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First part: Fulfilment of the Scriptures


Letter to the Jews

(1) The prophets endeavor to show that the Son of man is the Master of justice, the Shiloh, whose word is the word of God, and that he is greater than his predecessor, who is Moses. So, listen to me, you the Jews! Since the writings of Moses, which your religious leaders can’t grasp in the spiritual sense, you are at the origin of much troubles in the world. For it and because of your sects, you aren’t of my sheep. However I invite at my supper those who, among you, have the wedding garment, which is the circumcision of the heart covering man whith dignity. These are the garments of Aaron, the garments that my brother Moses has prepared for me so I can be recognized and that I take in the kingdom all those whom the Father gives to me.

He who believes in me says Jesus, believes, not in me, but in him who sent me; and the one who sees me sees him who sent me. I have come as a light into the world, so that whoever believes in me will not remain in darkness. If anyone hears my words and does not keep them, it is not I who judges him; for I came not to judge the world, but to save the world. He that rejects me and does not receive my words has his judge; the word that I have spoken, that is what will judge him in the last day.

We are in this famous last day. If thus you didn’t believe in Jesus since two thousand years, because he is the character of the saviour today, believe in this saviour when he is here.

(2) The one who sent me asks me to show you what has always escaped you, so that I can save the few chosen one which are amongst you, and also that the whole world hears. Here is thus the meaning of the prophecy: God created at first the celestial bodies of the solar family, then the world. From the morning, He sent his first witness (Moses) to make His law known and so that the peoples live by it. But men, still too young on earth to understand, rejected God and his law. Then the world went alone and got lost. And that evening when it has arrived at its term, God calls his son who appears to his followers (the circumcised of heart) to lead them in the whole truth and to save them from darkness and from death.

(3) Contrary to what you firmly believe, know that Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, aren’t three men, but the figures of the trinity. Because we come from the Father (represented by Abraham), then pass by his son who is sacrificed (represented by Isaac) and we receive the Holy Spirit (represented by Jacob and his victory over darkness) which is the only spirit by which man can live without destroying himself. These simple words are the exact explanation of the entire prophecy.

(4) Therefore, it’s obvious that when the anointed of Jacob (of Israel) arrives, he assembles those chosen ones around his name, each in its country, because the world is finished that day. The chosen one are the gold of Ophir with which I build the eternal temple. On this occasion, hear what the temple is and that Ophir is by no means a country where Solomon finds the gold with which he builds it. No, as gold represents the purity of the matter, the gold of Ophir represents the purity of the spirit. The Holy Spirit is this purity and this gold of Ophir with which I build the temple, because there is no other gold with which it can be built.

(5) Don’t think that the circumcision which concerns you, you the Jews, might select you for the kingdom that is coming, because it only had for object to make you remember five times a day the law of Moses which we must practise to become saints, that is to say what you understand by real Jew. By aiming at making you become saint of mind, it doesn’t make you the children of Abraham for all that; because the real Jew is the one who, circumcise of heart, is similar to lambs. There is no other nobility than the nobility of the heart of the lamb. And there is no other kind of Jew, neither any other salvation coming from Jews.

(6) You should have read and kept Paul’s word who explains clearly:

The Jew, is not the one who has the outside; and circuncision is not that which is visible in the flesh. But the Jew, it is he who is circumcised on the inside; and the circumcision, it is that of the heart, according to the spirit and not according to the letter. The praise of this Jew does not come from men, but from God.

Here are the true children of Abraham, those who are called hebrew!

(7) But in truth, wether one is Jewish, pagan or anything else, it doesn’t matter to me, because all these terms come to an end in my presence. What matters on the evening of the world, is only that we understand the truth; because it will bring back each one from his beliefs which have nothing to do with the prophecy and its fulfilment which is done with me. One can be pagan by ignorance and not remain as such, badly circumcised and perfect himself with the knowledge; the important thing is to educate oneself and to return to God with a pure heart to enter in his kingdom and eternal life.

(8) I thus have nothing against you the Jews; because, like many peoples, you were indoctrinated in the wrong way by your own sects. But contrary to what you believe, I offer myself in sacrifice because of the Veritables who suffer and moan in this world taken by madness. It is for them that I give myself to death, because they understand that the reign of man ends to make place for the reign of God. Now, hebrew people, you know why it is written in different languages on the cross of Jesus: King of Jews.

(9) The more you read Moses hastily, the less you understand him, because we can only grasp him by meditating on the spirit of what he wrote. Not having done so, you learn only today that you can’t be the physical descendants of Abraham who wasn’t able to have children in that way. Likewise, it appears to you that neither you nor your neighbors can be the descendants of Shem, one of Noah’s sons, because only this present world is the world of Noah. And as it was said, its ark, made of three parts, isn’t a vessel but this book: The Lamb's book of life, made of three parts. This is the ark that saves, coming in the world for those whom God wants to save in his fury.

