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First part: Fulfilment of the Scriptures


Observations of the real

(1) The study of the worlds of the universe will satisfy your mind which aspires today to know the truth. But men can understand only what is given for him to see. Now, he becomes blind when he develops his faculties in a single discipline, because he can’t perceive anymore all of the realities. He can then become excessive and dangerous because, occupied by what he’s doing, his mind can’t define anymore what is supposed to be the behaviour of man. The common sense leaves him, and unreason takes over too often. It is thus useful that I show you the celestial bodies such as they are and as nobody has yet imagined them. After what, you will know that the terrestrial world belongs to the numerous celestial worlds that it is suitable to discover to know who we are and how we have to live on our beloved Earth.

Definitions of reality

(2) But, it is very difficult to explain the celestial things with the words of our vocabulary. Indeed, for as long as man ignores that all the celestial bodies of the sky are magnets (solid bodies consequently) which are born from other magnets, and that their activity is the unique force of the universe, we don’t always find the corresponding words in the vocabulary. To remedy that, let’s compose this small lexicon which will facilitate the understanding:

  • MATTER: subtle ether, or essence, which constitutes space and the masses.
  • GALAXY: wheel composed of magnetized masses.
  • MASS: particle and celestial body.
  • PARTICLE: the smallest magnet, constituted of essence.
  • CELESTIAL BODY: the biggest magnet, constituted from particles.
  • MAGNET: metallic mass endowed with an electromagnetic activity, including magnetosphere - lines of force - rings.
  • MAGNETOSPHERE: essence from space which descends on the magnet by putting pressure on the bodies and by giving birth to corpuscles by condensation.
  • LINE OF FORCE: loop formed by the electrons which leaves the northern hemisphere and return on the southern hemisphere of the magnet by going through space.
  • RING: circle of electrons in orbit around the magnet and coming from lines of force. It is constituted by two parts side by side, turning counterclockwise.
  • ELECTROMAGNETISM: study of the activity of the magnetized masses, which are particles and celestial bodies.
  • ELECTRICITY: flow of matter: magnetosphere - line of force - ring.
  • MAGNETIC FIELD: space in which the activity of the magnet is being felt.
  • FORCE, ENERGY: movement of matter.
  • TIMES: human perception of the duration of phenomena.
  • TERRESTRIAL TIME: the twenty four divisions (hours) of the rotation of the Earth on its axis, and the twelve divisions (month) of its revolution (year) around the Sun, serving to measure the duration of phenomena.
  • SPEED: the velocity of movement or the transformation of a body, which can be measured at terrestrial time.
  • SPACE: volume of essence, allowing existences and distances of the masses.
  • INTEGRATION: essence becoming mass.
  • DISINTEGRATION: mass returning into essence.
  • WEIGHTINESS: body feeling the magnetospheric pressure.
  • WEIGHTLESSNESS: body escaping the magnetospheric pressure.
  • ANTIWEIGHTINESS: body rising against the magnetospheric pressure.
  • STAR: main magnet activated by its secondary magnets.
  • PLANET: secondary magnet evolving around the main magnet.
  • PLANETSTAR: a planetstar getting ready to shine: Neptune - Uranus - Saturn - Jupiter.
  • SATELLITE: newborn of a planetstar evolving around this one by soliciting it.
  • NOVA: a planetstar that just illuminated.
  • NEBULA: cloud of vapors, mists and crystals leaving a nova.
  • UPHEAVAL: disruption created in the family of a nova (change of position of planets).
  • WAVES: different vibrations caused in the essence, the fluids and the solids.
  • ASTEROIDS: solid bodies evolving in space and ripped off from celestial bodies during collisions or during volcanic explosions.
  • GALACTIC CLOUD: dusts, smokes and vapors coming from the labor and from the end of celestial bodies.
  • CREATURE: being created by the celestial Spirit from the celestial bodies.
  • CELESTRIAL SPIRIT: the breath of God which creates and animates all beings.
  • MAN: angel in forming.
  • SOUL: writings of life’s experience, destined for eternal life.
  • ANGEL: enlightened man obedient to his creator.
  • GOD: supreme Being, Creator and Master of His universe.

These words illuminate the mind because, drawn from reality, they show that the universe is one gigantic force endowed with intelligence and reason.

