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First part: Fulfilment of the Scriptures


Period from John to Emmanuel

(1) After corrupting its paths and closing the doors in front of young people who are distressed and despaired, this world has no more future and obviously pronounces its last speeches. It is in the messianic times in which the one who arrives with strength has come to save what would be lost without him. During the days of John the Baptist, two thousand years ago, it could not be the time of the coming of the Lamb, because the world had not yet gone down into these times of the end which are the ones of his arrival. Today, the world has arrived in these times. This is why the Lamb rises in accordance with the prophecy.

The vocation of the Saviour

(2) Taught by The One who sends him at the appointed time, the Son enlightens men regarding the universe, in order for them to know God, know who they are, where they come from and what will be the things to come until the end of the existence of the solar family. He comes to extend Moses’ work in order for all those who have stayed simple and saints of mind to be born again. He teaches them the reality to set them free and separate them from those who live at their expense, because they are the good grain and the seed of the kingdom. Consequently, the vocation of the Son cannot be handed down nor delegated in any way to any one else, all the less so since, when he comes and resurrects the dead, the world changes immediately. No one in the world could then claim to hold his place.

(3) At the end of these two millenniums, the world finally sees that it lived in full imposture. This, because the despicable roman church made the world easily believe it was following the vocation of Jesus, which can absolutely not be handed down, and also that it was sovereign. By deceiving you about the Scriptures, it settled itself like a queen until now where it is sent into the abyss in accordance with what was foretold. Do you understand that if I did not stop this deception the entire world would be lost for ever? It would be the end of it, because due to this church seizing my vine no one could know who I am nor follow me. You would perish until the last one.

(4) To enlighten you and to prevent this disaster, I will show you how this church started to form in John’s time period (which was the time of the roman Empire peak) and not in Jesus’ time period. Whereafter, those who are interested about the Scriptures will better understand the new testament which is impregnated with this evil empire.

The new name of Christ

(5) But it is first necessary to know that Christ comes from the greek Khristos, which means the anointed; that is to say the one who is consecrated, foretold and marked since ever by God’s seal on his forehead by the anointment. This man, who is the anointed of Aaron and of Israel, has the spirit of the Father and knows all his works which he comes to explain to the world. This is why, to the chosen one are linked two names: Jesus and Emmanuel; because Jesus is the character of Emmanuel in today’s world. Understand here that Jesus is the ancient name of Christ and that Emmanuel is his new name. In the old testament, Isaiah foretells his coming this way:

Behold, the virgin will be pregnant, she will bear a son,
And he will be given the name Emmanuel,
This means God with us.

The virgin, is Zion of which we will soon speak about. But why is this son called Jesus and not Emmanuel? Because Jesus is Emmanuel’s image in today’s world. This entire book I am writing will show it.

(6) For the moment, stay at my side because, whoever you are on this Earth, you cannot understand the Scripture without me who is its accomplishment. It is this way, because the Book (the old testament) is covered up by a veil under which there are seven characters that shed light together, like a lampstand, the one who comes defeating the world. But I will take this veil off, so you may see me such as I am. Thereby you will recognize me with certainty and follow me with confidence. Because I am the sacrificed lamb, the one who overcame ignorance and who is worthy of removing the seals which hold the sealed Book.

(7) Emmanuel is called God by Isaiah, because in the old testament are the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, (characterized by Abraham, Isaac and Jacob) who together make the character of Emmanuel. I say that the union of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit form one God: Emmanuel is his name. That is the reason why the prophet, knowing who he is, calls him God.

John’s period and Emmanuel’s period

(8) Be informed that Moses is the one who wrote the old testament, and it is John who wrote the new. And even though you may not hear it yet, Moses and Aaron are the two important characters of the old testament, Aaron being the image of the Son of man. Likewise the two important characters of the new testament are firstly John, then Jesus who is also the reality of the Son of man. To be able to grasp these characters, you must first know how the new testament was elaborated and written by John under the roman Empire. To enable this, let’s soar over the time period from John to Emmanuel. This will also allow you to see what was the origin of the roman sect having at its head the one who wears the name of the beast and the number of its name (666). Pay attention, the world’s salvation is at stake.

(9) When, driven by the Spirit that grows inside him, the prophet rises up, he is comparable to a seed that sprouts and becomes a tree which never stops growing, until it becomes giant. But such a man then becomes prisoner of his knowledge and in two ways, because he his both prisoner of God and of men. In the roman Empire’s period, there was one who became giant and was named John, which means giant. John was this prisoner who, gradually like a tree that grows, began to grasp what would be the works of the one and who would come after him and would be taller than him. This means in another epoch, because it is obvious that God does not bring forward two prophets at the same time and side by side, but sends them separately in different times. You will find this in this word of Jesus:

Verily I say unto you, amongst those born of women (and not of the spirit, as you are going to be born this day with me) there has not arisen any greater than John the Baptist. Yet, he who is the least in the kingdom of heaven is greater than he. From the time of John the Baptist (two thousand years ago) until now (today), the kingdom of heaven is forced, and it is the violent ones who are taking it over. For all the prophets and the law have prophetized up to John; and, if you want to understand him, he is the Elijah who was to come. For whoever has ears to hear, let him hear.

