The Ark of the New Alliance

~ We evoke the Written of the Son of the Man predicted by the bible, and not the written of another! ~

If the Big Truth was known by the world, the world would not irreparably go to ruin and the Lamb's Book of Life would not be. Now, written by the spirit of truth announced, any thing of the universe is clearly explained, because it’s about the Ark of the new Alliance of God with men. Now we know with any certainty who we are, from where we come, where we go, and how we going to live on the Earth.

The character and the work of the Lamb

Called differently in the bible which had to remain veiled until this day, the lamb evoked by Abraham for the ultimate times and presented by John, is the Shiloh, the Son of the Man having Jesus for character in the bible. It’s about Emmanuel predicted for the last days, for messianic times where we are. Jesus is only understood in those times: today. Indeed, from 2000 years, he is the image of the Lamb who has just written the Book of Life, because only he knows the truth. That’s why Jesus not able to write it two thousand years ago...

The spirit of truth enlightens and transforms the Man

For understand and to come through what comes, it is necessary to accept to be led by the Book of life of the Lamb which explains the matter and the spirit of the Universe, the creation of celestial bodies and the Man, then the presence of a living world by star in every galaxies, and this in a perfect coherence. The Son of the Man gives us unwavering certainties and transmits through this work the spirit of truth to the saints of mind in order to enlighten them and save them.

  • The first part explains that our world is very young, as it is proved in physics, and this is because of this youth that the Man rebelled against God and transgressed the commandments of the Law. He made then what is going to fall back on him (the hell), but which must have to be done so that his rebellion serves as an eternal lesson for him...The bible testifies of it.
  • The second part concerns the celestial things. It shows that the geological eras are due to the displacements of the Earth resulting of the illumination of Sun which was before like Jupiter. These eras are also the six days of genesis described by Moses which end, because the world is going to enter in the seventh day, in the sanctuary which is going to succeed it. The seventh day is the day of the rest of God because, knowing the truth, the Man don’t destroys any more.
  • The third part makes clearly brings out the rules which compose the law of the new world. The Lamb shows that apart from these rules which govern the living beings, no continuity is possible for the humanity. What will be heard of all those who will come through apocalypse which comes. God will rest so of the work that he made and he will reign with his law. It will be the sanctuary.

As regards the Scriptures

~ The bible used by the Lamb is translated from Hebrew and Greek by Louis Second ~

The bible used for the translation in English is the New International Version

For which reasons, even well disposed, men do not understood the Scriptures? Because being composed by parabolas and metaphors they are allegorical. Then being read only in the sense of the letter, and not in the spiritual sense as it should, they do not revealed their content. They remained unreadable to all, in particular to the members of religions who do not even see, after 2000 years, that they predict the one who should come suddenly reveal the truth to the world. But the Lamb tears up the veil which recovers them. They appear so more limpid and effective that we thought. Even a child understands them henceforth.

You mustn’t listen the members of the roman sect who seized the Scriptures to dominate the world and who pretend to know them better that the one they announce. They have falsified them and emptied of their sense, so that one doesn’t see that they condemn them! Don’t listen them anymore because, having deceived men for centuries, they prevent them today to recognize the Son of man, the Lamb who comes fight this infamous and corrupt world. Read rather the Lamb’s Book, thinking you are going to discover the truth. Like this, it will appear to you that this work contains really the whole truth that only the Son of man announced could write.

One can read and understand the Scriptures only after having entirely read the Lamb's Book of Life which unveils them. Do the experience for convince you.

It is suitable to hear first that the Son of man, (which writes with M majuscule to Man) means spiritual son of all men, son of man in general, namely the medium man by excellence. From where his capacities to understand the terrestrial and celestial things, as well as their reason to be. And lamb means purity and innocence. It is for this that the Son is often called the Lamb.

The integral and attentive reading of the Lamb's Book of Life, which is the ark of the new Alliance, open us to extraordinary knowledge and tremendous hope.

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