Composition of the galaxies

(3) Dedicated to the celestial and terrestrial formations, the second part of the book will demonstrate that every star lights its own world and that it shines thankfully to its celestial bodies. We shall then know that a galaxy is a composition of magnetized, metal spheres surrounded or not by a mantle, which have a variable activity depending if it is about a satellite, a planet or about a star. It is a composite body, which isn’t fix but always working, without which it would have no possibility of existence. This work is the continual INTEGRATION – DISINTEGRATION of the matter which we evoked, showing us besides that the volume of the universe is entirely made of essence. Because it is obvious that this movement of material can be done only in space where this matter is taken and restored...

(4) The universe includes both the essence of space, and galaxies without number which find a body thanks to this essence. The essence is thus THE MATTER. The galaxies, among which we previously evolved, are so comparable to herd of celestial bodies which graze quietly this essence which serves for forming them and for maintaining their perpetual renewal. But if in any herd there are more births than disappearances, this herd grows accordingly; and the opposite occurs if there are more disappearances than births. Consequently, if these two opposite phenomena aren’t of equal importance, the herd grows or decreases. But if there is equivalence of births and the disappearances, the herd stays such as it is. A herd can decrease more or less quickly and then increase. It’s the same for the galaxies which feed on the essence of space. It then suffices to grasp one to grasp them all, because the electromagnetic activity doesn’t allow the existence of galaxies of different nature.

(5) A galaxy also contains clouds of ice crystals, different dusts and smokes, as well as numerous wandering bodies, some comets and meteorites. These clouds and these bodies are by no means the origin of celestial bodies as are teaching the astronomers, but the consequences of their work and their disappearance. If they don’t leave the Galaxy, it isn’t because they are attracted by the celestial bodies which compose it, but because of the immense magnetosphere in general which surrounds the Galaxy puts pressure on all the bodies which it contains. It will be demonstrated, because it is through the celestial body’s magnetosphere that we do weigh.

(6) This shows us that we should not be mistaken about the origin of formations. Otherwise we become similar to those who demonstrate their stupidity when they say that it is the clouds of the Galaxy that give birth to stars. In the inversion of the reality, they are second to none, because we have never seen the smoke (clouds) being the cause of the fire (stars)! A cloud of smoke is the consequence of the fire and not the cause! I tell you, if they could themselves imagined that there are square celestial bodies, they would eventually prove their existence, as they prove with long lies the beginning and the end of the universe...

(7) But before studying the birth of celestial bodies, their regular movements, and seeing how they warm up, develop, form their mantle, as well as continents, water, volcanoes and the atmosphere, it is necessary to notice at first, with the perpetual INTEGRATION – DISINTEGRATION of matter, that the universe is by no means chaotic as claimed by the scholars, but that it is on the contrary stable, calm and of a big subtlety of existence. Because all which is mass (the galaxies) is matter integrated, and all which isn’t mass (space) is matter disintegrated. It is stable consequently, because there is as much matter integrating as of matter disintegrating in the same movement. That is why only balance, harmony and constancy reign throughout the universe.

Aspect of the solar family

(8) To have a better overall view of celestial activity, be aware that the Sun with its celestial bodies (planets) was, in very ancient times, similar to Jupiter with its satellites surrounding it. These last ones grow and develop. And when they will have reached the size and the number of our planets, the atmosphere of Jupiter will explode, by creating on one hand the upheaval in its family, and on the other hand by illuminating this celestial body. When it will occur, Jupiter will then be a new star in the sky (a nova), and a family similar to the solar family. It will also have a planet which will cover itself with water and on which men will come. But really, he will be the last one to shine. It is Neptune which will shine the first one, then Uranus, then Saturn, and lastly Jupiter. Because these celestial bodies, which are solid bodies, have a similar activity which slowly leads them in becoming stars. All follow an identical process and the same way.

(9) We shall soon see that celestial bodies are all magnets, and that they consist of a metallic mass surrounded by a magnetosphere, lines of force, and with creatives and nurturing rings. Without exception, all the celestial bodies are born from the rings of a planet which is getting ready to shine. When we perceive these phenomena, we only need then to study the electromagnetic activity of magnets of solar family to see that the other stellar families of the Wheel are all comparable.

(10) It is thus indispensable to study the electromagnetic activity of the magnet which is the source of this indisputable force with which everything exists and moves. But it is previously necessary to have in mind that there is only one sort of magnet and that, therefore, there can be only one sort of particle and celestial body. There is only the electromagnetic activity of magnets which, being able to be pushed to the extreme as on the Sun, give to these magnets different sizes and aspects. But they are of the same nature and unique in their kind.

