The antichrist brings the end of the world

Going from bad to worse, our unjust and inequitable world is necessarily this one of antichrist, a world that one can understand only by knowing it is going to be destroyed, explains the Lamb.

Who is the antichrist?

The Antichrist is this one who harms others creatures and whole earth. This means that the antichrist is necessarily this one who betrays Christ’s words, that he gives them little importance to, as do all religious and scientific, or rich which rob the people and plunder the earth they devastate, or those who elevated themselves for dominates.

(Epistle of John) 1 John 2:18: Dear children, this is the last hour; and as you have heard that the antichrist is coming, even now many antichrists have come. This is how we know it is the last hour.

The kind of the antichrist on the evening of the world

One will notice in the citation of John that the antichrist is really a kind of men (he says, the antichrist is coming), that there are several antichrists therefore, and this indicates that it is the last hour. This Antichrist has necessarily 666 the beast for guide at the head of this infamous church which acts in all respects against the will of Christ. Because its members and its adepts have killed men, kill innocents still through wars, or execute them. They are high-ranking within nations, they are rich, powerful, liar, misleading, greedy, perverse, deceitful and corrupt. Many are against nature in their custom, and commit often sexual abuse on small children.

If the antichrist is not this kind of men, so who can be the antichrist? Their abuses and infamies show that the moment is finally came where this iniquitous and destructive world of antichrist is going to be annihilated. It will make way for the announced new world, the sanctuary, that one sees clearly through the law.

Here is thus the face of antichrist announced

[Extract of chapter 10 of the book of Life of the Lamb who reveals the antichrist]

(8) One knows a tree by its fruits, said Jesus; this means that one knows a man by his works. Now, if the works of the saints of mind cannot be anything else but good, the ones of the uncircumcised have an unpleasant smell to the Eternal. It is therefore not difficult to distinguish who has a circumcised heart and is chosen for the kingdom and who is not, all the more so since the uncircumcised is the one who gives orders, dominates and forbids. Insensitive, he takes pleasure in humiliating, deceiving, threatening, and oppressing his fellow man to subject him to his will. In this way he is easily recognizable with a glance; because, like those who reign at the head of nations, he is also the one who allows some kinds of liberties to those who are submitted to him.

(9) So I tell you, the one who
rises to assume powers over others;
looks for glory and honors;
denies God and glorify himself;
deceives his fellow man;
declares permissible the worst immoralities;
shapes his own line of conduct using lies;
prostrates himself before the golden calf, his god;
retains prisoner human beings, as well as everything that breathes;
threatens and oppresses his fellowman;
wants to be the first at all costs;
lives at the expenses of his fellow man;
seizes the goods or the countries of others;
denigrates and depreciates woman;
buries the countries under cement, asphalt, or iron;
denatures, pollutes, contaminates and disfigures the countrysides;
adapts nature to his thoughts, while destroying the original order;
this one therefore, who has no concerns about his conscienceness, is the true
opposite of what Christ preaches and of what existence requires. This one is the
foretold antichrist, the destroyer God asks me to fight until he disappears forever
from this world.

Here are the terrible consequences of the antichrist

[Extract of chapter 13 of the Lamb's Book of Life, showing what ensues from the antichrist]

The intelligent reign certainly, but nations burn!
The men pile up as grasshoppers in cities and corrupt;
The violence progresses;
Countries cover themselves with devilish weapons and greedy militaries for blood;
The threats increase, the wars multiply;
Cities eat away the nearby places and are developing like tumors;
Sites are disfigured; the others are contaminated or forbidden;
And the campaign frightens henceforth.
The servitude intensifies;
The weak are disdained, oppressed or rejected;
The poor men are abandoned, and the children are manipulated;
The old men are abandoned;
A lot of peoples suffer from famine.

The sorts are distorted by those who make no case of the creation;
All which is natural disappears or becomes abominable at the eyes of all.
The sea is plundered;
The surface of the Earth is soiled and bruised; its depth is upset;
Forests disappear;
Streams decay;
The drinking water decreases;
Iron machines throw men and the cattle over edge, when they don’t crush them or kill them;
The diseases proliferate, deteriorate and increase their territory;
The animal species rarefy, many aren’t more than souvenirs;
The original order is seriously shaken.
The values of existence defended by the law are stepped on by foot;
The faith and hope flew away;
The wisdom and the common sense don’t exist any more;
Young people despair, a large number commits suicide.
And you wouldn’t be able to question your own convictions?
Oh! Man, where is your glory?

Here is what the antichrist, rich and greedy, doesn’t want hear of Jesus!

While these rich persons hold the world in their hands...

[Extract of chapter 50 showing the hypocrisy of the antichrist]

(11) But, being sensitive only to the power of money, the greedy have no ears to hear Jesus who says to his disciples:

In truth a rich man will hardly enter the kingdom of heaven. I tell you again, it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.

(12) Although the warning is unambiguous, the one who impoverishes his fellow man claims that it is thanks to God that he is rich, because the christian mind consists, so he believes, to become wealthier for more consideration. Isn’t it what we preach in the end of the centuries today where each makes ostentation of its wealth? And it is also what the religious leaders recommend, by having the word money at their mouth, while Jesus still proclaims forcefully:

Woe to you, rich people, for you have your consolation!
Woe to you who are full, for you will be hungry!
Woe to you who laugh now, for you will be in mourning and tears!
Woe, when all men speak well of you, for this is how their fathers dealt with the false prophets!

