666 - The infamous sect catholic

1 - The number 666 of the beast in the Book 7 - The Scriptures concealed at men
2 - The lie of 666 on Peter 8 - The vocation corrupted by the beast 666
3 - Jesus had clearly alerted us 9 - The Scriptures profaned by the beast 666
4 - John asks for the calculation of the number 666 10 - The people marked by the beast 666
5 - Here is the calculation of the number 666 11 - Let us wonder about the beast 666
6 - The odious mark of the beast 666 12 - The religions are sects to banish

The share of the number 666 of the beast in the Lamb's Book of Life

The chapter 4 contains what is revealed below on 666 (the beast in the apocalypse of John). But it is not the subject of the Book. If we show the wrath of the Lamb concerning this number 666 that blinds us, it is for convince the world that the odious lies of catholic sect and the atrocities she committed are necessarily the facts of this beast 666, named in this way by John who describes and indicates it formally. You don’t need to mix up the poison of the sects that chains up men and kills them, with his antidote the Lamb's Book of Life which relieves them and saves them.

Many will choose so to die instead of read this book which will save them, because the beast 666 they adore is going to entail them all in its ruin. It is certain, because after twenty centuries of long false indoctrinations that they take for truths, these poor people have no more the capacity to recognize the Son of the Man and to follow him. They avoid the bible which announces him, because they are not true christians as they believe it, but catholics universally sectarian, indoctrinated and closed to everything, believing firmly at some of the most insane things.

Contrary to these destitute, if you are still free of mind, read willingly the Book for knowing also the truth on the beast 666 and its misdeeds, in order to make way for the Lamb and listen to him to outlive what comes.

The grotesque lying of 666 who lost the whole world

[Peter has never been other than the image of the Son of the Man, the double of Jesus]

Character of the new testament (as the imaginary character of a novel), Peter was not able to go to Rome for build the church of Jesus, nor died in this city! But the roman sect 666 which settled down in the slightest village asserts it to give legitimacy to its existence. And well the whole humanity is fallen in the trap of this lying! For this reason, very rarest are today the peoples who can believe in the coming of the Son of the Man that Jesus and the Scripture announce for the last times in which we are arrived. Thus how many will perish in what happens inexorably? How follow the Lamb and remain alive if one has no more the faculties to recognize him?

However Jesus had clearly warned us against 666:

Matthew 23:8-12  Jesus sayd: And do not call anyone on earth father, for you have one Father, and he is in heaven. Nor are you to be called instructors, for you have one Instructor, the Messiah. The greatest among you will be your servant. For those who exalt themselves will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exalted.

And who calls himself my father or holy father? One knows the tree by its fruits, says again Jesus. And from 2000 years, which are the fruits of those who call themselves my father or holy father? Villainous and known of world, here they are: lyings, terrors, stakes, inquisitions, repressions, scandals.

Here they are the ignominies committed by the catholic beast which hides himself under sheep’s clothes. Can they his members violate like this the commandments of the law and say that they are the sent of God? The apocalypse will ensue from this accurst beast 666 and from those who are attached to it. But all will disappear, asserts the Lamb.

John asks that one calculate the number of the beast’s name 666

And it’s owing the domination of this sect that in his time [apocalypse 13] John describes perfectly this latest that he marks of the number 666 and that he names the beast which raises from the earth [which comes since Rome] and from the sea [mediterranean] towards the countries that it covets or colonizes. He points the finger at so that it appear under this number 666, after he says:

Apocalypse 13:18 This calls for wisdom. Let the person who has insight calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man. That number is 666.

John don’t speaks about a number of God, because it is written that to the eyes of God a day is as thousand years, he says that 666 is a number of men that is to take literally, as the table indicates.

Here is the indisputable calculation of the number 666 of the Apocalypse of John

For realize of the real imposture of the one who is designed by the number 666, one takes act of the definition of the VICAR (substitute) that one finds in the dictionary:

Vicar (from latin, vicarious lieutenant ) Who holds the place of another. Vicar of Jesus and of Peter, the pope.

Vicar of Jesus means vicar of the son of God, written in latin: VICARIVS FILII DEI. This gives this indisputable number 666 of the table and shown as baleful by John, because nobody can be the substitute of the son of God! No man can pretend substitute the only Son, because Jesus is other than the image of the Lamb having just written the Book of Life introducing today the Truth in the world. Peter is the character of the Lamb, of the Son of the Man who is lying on the breast of Jesus, the one who talks today in the name of Jesus. Whoever it is will understand it.

Obvious calculation of the number 666 of the beast of the apocalypse of John

The Lamb (the Shiloh) shows that in several centuries we have been mystified, deceived, frightened and mentally modified by this old accurst beast by God which calls itself: our “holy mother the church”, while at its head there is VICARIVS FILII DEI on the tiara of the one who is there, that is to say the number 666 of the beast!

