! This famous original sin perpetrated till today, because by not yet having the discernment of good and evil, man has practiced everything that should never be practiced again. He acted by being beside the truth and not in the truth. And, today where he learns this truth, he dies; because he sees that his works are bad and that they will fall on him. That is why God says to man: the day when you will eat from the tree of knowledge, you will die. This takes place, because on that day we see that the world is finished and we know exactly why it is finished. This is the ancient man who dies with the world that he has built, to make room to the new man and to the reign of God.

(8) But, because she gives birth like Earth, by thus prolonging the Creator’s work, the woman thought that man would not be chastised if he disobeyed God. She thought on the contrary, and as the serpent told her, that after the six days when the world would learn the truth, all men and women would open their eyes be as gods knowing good and evil. She did not clearly grasp God’s warning and was easily seduced by the promising words from the serpent. This is obviously an allegory here too (because snakes do not speak), to show that, during the darkness, man does not listen to God his Creator. So, the world that he builds is a world that is increasingly painful.

(9) We notice that there was indeed enmity between the offspring of the snake (all that the Earth produces) and the offspring of the woman (men), because these last ones are disrespectful of the creation and destroy everything, by knowing that they condemn their own children. It is thus today that the woman crushes the head of the snake and that she is hurted, because she sees finally that it is because of him that the opprobrium fell on her and that she was put outside the camp (outside the world) for centuries. But, on the evening of the world, her punishment is finished; because God calls her back to deprive her of her opprobrium forever.

(10) The scriptures also says that man will become attached to his wife and that they will become together only one flesh. That, is because when Adam and Eve are tied by the bonds of love, it establishes between them the communion of their being, which is the marriage of their bodies and of their hearts. It is then that they become one. But you that still believe that the original sin is a sin of the flesh, did you read anywhere in the Scripture where God punishes Adam and Eve for having known each other? No, the original sin is not due to the act of flesh, but to the disobedience of man towards his Creator who had forbidden him of eating from the tree of the knowledge.

(11) The form which this sin took in your minds is due to the perverse mind of the religious leaders who can’t stop seeing the woman as corrupted because of Eve who was seduced by the snake. Fearing then of being soiled by women, not only do they denigrate and repel them, but still they’ve managed to make the whole world believe that the original sin was due to the physical union of man a and his wife! They put that lie in your head to make you feel guilty, so they could reign over you; and what results from it is infamous! I tell you, knowing their work, nothing is missing in their words, not even making the Creator detestable for creating woman so she could be a trap for man, whereas she is his reward, his honor and a gift from God. With the scientists, who make you believe that you are the children of chaos and evolving monkeys, these whitewashed tombs are your worst enemies because, them, add that children have always been born from sin.

(12) I see that the vision which you have of Adam and Eve and of the snake, as well as of all the prophecy, doesn’t exceed those of little children whom the religious people educate with images, by making them believe that the Scripture is to be read to the letter. Could you then follow me or will you persist in your insane faiths? Listen! Until God calls man on the evening, man is naked (thas is he knows nothing) and he isn’t ashamed about it. But as soon as he is educated by the Eternal (that his nudity is covered) and that his eyes open, he becomes aware of reality. He sees then what he had not seen, because he is born a second time. That is why, when he gets up, Adam marks at the same moment the completion of the time of the ignorance and the beginning of the time of the knowledge. So, and as the Scripture shows it, we die in Adam and we are reborn in Christ. That is the change of man and the world, as well as the fulfilment of the prophecy.

The midst of birth

(13) It therefore befits today to grasp the science of the Eternal, to have a more exact representation of creation and of its becoming. Otherwise, where could we orient our research to know who we are and how we should live? And what did we expect to find? Undoubtedly, creation is related to the sidereal things, to the celestial bodies. So, since one exists with a body of flesh and a soul amid the universe, one must conclude that this universe from which we descend is thus made. We are truly children of the universe and children of the celestial bodies which are thought of, conceived and created for our arrival.

(14) As for procreation, it is understood by the midst of human beings in which the original birth conditions are recreated allowing progeny. But the original creation (which happens around every star), as well as the procreation which follows, are always made by the Spirit which fills the entire universe, wherever one is in it. It is always the work of the Creator because, contrarily to what it is said, the creature doesn’t give life. It recreates only and involuntarily in its womb the original birth conditions with which children appear in its turn. That is why the creation at first and the procreation afterwards are always the work of the Creator and the same movement of birth.

(15) God didn’t create the world once and for all, because he creates it constantly and continuously. And it will always be so, in every moment which passes. However, to fully represent to oneself this constant movement of creation and birth, think that the womb of the creature is pulled from the womb of the Earth, that the womb of the Earth is pulled from that of the Galaxy which is completely inhabited, and that the womb of this last one is pulled from that of the universe which is also inhabited by myriads of galaxies similar to ours. That is why the Scripture says:

Everything that exists on earth exists in heaven, and everything that exists in heaven exists on the earth.

