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First part: Fulfilment of the Scriptures


The awakening of the conscience

(1) You make us enter into the Scriptures without any detour to show us what happened from John until you, some of you will say to me, but why don’t you do it with consideration and respect for us? Are you not afraid that many refuse to follow you, or others may leave you?
It is true that many will not follow me and others will leave me, because this is also written and must be accomplished. This is necessary, because I can lead in the kingdom of my father only those who seek to undestand what I say and who are determined to take no further part in this sinful and corrupted world by the sons of Satan.

(2) When a man in a small boat moves towards someone who is drowning, he hurries and loudly tells him: give me your hand! And he pulls him up with a firm hand, because it is not time to discourse or to make a fuss. This is why I do not spare your sensibilities and lead you into the truth without taking any detours; because you are perishing and that I have a lot of things to teach you outside the Scriptures to enlighten you and save you. There is no more time for this world. Allow me not to drag my feet. Gird your loins and follow me.

The accomplishment of the prophecy

(3) Others will say to me: you fall down like thunderbolt on sects and particularly on Rome, that dragon you have just decapitated. Aren’t you afraid, there again, that she asks for your head on a platter to maintain her authority, like she claimed John’s head to reign over the entire world?
Surely, the beast that was no more, but that I make reappear to put an end to it, will gesticulate a little more before it collapses for ever; because it is always what a traitor does when he is caught. As it is written in the apocalypse, the roman beast is this dragon which is already prepared to devour the son that the Earth has just given birth to so he will send nations to pasture with his iron staff. This church does not deviate from the prediction, because it is the biggest, the longest and the meanest trickery there was in the world. It is known that its particularity is to deceive, to chase and sentence to death the innocents; its history since John testifies it. This is why no one ever dared to fight it. But do not fear for me. Emmanuel is not a man whom can be sentence to death, even if one decapitates him. I tell you, there is more than this church who will be asking for my head, because this will be the thoughts of one man out of two. It is I who fear for you, but do not fear for me; for I am accustom to pain and I surrender myself to death.

(4) If I would say that I lived in John’s epoch, two thousand years ago, and that I am the reincarnation of Jesus, a great number of people would believe it. However, I do not say I am the subject of a reincarnation, but of the resurrection of the dead. All I am is the first-born among you, because you are dead like I was before I acquired the knowledge which opened my eyes. I was born from a woman. And I have just been born again, from the spirit this time, like you will be born by following me. Do not confuse the resurrection (which is spiritual) with the reincarnation (which is corporeal) anymore and of which we will speak about. To be born a second time, is to be born from the spirit of knowledge. This is why I say that Jesus is the image of the one who had to rise, the image of the Lamb who is victorious from the world.

(5) Then some will tell me: is the new testament like a scene which is taking place today, under our very eyes and of which you are the actor? I answer that it is, but that I never wished to be this actor, no more than you wish to also be actors yourselves with me. It is indeed about scenes. And you must not let yourselves be taken by the scenery representing the places where the action takes place anymore. What is important, is what Jesus say and do, because it is the simulation of what I am accomplishing today and of what you are accomplishing with me.

(6) Before anything else, understand that when God’s chosen one rises in the world to put an end to it, his first work consist in cleaning his area. It is written that Christ is the director of the entire world. How would it be possible for him not to fall down on religions which are more pernicious one as each other? But he cannot act like this without giving himself to death; because what is a religious, a sect member, in this world of darkness? It is someone who believes he knows the word of the Eternal, and does not stand that others are not like him. Such individuals, swollen with vanity and quite numerous, hide their hypocrisy with some good actions, but they can kill children, women and men with passion. Sectarian and closed to any new things, they act in the shadow and from behind, because they have no courage. They like to spill blood and kill man, in the name of God they say! And if they do not do themselves the worse atrocities, they make young people do it by manipulating them like objects. God has a dislike for all these abject men who dishonour his name! Also, because he does not tolerate even the shadow of one, I will get rid of them forever from the Earth which is given to me.