(11) That is why the electron, the proton and the neutron, which composes the atoms of celestial bodies, aren’t three sorts of particles but three aspects of the unique particle which changes. And it is necessarily the same for the satellite, the planet and the star. This is because, particles and celestial bodies, are magnets which change size and aspect according to their activity. Now, as there is only one sort of magnet, it is indeed over this one that we shall have to look into to understand the universal activity, as well as the entire universe. And it is what we shall do.

The creative current

(12) But, to be able to approach the activity of magnets, it is advisable to notice firstly that things exist in an order which is not reversible. For example, the child grows to become an adult, like the small satellite does, and not the opposite. Also, it is the planet which becomes a star and not the star that becomes a planet. Likewise, the stars are irresistibly going towards the heart of the Wheel and order stays in it. And the image of the Galaxy shows us that the essence of space comes down on it, and then goes back up on it, by giving it body. For it to have existence, there thus has to have CURRENT OF MATTER. Now, everything is subject to current.

(13) All existence is at the image of a river whose current is formed by what feeds it on one side and what consumes it on the other. This is similar for an electric current which can only be made through the continuous INTAKE and CONSUMPTION of matter which constitutes it. Meticulous observations will always show us that each thing exists by the phenomenon of intake and consumption, belonging only to the current that is here:

Principe of existence
4 – Principle of existence

(14) Here is symbolically represented the principle of existence of all fluid or solid bodies, organic or inorganic. This concerns the entire galaxy with all that it contains, which is in itself a compound body always being between the INTAKE and the CONSUMPTION of the matter which constitutes it. All things exist by this simple and evident phenomenon. Nothing is foreign to it. And all live by it.

(15) We can also see through this image the inspiration and the expiration of beings, or the intake and the consumption of the foods which maintains them alive. We can also imagine the rain in the intake, the river in the body, and the sea in the consumption. One can also represent the figure in a vertical position and see in it a tree with its roots in the intake, and its leaves in the consumption of substances giving it body.

(16) But if we imagine that it is about a river and that the flowing water has partially froze, we notice that the fluid parts are partially solidified, and that the remainder of the water which flows in contact with the ice will increase the volume of this ice, by supposing that the cold persists or increases. We notice then that the parts which form this current can be fluid or solid according to the temperature conditions, and that the fluid parts can increase the volume of the solid part on which they are brought together by a ceaseless intake. That is, as we shall see it, is also the principle of existence of the satellite. Because this one is born from the ring of a planet; and this ring, which is a current, makes it grow then similarly.

(17) Anyone can notice that a man, a tree, a river, an electric current, or a celestial body, as well as everything which offers itself to the eyes, is always between the INTAKE and the CONSUMPTION of the matter which gives them existence. Since it is evident that everything is in this image, how then would celestial bodies not find existence by the integration (intake) and the disintegration (consumption) of the matter which composes them?

(18) The direction of this universal current, shown by the figure, is also the origin of the MASCULINE – FEMININE which are both opposite and complementary parts with which the existence and the continuation of the worlds are made. Because, as man and woman give birth to a child, the Sun and the planet give birth to the satellite by the same principle.

Integration - disintegration

(19) A celestial body is a magnet which becomes integrated at first by an intake of matter from space bigger than the consumption, and then disintegrates by a consumption bigger than the intake. Jupiter will become like the Sun. For now, it receives more matter than it spends it by its heating, and it grows. When it will shine like the Sun, that is to say when its mass will begin to disintegrate, it will spend more matter than it will receive from it. Its mass will then decrease slowly, as follows:

Integration and disintegration of a star
5 – Integration and disintegration of a star

(20) We see here, in a simplified way, the essence of space integrating the mass of a star which is making it grow until the moment when this essence returns to space by disintegrating that same mass which remains as long as this movement of matter is going on. The growth of a celestial body turns out then limited, because it passes by a threshold (a limit) which brings its disintegration. This threshold is the explosion of the atmosphere which activates the process of disintegration of the mass, by making this celestial body a star.