(13) The antichrist is the one who opposes to this word, when he asserts that it is good to get rich, to satisfy hunger and to live in abundance, although this is done at the expense of those deprived. But, today, not to test this word of Jesus, they will throw their money through windows to deprive themselves, as Scripture tells it.

(16) Having placed your heart in what loses you, as those who only think about becoming rich to fill their deficiency, can you still hear this other word of the Scripture, in James:

It' s up to you now, rich people! Weep and wail, because of the misfortunes that will come upon you. Your riches are rotten, and your garments are gnawed by moths. Your gold and silver are rusty; and their rust shall be a testimony against you, and shall devour your flesh like fire. You have gathered treasures in the last days!
You have lived on the earth in lust and delights, you have satiated your hearts in the day of slaughter. You have condemned, you have killed the righteous, who did not resist you.

Here are the seven heads of the antichrist, of the dragon which loses the world

[Extract of the chapter 48 of the Lamb's Book of Life which sets out the antichrist]

(16) The leaders of the peoples also put pressure on all nations with the big threat of nuclear danger. This way, they hardly oppress men by breaking the law of Moses. But it’s because of what they are that they act thereby. Indeed,

of a small size and of a grand vanity, lead you inevitably in the ways of the armament and war, by submitting you moreover to servitude and to the ransom for which they make laws.

such as wild dogs raised against men, are under the command for kill the entire populations. Uncommunicative and insensible, they leave behind them only ruins, ashes, bones and sobs.

disdainful and without any human compassion, invade the countries of others by force and remove the sovereignty of the legitimate inhabitants, when they belittle them, humiliate them, coop up or kill them.

disrespectful of human beings, plunder the Earth for money and do everything destroy without any anxiety of consciousness.

devoid of light but full of sufficiency, distort what lives, profess lies and shake the original order. And to prove that they are superior to all and to the Creator..., they go as far as modify the Nature and produce the means of mass extermination in front of your eyes.

greedy and fearful, pull the covers to them by uncovering the others. They place the weak in the destitution and misery, shamelessly without feeling the slightest pity.

such as parasites, take advantage abundantly of great and rich that they sanctify, as well as the poor exploited people whom they deceive in turn for suck their last drop of blood.

(17) But today, where nations pronounce their last words, it seems that these seven categories of men are indeed seven branches of the same tree giving poisoned fruits which lose the world. Everything being in their hands, nothing could escape them in any domain. That they are elected by the people or by themselves, they did what they wanted, they even changed the time of the day. And there was nobody to counter them! But it was until the light appears on the world and reveals their nudity which they hid under clothes of sheep. So shown in spectacle, these men who oppress people and the people will be decried then will disappear. You can then imagine the new world without them, and without those who compromise with them. That will give you a better appreciation of the kingdom in which you will enter.

The antichrist must leave the earth

[Extract of chapter 41 concerns the Antichrist]

(31) Let us remember that the elements at the origin of the living beings were constantly variable in the eras, by the movements of the Earth and the changes in temperature which are also the cause of the emergence of continents and formation of the relief. The snake also indicates to us that there has been the appearance and disappearance of worlds, but that the current world isn’t threatened with disappearance if it isn’t for the intense destruction of the conditions of life that has taken place in recent times. It is those who reign who are responsible for this, because they fail to grasp that living beings must remain such as they are on Earth and in their just numbers, so that man himself can live. God is alive and perfect, and his creatures are unsurpassable perfections at the top of which we always find men! That is why the destroyer cannot live much longer. His stay in the world is over. He must go away.

The path of the antichrist indicates that the end of the world is imminent

This observation made by the Son of the Man emphasizes the world’s trajectory of the antichrist, trajectory which indicates he is near of his term, because the defence of interests doesn’t allow anymore to nations to go back. What is explained well in the Book of Life.

It is necessary to stop to be stupid because the antichrist is not one single man, but Man on the evening of the world wherein we are. Of the fact he ignores the truth, Man destroys absolutely everything nowadays. Thus it’s him the antichrist! The Book of Life clearly shows it.

Since what is enumerated above on the antichrist is rigorously accurate, young people responsible, who are father, mother or anxious to become it, must read the Lamb's Book of Life. They risk nothing. It is free, easily to read and nothing is asked them. They must just to leave themselves to lead without contradicting, because all they have learned and not only on the antichrist, will prove to be wrong and very far of the truth.

The antichrists are identifiable and incontestable

The theme of this page has for aim to put in evidence the analogy of the antichrist and the leaders of peoples, of the antichrist and the military, of the antichrist and the conquerors, of the antichrist and the traffickers, of the antichrist and the scientists, of the antichrist and the rich, of the antichrist and the religious leaders, of the antichrist and all of those who follow them in their paths! because this world of antichrist is their world. There are them who reign acting against the will of Christ who says: whoever wants to become great among you must be slave of all.

The Christ is against wealth, domination, the exploitation of man, authorities, powers and dominations. Yet, denounced by the Lamb of God, these men are they, by their shenanigans, faithful to Christ or are they antichrists? Their works condemn them says the Lamb in his book, and it is by them that one see they are each one an antichrist. Their retribution arrives, they not going to escape it! he explains.

The Lamb rejects this world of antichrist: of the disrespectful Man who repudiates Jesus, the Creator, the Scripture, and who destroys all the earth while proclaiming himself christian...

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