(7) Whoever a man may be, this one belongs to God only, because between a man and his Creator there cannot be any intermediary. The religions will then not succeed in imposing their rules throughout superstition or violence, because the law of heaven which all peoples will obey in the kingdom is found in the heart of all the saints of mind. This is the reason why I said that the true religion, proper to all men, is a way of life, a way to be every day in accordance with God’s thought. The religion thus can only be unique. This will clearly appear to you when I will have taught you the universe and who man is within it.

The awakening of the chosen ones

(8) But, knowing you, I know you have the feeling that everything regarding the universe of God, his only son, the previous worlds, the living beings and the behaviours are already known from everyone; whereas you are truly in darkness for everything. This is why Jesus said to his disciples:

Let the dead bury their dead.

This simple word of Jesus shows obviously that men are dead without the knowledge of truth; and it is this type of death from which they must resurrect on the last day. This last day is the one of the renewal of all things, preceding the coming of God’s kingdom. But about this foretold resurrection, Rome’s priests made you believe that all those who died since the beginning would rise all together, like one, from their grave in order to congratulate themselves on public places… When one knows that a dead body becomes dust, how may one imagine such a show?

(9) The Scripture, in the new testament, also says:

Wake up, you who sleep, rise from the dead, and Christ will enlighten you.

This gives the explanation of the resurrection of the dead, the light of the spirit and the teaching from the Son by which you will be enlighten on everything. But on the evening of the world, after the days of ignorance have done important damages in your minds, you will have some difficulty to wake up and rise. This, is by moving away from God, you are attached to material things only. To eat, drink and entertainment are the only things that interest you. All you like are good things and you do not stand anything else but flatteries. You then find it painful to be lectured on God’s mountain where I stand and make an effort to understand the explanations of the Scriptures. However, if I did not explain them, not only would you not know where I lead you to, but then again you would say: why doesn't he explain this or that in the Scripture, can he not do it?
Could I let you think that way or on the contrary refrain you to think that way so you know I am sent from above? Did you only know what God’s foretold kingdom was? Was it the subject of your daily concerns? Of course not. However, it is there, in front of you, in the upcoming century.

(10) Is the world’s rescue not worth a couple of explanations about the prophecy which testifies the coming of the saviour? Is this not worth anything for you to spend a little time to understand what I am explaining? To save you, I couldn’t only say: here I am, I am the foretold Son of man, follow me! To become known, whoever comes to you only has to say his name, where he comes from, where he lives and what he does, and that is enough. But it cannot be the same for the Lamb when he introduces himself to the world. Foretelling the Saviour is one thing, and this is what the Scripture does. But being him at the appointed time and to demonstrate it to the incredulous is another, I tell you. So be attentive and patient. Because if I would not first open your mind on the Scriptures in order for you to at least be capable of reading the psalms and Isaiah, and if I would not afterwards teach celestial things, you could not have confidence in me, nor understand what I say.

(11) If it is tedious for you to learn in a short period of time what you should have known since two thousand years, it is even more for me to teach what blinds you and which you do not see. However, the moment has come for you to understand what is shown in the book of life and to follow my instructions, otherwise you would perish. For that, you must leave your religions! But I know it would be easier for me to tear up trees with my bare hands than to withdraw the religions from amongst you. This is why, in these ultimate days, the religious sects will kill even more men than they have ever done all along the centuries.

(12) I am explaining that Jesus is my image. But you will not believe it, because you will say: the Son came two thousand years ago. He resurrected three persons, and then he died on a cross because of the Jews! How then will you see me as the one who comes to graze his sheep? Or then again if you say, incredulously: here is a man who thinks he comes in the name of Jesus! Could you then allow me some time to explain that it is as such and it is to save you that the Father sends me? Others will say: will we ever be able to act like we want on this Earth? I answer to the latter: follow me, and, liberated from the powers of Satan, you will live according to your wishes.