(16) When we create a tool, it is by need. And when we use it, this need disappears. We don’t thus create it twice. Likewise, the Almighty forms the celestial bodies by his science; then, from the conditions of life which they offer, he creates all the successive species up to man, so that man is his house. On Earth, as on every new earth of the Galaxy, God creates men so that they then multiply themselves, by being responsible for their offspring. To represent that, let’s take these example: as the forest can’t exist without the trees which compose it nor these last ones without the forest where they are, or still: as the celestial body can’t exist without the particles which constitute it neither these last ones without the celestial body where they are formed, God doesn’t exist without men nor these last ones without God. But the forest is bigger than the trees, the celestial body is bigger than the particles, and God is bigger than men who are a house for him everywhere in his universe. These are the dimensions of God and those of men!

The evidences of existence

(17) When we explain to somebody the work which we have just made, we show him why and how we made it. But to be completely fair in the domains of science, it is necessary to explain why man exists such as he is with his spirit from which his work comes. The work of a man shows in itself the one who made it, both being inseparable. Man produces works according to his needs. But in no way he makes the science which made him. I ask you then to notice that what comes out of your hands comes from your spirit, and that you are necessarily the fruit of a greater spirit. This greater spirit is God, the celestial spirit which fills the entire universe in the middle of which celestial bodies evolve.

(18) As the human works aren’t conceived and created by chance (involuntarily) but by pure will, man can’t be in itself the fruit of coincidence, otherwise the coincidence would necessarily end with him! How would you understand that a house is the fruit of the man’s will which built it purposely, and that man, him, is the fruit of a coincidence? But to create a man one needs much more intelligence than to do the works that comes out of his hands. And because it is on purpose that one does a work, we ourselves are then created on purpose. And the Creator’s purpose is to bring men to be His own existence and live the entire path of life, such as it is conceived in the second part of the book. Hear here that the purpose of man is to be able to grasp the science by which he exists, to become eternal.

(19) It is equally indisputable that if we wish to explain the existence of a house, as well as the materials which were necessary for its construction, we will beforehand have to demonstrate the whole universe with all its elements. That is to say that we will have to explain the stars, planets and their satellites which compose the galaxies; that, by demonstrating the electromagnetism by which these celestial bodies exist and evolve. It will be so until the formation of the Earth, of its continents, its water, and the eras necessary for the creation of the successive species until the appearance of men and of ourselves on the day when we contemplate this house. You see it, we must to perceive the whole before coming to the comprehension of ourselves and the work we are doing.

(20) This also means that we can’t understand a thing or a being from what we observe of them. No, we can’t explain the Earth from the Earth, neither the Sun from the Sun, or the man from the man! We can do it only from the elements which bring their existence. In the second part of the book you will understand these words. Because, as a very complex figure can be represented by a much simpler sketch, I shall show to the eyes of everyone the complex figure of the universe with only a few lines. And there you will understand that it is enough to know the essential to be on the path, but which can only be revealed with undeniable evidences, susceptible of any demonstration. The first of these evidences, at the origin of any reasoning, is this one: since we are emerging from this universe and alive, it’s because the universe itself is born. It is obvious that what is alive can’t arise from what is not...

(21) Then we shall say: matter is thus alive? Effectively, matter is alive and celestial bodies are too. But celestial bodies have their life of celestial body. Plants have their life of plant. Animals have the one from their species; and men, who are the whole, have in them God’s life. If I say here that the spirit which animates you is an electromagnetic activity ensuing from celestial bodies and from particles which composes them, as well as living worlds, you still won’t know what I’m talking about. But gradually I shall make you grasp it, by showing you that the entire universe is an electromagnetic activity which is at the same time: force, body and spirit of the Eternal. Then everything will get clearer in you.

The forced existence

(22) In the universe, everything exists by reason. And this reason precedes necessarily the coming of the thing or the being. When the need of a tool is felt, it is the reason which determines it and which acts as a consequence to form it. The reason thus precedes the work which we make. But in order to grasp the universal force with which everything is formed until the thoughts, let’s examine the immediate reality. Let’s begin by noticing that all which exists in small or large, from the particle up to the celestial body, is forced to be as it is, and there where it is in the day when we observe it. It is obviousness, showing that the forced existence of each thing removes the randomness of its coming. Furthermore, there is necessarily a force which forces it to exist. This original and eternal force is the force of God, which is the electromagnetic force with which each body is formed and is moving.

(23) We will show, in the second part that celestial bodies and particles can’t exist without each other. Indeed, it is the existing celestial bodies which give birth to the particles which, in turn, give birth to new celestial bodies by the unique electromagnetism which is none other than the activity of the magnet. Celestial bodies are magnets of which the activity can be pushed to the extreme, as it happens with stars. Don’t doubt it, it will be demonstrated and perceptible by all.