(10) Is it difficult to see that after the disaster God promises formally to Noah that he will never strike the world again? If thus the Scripture always announces this end of the corrupt world, it’s because the current world, in which man has barely ten thousand years of existence, is the world of Noah. That is why Jesus warned the world, by saying that what happens in the day of Noah will also happen in the day of the Son of man. This, because the world which is very young on our young Earth can’t be destroyed twice, but only once; because after Emmanuel’s passage, men, knowing the whole truth, can no longer build a world which can once again be destroyed.

(11) But by not understanding what is written on Noah and his sons, you will necessarily be against those who take part in the resurrection which I operate on them. And you will in the same way be against the children of Zion, if you do not know how to hear what I said on this mountain and those whom it gives birth behind me. This mountain is also called the mountain of olives, because both olive trees which give their fruits are Moses and Emmanuel. Thus watch your thoughts and, for your salvation, know how to listen to me.

(12) It is indisputable that Moses was a hebrew that God chose within the midst of your people so that he writes His will: the law and the prophecy. For this, Moses took as reference every country he had under his hand, including cities, villages and those who live there. That is why, what he wrote is to be understood according to the spirit and not according to the letter.

(13) It thus seems today, on the evening of the world, that you are the imitations of the Veritables, as much by your circumcision as by your erroneous faiths which make you arrogant towards the rest of the world. Because by proclaiming everywhere and from all time that you are the chosen people (the one of the promise made to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob), you say necessarily to the other peoples that they are residual on this Earth! Surprise youself whereas in their eyes you are still the people to fight... You offend God who created the whole humanity and you offend me! For these are all the circumcised of heart of the entire world who are his beloved children to whom He promised the whole Earth.

(14) The comings and goings of the Earth will show us that black men were the first to be created, then the brown, then the yellow and the white lastly. These are the four colors of humanity; which are the four columns of the temple spread all over the face of the Earth: the four successive generations created by God, which will always live. There is no other temple in which God lives.

(15) But it’s already written that it’s the fourth generation (the white generation) which has much hatred for God; because, believing they are above the Eternal which created everything, they destroy His works and bring the end of the world. That is why Moses and Emmanuel are taken among the people of this last generation, and are taken so that it will be tamed once and for all and cease to impose its rules over the rest of the world which couldn’t resist.

(16) One can only know what this world is which has rejected God, by knowing that it is going to be destroyed. Indeed, after the egyptians, it was the hebrews, then the greeks, then the romans who, with their armies of soldiers, civilized the world. That is to say that they obliged either willingly or by force men to conform to their thoughts. That is why men still don’t know who they are, where they come from, where they are going; and ignore what they do and what will be the worlds to come. They have the darkness for light; because, you Jews, you have misled them all since the coming of Moses.

(17) So that he can grasp the Scriptures that announce him, the one that you are waiting for cannot come out of the country where they were made, because he needs to stand back to understand them. That is why it is written that when Christ will come, nobody will know where he comes from. Like you however, I was born near the big sea, not next to you but on the other side. From there, I see Moses and your whole history better than you can see them yourselves. That is why I say that you aren’t the people of the promise. You are a people similar to the other peoples of the world, but a people who became the most arrogant of all because of the hypocrisy of your religious leaders.

(18) Aren’t you certain of all that I say? God protects his children, the Scripture shows it. Now, did he protect you, you Jews, when this sick man had nearly everyone of you exterminated? God doesn’t let his beloved people go to the holocaust, because he didn’t create them to be eliminated. You can see that it is so, when God held back Abraham’s arm, after asking him to sacrifice his son Isaac to test him. Why then didn’t he held back in the same manner the arm of this madman who was exterminating you? Don’t you pretend to be, like Isaac, the children of Abraham?

(19) This son of Satan acted this way towards you, because he did, him and his nation, just like you! Strongly believing he was sent from heaven, as he claimed to be sent to reign over the entire world, he believed he was the chosen one coming from a superior race. And he easily persuaded his people who, then, were already seeing themselves reigning over the entire Earth... Wanting ardently (like the romans) to extend over all countries, you could only put him in the shade! That is why, after you irritated the romans who scattered you in all their provinces in their time, he picked you up ultimately to exterminate you. After which, you, the survivors, you partially assembled to assure your defense. But can a son of Satan be the cause of the gathering of the chosen people? Wouldn’t it rather be the true son of God who assembles it, just before the end? On this also you must meditate and respond.