The abortion of the religions

(13) After they have rendered men superstitious and stupid all along the centuries, the religious sects did not have any trouble to keep them in their net; because they made them believe that if they did not join their church, they would be rejected from God and their soul would perish. And me, the Son of God, I tell you that if you do not leave them, you are lost, because you will not be able to know the truth and escape from what’s coming. You would then not be able to enter in the kingdom, because I am life and the narrow door through which you must go through in order to be saved.

(14) If the religions of this world of darkness had taught you God by his work, the prophecy, and had shown the way leading to the kingdom, you could confide in them without paying attention to the Son of man today. But since none of them knows the prophecy, nor God’s universe, nor the messianic times followed first by the apocalypse and then by the kingdom, stop confiding yourselves to impostors! Did they warn you that the Son would suddenly come to put an end to the corrupted world? You should have referred to the Scriptures and Moses’ law, and not to the hypocrites to whom you submitted yourselves along the ages. You are not of this or that religious obedience as you say, but only men who understand the Scriptures or do not understand them. You belong only to God. Remember it, because you depend on his breath and not some religious order.

(15) Convinced about what they do, I know that many will say: no one can prevent men from gathering around religious leaders! Indeed and even if it is obvious that, over the world, religions are loosing the peoples, no one could prevent men to believe in them. And it is because of this that the end comes! Listen to me, you who have become hardened: the Father does not ask you to make any sacrifices for him, neither any offering. He only wants you to circumcise your heart with his law brought by Moses, so your actions are favourable to his entire creation and to the upcoming generations. For this, one must first look for God in order to grasp we are one of his homes, and exclude the laws coming from the men of darkness. Either one practices the law of the sky, or men’s law, but one cannot practice both at the same time.

(16) In the kingdom, there will be no laws of men. There will be only God’s law. Why this? Because by knowing this time where they come from, who they are and where they’re going, men will not allow laws that are foreign to their existence. No, there will be only the law from above to which all peoples will refer to, because it will enable them to remain free, to stay away from any danger and to live in serenity without closing any doors to posterity.

(17) Since there is only one spirit filling the whole universe, and since there is only one universe, one science by which one exists and one common reason to all for being alive, there cannot be several religions. Don’t you see it? If not, give me some time to open your eyes. After which, you will know that we can only live with a moral law that keeps man delivered from evil. If you do not believe me, I will not beg you.

He who comes from above is above all, says John. He who is of the earth is of the earth, and he speaks as being of the earth. He who comes from heaven is above all, and bears witness to what he has seen and heard, and no one receives his testimony. He who has received his testimony certifies that God is true; for he whom God has sent speaks the words of God, because God does not give him the Spirit in moderation.

(18) But if only you doubt me, you who read, then do this: ask your religious leaders who is this Elijah that God announces at the end of the old testament and whom Jesus calls upon his cross. Also ask them who is Emmanuel and why Jesus said at the end of the apocalypse: behold I am coming soon, and my retribution is whith me to render to every man according to his work. Question them about baptism, the resurrection of the dead, and on the meaning of the expression: to be born again from the spirit. Let them explain to you what is the day of the renewal of all things, as well as the purgatory, the passover and the last judgment, and also what is the separation of the goats from the sheep as foretold for the last day. Let them speak to you about the beast and the false prophet, as well as the fights of the Lamb to defeat the corrupted world, and what he has to do with the Son of man that Jesus foretells relentlessly. Do not forget to also ask them what the kingdom is, and make sure they answer you publicly, in front of everyone. Then, you will know who is who, and what exactly is your religion in darkness. Your salvation and that of your offspring go through these interrogations, will you refrain from it?

(19) You, the incredulous, you are ready to admit that the Son has existed twenty centuries ago, but that he is standing today and as he is foretold, is insupportable to you! But your attitude towards him today will also be that of narrow and sectarian spirits, because for them, the coming of the Son on the last day is a story. Those who claim to be christian in order to polish their image, will they follow the Son of man today? We will see, we will see… But there is something sure that will lose many, it is that they will mistrust me and not themselves. It is known that the one who tells the truth is rejected by all. However, the Scriptures testify of me, and this entire book testifies of me as well; because it is the Father who prescribes to me everything I must say. Therefore, I recommend to all of you to not be suspicious about me, but to be suspicious about yourselves, and of the way you receive me. I do not come to humiliate you. I come on the contrary to enlighten and elevate you to the sky in order to save you; because in the whole universe, there is no greater creature than a man humble of heart and saint of mind.