(21) So that we can grasp the details of the formation, I’m showing at first the context in which the solar family is, which we are going to study. So far, we have put in evidence that stars were really only small luminous points being standing appart from one another by their breath, and moving together in the Wheel. Now, so that stars and their celestial bodies can be animated by soft and regular movements, as the rotation movement of the Earth which turns slowly and regularly, it is necessary that these celestial bodies have a density and an inertia that is considerable can only be given to them by a metallic mass. This mass (which is of ferronickel) is the magnetized core which occupies almost all the volume of planets such as Earth, and which is also at the center of the planetstars, like Jupiter, and stars, like the Sun.

(22) Contrary to what is said, and although this may surprise you, know that the size of the core of the Earth is hardly smaller than the size of the core of Jupiter, and that the core of this last one is hardly smaller than that of the Sun who, because of its youth, is one of the biggest core existing in the Galaxy. It is thus, because the activity of the magnets doesn’t allow great differences of size between the cores of celestial bodies. What differs greatly, depending on the circumstances, is their electromagnetic activity and the atmosphere that results from it.

(23) Therefore, care must be taken not to confuse the atmospheric globe of Jupiter or the one of the Sun with their metallic mass. Otherwise one risk to become a scientist and to assert that there are big differences in the size and the nature of the celestial bodies, and that many of them, notably the stars, have monstrous dimensions...

(24) Because of its youth, the Sun is still a small star which will become bigger, then giant as its ascension which will take it to the heart of the Wheel where it will burn out, like a candle which is completely consumed. However, during its life, it is not its mass but its luminous and visible globe that will increase its size considerably. This is by the decrease of its activity, due to its planetstars which will leave it alternately when they will illuminate like it did. Thereby, its globe will grow while its mass will diminish, as we see it on the figure above. It’s the same for all the stars which constantly change activity, size, and inertia.

(25) The Sun was previously like Jupiter, and it illuminated itself a little less than two hundred thousand years ago. Which is not its age certainly, since it was before that in formation with its celestial bodies. But it is the age of the beginning of the eras and the beginning of the creation which is understood from the day when it illuminated.

(26) In the second floor of the ark, it will appear that during the illumination of the Sun, planets were more or less jostled of their place, and that the original order in which they were was modified a little. The Sun is thus a young star: the eras, which we will visualize with explanatory figures, will certify it. This is however noticeable without them, if only because of the four planetstars that the Sun still possesses, and also because the world ignores that it is so...

The progression of stars

(27) Contrary to what we hear, the Sun is not an isolated star, far from it! Moreover, one must not see its mass on one side and that of its other planets on the other, because the solar mass and the planetary masses are connected together by material ties, which are magnetospheres, lines of force and rings. Consequently, the mass of the solar family is one and considerable. And, because of its youth, it is one of the largest masses that are in the Wheel.

(28) That being so, we understand that because of the big centrifugal force which takes place on celestial bodies by the rotation of the Galaxy on its axis, the young and heavy stars in masses (as the solar family) descend inevitably towards the edge of the Wheel before they go back up towards the heart of this one where they faint. Indeed, the centrifugal force doesn’t allow the stars to go back up towards the bulb of the galaxy as long as their mass doesn’t get lighter. Now, and as we said, it gradually gets lighter as their planetstars leaves them by becoming stars themselves.

(29) But as the Sun is young and still possesses its four planetstars (Jupiter-Saturn-Uranus-Neptune) which weigh down its overall mass, one might think that it probably still descends towards the edge of the Wheel. If that is so, a meticulous observation will show us that the stars of our branch are moving in large numbers in one direction, because it is us, with the Sun, that are moving in the opposite direction...

(30) Thus, the young stars descend firstly to the outskirts of the galaxy and then go back up towards the bulb where they faint at the end of their trajectory. Because, having exhausted the matter of their magnetized mass, their enormous luminous globe implodes and disappears forever. Pulled in this movement of implosion towards its center point, the few planets which accompanied them smashes one against the others, by only leaving clouds of iron dust, smokes, minerals and vapors. It is these heavy clouds that we observe in the Galaxy. At this instant, it is the end of a stellar family, which we cannot see from the Earth.

(31) But long before that happens, angels, whose numbers haven’t stop decreasing, leave their planet and go to begin their lives once again on a young and virgin planet at the beginning of a star. It is these giants of the spirit, these sons of God who came on Earth at the dawn of the human world, as it is said in Genesis. Stay with me, and you will understand how it is possible and that it was indeed so.

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