(20) Poor Jews, you never know what you are doing! Since my childhood I am filled with compassion towards you, because your shepherds always takes you to the slaughterhouses! With your insane beliefs, you are also at the origin of the infamous roman church and other religions also, because the people didn’t want to be outdone in front of you who claimed to be the people of God. So, you gave little importance to humanity. You offended God who, then, closed his eyes on what happened to you, so that the whole world understands who are his people.

(21) The teaching of your secular sects, in particular that of the pharisees which is still dispensed on your heads, was the greatest poison of humanity which can’t get over it. Your religious leaders are deceiving you! You are not the people of Israel, because the Israel of God I am, me, who speaks to you. But by making believe that you were this people, you were then able to infiltrate the ruling classes and reign over many countries. In this way, the world was led into a lie, and will end in the furnace of which you aren’t foreign to. That’s why you put Jesus on the cross!

(22) If you hear me and make repentance, many of you will be saved; otherwise you will die; because the fury of God, aimed against you, is unrivaled today, and this is because you deceived him. Indeed, God took a glance at your nation in the antique times and did you great honor by arousing Moses, as he does a great honor to the nation in which he calls me today. But you deceived his trust, you offended him. You broke his law. You melted the golden calf and became the richest in the world. You made no case of his rules and no case of humanity, and you became worse than those who exterminated you. So, today, you can no longer understand why Moses broke the tablets of the law at the foot of the mountain, when he saw you making this calf who became the god of men!

(23) You are responsible for the evils which strike the world, as well as the darkness which covers it, and of its end. Such is your judgment in this last day; and you are judged by the word of Jesus. In this way also, you have offended God, because you didn’t believe in Jesus. But many of you will say that I have a demon, because it is necessary that the Scripture also comes true in this sense. Nevertheless all that I say is entirely true, otherwise I would keep silent.

(24) Know that Moses has not written for you only, but for the entire world; and this in a language which nobody in the world can understand if he isn’t the one that he announces. That is why I say that Abraham, Isaac and Jacob are my being. Abraham because all the Earth is handed to me, Isaac because I am sacrificed on the last day, Jacob because I fought against the darkness and I came out of it victorious. Because of this, I am the Israel of God. And regardless of their race and their skin color, all those who will take part in the resurrection which I operate on them will be my people, the people of Israel which I assemble around my name to save them. I'm talking about the circumcised of heart of the entire world, Jewish people, don’t be jealous...

(25) In the manner of Melchizedek, I come from the depths of time and even before the ages existed on the Earth which was not yet created. That is why this world, among the worlds of the sky, can’t be a mystery for me. So, you Jews, you couldn’t go unnoticed to my eyes. Thus come down from your heights and repent, otherwise it will be your end. For your salvation, I advise you to unify with your neighbors; they are your original brothers who, like you, are circumcised by the hand of man. Say to them on my behalf and for them that today, on the evening of the world, there are no Jews anymore, nor any other religions which are only perversions of the mind and old fashion beliefs of this world, which come to an end in the presence of the Shiloh.

(26) Thus leave your religious leaders, these scarecrows; they still lead you into disaster! Follow me rather in the kingdom if indeed it inspires you, because there will be no more sects and their traditions, no golden calf, no more authorities or powers of domination over men. Only God will reign over all families of the tribes gathered around his law.

(27) Since antiquity, your sects have made you disturb the waters with your feet. And thinking about what your parents suffered, not so long ago, draws me to tears. But the innocents who died because of your religious leaders and of this madman who wanted to exterminate you, will return to Earth in their own time, as will all those who disappeared in the dismay created by other religions. The Earth is a vessel which takes the souls to the core of the Wheel, and the innocent souls will find several times a new body of flesh to live that long road of life. That is why I say that your dead will see the Sun again.

(28) Visited in the antique times, Jerusalem should have become the capital of nations, the model of the cities of man. But it became the capital of the religions who settled there. In this way, it is like a tumor in the world. It will thus be destroyed, erased this time from the Earth. Ah! Jewish people, you only know how to deepen my pains. But God won’t leave unpunished those who, among you, took his name in vain and led you to disaster. No, God doesn't forget them, nor forgets your innocent victims. Follow me then confidently if you hear my voice; because I am your friend and not your enemy, and the only real friend that you can ever have on this Earth.

(29) I forgive you for your hubris, because by being deceived by your sects leaders you never knew what you were doing. I forgive you wholeheartedly and even more gladly as this world had to believe what he doesn’t have to believe any more and practice what mustn’t be practised any more; without which the dawn would never have been able to rise again. God always fulfills me, Jewish people. That is why you are forgiven for the animosity you have shown towards his son and the little respect which you had for the other peoples of the world. Humble yourselves, and you will keep living.

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