But, in two thousand years, you still have not heard what Jesus said. Do you feel however these two distinct periods of John and of Jesus? What I tell you, me, is that John had all the flash of wit of this Elijah who was foretold at the end of the old testament. But he did not have this divine light inside him that resurrects the dead and which only the only Son would have. He then knew that he was not this only son, but his messenger sent before him to prepare his way and flatten his path, and to make him rise afterwards.

John’s ordeals

(10) Because I know what the life of a prophet is and how he rises, I then say that John has strongly and for a long time experienced what I have experienced and, when he saw the Son, it is me he saw such as I am. He then foretold all of what I would suffer in order to save the world. He drew inside himself and from the old testament what I would be and would do; and he saw me like a twin brother that he introduced into the world using Jesus’ character and mouth. This is why Jesus said, while excluding himself:

It is true that Elijah must come (Emmanuel), but I tell you that he has already come (John).

Thus you better understand Jesus’ character, and why he excludes himself using this quite explicit word.

(11) To grasp the meaning of the prophecy, one must first see that in the old testament one learns about the Father, in the new testament one learns about the Son, and in this last testament, which is the accomplishment of the whole prophecy, one learns about the Holy Spirit with which the world will eternally live. There is an inevitable resemblance in these three books, because having the same flash of wit, Moses, John and Emmanuel express themselves similarly.

(12) But, contrary to me, Moses and John, filled their writings with characters they needed to transmit God’s message.That is why, although they are symbolic, these characters are true guides. Lets take Paul, for instance, he is not a man, but a character born from John’s hand; the one who explains Jesus to greeks and romans, in order for the entire world to listen. Since Paul was not with Jesus but deeply explains who he is with accuracy, I say that he is a character created by John to foretell the messenger. This is why Paul said:

When he comes, we will see him as he is.

(13) The Scriptures spreaded into the world waxed and sealed, to be read in their true way only when the Son rises, because it is within Christ that the veil disappears. Written by the prophets, they cannot be explained by anyone else but by one of them, and not by a man born from a woman. Therefore understand what should be understood.

The agitation caused by John

(14) What could have happened, two thousand years ago, under the roman Empire? In order to correctly understand the new testament, one must first see that John baptises the crowd; that is to say, he teaches people, by warning the world that the son of man will come after him in his time, and that everyone will have to be standing on that day. This John bothered the romans, and they had to do something about this so that the crowd stops following him. And that’s what they did.

(15) First like the Egyptians and then like the Hebrews, followed by the greeks, the romans thought in turn they were the first people of the world (to be heard as being the first one of the march). So, like the others before them who contributed to their own civilisation, the romans wished to civilise the entire world; that is to say, subjugate the world to their rules and thoughts, even if with force. Rome seemed to be the mistress of the world already and aspired to its eternal reign. Now that reign, it thought, could not be prevented by the Jews whose territory they occupied, and by this John. By the Jews, because they were claiming to be the descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob to whom God promised the Earth forever. And by John, because he seemed to be the saviour that the Jews were waiting for, thinking he would come out from the middle of them and deliver them.

(16) Unable to put up with the Jews, they have scattered in their conquered provinces, the romans could not accept this John who was baptising the crowd and preaching repentance while waiting for the near coming of the saviour. They had to find a stratagem to seize him and kill him. Rome notified Herod who made alliance with her and quickly married its cause. In this way, Herod married Rome. This is why the girl who dances in front of king Herod in order to seduce him and ask him, on behalf of her mother (Rome), head of John on a platter, is this alliance and not a woman! Herod, aged and tired, promised John’s head to Rome.

John’s withdrawal

(17) What did happened next? First of all know that John did not die beheaded in his prison like one understands in the sense of the letter, just like Jesus isn’t dead nailed to a piece of wood; because these are allegories. No, John ran away in the desert, because he had a tremendous task to accomplish: write the new testament (which is his testament) to introduce and elevate the one who would come after him to save the world. And it’s in Patmos (a small greek island) that he ran to, because no one knew him there, and it is because of me that he went there. It is however not necessary to know in what year and how John wrote. The main point being that his book exists in the world in order to make me rise on the designated time, and so everyone may recognize me through the Son of man foretold by Jesus.

(18) John was a man of an extreme rigor who lived on few things. He abstained from everything. But he was a man of a great value without whom the world could not be saved today. Until the new testament came, in the countries, let’s say, colonized by the romans, we talked about him only and not of Jesus, and people would raise his name up to the sky. And it is because it was so that John’s name spread out among the peoples and especially in the Gaul's country where this name was often used. Because to everyone, John was the saviour, God’s anointed, the one who would deliver men from the Romans’ influence. No one yet knew Jesus’ name in those days, and no one evoked his name. Everyone was unaware of his existence and what he would accomplish.

(19) It was probably during this period, in secret, that John was writing the new testament in which he introduced Jesus, God’s lamb. He obviously wrote about all that happened with the romans during his withdrawal and which finally gave life to the apocalypse, his last chapter. How then would he have not showed under a veil the beast rising from the sea and from the earth, representing the romans with their soldier and their despicable sect?