For two millennium, this beast made an enormous harm to Man. And it does it yet more nowadays, because due of its lies on the Scriptures and its profanations which make disappear the real sense of the prophecy and of the big powers of destruction conducted by its adepts; it is the whole Earth that is destroyed! It’s like that, because of it men are denatured and they inverse good and evil. In this last days, denounce it is a duty of public salvation, because the apocalypse moves forward inexorably more and more quickly, and nothing will prevent it.

The odious mark of the beast 666 of the apocalypse is also revealing

Concerning the mark of the beast 666, John writes:

Apocalypse 13:15-18 The second beast was given power to give breath to the image of the first beast, so that the image could speak and cause all who refused to worship the image to be killed. It also forced all people, great and small, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hands or on their foreheads, so that they could not buy or sell unless they had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of its name. This calls for wisdom. Let the person who has insight calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man. That number is 666.

here is explained that to baptize means to immerge in the water of the Scriptures, it’s to teach. The Scripture says:

Apocalypse 17:15 The waters you saw, where the prostitute (Rome) sits, are peoples, multitudes, nations and languages.

So it is unequivocal that the mark of the beast 666 is the anointing, drawing the Christ cross which the priests of Satan affix on the right hand and on the brow of the newborns when they do on them a sham of baptism to appropriate them. In this way, they can live of them from the birth to death, while preventing them to search the truth. And this poor people marked by the beast 666 lose also their soul; because in their daily they believe what you must not believe, adore what you must not adore, and do what you must not do. It’s the most abominable monstrosity!

Note in passing that the waters above are those on which Jesus walks, because is elevated above of all. These waters are the allegory of the human sea. The Book of Life will convince you easily.

The Scriptures which the beast 666 concealed at men

[Extract of chapter 4 condemning the beast 666]

(22) Consequently, no one can be the custodian of the Scriptures which are intended for all men, so they may live through them and not undergo the judgement of the last day. They were not intended for a particular people and even less for these hypocrites who seized them to dominate the world. Unable to conceive that the Son of God was, in the Scriptures, the image of the Son of man today, they hastened to say that he had passed and would never come back. Then they made the people believe that they were themselves sent to earth in order to take over his torch. Also, to abuse men and live at their expense, many of those who collaborated with the romans have founded a sect based on lying and they wanted to impose it upon peoples using violence. So they made a disgrace of their story, a huge trail of innocent blood that follows them and that they can no longer erase behind them.

(23) For all of you who have walked on these paths, so what in your opinion is this roman sect and everything that is practiced with it? For me, there seems to be no difference between vultures dancing around dead flesh while fighting over it, and the priests of this sect who do the same around the effigy of the one they see nailed on wood like a criminal. The vultures and this type of priests are of the same species; they have the same rituals, the same way of living out of torn flesh. They have associated Jesus to death! They abhor me, they make me sick. It would have been better for them to never be born. Because this time they will meet the one whose eyes are open and knows the word of God, the first-born the prophets call the light of nations. Then, they will understand the difference between the effigy of the one they put on tombstone and does absolutely not concern the Son, nor the Father who sends him today into the world.

The vocation of Saviour corrupted by the catholic sect

The Son of man writes at chapter 5:

(2) Taught by The One who sends him at the appointed time, the Son enlightens men regarding the universe, in order for them to know God, know who they are, where they come from and what will be the things to come until the end of the existence of the solar family. He comes to extend Moses’ work in order for all those who have stayed simple and saints of mind to be born again. He teaches them the reality to set them free and separate them from those who live at their expense, because they are the good grain and the seed of the kingdom. Consequently, the vocation of the Son cannot be handed down nor delegated in any way to any one else, all the less so since, when he comes and resurrects the dead, the world changes immediately. No one in the world could then claim to hold his place.

(3) At the end of these two millenniums, the world finally sees that it lived in full imposture. This, because the despicable roman church made the world easily believe it was following the vocation of Jesus, which can absolutely not be handed down, and also that it was sovereign. By deceiving you about the Scriptures, it settled itself like a queen until now where it is sent into the abyss in accordance with what was foretold. Do you understand that if I did not stop this deception the entire world would be lost for ever? It would be the end of it, because due to this church seizing my vine no one could know who I am nor follow me. You would perish until the last one.

(4) To enlighten you and to prevent this disaster, I will show you how this church started to form in John’s time period (which was the time of the roman Empire peak) and not in Jesus’ time period. Whereafter, those who are interested about the Scriptures will better understand the new testament which is impregnated with this evil empire.

Note: Understand the misdeeds of the romans, allows to better grasp the imposture of this beast 666 of a very big stench which has lying itself on the world since this epoch and which manages to be accepted (by the lying and terror) by nations which are dying and which will disappear forever.

See the rest which condemns much more 666...