(24) Acknowledge, at the moment, that the coming of any actual thing is forced, obliged to be. We must for example stop saying that it is the leaf of the tree that grows by its own initiative, if only because things and beings which don’t yet exist can’t have a will... But since it is the conditions of life given by the celestial bodies which create the need for existence of the tree with its leaves, we must conclude that everything is obliged to exist such as it is and not otherwise. Say: all that I observe around me is obliged to exist such as I see it, otherwise there would be nothing! It will be one of the first true words which you will pronounce in the reality. By comparison, the no reason of existence for a thing doesn’t allow this thing to exist, because there is nothing that can lead to it. By being obliged to exist, we can’t exist by chance but by will and intention. Refrain then from believing that everything could be different, because if it could be otherwise, it would be otherwise and always such as... We are thus certain that all which offers itself to the eyes is obliged to exist such as we see it.

(25) What is virtual isn't reality, and what is artificial is unnatural. But the obligation of the existence of things can’t be understood alone and separatly, because what exists can find existence only by relation with what was. Now, since everything exists by what was, we conclude that everything exists necessarily for what will be, by thus ensuring continuity. Most certainly, it is about the past the present and the future which we saw on the picture of the progression of the world. However, when we evoke them we explain nothing. But when we notice that everything is obliged to exist (the present) by what was (the past), for what will be (the future), we begin to sense the force of existence which, in addition to removing chance, shows that there is advancement and intention. We inevitably conclude that there is obligation for existence, by relation to what was, for continuity. This indicates that there is a path of life independent from the human will, and more than that, I tell you.

(26) When we will notice how celestial bodies are born, grow, engender and disappear each in turn, then it will clearly show that it isn’t time which passes, but that it is the living being which passes with the celestial bodies which does the same. Because we are matter, on a celestial body of matter, within the matter of the volume of the universe which changes state perpetually. Then, because the future depends on it and not on the human will, and because we can’t influence the future, we have to stop screaming: let’s build our future together! Because it’s as if we would say: let’s direct the work of celestial bodies to our liking, to direct our walk in the direction we want! Can we only speak about the future when we ignore that there is a path of life resulting from the evolution of celestial bodies, and that it is the only path which can be followed by the world? We can’t. That is why men are wrong on everything.

The elements of the universe

(27) When we know that a satellite becomes a planet, then a star under the circumstances, can we say that there are three sorts of celestial bodies? It is impossible, because it is about the same one which changes. It is similar for the particle. Because the particle and the celestial body which is made of particles, are both solid bodies which change through their electromagnetic activity. If a simpleton came to observe a chick in its growth from time to time, he wouldn’t know that it is the same bird which changes, but would believe he looked at another bird every time. Well the scholars have this attitude in front of celestial bodies and particles, because they see them different in their nature and very numerous in their variety. More denuded than branches of which we removed the bark, they don’t realize that it is the same masses which changes, because they can’t conceive that particles and celestial bodies are magnets which are born, develop, engender and pass thanks to the electromagnetic activity of matter. But don’t they say that they know the universe very well?

(28) We shall see that certain planets, like Jupiter Saturn Uranus and Neptune, are solid bodies surrounded with gas which will become stars alternately in the lower third of the Galaxy, towards the edge. Then these stars will travel back up with their celestial bodies towards the center of the Galaxy where they will pass away when they won’t have any more matter to restore to space. We shall thus see what will be the worlds to come which are downstream from the Sun, as are Neptune, Uranus, Saturn and Jupiter, and the worlds which exist upstream from the Sun, by going towards the center of the Galaxy. These four worlds to come, where there will be men, will arrive in their turn in this singular and dreadful day where we are; and the worlds, upstream from the Sun, which precedes us on the path of life, have already passed through this day.

(29) Although man is still comparable to a faded candle, the book of life will light him up. He will know that being the only creature which can reason and grasp the elements with which everything exists, he is in itself the only being of the universe which can reach the light. Consequently, there can’t be a creature in the galaxies superior to man. Be patient, and you will have this knowledge which will illuminate your face and will reveal to you in addition that the universe is not chaotic but stable and of a deep subtlety. It is because everything is created deliberately, by love, by reason, and in perfect harmony.

(30) It was therefore impossible, to those who proclaim themselves scholars, to teach anything real about celestial bodies and living worlds of the sky to which our world belongs; because they see the universe only composed of matter. They don’t understand that it contains at the same time the spirit, the matter, the soul, the body, the force, the renewal and the eternity which we define as this:

(31) If therefore we don’t notice that the universe is composed of these elements, there is no comprehension and no elevation possible. But when we become conscious that it is so, we can only approach the truth, the ways of distraction being buried. Blended together, these seven parts can’t be separated nor studied separately. And it is in them that I lead you to pull you out from the sojourn of the dead and save you. When you will have eaten at my table, nothing more of this will be foreign to you. It is then that it will appear to you what were the darkness and the madness of men which resulted from it.

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