(20) The romans had already built tall religious buildings to impress the world and impose their hypocritical religion and their domination. But from these impressive constructions, which are always in the measure of the vanity of those who order them, John made so that there is no stone on stone which is not knocked down the day of the coming of the Veritable that he foretells.

(21) Believe what I say; because, like John saw me in my time, I see him in his time and exactly such as he was. In the new testament, John comes before Jesus and leaves before Jesus. Not knowing John is obviously ignoring Jesus. But only Emmanuel who is concerned by both, can explain them. In this way, I say again that John is the Elijah who already came, and Emmanuel is the Elijah who had to come. Twenty centuries of wrong traditions and beliefs will not change what I say.

(22) Through simulation, John has actually made the romans take one thing for another, because he knew very well that they would seize the new testament in which he was introducing the saviour. And that’s exactly what they did, in rushing to change its nature to mask their written condemnation. So they then constituted a sect based on their lies, to which they have not stopped adding more lies, so that throughout centuries these lies would look like the truth at the peoples' eyes. But John had set a trap for them in which the leader of this sect would not fail to fall, who wears on his head the name and the number of the beast we already spoke about.

(23) You now understand better who the fathers of the despicable roman church are and what its origin was. And you now hear why John did not abstain to give an unquestionable sign (666) which would put an end to this lying, pernicious and murderous religion, which was always the cause of dissensions and wars that persisted until now.

(24) It is also written that John was clothed with camel's hair and a leather belt. Why such a clothing description? The signification of this is given in Zechariah (spiritual father of John), in the old testament, where it is written:

On that day (today), the prophets (the leaders) will blush from their visions
When they will prophesy (on the future),
And they will no longer wear a coat of furs to lie.

This means that with the truth known from everyone today, your leaders will be ashamed of their visions, because they will be unable to hide under hairs of beast to lie; because it is obvious that the one who lies is not worthy of being called a man but only being called a beast.

(25) Why then did John had a coat of camel's hair? Because during his withdrawal in Patmos, he introduced the Son to the world by trasporting himself to the day of his coming (today) while letting believe he was physically next to him. He acted that way to prepare his path; that is to say, to let the treacherous and the impostors come out before him so he would surprise them upon his arrival. And this is exactly what is happening today, as you see, because I arrive in an open betrayal.

The Scripture’s profanation

(26) I still have something to show you. At the end of the new testament, Jesus said:

I declare this to everyone who hears the words of the prophecy of this book: If anyone adds anything to it, God will bring on him the plagues described in this book;
And if anyone takes anything away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God will take away his part from the tree of life and from the holy city (to which I am taking you), described in this book.
He who testifies to these things says: Yes, I am coming soon.

(27) Even with this clear warning, the members of the roman sect have unscrupulously profaned the Scriptures, in changing some words, putting fallacious annotations, deforming or removing quotations which were condemning them; and also by filling them up with figures and images of statues that would prevent anyone to grasp the prophecy. This is why if you have a copy of the Old and new testament wearing Rome’s church mark, you can burn them into fire, they are not worth anything. Look for books where can be found the original Scripture translated from hebrew and greek, and which are not touched by the profaning hands of this sect or any other sect. And if you cannot find any today, don’t be sad. I quote passages of the Book which fell into my hand, and from which you will grasp the prophecy and recognize the Son of man with certainty.

(28) But how many among you have read the old and new testament from the beginning to the end? If you did not read the old testament, the new cannot make any sense to you, because it is in the first one that it finds its explanation and its reason to be. And if someone does not read them back to back, in its spiritual meaning only, they are both incomprehensible and remain veiled. Now, if you did not read them, it is obvious that all explanations that I am giving you escape you completely. However, those who know them grasp me, and will confirm what I am saying.

The sect’s attitude

(29) When God’s chosen one rises up in the world, one must obviously expect that all the sects which formed in the darkness rise altogether against him, because they know it is their end. Truthfully, what is a sect? It’s a group of people who shares affinities, and are followers of a doctrine inside a society. It is noticeable by its founders and their successors which organise a hierarchy to preach the virtues of their doctrine and the rewards one must expect from it, while making usage of proselytism, money, slavery, and if needed the punishment of the dissenting followers. They act this way, because the founders of a sect are true parasitical individuals who invoke God from the top of their pedestal so to better get inside the mind of the weak and live at their expense. But those who formed during the darkness period are not solely religious; because all groups formed by political men who fight the same opinions, or men seeking power or profits, are also like sects, even if they do not evoke God.

(30) This is why, one may say this world of Babel is nothing but a tremendous organisation of multiple sects, and their long daily indoctrination you undergo has created a dependence which you will have difficulty to get rid of. Which is a great misfortune, all the more so since this false prophet who made you believe he was the vicar of the Son of God and will oppose to his coming, is the one who will cause the highest number of death on the entire Earth’s surface; because myriads of innocents, caught by his sect, will not be able to abandon it. They will perish, as will perish all those who will not notice that it is not in John’s time, two thousand years ago, but today that God sends Emmanuel to stop the infamy. Be vigilant regarding all that I say.

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