The profanation of the Scriptures by the catholic sect

[ Extract of chapter 5 condemning yet 666 ]:

(26) I still have something to show you. At the end of the new testament, Jesus said:

I declare this to everyone who hears the words of the prophecy of this book: If anyone adds anything to it, God will bring on him the plagues described in this book;
And if anyone takes anything away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God will take away his part from the tree of life and from the holy city (to which I am taking you), described in this book.
He who testifies to these things says: Yes, I am coming soon.

(27) Even with this clear warning, the members of the roman sect have unscrupulously profaned the Scriptures, in changing some words, putting fallacious annotations, deforming or removing quotations which were condemning them; and also by filling them up with figures and images of statues that would prevent anyone to grasp the prophecy. This is why if you have a copy of the Old and new testament wearing Rome’s church mark, you can burn them into fire, they are not worth anything. Look for books where can be found the original Scripture translated from hebrew and greek, and which are not touched by the profaning hands of this sect or any other sect. And if you cannot find any today, don’t be sad. I quote passages of the Book which fell into my hand, and from which you will grasp the prophecy and recognize the Son of man with certainty.

The persons marked by the beast 666 are condemned

Today, the young and the old, the people mentally changed by lies of the beast during centuries, aren’t able to recognize the good shepherd, the Lamb, the Son of the Man who comes to harvest the earth. They will do of him, even their enemy... because the beast 666 makes them lose any contact with reality.

So, because of their obsessions that prevent them to hear the voice of the good shepherd, they cannot remain alive in what arrives, for they will not know what to do nor where be during the execution of the decree. They cannot anymore, because the mark of the beast 666 condemns today those who receive it. They haven’t ears for listen the Son of man coming resurrect the dead (all of us) and save the world. Their indoctrination will oblige them to see in him an impostor, a storyteller maybe, surely a malefactor, and this without to make the effort to listen to him. Like this they will accomplish the prophecy for their part and will disappear. Only the young christians of heart, still free of mind, will read the Book and will be saved, because they will understand that only the sent of heaven can have the universal spirit for talk as he does.

So let us wonder about the beast 666, the despicable catholic sect:

The successive simulators of this sect, who claim to be vicar of the Son of God (VICARIVS FILII DEI), bear openly and regardless of John who condemns them, the number 666 on their tiara... If they believed in the fulfilment of Scriptures, would they stay at the head of this evil church, responsible of wars, massacres, slaughters, abuses and tortures on thousands of children, women and men, just as suffering of the whole world? If they believed in God and in his prophets, the one who calls himself father, would not he dread the coming of Jesus, of the Son of man, who would behead him immediately? Their incredulity and their infamies prove their imposture! It’s the obvious fact, because Jesus says at the end of Scriptures:

Apocalypse 22:12 Look, I am coming soon! My reward is with me, and I will give to each person according to what they have done.

Your conscience will dictate your conduct towards the Lamb who comes indeed give to each one according to what he did. What means by the fact he unmasks the culprits of the ruin of the world and he obliges each one to judge himself in consequence of his acts.

Be thus curious to know who you are and of what you must expect of your own judgement. If you can read the Lamb's Book of Life from the beginning to the end, even by not grasping all, don’t be afraid, because you are part of chosen ones.

All the religions are sects to banish

We belong to God and not to a religion! Obviously we cannot belong to a religion without belong to an evil sect because, by altering the mind of children for alter the Man, the religions are always the cause of misfortunes and suffering, and prove to be the worst enemies of mankind. They absolutely don’t concern the faith, because the faith urges to love his fellow man; it don’t urges to dominate him, to deceive him and to live on him, and even less to enslave him or to kill him.

But the sects are not always religious...

[Extract of chapter 5 which shows the misdeeds of 666]

(29) When God’s chosen one rises up in the world, one must obviously expect that all the sects which formed in the darkness rise altogether against him, because they know it is their end. Truthfully, what is a sect? It’s a group of people who shares affinities, and are followers of a doctrine inside a society. It is noticeable by its founders and their successors which organise a hierarchy to preach the virtues of their doctrine and the rewards one must expect from it, while making usage of proselytism, money, slavery, and if needed the punishment of the dissenting followers. They act this way, because the founders of a sect are true parasitical individuals who invoke God from the top of their pedestal so to better get inside the mind of the weak and live at their expense. But those who formed during the darkness period are not solely religious; because all groups formed by political men who fight the same opinions, or men seeking power or profits, are also like sects, even if they do not evoke God.

(30) This is why, one may say this world of Babel is nothing but a tremendous organisation of multiple sects, and their long daily indoctrination you undergo has created a dependence which you will have difficulty to get rid of. Which is a great misfortune, all the more so since this false prophet who made you believe he was the vicar of the Son of God and will oppose to his coming, is the one who will cause the highest number of death on the entire Earth’s surface; because myriads of innocents, caught by his sect, will not be able to abandon it. They will perish, as will perish all those who will not notice that it is not in John’s time, two thousand years ago, but today that God sends Emmanuel to stop the infamy. Be vigilant regarding all that I say.

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