The idolatrous

(20) Beware, for whosoever fears man is not afraid of the word of God. And today, anyone who will continue to empower man, in granting him any supremacy over his fellowmen, cannot be worthy of God’s people. When one is from God and walks with him, one has nothing to be afraid of. But great is the danger when one is not on his side and that there are only elevated men for help and refuge. Hence a certain fears who engenders the stupid worshippers of statues and fetishes, as well as the superstitious. And what! A statue made of terracotta or gold, would it have more power than if it was made out of ox’s excrement? Matter is matter, and those who worship statues are impious! Also, those who turn themselves towards idols and put their salvation within them should prevent saying the Almighty’s name who abominates such men and their hypocrite simulacra! I have this race in disgust, and God has erased their names from the book of life. Since ever they are rejected from God, because it is written in the psalms:

Their idols are silver and gold,
They are the work of the hand of men.
They have a mouth and do not speak,
They have eyes and do not see,
They have ears and do not hear,
They have a nose and do not smell,
They have hands and do not touch,
Feet and do not walk,
They do not produce any sound in their throat.
They look like the people who make them,
All those who confide in them.

(21) In the law, it is also written: you shall not make for yourself an image in the form of anything in heaven or on the Earth. You shall not make for yourself a statue which are in aversion to the Eternal, your God. Is this prohibition not defied however by the religions and all those who refer to them? They claim to be religious men but they do the opposite of what God asked through his prophets, because they are faithful worshipers of Satan! These men are hypocrites from which you must stay away from now on. Because with their simulacrum and their ritual practices, they deceit credulous children who think they are seeing Scripture characters through illuminating gases on top of hills, in caves or along roadsides where decomposing bodies are found. They then make exhibits out of these intrigues, in order to lure you to them. How many of you will die from this today, where you must follow the Son to keep your life? In this way, read Ezekiel, while being attentive to what God says to the Son of man regarding those who prostrate themselves before figures and statues furnishing the walls of their buildings where they gather. You will then understand why today, where the Son comes to separate the goats from the sheep, the statues will be the cause of a lot of deaths. But all the peoples have been warned.

(22) The religions’ followers are also the ones who sacrifice animals, when it is not humans, to make offerings to the Eternal; even though God said against these people devoid of any sensitivity:

He who slaughters an ox is like he who kills a man,
He who sacrifices a lamb is like he who would break the neck of a dog,
He who offers an offering is like he who spills pig's blood,
He who burns incense is like he who worships idols;
All these delight in their ways,
And their souls find pleasure in their abominations.
I too, will take pleasure in their misfortune,
And I will bring upon them that which causes them fear,
Because I called, and they didn't answer,
Because I spoke, and they did not listen;
But they have done what is wrong in my eyes,
And they chose what I don't like.

(23) Still against these repugnant and hateful men, God said through Isaiah:

Those who sanctify and purify themselves in the gardens,
In the midst of which they go one by one, (the religious who live apart from the world)
Who eat pig flesh,
Abominable things and mice (foul foods of the mind),
All of them shall perish, says the Eternal.
I know their works and their thoughts.

Certainly, these are not quotations from the Scriptures that priests take pleasure in reading to you... Abstain yourselves from following them, because all they do is practice what is in aversion to the Eternal while still invoking Jesus who says:

Why do you call me, Lord, Lord, and do not do as I say? I will show you to whom erery man is like whoever comes to me, hears my words, and puts them into practice (it is you all of you that understand me).

(24) Rather stick to this other word of God:

I will make the blind walk on a road they do not know,
I will lead them by paths they do not know;
I will turn darkness into light before them,
And the tortuous places on the plains.
This is what I will do, and I will not abandon them.
They will retreat, they will be confused,
Those who confide in carved idols,
Those who say to cast iron idols:
You are our gods!

(25) Hate therefore the simulacra of religions, their statues and their hypocrite shows. Flee from their priests and the superstitious they arouse, and who would have more self-confidence if they would confide in God. Do not lean against them, because they are like worm-eaten wood which does not support the weight of the wind! Condemned, the kingdom is closed to them; they will not enter it.

The unique Church

(26) Since there is only one God in the universe, it means there cannot be more than one church on this Earth. This Church exists since ever, because it is understandable by the gathering of all the saints of mind of the world around the law of heaven. But, up until now, it could not be constituted; because the church of the true children of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob only takes form on the day before the world of darkness goes into the world of light. It is the fruit of knowledge, the fruit of all those who are set free by the truth. Now, in order for it to be constituted, the saints of mind of the last day must know this truth! This is why, I tell you, only the one who is Peter in the Scripture can gather the chosen ones and thus constitute the Church. It was therefore sufficient to keep yourself ready for the day of his coming that nobody could have known in advance.

You too, be ready, said Jesus, for the Son of Man will come at an hour when you will not think about it.

(27) You should have listened because, for all those who betray God and live at men’s expenses, there cannot be anything more terrible than to fall into the hands of the living Son. As the Father acts, I act to teach you and to harvest the Earth before the end. For this purpose and to dissipate the darkness, does it seem to you that the Almighty would choose a rock, an animal; or even an hypocrite, a simulacra doer, a statue worshiper, or someone who practices affabulation? To transmit his will to you and save the innocents, would he call someone who transgresses his rules and rejects him? No, the Father chooses a pure and innocent lamb to teach the creature and constitute the Church, only him can receive the Holy Spirit and breath it onto you. Is this not another word of the Scripture? It is written:

Jesus breathe on them, and said to them: Receive the Holy Spirit.

(28) You who hear my voice, put your tools down and take the time to listen to me in order to receive the Holy Spirit I breathe onto you in this entire book. If you are taken by a religion, go away for a moment out of the city in order to rise, walk and persevere with your reading, even in difficult passages, because you will always withdraw the essential which will open your eyes and keep yourself alive. Eat what you can from the manna I am giving you, you will never eat too much. And abstain yourself to judge me, because the Almighty already did. Understand that I ask you to leave your religion in order for you to stay alive, because there is nothing greater than life. I give my life in ransom to save you and for your children so they always find a liveable Earth, as it was in the beginnings. So follow me with peace of mind, because The One who sends me in the name of Jesus already gave me all his trust and all his affection.

The teaching in the temple

(29) From the beginning, I said that the six days and the seventh day of the creation are not days of man but eras which were necessary for the creation of all species up to man and up to the day where you are reading this. And the seventh day, the day of God's rest. It is about the kingdom, which starts after my coming I come into your spirit and which will spread on the entire Earth right after the suffering. The six days are almost over, because on the day the Son comes, he closes the six days and lets the chosen ones enter into the seventh day, which is the day where God has no more worries for his children who finally know the truth.

(30) In these last moments of the world which we have now reached, the messenger from the sky (who is Peter) takes all men in the fishing net he throws on Earth, and sorts out those who are good for the kingdom from those who are not. This is why it is written that Peter is a fisherman of men. But do not worry, I will delicately carry you and there will be no harm done to you; and after the sufferings, I will slowly pour you into the clear and pure water of the sanctuary, which is the new world I will describe and will be the subject of your joy. But I will only bring those who understand and will not look behind.

(31) You now understand better why it is written that Jesus teaches every day in the temple. But until now have you ever wondered what he was explaining? He teaches the truth, because only the knowledge enlightens men and delivers them from the influence of those who reign. It is therefore necessary to teach the Scriptures to begin with and the celestial things afterwards, because this is how you will join the resurrection of the dead which will protect you from any harm. But will follow me only those who moan in this world and hope in the foretold deliverance. It therefore falls upon me to put an end to all authority, all power and all domination. Then the end will come. After which I will deliver the kingdom to the Father who is waiting for his rest.

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